Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gathering For Prayer In End Times

The first two articles are encouraging and forces one to consider what really matters, who is really in control and the only thing that really brings people together - regardless of what happens:

Recent tensions in Israel and the Middle East found local believers gathering for a national day of fasting and prayer last Shabbat.

Messianic Jews and Arab Christian came together in the Lavi Forest in Western Galilee to cry out to God for nearly five hours. Hot topics for prayer were Iran’s nuclear capabilities, the continuing bombardment of Israel’s southern cities and the upcoming elections in Israel and the US.
Organized by pastors in the Galilee, the event brought together Arab and Jewish believers from Dan in the North to Beersheva in the South.
In the shade of the dense eucalyptus forest an estimated 1,500 participants began with a time of personal repentance. Pastors from a variety of congregations across the land explained the need to come before God with "clean hands and a right spirit." Tears were evident as local believers asked God’s forgiveness for sins of jealousy, pride and critical attitudes.

"This was no ordinary meeting," said one of the organizers. "A prayer gathering that leads people to publicly confess sin is very significant. This was crucial to begin the gathering," said the local pastor. "We needed to humble ourselves and unite our hearts with God and with one another. This made a way for us to intercede for the Messianic body and for the people of Israel."

According to Pastor Aweida more and more Messianic soldiers are not ashamed to share their faith in the army. "This is what we have been praying for for years!" he said.
Arab and Hebrew music gave a worshipful atmosphere as Jews prayed for Palestinians and Arabs prayed for the Jewish nation. Jewish leaders cautioned against calling for judgement on Israel’s enemies. Prayers for Iran centered around crying out for salvation for the Iranian people. Significant time was also given to interceding for protection and courage for believers in all the Arab nations surrounding Israel.

As the day wore on and the sun waned, the assembly gathered to pray in unison the well known Hebrew chorus: "I come to lift a prayer for my people. I can only cry out for mercy. O Lord, have mercy for your name’s sakes as we lift our voices to you the Living God. For your name's sake, O Lord, for your name’s sake O Lord, have mercy."

Dogged by secularism and even having to brave the face of ridicule, the growing sense that “Something is wrong” has many praying more fervently than ever.
Today is the ‘National Day of Prayer and Fasting’ initiated by Atlanta businessman Bob Preyss and his stalwart online helper Mary Jane Tyler.
When Preyss acted on his idea for the National Day of Prayer,  he didn’t know it would follow by only three days the worst storm to ever strike the Northeast, or that up to 8 million souls would still be struggling in the dark.

The ‘National Day of Prayer’ could not have come at a darker time.

With the bad news that ConEd and other utility companies can not turn the lights back on in parts of America’s largest city, New Jersey and elsewhere, millions seek the light of the Almighty in the darkest of dark.

There will be many things happening between today and Tuesday with an election whose outcome will decide whether America will continue on to destructive Socialism or a God-given opportunity for Constitutional restoration.

But we do know that today is the one where we seek His Face.
God bless every single person reading this.

In contrast:

This article is important for several reasons. First, it exposes just how much the U.S. is arming Israel's enemies (yes, Genesis 12:3 comes to mind). Secondly, it exposes just how dangerous our current administration is - probably far more than anyone realizes. Third, it exposes how absurd, irrational and destructive our policies in the Middle East are. 

The nature of the Benghazi disaster is now clear.  Ambassador Stevens was engaged in smuggling sizablequantities of Libyan arms from the destroyed Gaddafi regime to the Syrian rebels, to help overthrow the Assad regime in Syria.  Smugglingarms to the so-called "Free Syrian Army" is itself a huge gamble, but Obama has been a gambler with human lives over the last four years, as shown by the tens of thousands of Arabs who have died in the so-called Arab Spring -- which has brought nothing but disaster to the Arab world.

For the last four years, the Obama policy has been to offer aid and comfort violent Islamic radicals in the delusional belief that their loyalty can be bought.  We therefore betrayed Hosni Mubarak, our 30-year ally in Egypt, so that the Muslim Brotherhood led by Muhammed Morsi could take over.  Obama indeed demanded publicly that Mubarak resign, for reasons that never made any sense at all.  Egypt went into a political and economic tailspin, and the Muslim Brotherhood were elected.  The Muslim radicals have now purged the only other viable political force, the army and police, to protect their monopoly on power.  We have colluded in that betrayal.

In Libya, we betrayed Moammar Gaddafi, who had surrendered his nuclear program to the Bush administration.

In Afghanistan, we betrayed the central government set up by the Bush administration and negotiated with the fanatical war sect of the Taliban to take over. 

