Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Israel Launches Major Military Action Against Hamas. Hamas Says This Is Declaration Of War

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The powder keg may have been ignited today in the epicenter (there are certain to be updates as this is all breaking - updates will be posted at the bottom of this page):

Sirens wailed in the city of Beersheba Wednesday night as residents across the city took shelter from incoming rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. The attacks came in the wake of theassassination of Hamas military chief Ahmed Jabari, which marked the commencement of Operation Pillar of Defense against terror targets in the Gaza Strip.
The Iron Dome system downed some 17 rockets over Beersheba and towns surrounding the Gaza Strip. All in all, over 50 rockets were launched by Palestinian terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip, Wednesday evening  including some 17 long-range Grad rockets that were fired at Beersheba.
Three of the rockets reportedly fell in the vicinity of Dimona in the central Negev, which is located some 70 kilometers from the Gaza Strip. According to foreign sources, the Dimona nuclear research facility is a focal point of Israel’s reported nuclear weapons program.

The Israeli Air Force on Wednesday launched a series of airstrikes in Gaza City, killing Ahmed Jabari, the head of Hamas’s armed wing — the equivalent of an army’s chief of staff — and his son, Mohammed al-Homs. Palestinian sources put the death toll at up to nine by evening.
Following the airstrikes, Palestinians launched some 17 rockets at Beersheba, two rockets at the coastal city of Ashkelon, and two more at the Eshkol region. Some of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.
The army confirmed the airstrike on Jabari and said that it had launched a “widespread campaign on terror sites and operatives in the Gaza Strip, chief among them Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets.” The IDF Spokesperson’s Office told The Times of Israel that the campaign was being referred to as “Operation Pillar of Defense.”

The IAF struck and killed Hamas armed wing Izzadin Kassam Brigades commander Ahmed Jabari in central Gaza on Wednesday. The strike marked the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense to target Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror organizations in Gaza, IDF spokesman Yoav Mordechai announced.

Jabari was killed when an IAF missile struck the car he was traveling in, in the central Strip. One other person was killed in the attack.
Following the assassination, the IAF struck over 20 underground rocket launchers belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The airstrikes targeted long-range rockets in the possession of terror organizations, such as the Fajr-5 and other rockets that are capable of striking Tel Aviv from Gaza. Palestinian sources said that six Gazans were killed in the IDF strikes.

The IDF said it believes it has eliminated the majority of the long-range threat.
"The first aim of this operation is to bring back quiet to southern Israel, and the second target is to strike at terror organizations," Mordechai said. "The homefront must brace itself resiliently," he added, describing Jabari as a man with "a lot of blood on his hands."
Mordechai added that Gaza is a "forward Iranian base," adding that the latest campaign of air strikes targeted most of the long-range offensive capabilities in the hands of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The majority of the Gaza weapons storage sites targeted by the IAF were located in civilian residential buildings, the IDF confirmed. "This is further evidence of the pattern of Hamas to use the population in Gaza as human shields," the IDF stressed.
The IDF has urged civilians to pay attention to instructions from the Home Front Command in light of the developments.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday night announced the onset of a broad, surgical aerial and naval bombardment of Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, and blamed Hamas and other terrorist organizations for the violence that triggered Israel’s retaliation.
The announcement came hours after an Israeli Air Force strike killed Hamas military chief Ahmed Jabari, the first blow in the army’s Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza.
“Today we sent a clear message to the Hamas organization and to other terrorist organizations, and should the need arise, the IDF is prepared to broaden the operation,” Netanyahu said at a joint press conference with Defense Minster Ehud Barak. “We will continue to do everything to protect our citizens.”
He blamed Hamas for escalating its attacks against civilians, and added that Israel was “not prepared to make peace with a situation in which Israel’s citizens are menaced by the terror of rocket fire.

“No country would agree to such a situation; Israel is not prepared to reconcile itself to such a situation.”

Barak noted that Operation Pillar of Defense would not be completed in “one fell swoop,” but that the objectives would be attained in due time.

The defense minister delineated the operation’s objectives as “strengthening deterrence, damaging the rocket arsenal, damaging and hurting Hamas and minimizing injury to the civilians on the homefront of the State of Israel.

Though Wednesday's strikes mark the beginning, not the end, of a military operations, Barak said that "in the long-run, I believe this will lead to deterrence and the restoration of quiet in the South."
Barak said that the IDF operations wiped out most of the long-range fajr rockets, and dealt significant blows to the terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.

Both ministers thanked the IDF, the citizens of Israel for their support and the southern residents on the firing line.

Hamas' military leader Ahmed Jabari was a "mass murderer" who organized many terror activities, Israel President Shimon Peres told his American counter part Barak Obama.
He spoke with him over the telephone, just a half-an-hour after the IDF assassinated Jabari.

