Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Creation Of A "PA State" Within The UN: Summary

Joel Rosenberg, as usual presents an excellent summary of the latest move to create a formal Palestinian State and gives interesting perspective. Below are a few of his more interesting and thought-provoking points:

The introduction:

On Thursday, the Palestinian leadership will ask the United Nations General Assembly to vote on a resolution that will give them enhanced international legal status, not quite a full sovereign state, but very close. The resolution is expected to pass decisively. France, Russia, China and most nations of the world have indicated they will vote “yes” on the resolution. That’s right, the world is poised to say yes to a sovereign Palestinian state despite the fact that Palestinians in Gaza just committed more than 3,000 war crimes last week (each rocket was fired from behind innocent Arab civilians, and fired at innocent Jewish civilians, making each rocket fired a double war crime); despite the fact that the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank doesn’t have any control over the situation in Gaza; despite the fact that the PA has admantly refused to sit down and engage in face to face peace talks with the Israelis for years; and despite the fact that the PA is nearly bankrupt and unable to pay its workers). [Note: On November 29, 1947, the U.N. voted for the famous "Partition Plan."]

The Oslo Accords — which were signed back in the ’90s by Israel and the Palestinians — forbade unilateral moves by either side. Thus, the Palestinian leadership is now trying to break the one major diplomatic agreement it has ever signed with Israel. That doesn’t bode well for future peace talks.

Key Points:

International pressure on Israel to cut a deal, divide the Land, and create a Palestinian state is overwhelming, relentless, and intensifying.
Currently, the Palestinian leadership refuses to negotiate directly with Israel. Rather, they hope to unilaterally declare a state by getting the vast majority of countries at the U.N. to vote for the creation of state at the General Assembly session in New York.

The most intense international pressure for a Palestinian state is coming from Western Europe, which has grown increasingly anti-Israel and increasingly anti-Semitic.

However, the Bible strongly warns the nations not to divide the Land of Israel and states that all nations who do so will face God’s judgment. The Lord said to the Hebrew Prophet Joel, “I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat. Then I will enter into judgment with them there on behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations; and they have divided up My land.” (Joel 3:2)

Bible prophecy suggests the Land will be divided again in the last days. The Hebrew prophet wrote in Daniel 9:26-27 that in the last days “the prince who is to come” (the Antichrist) “will make a firm covenant” (a peace treaty) “with the many” (neighbors of Israel) for seven years, but will then break that treaty after  three and a half years. This strongly — though not definitively — suggests a state will be created or reaffirmed through this treaty.

So we should expect European pressure to continue to build and eventually a European leader will take the lead and get a deal done — to many, it will look like a wonderful peace deal, at first, but the Bible makes clear it will turn disastrous for Israel, and the Palestinians, and the world.

Indeed, Christians must clearly and firmly warn the nations not to divide the Land in disobedience to the Word of God because it will lead to divine and terrible judgment.

Let us continue to pray for the Prince of Peace — Jesus the Messiah — to draw more and more people in the epicenter to Himself. This is the only true and lasting hope for peace.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to continue to diminish the size of Israel so it will be easier to invade and destroy. As many of us have seen, there have also been proposals to quite literally divide the land of Israel, by having a 'land corridor' connecting the West Bank with Gaza. Additionally, we will continue to see either a political force or a military force to take the Golan Heights from Israel, especially given its importance militarily. 

All of this - every bit of it - is ultimately intended to wipe out Israel and completely destroy the nation. This doesn't require speculation as Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, etc., all publicly declare this goal, while the western nations ignore this obvious fact. 

But, as with everything else we see around us these days, it's all part of God's overall plan and we have to take comfort in that fact. 


David said...

So tomorrow (Thursday) the vote will take place in NY to grant them an almost full state? I wonder if it will be televised? Just for the record, I vote no. I don't want to be included with those nations that will receive God's wrath. God gave Israel that land ......period.

Scott said...

Well, I don't think its "full statehood' - but they will have a status similar to the Vatican - but it will open the doors for them to use the ICC against Israel and that could be a pandoras box. Also, it will (IMO) pave the way to full statehood - which requires unanimous vote by the UNSC and so far the US has stated that they will not agree to such (but that was also before the elections) - so who knows where this will go.

Dylan said...

I'm glad Harper and Baird have decided to vote against the statehood bid. I know the Palestinians will most likely succeed in the statehood bid, but it comforts me to know that the Canadian government has some common sense when it comes to the Palestinian issue.