Our consistent policy of betrayal of moderate Muslims in favor of radical Islamofascists goes hand-in-hand with our appeasement of the Iranian Khomeinist regime, which is the most America-hating Shiite regime, now facing competition from America-hating Sunni regimes in Egypt and elsewhere.  It also fits our cooperation with Turkey's "neo-Ottoman" regime, which has also purged the Turkish army and police to remove modern-minded Turks from power.  Egypt and Iran will soon have nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles.
We have therefore followed a single "community disorganizing" policy toward the Muslim world, consisting of betraying moderates to bring theocratic fascists to power.  Obama "explained" that policy in a publicized argument with Hillary Clinton at the White House when Mubarak was overthrown.  His explanation?  Fascist revolutions are "organic," and therefore more stable than moderate revolutions.  Obama's fantasy policy runs contrary to U.S. foreign policy since World War I.

The biggest loser in this mad administration has been hundreds of millions women of the Muslim world, who were on a path to modernity and freedom until Obama and Hillary Clinton betrayed them.  Today they are shut inside the prisons of sharia law.The second-biggest loser has been relative stability in a great geographical swath of the Muslim world, from Afghanistan and Pakistan across the Middle East, all the way to Tunisia and Morocco.

The third-biggest loser has been our anti-proliferation policy against the spread of weapons of mass destruction among developing nations.  From fighting proliferation, we have turned to aiding it.

Those three Horsemen of the Apocalypse are now out of the barn and riding free.
In Benghazi, al-Qaeda showed that they could not be bought even by our back-stabbing policy.  Our Benghazi arms-smuggling base was attacked by elements of AQIM (al-Qaeda in the Maghreb) in an act of betrayal against our fantasy-driven way of doing things.  The American betrayer was itself betrayed, and Obama-Hillary could do nothing to defend the Americans under attack at the Benghazi arms-smuggling base, because any public revelation of the truth would rip the cover off our mad actions and focus the hatred of Muslim nations on the United States.

The evidence now shows that Obama was aware of the attack within 55 minutes of the start.  It lasted for six or seven hours, and Obama consistently countermanded standing orders to protect Americans under attack in the Africom command area.  General Ham has now been fired for followingstandard U.S. policy to defend American personnel.  He took an honorable stand and was fired.

Because the Benghazi attack coincided exactly with the AQ attack on our Cairo Embassy, both on September 11 of this year, this was apparently a central command decision by AQ, presumably ordered by Osama bin Laden's successor, Al Zawahiri, in Pakistan using a video released on the web shortly before those attacks.  The message was "al-Qaeda lives!"  Everybody who saw the news photos that day got that message.  Only Obama is in public denial.

The purpose of the AQ attacks was to embarrass the United States, and to show us to be a paper tiger, precisely the way Ayatollah Khomeini did to Jimmy Carter.  AQ also wanted to tear off the cover of the Benghazi arms-smuggling operation, to make us look like a treasonous ally, which, as it turns out, we are.  All of our allies around the world, from South Korea and Japan to Israel, Australia, and Norway, must now be reassessing our reliability.  One major betrayal of our allies is enough to shatter sixty years of faith in Americanleadership.

Coupled with the fact that we are placing Israel in a more and more precarious position (wonder how God feels about the current U.S. actions?):

Just another excuse intended to limit Israel's ability to defend against attack:

US military commanders have warned their Israeli counterparts that any action against Iran would severely limit the ability of American forces in the region to mount their own operations against the Iranian nuclear programme by cutting off vital logistical support from Gulf Arab allies.
US naval commanders have watched with unease as the newly elected Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, has made overtures towards Iran. US ships make 200 transits a year through the Suez canal. Manama, the Fifth Fleet headquarters, is the capital of a country that is 70% Shia and currently in turmoil.
Ami Ayalon, a former chief of the Israeli navy and the country's internal intelligence service, Shin Bet, argues Israel too cannot ignore the new Arab realities.
"We live in a new Middle East where the street has become stronger and the leaders are weaker," Ayalon told the Guardian. "In order for Israel to face Iran we will have to form a coalition of relatively pragmatic regimes in the region, and the only way to create that coalition is to show progress on the Israel-Palestinian track."

And this:

The Obama administration has spent the past several months in secret diplomatic negotiations aimed at building a new Syrian opposition leadership structure that it hopes can win the support of minority groups still backing President Bashar al-Assad.

The strategy, to be unveiled at a Syrian opposition meeting next week in Qatar, amounts to a last-ditch effort to prevent extremists from gaining the upper hand within the opposition and to stop the Syrian crisis from boiling over into the greater Middle East.