This is subtle, but take a look at the bolded sentence above. Israel informed the U.S. after the strikes took place. That reveals a lot about current U.S.-Israel relations.

Hamas said Wednesday that it regarded the Israeli Air Force’s killing of its military chief, Ahmed Jabari, as a declaration of war by Israel. Israel is not seeking all-out conflict with Hamas, military and political sources quickly made clear on Wednesday afternoon — but it is certainly braced for the possibility.

What Israel emphatically is seeking in “Operation Pillar of Defense” is to remake the rules, and ultimately restore the IDF’s deterrent capacity, as regards the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The south of Israel “cannot be held hostage” to the whims of Hamas, noted the Likud’s Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar.

The initial operation involves the use of air power, not ground forces. The opening strikes targeted Jabari and other key Hamas military figures. Other key targets are what is believed to be the limited stock of Hamas’s most potent, Fajr-5 missiles, which can reportedly reach as far north as the Tel Aviv area. Rocket-launch cells will also be relentlessly targeted, as well as other Hamas military stores and positions, the sources said.

“We had made clear in recent days that we need absolute quiet on the border,” said another deputy prime minister, Dan Meridor. “We didn’t get it.” The constant threat to the residents of southern Israel “had to be addressed,” he said.

The resort to escalated force followed a radical escalation of attacks on the south in the past four days, which began with the targeting of an Israeli army jeep that was on a routine patrol inside the Israeli border — more than 100 yards inside the Israeli border, that is — with an anti-tank missile, in which four soldiers were injured, one of them very seriously.

Palestinians Urge UN Security Council Action Over Strikes


The Jerusalem Post is running constant updates to this evolving story (several per hour) so it is worth checking their link:

Jerusalem Post Breaking News Updates


 Israeli media are reporting that the IDF is sending emergency call-up notices to reservists. IDF General Yoav Mordechaitold Channel 2 news ground troops may be sent into Gaza: ”There are preparations, and if we are required to, the option of a entry by ground is available.”
Israeli artillery has joined the air force in hitting targets in Gaza and eyewitnesses report that multiple Israeli naval vessels have appeared along the coast of Gaza.

Hamas Second In Command Also Taken Out

In addition to eliminating Jabari, Israel has alsoreportedly killed another military official, Raed al-Attar, Jabari's second in command. What Israeli officials arecalling Operation Pillar of Defense has also concentrated on Hamas’s arsenal, especially its long- and medium-range missiles, some of which are believed capable of reaching Israel’s northernmost cities. “Israel has had more than 800 missiles fired on its citizens over the last year,” an Israeli official told me this morning. “We held fire for a year but decided that it’s enough. We won’t let Hamas hold our cities hostage.”

Analysis: The Battle For The South Has Begun

Nearly three years after Operation Cast Lead, a new battle to restore security for the South has begun. The deterrence levels gained by Israel in the 2009 operation have run out, in great part due to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
As it built up its rocket arsenals, Hamas and the other factions responded to Israel’s measures to secure the border with more and more indiscriminate rocket barrages on the long-suffering South, filling the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians with dread, trauma and disruption.

Hamas has overplayed its hand. It mistook Israeli restraint for weakness.

The current operation underway in Gaza is based on a flexible approach. It began by sending a strong message to Hamas: that it must choose between the survival of its members and the continued firing of rockets at southern cities, towns and villages. At the same time, Israel has left Hamas with an exit. Should it decrease the rocket attacks, the IDF will scale back its operation.

Israel once again has proved that its intelligence capabilities in Gaza are superb not only by targeting the head of the rocket- launching machine, Ahmed Jabari, but also by removing most of Hamas’s long-range underground rocket launchers in the first wave of air strikes.

The ball is now in Hamas’s court. If it chooses to continue to lash out at Israel’s civilians, it could find itself face to face with a ground offensive, a development that would take the current operation to a new level.

Hamas To Target Tel Aviv, Assassinate Israeli Figures?

The Hamas leadership in Gaza is currently studying the possibility of firing rockets toward Tel Aviv, assassinating Israeli figures or launching suicide bombings inside Israel, according to senior Hamas members speaking to WND.
Also being debated by Hamas is the immediate use of anti-aircraft and other advanced missiles to target Israel Air Force operations over the Gaza Strip, the Hamas members said.

