Saturday, November 17, 2012

Israel At War Day 4: Joel Rosenberg's Review

Not only is Joel Rosenberg one of the most knowledgeable individuals around when it comes to the Middle East, but he is actually in Israel right now and has access to very interesting information. It's worth checking his site frequently right now and updates are abundant. His personal views are also invaluable. Here is the latest report:

Day 4: Full Ground Invasion Or Truce?

It’s just a few minutes after midnight here in Israel. We’ve just finished Day # 4 of this intense fighting between the terrorists in Gaza and the State of Israel and we’re heading into Day #5.

Here are the latest developments:

* All signs point to Israel preparing a massive ground invasion of Israel. Massive numbers of Israeli Merkava (chariot) tanks, armored personnel carriers, and combat engineering equipment is being moved hour by hour to the Gaza border. When several colleagues and I were driving north to Galilee today, we passed mile after mile of Israeli military vehicles heading south towards Gaza from their bases along the Lebanon and Syrian borders. Some 75,000 Israeli reserve soldiers are being mobilized as we speak. What’s more, Israeli officials are telling the nation to prepare for at least 7 weeks of fighting. I still maintain Netanyahu and Barak don’t want to invade. But they do want to be ready if there is no other choice, and massing all that firepower on the Gaza border might have a psychological effect and persuade the Hamas terrorists to “cry uncle” and unilaterally choose a cease fire.

* That said, Israel is awash with rumors tonight of an imminent truce (“hudna” in Arabic) – some media reports are speculating a cease fire could begin soon.

* There is also much speculation that the Egyptian leadership is pressing Hamas hard to stop firing at Israel. TheEgyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil visited Gaza on Friday to meet with Hamas leaders. During a press conference Saturday with Turkish leader Erdogan, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi said “there are some indications a cease fire could be soon.”

Israel, however, says it is “not interested” in a cease fire — has many more terror targets still to hit and destroy. (Times of Israel)

* Meanwhile, Hamas and other terrorists in Gaza have not stopped firing missiles and rockets at Israel — about 100 rockets were fired at Israel on Saturday.

2 Iranian-made Fajr-5 missiles were fired at Tel Aviv on Saturday, Israel’s largest city and commercial capital, but were shot down by the Iron Dome system (see video here) (Jerusalem Post)57 rockets fired from Gaza were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome system on Saturday267 rockets have been intercepted by Iron Dome since Wednesday* “The Palestinians report 42 killed from Israeli airstrikes.”  (Times of Israel)“Israel has carried out over 300 [air] strikes in the past two days, and 950 in all to date.” (Times of Israel)“The Israeli death toll is three, and one seriously injured.” (Times of Israel)

Please continue to pray for Jews and Arabs on both sides of the conflict. The Lord God loves them both. He has a plan for them both. Let’s pray for peace and security. Let’s also pray for wisdom for leaders on both sides and for the Lord to comfort and heal the dozens who are wounded and the millions who are traumatized on both sides. Please pray for the believers here as they continue to love their neighbors and pray for and comfort their neighbors, and continue to preach and teach the Word of God. Please mobilize others to pray. Remember: at its core, this is a spiritual battle. The violence is a physical manifestation of a spiritual war that is going on in the heavenlies. We need you to be interceding for Israel and the Palestinians in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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Sharon said...

Joel Rosenberg's prayer request is very profound and insightful. I thank God for guiding us in how to pray during these days.