Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tel Aviv Under Fire: Conflict Expands - IDF Massing Armor

[Updates Below]

This conflict is growing rapidly: Over the past 48 hours we have seen tremendous expansion of the violence and it shows no signs of slowing down:

Sirens sounded in Tel Aviv and residents were told to head for shelter Thursday evening. An explosion was reportedly heard. Magen David Adom said that there were no casualties.
Voice of Israel public radio said that the rocket is believed to have struck in a southern suburb of Tel Aviv, butHome Front Defense Minister Avi Dichter said that the rocket apparently fell into the sea near Bat Yam.

The IDF is amassing ground forces near Gaza and preparing for a possible assault. Interior Minister Eli Yishai (Shas) told Voice of Israel that Gaza is in for an "unprecedented attack."

Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Thursday approved the call-up of 30,000 reserve soldiers, who can be called into action by the military at any point, the army's official spokesman said.
"We are in the process of expanding the campaign," Brigadier General Yoav Mordechai told Channel 2 television as Israel pressed a massive air campaign against Gaza terrorists.
"The Defense Minister approved a few minutes ago, based on the army's request, therecruitment of another 30,000 soldiers. We will determine how many of them will be called in," he said. "All options are on the table."

Two booms were heard following an air raid siren in Tel Aviv Thursday evening, just an hour after a rocket from the Gaza Strip exploded in an open field outside of Rishon Lezion. There were no reports of injuries in either strike.
The attacks mark the first time the center of the country was hit renewed violence from the Gaza Strip. The incident was also the first time that a real siren was sounded in Tel Aviv since the Gulf War in the early 1990s. Palestinian Islamic Jihad took responsibility for the rocket on Tel Aviv.
The rockets, among 274 fired from Gaza into the South since the IDFlaunched Operation Pillar of Defense Wednesday to root out the terror infrastructure in the coastal territory, landed less than 15 km south of Tel Aviv. The operation began with the Wednesday afternoon targeted killing of Ahmed Jabari, the chief of Hamas's military wing.
Earlier Thursday, three people were killed and two others injured in a direct hit on a Kiryat Malachi apartment building. Hours later, a rocket fired into the Eshkol region injured three IDF soldiers, two moderately.

On Operation Pillar of Defense’s second day, rocket fire is bringing life in southern and central Israel to a standstill while the IDF inflicts heavy blows on Gaza terror groups. The Times of Israel is live-blogging. Press refresh for latest updates.
The IDF has also reported it will call up 30,000 reservists in the coming days, as it aims to widen the battle against Hamas in the wake of unrelenting rocket fire. It had earlier said it would carry out a limited call up.

The first three Palestinian missiles reached the Tel Aviv conurbation, Gush Dan, Thursday night, Nov. 15. shortly after a long-range missile exploded in Rishon Lezion southeast of Tel Aviv and sirens sounded in outlying towns of Holon, Ness Ziona, Gan Raveh and Beer Yacov. None report casualties or damage. Defense Minister Ehud Barak has ordered 30,000 army reservists drafted. The IDF spokesmen earlier reported units of the elite paratroop and Givati Brigades were mustering outside the Gaza Strip on the second day of Israel's counter-terror operation Pillar of Cloud.

Egypt, Jordan, Turkey And Russia Chorus Condemnation Of Israel


IDF Pummels Gaza After Rockets Encroach On Tel Aviv

Air Force Hits 70 Gaza Strip Targets In An Hour

Ex-General: 'Declaration Of War'

Hamas rockets aimed at Tel Aviv is tantamount to a declaration of war from the terrorist group and Israel will do whatever is necessary to protect its people and remove the threat, according to retired Israeli Brigadier Gen. Elihu Ben-Onn.

On Wednesday, Israeli Defense Forces targeted and killed Ahmed Jabari, the militant leader of Hamas. In response, Hamas is launching even more rockets — this time into the suburbs of Tel Aviv.

“Absolutely this is a declaration of war by those bloody Muslim radical terrorists, Hamas, Palestinian terrorists. That’s a new situation in the Middle East,” Ben-Onn told WND.
The threat of rockets fired from Gaza reaching the Tel Aviv area is only a recent one. Ben-Onn says Hamas has expanded its range thanks to weapons from another threat to Israel.
“We know that those terrorists in the last two, three years got some ammunition and missiles and rockets from Iran,” he said, noting that some components are coming through Lebanon and Sudan and give Hamas the possibility to enhance and enlarge the range of the missiles.

Israeli Troops Move Towards Gaza

Palestinian militants barraged Israel with more than 200 rockets on Thursday, killing three people as Israel pressed a punishing campaign of airstrikes on militant targets across the Gaza Strip. Three rockets targeted the densely populated Tel Aviv area, setting off air raid sirens in brazen attacks that threatened to trigger an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza.

