Monday, November 19, 2012

Lies And Distortions At The End Of The Age

The degree of ignorance within the ranks of the 'protesters' who are taking the streets in order to consolidate anti-Israel sentiment is beyond amazing. The link below reveals just what these protesters actually believe is amazing - however, their ability to spit out the MSM talking points is impressive. 

Things learned from this video:

- Gaza is "occupied" (Israel completely pulled out of Gaza approximately 7 years ago).

- Gaza missiles which are launched into Israel are nothing more than "firecrackers"

- Israel is "big" and Palestinians are "small", so any fighting between the two is unfair. 

There is more, but watching the video is better. 

And that serves as a nice entry into this next article:

This may be one of the best overall articles regarding Israel and the current situation in the Middle East that has been published in quite a while. Interestingly, the parallels to prophecy are unmistakable, once again. This one comes courtesy of Canada Free Press:

It all started with the mythical "land for peace" scenario:

Seven years ago the Israeli government decided to forcibly evict the Jewish residents of Gaza and withdraw all bases and forces from the area. The experts, some with the government and some with the media, assured everyone that it would be for the best and that withdrawal would actually improve the security situation in the country.

It was put about that resources and lives were being wasted protecting Israelis living in Gaza, while those Israelis insisted that their presence in Gaza was protecting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The experts laughed at them. Now the experts are keeping an ear open for air raid sirens because as it turned out, those farmers and teachers, those men and women growing lettuce in greenhouses and building homes on hilltops, from which rockets are being launched, were the ones protectingTel Aviv.

Peace with Security meant no peace and no security, but enough of the illusion of both that it would seem as if the slogan had been fulfilled.
Instead of ending the threat, Israeli conservatives had found a way to live with the pain of terrorism while turning their focus to economic reforms. The left with its emphasis on finding a permanent solution through appeasement and withdrawals was discredited and collapsed. But the problem had not gone away.
Under Iran or Egypt, Hamas is not fighting for Palestinian nationalism, which was already a fiction manufactured by Soviet propagandists looking up to prop up a Greater Syria, but to support the aims of Iranian and Egyptian domestic policy. And suddenly those aims were uncomfortably close.

Hamas’ objectives have always been straightforward. Its commanders and suicide bombers, its militia members, bomb experts, smugglers, launchers and embezzlers know what they are fighting for.

“Our struggle against the Jews is extremely wide-ranging and grave,” the Hamas charter says. “Israel, by virtue of its being Jewish and of having a Jewish population, defies Islam and the Muslims.” It has the simplicity that you would expect from the Muslim Brotherhood, a fascist organization that drew equal inspiration from the Koran and Nazism.

So what then is Israel fighting for? Peace with security. Which means slapping down Hamas hard enough that it will have to wait another 3-4 years before trying the same thing again, this time with bigger and better rockets. That was the policy six years ago and it’s the policy today.

The only way to end the threat of Hamas in Gaza is by retaking Gaza, but no such policy is on the table. Like America, Israel responds to terrorism not with the aim of achieving decisive victories, but with a policy of intimidating the terrorists into scaling down their attacks. This is a political policy of political generals and leads to terror becoming a permanent institution.

Any moment of truth must begin and end with a realistic assessment of the realities that you face. Israel faces a proxy war by its neighbors and like most proxy wars, it is the opening round to a true war ending in true occupation and genocide. Its neighbors know what they are fighting for. They are fighting Israel for the same reason that Shiites fight Sunnis and that Sunnis persecute Christians. They are fighting Israel because “by virtue of its being Jewish and of having a Jewish population” it is different and must be crushed for the national and religious aims of any proper Islamist country.