The senior Hamas members said their group is simultaneously holding meetings between its own political and jihadist leadership as well as separate consultations with other Gaza-based jihad groups, including the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees.
Hamas is in contact with neighboring Egypt to determine whether and how the new Egyptian government will back Hamas in any conflict with Israel, the Hamas members said.
According to the senior Hamas members speaking to WND, the responses Hamas is currently debating launching against Israel include:
  • Firing long-range rockets aimed at Gedera and Rishon LeZion. The city of Rishon LeZion is about seven miles from Tel Aviv and is considered a sister city to Tel Aviv. Such rocket firing would be considered a strategic game changer.
  • Launching suicide bombings inside Israel. Any attempted suicide attacks would most likely originate with the Hamas infrastructure within the West Bank. Israeli security sources told WND that Hamas maintains the capability of attempting suicide bombings from the West Bank.
  • Assassinating Israeli figures. The Hamas members said the group is already compiling a list of possible targets but would not comment to WND about whether those targets were political, military or civilian.

Security Council To Hold Emergency Meeting On Gaza

Labor, Kadima, Olmert, Livini Back Government's Air Assault On Hamas


Seek But Don't Hide said...

The poweder keg IS now lit! Israel knows that it can't count on the US at all and so the information coming after attacking is fitting of the situation IMO.

Scott said...

I agree. Interesting timing as well.

Gwenny said...

Just stopped in to say hello! The news is Israel is really heating up. Please keep the headlines coming Scott--we appreciate it so much. As with Ally, this is our only source of church right now due to family members with health problems. We appreciate all of the information provided and the fellowship. We hope everyone is doing well and hope Ally gets to stay in her apartment.
I couldn't help but notice how many states have petitions--it's amazing! Praying for everybody! Hang on everyone! Love Gwenny

Scott said...

Gwenny - keep checking the updates - there seem to be significant updates almost hourly now, and they are all very interesting! (oh, and thanks :)

Anonymous said...

if this is going to be the 21st century war between Israel and palestine, we know that after war there is peace.
Will this be the peace treaty, to watch for?

Caver said...

Well, it may just turn out to be much ado bout very little....or it could be the fist steps in the balloon really going up and not stopping.

Another dry run or the first breeze of the big "Poof".

For sure, much more embolden knowing its only BO they have to deal with for 4 more years, the Muslim in Charade.

Scott said...


I believe there are some wars or battles to take place first such as Isa 17 and Ezekiel 38-39. The 'peace and safety' reference from Thessalonians, IMO is a reference to the earliest part of the Trib where the AC appears to have created such. I believe Isa 17 and Gog-MaGog occur before that.

Robin said...

Psalm 83 has Israel taking care of its immediate neighbors . . .i can't help but think this might well be it. But with things heating up in Syria as well . . .Isaiah 17 might be close on its heals. I think, if that's the case . . .and considering how close Iran is to developing nuclear weapons, and considering Israel's chief military officer said a nuclear strike of Iran would be the only way to stop their program, can't help but think that's Ezekiel 38-39.

William said...

OK, so let me get all of this straight here, we now have large riots occurring at this time in Spain, Rome and Greece, a president that is now clearly emboldened after his re-election(today telling Republicans they can come after him about his soon to be Sec. of State Appointee), a fiscal cliff that hasn't even occurred yet and (lower)thousands are already being let go from large corporations, Hamas(who is being controlled by Iran)and Israel is now at an escalating war which many believe will ultimately involve other nations, earthquakes of 4.5 to 6.0+ magnitude happening almost every day and the last country on earth (USA)that hasn't been fully socialized is now being retro-fitted for full socialism. I'm not a betting man but in this situation I'll bet that this fiscal cliff, whether they're able to revise it or not before Jan. 1st, will be the very thing that brings on the additional actions(which will soon follow) to complete the socialist agenda.

And isn't it interesting that the EU is wanting to install(not elect) a "European Super Commissioner" that they want to be "Feared by the world". Yep, the same European Union that just recently sent their organization over to monitor our elections.

Yep, sure seems like the "End of the Age" to me. I can't emphasize enough of how glad I am that the Lord tells us to "not fear" and to "comfort one another with these words". It certainly can be a battle sometimes perfecting this attitude.

Robin said...

Speaking of earthquakes . . .another 6.1 quake struck Chile today . . .the sixth 6 or greater since the US election.

Scott said...

I Saw that Robin and was going to post it before I came across those last two and felt that they were more significant - but the 6.1 is yet another major quake in the same (daily) trends that we have been observing recently.

Scott said...

William, I agree and don't forget the financial cliff could lead to the collapse of the dollar which could fast track the use of SDRs, which I think will be a precursor to the single currency that Soros so desperately wants.

David said...

The commander and now the second in command toasted? Oh you know the retaliation is coming. I'm betting on it being in the next few nights, under the cover of darkness. I imagine its going to get even more large scale. Interesting next 48 hrs.

Scott anything anybody can do to help you brother, just say the word. I've got lots of time now since I broke my heel when I fell out of my tree stand. Dr. Said no walking for 8 weeks. So I was very careful when I climbed back in it this afternoon not to consider it walking...(;

hartdawg said...