Late in the day, Israel signaled a ground operation may be imminent as forces moved toward the border area with Gaza. At least 12 trucks were seen transporting tanks and armored personnel carriers, and a number of buses carrying soldiers arrived. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said he had authorized the army to call-up additional reservists for possible action. The army said it was prepared to draft up to 30,000 additional troops.

The fighting showed no signs of slowing after dark. Israeli aircraft carried out dozens of attacks on militant targets in Gaza, while militants fired hundreds of rockets throughout the day. Most were intercepted by a sophisticated Israeli anti-missile system dubbed "Iron Dome."


David said...

For all who wondered what the trigger would be for all out war, this could be it. 2 things immediately come to mind when I see Israel massing more troops.

1. they are going to all out "beast" Hamas and they don't want to commit all it's IDF forces in one location. Now since it seems Israel has had enough and is hitting back, and then some, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and Russia are condeming them. This could be a trigger for them to engauge as well.
2. Israel is going to call up more troops, to hit Hamas, and make it seem that they are focusing on them and then they turn and hammer Iran with all they have, which inturn causes the nations to rise against them. This is a very interesting day indeed. I'm so on the edge of my seat.

Scott said...

I tend to lean that way. I've been thinking for months that Iran has been looking for an excuse to fight with Israel, and that the first wave would be Iran's proxies (Hezbullah, Hamas, etc), which would lead into Isa 17 scenario.

It was also interesting to me, to see Jordan involved in the calls against Israel - they are clearly trying to appease the radical faction right now IMO, which is another development worth watching

Anonymous said...

We all should pray for the people of Israel and ask god to protect them they are gods chosen people.We are in the last days we need to pray really hard so we can tell the lost about Jesus and salvation.Amen

JD Siegel said...

Looks like the ground offensive into northern Gaza has begun about a half hour ago, according to Ynet.

Caver said...

I may be taking a totally wrong view of this but from my knot hole....

1. Lighting the Fuze: Obama's reelection...known he won't be supporting Israel. Enemies free to shell and worse.
2. Start of fuze burn: Rocket and mortar attacks; gauge Israel, US, & Europe response.
3. Gain full burn: Obama calls around and everyone knows he ain't helping Israel.
4. Burn reaches full speed: Full scale escalation of rocket range and intensity planned along with Israeli ground response.

We're there now....lets see if anyone tries to throw water on the fuze. My guess is we'll see the UN jump in and everybody try and throw a full court press on Israel to stop their hateful retaliation on the pore folk of Gaza, then the good boys-n-gals of the north will join in. Escalation from there.

Somebody from somewhere is gonna lob a chemical weapon at Israel, and that is gonna be the one that .....oh well, we know the story that ain't happened yet.

I would start keeping my gas tank filled and needed stores on hand and up to date.

Seek But Don't Hide said...

Things are just going at a rapid pace that my head is spinning! I pray for Israel but I know that they are in good hands...God's hands. They have the most powerful ally on their side. I'd take God over Obama any day.

God bless Israel and Jesus's return.

mary said...

I just re-read psalm 83. Does this have anything to do with the nations that just condemned Israel?Are these the nations that are listed in that psalm?I don't know what their modern names are.
I'm talking the nations in the above headline..Egypt, Jordan,
Turkey, and Russia?

Gary said...

I hope this is the beginning.

Anonymous said...

any of you heard the prophecy of rabbi judah ben samuel, please have a look.

Caver said...

Couple of interesting indicators....

Hamas thinks they will be able to extract a heavy revenge in Jewish blood and then quickly get a ceasefire. They don't want a protracted war yet, certainly not Israel using ground forces inside Gaza.

Israel...who knows, either they play a great hand of poker or they are truly fed up and ready to cut the head off one of their snakes before everything else goes ballistic.

One huge early indicator is the spot price of silver. The powers that be tend to know when things are going to pop and jump in silver first and drive a huge spike just before the stinky stuff really hits the fan if its going to affect world events. You can check yourself, its the green line at So far, nothing approaching $1.00 an ounce. Worthy of note, the markets will close for the weekend on Friday afternoon.

Friends in Israel that know prophecy as good or better than most of us think this "could" well be the early stages of the big one. Israeli's military appears all trained up and equipped and they no longer hold any hope for US intervention or help in any way.

The Lord puts Tom Clancy to shame. But then again, He had 4000-6000 years to get this story down.

Ya just gotta fall to your knees in awe.

Scott said...

Mary - in a thumbnail summary (at the risk of brevity not capturing enough detail)

Edom - Palestinians of west bank/ S. jordan
Hagrites - Egyptians
Philistia - Gaza
Tyre - exists today
Assyria - Syria
Gebal - Hezbollah/Lebanon
Ammon - Northern Jordan
Moab - Central Jordan Area

So basically - in view here is a combination of W. Bank, Gaza (Hamas), southern Lebanon (Hezbollah), Syria, Egypt, Jordan

Sound familiar? :)

Caver said...

