Wednesday, November 21, 2012

PM, Ministers Deliberate Next Step After Tel Aviv Bus Bombing

Israel's Next Step?

Operation Pillar of Defense is deep into its eighth day, with continued rocket strikes on southern Israel and Israeli air attacks on terror targets in Gaza. A little after noon, a bus was blown up in central Tel Aviv. The Times of Israel is live-blogging developments. Refresh for latest updates.
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Conflicting reports are coming in about at least four Israelis injured after a volley of rockets and mortars fired from the Gaza Strip explode in the Eshkol border region.
Ynet reports seven injured, one moderately and two lightly injured.

Four are being evacuated by helicopter to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba and three are being evacuated to Tel Hashomer Medical Center outside Tel Aviv, according to Ynet.
Channel 2 TV’s political analyst says Israel does not want a written ceasefire deal with Hamas, but rather an informal arrangement.

Israel’s government believes a written deal would be “like a deal with the mafia,” Udi Segal says.
Israel does not want formal guarantees from Egypt, because that would risk involving Egypt in the next round of Gaza violence, risking a historic peace agreement that Israel sees as a “strategic asset.”
Israel is currently ratcheting up its strikes in Gaza to show Hamas that dragging its feet on a ceasefire will cost it dearly, he says.


Waterer said...

Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving to the blog friends and family.
Gratitude is beautifying and so Right before the Lord. We have so much to thank Him for!
Ally, still hoping you can make it. If it is easier to call,
919 490 6777.

GG said...

Thank you KR and may you and everyone here have a very joyous and blessed Thanksgiving too. You all have been one of my greatest blessings.

God Bless!!


Alice said...

Hillary and BHO have negotiated a cease fire. Forgive me for being a bit skeptical...

Yes, indeed! Happy Thanksgiving to blog family! Thank you, Lord, for our many blessings which You have bestowed upon us!

Anonymous said...

from the spoke person of Israel, they can only live in peace and security in the south if gaza stop firing rockets.
peace agreement in all direction of Israel.

Is this the peace and security in Ezekiel 38, pr the peace and security of 1thes 5 then sudden destruction.

either way, we are near.

Anonymous said...

and both lead to destruction

JD Siegel said...

Hmmmm....every one saying "peace and safety".....
And then sudden destruction comes!

Could be.

I see Natanyahu is giving the truce a chance. Because, if it fails, (and I am almost sure it will), he will be justified in going in with greater force.

Caver said...

Thank you KR, and a blessed Thanksgiving to all our blog family from here also.

As for the peace deal, I'm just shocked....unless Bibi knows something or has a plan we can't see....right now he has Hamas beat, they have spent tremendous resources taking out their long range missile capabilities, launchers, and supplies. The infantry is ready to go, the armor in place, and they are capable. They could completely cut off the head of the southern snake in a week or two.

Now, they are going to just let Hamas resupply and get ready to go again when there will be a lot more fronts to defend.

Just shocked!

Yet, Bibi is no fool. Sure hope he's got a plan.

Course, with his Leader....we all know the ending.

Alice said...

Yes, Caver. Seems like just an opportunity for Hammas to re-arm, to me. I don't get it...

Gwenny said...

We hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving. Thank you Lord for everyone here, our family, our men & women in service & especially our wonderful Lord & Savior.
Love--Gwenny & Family

Dutch Treat said...

Even though I don't comment often, I would also like to wish everyone here a very blessed Thanksgiving. Hopefully this will be our last one here; but then again, I said the same thing last year. So I'll leave the timing mechanism in the Lord's hand. As for the cease fire, that will last until Hamas fires the next rocket into Israel in which case I believe Bibi will stop messing around and go in with guns blazing.

Seek But Don't Hide said...

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Peace will not last long no matter what the media says or thinks. We know this for a fact. There may be a temporary false peace but that's it.

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving and God's Blessings to all.

Scott said...

Bibi knows this won;t last. Now no one can argue when he goes into Gaza that he didn't try for peace. This, IMO, is the plan. No way this lasts more than a week or so, if it lasts that long

mary said...

I would like to wish my blog family a very blessed Thanksgiving Day.We have so much to be thankful for. Up in my neck of the woods, tomorrow will be the last warm day,
(60's) then it might snow on Saturday! YIPPEE!! :)

Scott said...

Where are you?

Hubae said...

Happy thanksgiving y'all!!!!! I hope this is our last one here!!!!

mary said...

In my house.Sorry, I couldn't resist.
I am in Michigan.

Scott said...

Oh - for some reason I thought you were around here so I immediately checked the weather here!

Good luck with that - I guess its about that time of year in Michigan!

('in my house' - sheesh - that sounds like something my brother would say ! :)