Tuesday, November 13, 2012

From Chile To Alaska To Sicily

From decades of following prophecy it always amazes me how little attention earthquakes receive from prophecy watchers. Jesus listed this sign as being equal to the other signs mentioned, yet rarely do prophecy related discussions focus on this dramatic escalation in quakes - as recorded from around the world - not only comparing this 'generation' (last +/- 100 years) to previous generations, but the increase recorded within this generation. 

Very quietly over the past couple of weeks, if you have been paying attention you will notice that we have had a 'major' earthquake almost every day. Because of other, predominate world events, these quakes have received little attention. 

First, just a quick glimpse of the earthquake map reveals multiple quakes up and down the coastal regions of North and South America - not to mention from east to west geographically, all the way to Sicily. 

In the last 2 days alone we have seen:

6.0 Alaska
6.0 Chile
4.6 Chile
4.8 Mexico
5.0 Ecuador
4.3 Nicaragua
5.3 Fiji
5.0 Tonga Islands
5.6 Myanmar
4.4 Sicily

Not to mention two quakes in unusual regions of the U.S., including Arkansas (4.6), Kentucky (4.3) and Utah (4.5)

Take a look at these trends, just since the early '70's:

Today's major quakes:

Also in the news today:


Helen said...

Wow, it is overwhelming all that is happening right now.

Scott, I have been searching for a list of all the major natural disasters that have happened in the last year,(2012) but, I can't seem to find one. Do you know of a place that might something like this?

Thank you again for all of your hard work in keeping us up to date with everything.

ChristineInCleveland said...

Boy I sure have been paying attention to the higher & higher incidence of quakes... I keep sensing "January" as when to expect something extraordinarily catastrophic is coming upon this country- of course worse than anything happened so far. Is this mere paranoia, or is the HS giving me a heads up? Does anyone else have a "quickening" for that month? Just wondering if its only me! :)

Caver said...

Ya just gotta chuckle....ya just gotta do it.

All around us... in every hook, nook, and corner...we see God's prophetic word coming true to the smallest details.

Now, to put it into perspective...these prophecies are included in the most popular book ever written...the Bible. Its the book that governs the faith of over 80% of this country, well so they say.

Any virtually nobody recognizes the pattern in the world today. Even the Pastors! Everybody expresses shock and dismay....when they consider just one of the signs. It never dawns on them to look for the rest..or recognize them when they're slapping them up side the head all day every day.

Just geepers.....guess that path is kind of narrow.

One has to question....is this spiritual blindness, just flat blindness, willful blindness or just flat pretending to be a Christian...like a label to grab and repeat as a fire insurance or social qualifier.

Guess we're gonna find out pretty soon.

Caver said...

Side bar note:

The NC petition to the WH has almost 21000 of the required 25000 signatures required to mandate a White House response.

NO, I'm not naive enough to believe that this...buy itself...will go anywhere. But there are citizens in over 20 states doing the same thing and Texas is close to 40,000 signatures. With this show of support, at least two states have expressed official acknowledgment and aren't dismissing it anymore.

Who knows. The Lord can and does work with the smallest of things to make big changes. And Yea, I know I've given the White House my name and address....painted a bulls-eye on myself. But, currently my tax dollars are going to killing the smallest of us, supporting groups killing my brothers and sisters overseas, and supporting all manner of offenses.

I really don't see a choice.

Scott said...

Good points caver i agree wholeheartedly. as a side note i think texas hit the magic number which requires a response but i dont know any more than that

Alice said...

I JUST heard on the radio that Texas currently has "over 75,000 signatures." The radio interview-ee was making light of all of the states doing this stating it's just a way that people blow off steam after elections. We shall see!

Caver said...

Scott, you kidding me brother.

They have over 80,000!

AND the real Texas legislature has taken it up officially in some capacity. I don't know any more but it has been recognized in some fashion or form.

Lets see

Seek But Don't Hide said...

Yep Caver and Scott, you guys are right. My state (Texas) most definitely has over 80,000 and counting.

Along with these earthquakes and all of the goings on in the mid east there is the sign of godlessness in the last days that I keep seeing everywhere now. Today I found out that I am going to have to take legal action against someone I thought I could trust however they have proven to be nothing but dangerous for me. If you guys wouldn't mind, keep me in your prayers. Thanks in advance.

