Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Nations Are Formally Gathered Against Israel: 'Time Is Running Short'

End times harbinger: Nations gang up on Israel

It’s like an alarm bell in the night for prophecy experts. Seventy nations are meeting in Paris this weekend for a massive summit to coordinate efforts against the Jewish state of Israel.

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, a statement issued after the conference will demand an end to the “occupation that began in 1967,” a two-state solution and no recognition of Israeli control of Jerusalem. It may even lead to recognition of a Palestinian state.
“There’s no telling what this meeting might produce,” said Joseph Farah, founder of and author of the new prophecy book “The Restitution of All Things.” 
“I can say with confidence and disappointment as a former Middle East correspondent and prophecy watcher of 40 years that nothing good will come out of this gathering,” he said.
“Zephaniah 3:8, for instance, points to a time when all nations will be gathered against Israel and against Jerusalem. We may very well be close to that moment,” Farah continued.
“However, the good news is that God will use this gathering to reveal Himself to the entire world as the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and Joel foretold. This will be the beginning of the restitution of all things – an era of peace, justice and prosperity under the rule of Jesus, the King of Kings.”
The massive and explicit effort to divide Jewish land and the specific reference to “70 nations” strikes many scriptural experts as ominous. What is especially concerning, according to some commentators, is the outgoing Obama administration’s seeming insistence that Israel be forced to cede any claims to Jerusalem, putting the Jewish state in an almost impossible position.

Jan Markell, director of Olive Tree Ministries and host of “Understanding The Times Radio,” warns the world is witnessing events straight out of the Bible.
“Israel is concerned that round two of an international attack is in the works,” she told WND. “This time a two-state solution could be forced on them. Joel 3:2 tells us that in the last days the nation of Israel will have her land ‘divided.’ Joel 3 also suggests that the nations that enter into the division of God’s land will face judgment. Israel is the only location that God calls ‘His land.’ He is jealous for it. He does not want it divided.”

Markell claims a “two-state solution” is farcical, anyway, because there is no evidence the Palestinians would ever respect a Jewish state.
“The Palestinians don’t want a two-state solution,” she said. “They want the eradication of Israel as we know it and a one-state solution – Palestine.”
Markell urges believers to be ready, because, in her opinion, time is running short.
“The signs that we are nearing the Lord’s return are legion,” she said. “Books have been filled directing us to the many signs pointing us to this. But Israel is the ‘super sign.’ Prophecy watchers have always said that Israel is the super sign. Jerusalem is the minute hand; the Temple Mount is the second hand. Keep your eyes on this epicenter and you will never be bored.”

“The Scriptures are clear that before the return of Jesus, a majority of the nations will gather together against Jerusalem,” Richardson said.

“Joel, Zechariah and Ezekiel all allude to this in a rather direct way. As the Lord says through Joel, ‘I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat. Then I will enter into judgment with them there on behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel,’ as it says in Joel 3:2.”

Richardson noted the Valley of Jehoshaphat is another name for the Kidron Valley that runs in between the Old City and the Mount of Olives.

“The present constellation of the nations not merely around, but against Israel, is a clear sign of the emerging signs of the last days,” he said.

Carl Gallups, author of “When The Lion Roars,” is especially concerned because of the specific number of nations referenced in the summit.
“In Jewish tradition, there were 70 original nations, dispersed by Yahweh, after the flood,” he observed. “I find it prophetically significant that today, in the days of a returned Israel, there would be precisely 70 nations standing opposed to God’s nation.
“This is especially significant given that the prophetically returned Israel is undeniably Yahweh’s clear sign to the world of his sovereignty (Ezek. 39:27, etc.) and the last-days-epoch in which we are living.
“We are undoubtedly living in unprecedented prophetic times,” he declared.
“The United Nations has morphed into an Israel-hating monstrosity. And, students of the Word of God know what happens when nations gather together to stand against God and His ‘sign to the world’ – Israel. It will be fascinating to see how all this plays out over the next several months in particular.”

“The Scriptures foretell that in the last days, Israel will be back in the world and in possession of Jerusalem,” the rabbi told WND. “This was fulfilled in 1948 (Israel) and 1967 (Jerusalem).

“If any nation has the right to a city, it is Israel’s right to Jerusalem. It comes not by virtue of arms, or war, or migration, as in other nations, but by virtue of the word and will of God Himself. The Scriptures further prophesy that in the last days all nations will come against Israel specifically over the issue of Jerusalem. They will try to ‘move it,’ as it’s put in Zechariah 12.”

“It is interesting to note that the rabbis spoke of the world consisting of 70 nations,” he observed. “This is linked to the 70 sacrifices offered in the Feast of Tabernacles. So now to have the nations of the world, specifically 70 nations, gather together over the issue of Jerusalem, is most striking. One could say that the 70 nations are a representation of all nations, and coming together clearly set against the word of God which clearly ordains that Jerusalem is given by God to only one nation – Israel.