So when will the EU, US and UN start condemning Israel for all this?

Scott said...

Hart - I'm guessing around noon tomorrow :)_

David - I can't talk...I was suppose to be on my back for 3 months years ago when I first hurt my back and that lasted about 3 weeks before I went stir crazy, so no pointing fingers here :)

Scott said...

Also David - Ann Barnhardt has an interesting commentary between our current administration and the early stages of Hitlers regime - in terms of the military purge and the parallels were fascinating

Robin said...

The UN Security Council is having an emergency meeting tomorrow at the request of the Palestinians. I would imagine it won't be long after that.

According to a news report in Israel, Netanyahu expressed his gratitude to Obama in a phone conversation today, for his support of their right to defend themselves.

Robin said...

Interesting piece on Glen Beck's The Blaze, tonight. Apparently, the battle name chosen for this war with Hamas, in Hebrew references the Bible.

From the story:

In English, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is calling its effort – launched Wednesday – to strike a blow to Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure “Pillar of Defense,” but in Hebrew the operation’s name has another, deeper biblical meaning. In Hebrew, the IDF named its operation “Amud Anan,” that is Pillar of Cloud, a clear reference to the flight of the Children of Israel from Egypt and how God protected them.

In the Book of Exodus 13:21, as the Israelites flee Egypt and the oppressive Pharaoh, the scene is described this way:

The Lord went before them in a pillar of cloud by day, to guide them along the way, and in a pillar of fire by night, to give them light, that they might travel day and night.
The pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire remained with them throughout their journey. Meanwhile, a very angry Pharaoh deployed his chariots, horses and warriors to chase after the departing former slaves. As the Egyptian soldiers began to catch up with the Israelites, this is what happened, according to Exodus 14:19-20:

The angel of God, who had been going ahead of the Israelite army, now moved and followed behind them; and the pillar of cloud shifted from in front of them and took up a place behind them and it came between the army of the Egyptians and the army of Israel. Thus there was a cloud with the darkness, and it cast a spell upon the night, so that the one could not come near the other all through the night.

David said...

Scott , speaking of Hitler have you seen the first graduating class from obama-nations homeland security detention task force? They were all between 18 and 24 years old. Posing with MP-5 machine guns. Same scenario as Adolf's youth squad. My how history does repeat. Itself.

David said...

Here is the link

Scott said...

Thats very very scary and foreboding

Ally said...

Spend a few hours trying to get ready for court and look what happens! Lol!
it's pretty bad when my non believing daughter had to cal n tel me what happened with Israel.
But thats how fast prophecy is happening these days.
Sitting in a treestand is not walking ;)
Thanks for being concerned about me while all this craziness is going on!
Caver-this might be the beginning of"it"
Gotta run and give Scotts links to my jewish friends who can't understand why we love their Israel so much!
Maranatha my peoples!

Ally said...

Scott and Robin-you posted while I was writing.
Wow, wow,wow! This signifies several things in my opinion. Israel, especially Bibi and his crew, study the Torah, recognize what time it is prophetically, put their trust in God not man.
I don't like war or any kind of evilness, death or destruction. But I am extremely excited about the possibility to see our awesome God move in an old testament kind of way. I'm getting really weary and burnt out and I'm pretty certain that it will give me the swift kick in the pants that will propel me thru what's coming. Whatever that may be...And it's going to shake the slerping church awake too I bet. I'm really excited. And kinda terrified. Nothing like the presence of God and the real power to get us holy and sanctified. I try but I am so far off the mark it's ridiculous :(
Weird question here Scott. I know God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are one, a triune. But I kind interpret this to be God and his lady Israel like the church is Jesus's girl. Is that bizare thinking our does it make any sense.? We aren't going to see sweet gentle JESUS show his hand over there, it's gonna be an angry God defending his woman whose honor had been messed with. I hope I'm making sense and not sounding fruit loopish-

Anonymous said...

a reminder to egypt.

Caver said...

Well, shucks, Ozzie....
Dis here lookie lots like a convergence...da perfect storm of perfect storms.....Earthquakes, US Fiscal Cliff, EU officially in recession, Ishmael's kids terrorizing da neighborhood unsupervised, Achama-Dinner-Jacket with an itchy finger before his term be up, and Pretender-n-Chief firing all our top military brass....

Put some butter on the popcorn,,,it are gonna be a doozie of a Season finaley.

Anonymous said...

Ally for what its worth I have a similar stance re:

Mrs Israel,
Miss Church
Heavenly places,

Their 'mail' often gets muddled by those claiming a message to Mrs Israel is for Miss Church, and vice versus ;)