It is clear that both the West’s political proxies, and its armed militant proxies have been compromised and the narrative that tentatively worked against Libya, is now unraveling and failing against Syria. While the US attempts to portray this latest move as an attempt to “prevent extremist elements from gaining the upper hand within the opposition,” it must be remembered that as early as 2007, US officials had admitted that efforts to overthrow the governments of Syria and Iran would include primarily US, Israeli, and Saudi armed extremists drawn from across the Arab World, and sent into Syria to create the very sectarian bloodbath now unfolding. Rhetoric of “freedom” and “democracy” serve merely as cover within which foreign military aggression is couched.

It was exposed in “NATO Using Al Qaeda Rat Lines to Flood Syria With Foreign Terrorists,” that indeed, the very networks used by Al Qaeda to flood Iraq with foreign fighters is now being used by the United States, NATO and the Persian Gulf States of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to violently overthrow Syria. The narrative that recent US efforts aim at heading off “extremists” from “hijacking” the armed violence in Syria, is exposed as a blatant lie. Extremists have constituted the so-called “opposition” from the very beginning, by design, with explicit US, NATO, Saudi and Qatari funding, weapons, and support.

Also see:


David said...

I was moved by a couple of your posted topics today. First; "the need to come before God with "clean hands and a right spirit." This slapped me right in the face.
I've often wondered what Peter thought after he denied Christ 3 times when he had so boldly professed his loyalty? I believe Peter loved him. I know I probably feel that exact same way. I know what Christ died on the cross for. I understand it. Yet I continually sin. It was that same sin that sent Jesus there. I need to clean my hands and my spirit, daily, and unfortunately I don't. If Christ's dying for us was so important to him, why shouldn't his commands be that to us? Let us all come with clean hands and right spirit's and reach the lost before time runs out. How could any of us face our friends or loved ones knowing the only way to heaven is through Jesus, yet not sharing it with them? I imagine they would cry out, why didn't you tell me! WHY? Do you think that "I was to shy, I didn't know what to say, I didn't get the chance to", would be sufficient to them? Time is running out!

David said...

My other comment regarding todays topic is one of those ah-ha moments. I have wondered for some time now like everyone else, about what Israel was going to do about Iran, and when. Then it hit me. Israel is wating on the results of "our" election. As it stands the current administration will not support them. Romney has said he would. If the presidency remains status quo, then Israel knows it has to go it alone. If Romney goes in then the US will likely jointly attack. Israel is waiting to see if Romney wins. This is merely my opinion, but based on what scripture says, that Israel will be alone to defend herself, speaks volumes to me about who will be our next president......any thoughts?

JD Siegel said...

I was wondering where the article on the Levi Forest meeting had been published, I see, Israel today.
I was there. It was one of the most POWERFUL meetings we've had at Ya'ar Levi, and I've been to these meetings going on 24 years. Our congregation led the closing worship. I know the Aweida's. He and his wife host an inter-congregational prayer meeting once a month at their kehela. The next one is this Wednesday. God is on the move in Israel, people are hearing the same call in every congregation, to give up our personal lives completely, and consecrate ourselves to the Master Shephard for evangelism. We dedicated a new out reach location today in the poorest part of Haifa. God is in control and He reigns, was the word. He is preparing for a harvest in every town in Israel.

Caver said...

David, a couple of thoughts on Israel and waiting on our elections.

1. If Romney wins, its still 2 1/2 months until he gets sworn in if everything goes smooth. Once in, it still takes a couple of months to get his policies in place, the military leadership to his liking, and coordination efforts on better footing.

But....that's assuming this election is going to go smooth and Romney wins and is sworn in.

Thought 2 is the "Progressives" have come too far, way too far, out of the closet now. They ain't letting go without a fight. One option will be to steal the election....and its in the process now.

The second option is to prevent Romney from being sworn in and reversing and pulling their policies out by their roots. I put nothing beyond them....other than not to go quietly. Their plans already in written form are for riots....couple that with declaring martial law...well, you get the picture.

Whatever they do, they ain't going quietly or easily. Just my gut suspicion.

Jec said...


I'm kind of thinking along the same lines. With the secret meetings to negotiate a deal with Iran, and ease the pressure of sanctions. I anticipate an emergency announcement by our potus in his attempt to steel the election sometime before the election. So much damage has been done to our country that it is unfathomable how Romney will be able to rise to the occasion. He will be crippled going in and will be crippled going out 4 years from now. Obama is the perfect candidate for the unfolding of bible prophecy. I just don't want to see all this through my eyes and be a kill joy to someone. God is fully capable in postponing what has been written in His word. But it may be that our understanding of that is a little different from our King. We are smack dab in the middle of major birth pains, and there is not stopping this puppy! How could Romney be elected and put a stop on all of this, because you see, he wants to do EVERYTHING (i did vote for him kicking and a screaming!)that is against what bible prophecy says will happen. On a side note...was thinking of mass production of bumper stickers that says "Encourage Bible Prophecy-Vote for Obama".

David said...