“As to the Abrahamic Covenant, that what a nation does to Israel will be done to that nation, what America under Obama did to Israel at the United Nations – namely abandon it – was significant,” he said.
“The resolution not only condemned Israel for building houses in its own capital, but, despite what John Kerry claimed in his recent speech, it went much farther and declared, in effect, that Israel had no right to Jerusalem, that Jerusalem was, in fact, Palestinian territory. For America to abandon Israel would speak of God abandoning America,” said Gallups.
“The hope is that America’s stand will soon change when Donald Trump takes office. The Republican-led Congress has already voted to condemn the U.N. resolution. We must pray, not only for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem, but for America.”

We are about to enter into a very crucial week in world’s history! On Sunday leaders from more than 70 countries will meet in Paris to basically declare that Jerusalem’s old city doesn’t belong to Israel.
Then on Tuesday that declaration will be pushed as a resolution at the UN Security Council and the way the American ambassador to the UN will vote is still unclear. All of that before the Friday inauguration of a new president in America who publicly opposed all these actions but can’t do a thing to stop them.
Zechariah 12 and Psalm 2 are coming to my mind. And of course all is much clearer in light of Joel 3.
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“Therefore thus says YHVH God, ‘Surely in the fire of My jealousy I have spoken against the rest of the nations, and against all Edom, who appropriated My land for themselves as a possession with wholehearted joy and with scorn of soul’” (Ezekiel 36:5).
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Gary said...

Scott...I'm on pins and needles...have been since I heard about this conference. As I write this it's about 5:30pm in France. Do you have any idea when we will get any news regarding the outcome of this meeting?

Mrs.C said...

Whew...sigh...The WMD article....sigh...for me personally, I think I counted 5 maybe
book promotions within that article. Its amazing to me, that the sometimes self proclaimed "Prophecy" teachers even write these books, especially with the clever nuance of "fiction" attached. Truly, the "this is it!" from these folks, just begs the question, that IF they truly believe that, why write a book? And, why not share their claimed "insight" for free? Some of them are masters at misleading which has nothing to do with our God they proclaim. :(
Playing the numbers game,and creating their own narrative to fit, is so disappointing to witness. Jesus said it would be exactly like this, and warned us. Articles state "some 70",or "about 70" yet they jump on the "70" and run with it. However, there are at least 72,or more, and that throws a ringer in these folks "this is it" stuff. What now? 70 is wrong. His Word is clear in Psalm 83, that the nations gather against Israel in these Last Days, and we are seeing that. The Isaiah 17 war, will be Gods Answer to that imprecatory Prayer, and Glory to God we will be outta here! :)

Scott said...

Good point on the nuances of "the nations". This is clearly representative of the nations regardless of the exact numbers. Just as i believe the UN is representative of 'the nations". Prophetically we are undeniably at that stage of the nations attempting to divide the land of israel and jerusalem

Scott said...

Gary good question. Ill be scanning the news for any updates and will post asap!

Gary said...

I could be wrong, but from what I've read, this meeting was pretty innocuous...real let down.

Mrs.C said...

"Paris conference ends with endorsement of two-state solution"

"Kerry to Netanyahu: US won't support new UN resolution after Paris parley"

Alice said...

Support for what Gary said:

Alice said...

I would like to have a conference call with all of us and you, Scott. LOL! What have we just seen happen? Did Kerry soften?

Caver said...

I have no idea if this had any influence or not, just a thought.

The new US Administration has let it be know that they will go to extraordinary lengths to reverse the last UN resolution. They are introducing legislation to withdraw funding to the UN until the resolution is reversed as a minimum and up to and including kicking the UN out of the country and withdrawing completely.

It has been let known that any Security Council country that currently receives any type of aid from the US may be looking at a completely different accommodation if the previous resolution is not reversed.

Perhaps a rare case of Common Sense / Cold Feet infected this group and went contagious before harm could be inflicted.

foretastes said...

This week has just begun. Things could get quite tense especially here in the US by Friday. But then there's that restraining pause button the Lord continues to have His finger on. How much longer, Father?! Maranatha!

Unknown said...

Kerry promising Netanyahu....snort.... oh sure...nudge, nudge, wink.... maybe the US won't initiate, but Israel will most likely be ganged up on by the other nations all in the name of peace...

Caver said...

Well, everything I read / heard was that when Paris broke up, a resolution would have been agreed upon, voted on, and passed. It would then be brought to the UN Security Council and put to a vote and then adopted. A two state solution with fixed borders would be approved.

That would open up the UN to use the Responsibility To Protect clause to insert troops between Israel's imposed '67 border and the Pallies.

Unknown said...

My question remains the same...where is that last gentile???? I have a knuckle sammich waiting for that guy! Not very Christian of me, but I'm ready to go!!!


Scott said...

Haha - lance you had me at 'sammich' LOL

Scott said...

Yea Dave - this is going to be a looooong week

Unknown said...