But what is Israel fighting for? Like so many modern countries it is fighting so as not to fight. It is fighting for peace. It is fighting to escape from fighting. And so like many modern countries it cannot bring itself to fight hard enough to break the cycle. Instead it fights just hard enough to defer the fight by another few years and the cycle continues.
Israel can retake Gaza once. Or it can retake Gaza every few years. It can have soldiers patrol Gaza or it can have rockets falling on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The options are as unfortunate as they are clear. The only hope for peace lies in driving out the terrorist militias who have turned Gaza and the West Bank into their own Somalia and Afghanistan and reclaiming the terrorists. Because after this fight is through, the next generation of rockets will go on being built and smuggled. And they will not fall in empty fields.

What can we see from the information above? 

The hatred for Israel is both irrational and 'supernatural'. It makes no sense - but that is the first clue as to just how supernatural this ongoing and growing world-wide hatred of Israel actually is. And it promises to get worse - a lot worse as we approach the Tribulation. 


Anonymous said...

I share your disgust but this is really a reflection of what is going on in the heavenlies. We must pray and stand with Israel.

Scott said...

Is is isn't it - in fact on a deeper level what we are seeing is the finality in the 'Good vs evil' scenario that has been in play through the generations

Scott said...

Is is isn't it - in fact on a deeper level what we are seeing is the finality in the 'Good vs evil' scenario that has been in play through the generations

Seek But Don't Hide said...

Right you are Scott. It is good vs evil for real. It's kind of like picking teams for sports. God has drafted his and evil has theirs but in the final game God wins.

Waterer said...

hey Alley,

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? We love to fill the table. If you really are only a couple of hours from Durham , Please consider joining us for dinner. We usually eat about 4pm.

Mommaw said...

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Mrs.C said...

OH MY GOSH SISTER MOMMAW! Theres 2 roosters! One is calling back in the distance!LOL Thank you dear Sister, I was just about to close the peepers for the night and found the site your speaking he sounds like Sammy! Poor certainly is surreal...

God Bless!

Mrs.C said...

Ok...and here we go with the psycho demonic morning "prayers"...imagine being startled outta your sleep every morning hearing that on a loud speaker...YIKE! The others chiming in make it sound even more demonic... least Sammy was so loud on the mic the previous time...he drowned them out!
This is eery hearing all this again...just like the 2008-2009...lots of drones humming...occasional explosions...roosters crowing and this awful chanting...
This is very surreal...

Anonymous said... is strange..all this over again. Wish I was nearer to you all now

David said...

Scott, I'm curious about the cease fire agreement that others are trying to negotiate. Do you really think Israel wants that? I don't believe they do. Hamas has rockets out the wah-zoo. When they do hit Iran, the retaliation from Hamas would be consuming. I think it would be a whole lot easier for them if they cripple Hamas and knock out the main stockpile of rockets, and significantly reduce the return fire. Obviously, I want Gods will in this, and I also want to go home. I hope they go for the ground invasion too.

Scott said...

If there is a so-called 'peace agreement' - I believe it will be due to :

1) Intense pressure from the US


2) This

That says it all. Who knows though; there will probably be twists and turns.

If I had to wager a guess - here is the scenario I see playing out:

-- If there is a peace agreement, then Israel will be RESOLUTE that ANY more missiles fired (following any such agreement) - even ONE - and there will be a ground mission into Gaza.

_ Israel keeps all troops at the highest level of alert and remain in the area, ready to go

- Its a guarantee that someone from Gaza will send in a rocket, and at that point Israel goes in almost immediately.

I doubt that any peace-fire would last more than 3-4 weeks. Tops.

WVBORN56 said...

Scott check out this story on Debka Report

It's about 3 US warships turning around to go back to Israel to possibly evacuate Americans.

Dylan said...

Makes me wonder... how long until the international community uses "responsibility to protect" as an excuse to turn against Israel?

Scott said...

Saw that WV

Dylan - thats an excellent point and one that I let slip to the back of my mind, I have no doubt whatsoever that RTP will be used against Israel, and probably not too far off either.

Ally said...

KR-will email you tommorrow. it will probably be later than earlier, sorry about that but my day is very compressed and I ned to access a computer. My phone isn't to great for emails. Thanks for the invite :)