I believe you carver, and I agree something is already in play. I'm retired L.E. primarily SWAT my last 8 years. I know all to well what .223 and. 308 is used for. I think after Nov. 6th the speed of events will dramatically increase. Wouldn't it be funny though if the rapture occurred on the 5th? That would throw off the projected vote count.

Alice said...

Jec, too funny about your bumper sticker idea! :D

Scott said...

David - I'm actually starting to go back to thinking as I did > 10 years ago - and that is - the Rapture will change everything - in a second. I mean everything. And it will be so epic and so devastating to the entire world (especially financially) - that it will immediately place the world in a position of having the AC step forward. It has been easy to get 'lazy' with that line of thought - as we are seeing so many signs that we're approaching the Tribulation (and we are) - but even in the face of that, the rapture is going to be such a game-changer, that regardless of who is in the white house - after the rapture all bets are off IMO.

Alice said...

Here's a question I've been wondering. If...if if IF... Romney is elected... will the arming of Al Qaeda continue or cease?

Scott said...

I also agree with and sympathize with your first post above. We're ALL so fallen and as the Bible says, if you have sinned one sin you have sinned them all. I love how Billy Graham is so quick to point that out when secular people try to put him on a pedestal - he is so quick to point out that he is a sinner no different tha anybody else. We all need the blood of Jesus equally - we're all WAY short of what we should be. I like to think about my walk as walking in the desert - constantly falling, getting up, dusting off and continuing on the walk. Falling again, getting up - dusting off - repeat cycle over and over and over until we cross the pearly gates into New Jerusalem.

David said...

Jec, I like the bumper sticker. I know what you mean as well about the voting issue. Part of me wants the candidate most likely to usher in the rapture. As far as the kill joy. I'm most definitely not going to be a joy. I would say at the very least...a challenge.

WVBORN56 said...

I've been thinking for months the rapture would occur prior to the rapture. I didn't see how Obama could possibly get elected with the state of the economy and high unemployment. History said it would be an insurmountable hill for him to climb. Obama is clearly a better fit for the tribulation.

But now like Scott has said we are so far along the prophetic time line & it probably doesn't matter much who gets elected. The rapture will change everything when it occurs.

I also saw on Joel Rosenberg's blog that the latest being reported now is Israel will not attack Iran for 8-10 months. Iran used some uranium and it has set back their production to obtain a nuclear bomb. Joel saw this as an answer to pray for Israel.

I think this points back to what has been said before that Syria and Isaiah 17 is coming before Ezekiel 38-39 anyway. This is not the rapture set back I first thought it might be.

Scott said...

WV - I know you meant to say "election" instead of 'rapture' twice - just clarifying for ya!

WVBORN56 said...

oops, thanks Scoot.

mary said...

Jec, love the bumper sticker!

David said...

Definitely a game changer. I can just imagine the ominous feeling those left behind will experience.

James N Nashville said...

Hello everyone. Loving the posts today. David i feel the same way you do about not reconciling my heart with the Lord every day. My disobedience is the constant thing that pierces my heart. In our Wednesday night class I've talked about this very thing. My goal is to recognise the moment I sin and reconcile it right there. Unfortunately, and this is where my heart is pierced to the core, I don't or I am unwilling to acknowledge it and I selfishly go along with what I am doing. I honestly say to my self how can The Lord love me when my actions/sin say to Him all the time that I don't love Him. The only thing that helps me get through this truth about myself is remembering that God gave me the greatest gift when he allowed me to be a father. Knowing that I reflect on how I love my children. My love for them is stronger than anything they could ever do to hurt me or someone else. When my children come to me after they have done something wrong and I truly know they are sorry I run to forgive them and to let them know that I always love them no matter what. The love that exists between the Father and His children is unbroken because the Father is perfect in every way. When He loves He loves enough for everyone involved and that's all we need to know.

Caver, Jec, WV, and Scott
I understand exactly what you a saying about the election, the timeline for a strike on Iran and most importantly when the rapture will occur. I don't think it matters who is elected I think the rapture is imminent. The one thing I keep saying to myself is that nothing is as it seems. Remember we live in a time when the media is so biased that the top is often the bottom and the bottom is often the top. The only trustworthy updates I feel we get are here through Scott because he is helping us keep our eye on God rather than the world. I also would say that all of our participation here helps me to put everything in context when it comes to evaluating where we are based on scripture. I depend on all of your thoughts here quite literally.

Lastly let me say this....this next 4 days should be very interesting. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were taken home on the 5th. I can't wait to tell all of you face to face how much I love you and give you a great big ole bear hug in Heaven. With the strength I expect to have in Heaven you will be glad that your reconciled bodies will be able to take that strong of a hug.

Take care my friends!

James N Nashville

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks James....looking forward to the reunion too!