During the last invasion of Gaze there turned up on the internet some live feeds from Gaza. If anyone finds one, please post it.

There is a live blog going at...

Its titled "Live Updates – Operation Pillar of Defense" by a great group, Stand For Israel.

Oh yea, during the last Israeli invasion we had a live feed from one of the high rise buildings in Gaza. There was a rooster that started crowing at the start of the conflict and kept it up during all the bombing and machine gun fire. He crowed day and night for days. He was one weak worn out rooster at the end....and if anyone hears "Sammy" on a feed or tape, please be sure to post it. Many of us miss our pal, suspect the hens had weeks of peace, and just hope he didn't end up on a dinner table some place.

mary said...

thanks for that. You made it very easy to understand.

Helen said...

Caver is this what you want?

Caver said...

Hi Miss Helen,
No, but that is interesting.

What they had was a video looking down on the city and countryside. You could see the bombs going off, fires burning, and tracer rounds from fire fights.....and through it all, we could hear Sammy crowing his little head off.

There was no human audio commentary but they would zoom in on areas of hot interest, targets of repeated bomb runs, infantry fire fights and at least one case of Israeli infantry storming a fortified compound and the resultant fire fight that lasted about 3 hours before the IDF cleared it out.....and our friend Sammy crowing through it all.

But thank you so much, that may be the best site I've seen so far.

Caver said...

Hi Miss Helen,
No, but that is interesting.

What they had was a video looking down on the city and countryside. You could see the bombs going off, fires burning, and tracer rounds from fire fights.....and through it all, we could hear Sammy crowing his little head off.

There was no human audio commentary but they would zoom in on areas of hot interest, targets of repeated bomb runs, infantry fire fights and at least one case of Israeli infantry storming a fortified compound and the resultant fire fight that lasted about 3 hours before the IDF cleared it out.....and our friend Sammy crowing through it all.

But thank you so much, that may be the best site I've seen so far.

GG said...

Hi Mr. C-

I was looking around and came across these two. Have you seen them yet? Is this what you are thinking of by chance?

God Bless!!


nathan said...

There's been so much going on we forgot about the Palestinian UN bid coming up in two weeks .

Just did a little research :
2007= 93 countries of 193 UN members recognize Palestine as a state

2011=100 countries recognize the Palestinians as a state

2012=131 countries recognize Palestine as a state . "many of the countries that do not however recognize them as Rep(s) who support the Palestinian people "

So i have a question . We all know Obama is not the biggest fan of Israel but if he's the ultimate Israel hater why has the United States already said they would Veto this ? And why did we give Israel approval to defend itself against the recent Gaza attacks ? Or do you think that now he is re-elected will he do the 180 ?


Anonymous said...

Who do you think we are biblically... Us Americans that is? Like as far as nationality... For ex: you say the Hargrites are the Egyptians Assyria Syrians & so forth... Do you think God just forgot about the greatest country on earth in the end times? Everyone I've talked too doesn't have an answer... Scott or anybody can you help me?

Caver said...

Anon, we are not listed in end times prophecy. We're no where to be found and Israel has no support from any country for these final wars....none.

Does that tell you anything?

Caver said...

Hi Miss GG,
Thank you, but that's not quite it but suspect its as close as there is to real time coverage right now.

Mrs C remembered more details than I did. There was one high rise hotel in Gaza City that all the correspondents were holed up in. Someone, she thinks Italian, set up a live video on one of the upper floors with the microphone on. No commentary, but just a live feed that the world picked up on and gained a huge, huge following.

ON another prophecy related message board, we had a special room and would gather to comment. That's where we identified, and subsequently named, Sammy the rooster.

Before it was all over international news organizations from as far away as Australia were mentioning and trying to follow that exhausted 24/7 rooster affectionately named Sammy.

David said...

Anon, I don't think the U.S. is mentioned in the end times because we are not here. I think the rapture will have taken enough of the population that we won't have enough people to matter

GG said...

Hi Mr. C~

Auh..I understand and pray that she is reconnected and not the other. I did read last night that there was a disconnect for quite a while on any feeds around Gaza. I am not sure if something major was hit or well, you know..other avenues of shut down :)

I will pray that Sammy is alive and crowing so to speak.

God Bless!!


GG said...


The easiest thing short of further in depth research on this topic is to read the book of Daniel, which there are many topics/past discussions on here regarding Nebuchadnezzar and the statue of man.

I have heard it mentioned to go to and look into the 5 part series called "Spheres of Power".

God Bless!!


Caver said...

Chuckling...prehaps I was unclear and caused some confusion....all I described was from the Dec 2008 Israeli Cast Lead invasion of Gaza.

Suspect Sammy has long since joined the Chock-A-Doodle-Do Choir in the Sky since then.

Maybe he left around a grandson to serenade us through this if someone puts up their live feed.