Dave DU said...

Hi all, there's apparently a new petition calling for all citizens who support state secession to have their citizenship stripped and to be deported.

Christine in Cleveland if you still want out of your country, now's your chance. Lol

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone!
Crazy stuffs going on here in Omaha Nebraska. There are UFOs flying around in the cornfields on the outskirts of town and have been doing so for at least a week. And its on the complete opposite end of where Offut AFB is....looks like something could be happening. Funny thing is...its not even reported on the news and everyone can see it.

Caver...I was wondering the same thing myself about how blind people have been. These Earthquakes arent even shaking these people up.

Wont be long...

Nathan said...

This is in response to Caver about people not seeing or understanding current events worldwide .

As my Christian duty i spend lots of time on message boards dropping Biblical hints to people that something bigger is going on in the world . Usually i (and other Christians) get verbally crucified (pun intended) . Yahoo has a thumbs up thumbs down feature that you can rate comments and generally its 80% thumbs down 20 % thumbs up if you talk about Jesus , God , or are pro-Israel .

For the first time in probably 2 years and thousands of articles i received nothing but thumbs up for speaking the truth and telling people we really need to come to God in this time of never ending crises ,scandals , natural disasters , etc etc . It floored me because i'm used to being called a moron , idiot , believer in toothfairies , etc etc .(I can't even repeat some of the nasty things people write (Because Mrs C would scold me for cursing : Love you Mrs C (only joking :) It lifted me up to know that finally people are starting to sense things just aren't right .

So Caver , I think maybe people are starting to come around (If you can change peoples minds on the Yahoo message boards (which i call the Terrordome ) Maybe there is hope


William said...

Nevada is one of the 24 states currently trying to break away from the US but is only in the beginning stages with just under a few thousand signatures now. I'm wondering where all of this is heading with regard to these states attempting to break away? I don't know but this by itself could be a(or the)reason why the USA isn't mentioned during the End Times let alone other reasons that we can see potentially happening.

Dave- The funny thing is where would they deport the Americans to? I'm sure they have some camp I mean plan for that if they can't get another country to take em', to answer my own question.

Scott- We all knew things would speed up prophetically after the election but isn't this unbelievable? Israel being hit by Syria's mortars not once but twice just days after the election when they've had almost 2 years to do so? Of course it's not over yet but when you combine that with the recent earthquakes and flood(s)too, it's just almost unbelievable.

I'm glad to know we're all paying attention to these signs and I trust most if not all of us are sharing the great news of the Gospel with those around us because as we can see, and because we're told, things are really looking ugly as to what's up ahead and it's so unfortunate that there is so many that are completely oblivious as to what is happening, they won't realize it until they wake up one day and wonder why NATO is patrolling their streets and the freedom they once exercised now makes them an extremist and then a fugitive.

Pray Hard and God bless

Dave DU said...

You brought up some really points William and I will say that I believe these petitions to be symbolic of disgruntled citizens saying we want out. it's great to see you guys and gals stand for your future but what would be even better to see is petitions not so much for secession, as strong a message that would give, but petitions like to reverse Roe vs Wade and other bills that go back to the start of practices and policies which is law today. It's great to see people taking advantage of President Obama's petition site but I fear a lot of people will also waste this opportunity and put up rediculous things which will probably in the end cause Obama to shut the site down.
But what you said about other countries taking in American refugees, well it may happen in the medium to long term future. And I'm sure that nations would open their doors to receive you guys. We got more land here in Australia than we can poke a stick at. I said it before and I'll say it again; I'm surprised that more Americans aren't fleeing from there.
Anyway William thanks for your encouraging words, your last paragraph gave me a kick in the butt.

Bless all.

GG said...

Hi Dave-

There is nothing to flee from :). After all most are tuned into their own world of self, so looking to flee isn't high on their list.

One of two things may happen, foolish following like sheep to the wrong leader, or foolishly trying to do it alone, either way a destruction of self is coming and the most troublesome thing above all is that good unsaved people will be going to hell, some with the last smile on their face. That is a sobering thought to get out and witness. Yes, good people, unsaved people will go due to their free will. We need to work to spread the news where we can.