Saturday, November 10, 2012

Evening Update

Palestinians: 12 EU Nations Likely To Support Our UN Bid

The Palestinians already have majority support for the resolution, which they intend to bring to the UN General Assembly. But they feel their efforts would carry more weight if European and other Western nations support them.
The Palestinians believe 12 EU countries could support a unilateral bid to upgrade their status at the UN to that of non-member state later this month.
“In internal discussions five nations have openly said they will support us,” a Palestinian official told The Jerusalem Post on Saturday.The PA push to upgrade its status will not afford it full UN membership. Only the Security Council can grant that. But the move could boost its rights at in the world body and possibly give it the ability to pursue Israel in the International Criminal Court.

Another wave of Palestinian rockets hit the South on Saturday evening, hours after an anti-tank missile fired from Gaza wounded four soldiers as they patrolled the border.

The Palestinian violence threatened to escalate into a major round of fighting, as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with Defense Minister Ehud Barak and military chiefs to discuss Israel’s next steps.

Over 30 rockets and several mortar shells pounded the South, triggering air raid sirens in Ashkelon, Ashdod, Gan Yavne and smaller communities.The rockets included eight long-range rockets, landing at Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sderot, the Eshkol Regional Council area and the Be'er Tuviya area.Earlier, terrorists in Gaza, believed to be from Islamic Jihad, fired an anti-tank missile at an IDF jeep on a routine patrol on the Israeli side of the border near Kibbutz Nahal Oz, hitting the vehicle directly, and wounding four soldier from the Givati Brigade.

One soldier was in serious condition with a head injury, two were moderately wounded, and one was lightly wounded, the IDF said. They were airlifted to the Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba for emergency treatment.Immediately after the attack, IDF tanks stationed near Gaza opened fire on the area from which the missile was fired.

Read the articles and you decide:

Check out a few websites (and this is just a start). Go though the links and see for yourself.
  • GulagBound
  •  is starting a state by state analysis in swing states to be updated daily. Wisconsin and Florida are up. Others to follow shortly. Comments are important!


Seek But Don't Hide said...

Scott, if voter fraud is found and for some reason a president is found NOT to have truly won, what happens? I doubt Barak Obama is going anywhere but I'm curious.

Scott said...

I have no idea. My guess is that it will be ignored, just like everything else regarding BO. Its surreal and highly disturbing but something that has to happen. Still, I sure never expected to see anything like this in my life-time.

Scott said...
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Scott said...

I deleted the above - it was a duplicate post

Seek But Don't Hide said...

I was born during George Bush Senior's presidency so I don't have as much experience with elections as a lot of you do. That's why I asked what would happen. Either way, God said Israel would be on their own and with Obama in, it looks like they will be. All according to plan.

Nathan said...

This comment is regarding your previous post Scott . Its been on my mind so I thought i'd share it with everyone .

This is a list of cabinent members thinking of stepping down or are actual quitting the Administration .

Secretary of State : Hillary Clinton

Defense Secretary : Leon Panetta

Director of National Intelligence:
James Clapper

C.I.A director David "sex scandal" Patreaus

Secretary of Treasury: Timothy Geitner

Federal Reserve Chairman: Ben Bernake

Press secretary: Jay Carney

Attorney General: Eric Holder

And lets just throw in Vikram Pandit CEO of Citibank .

Now is it because of Fast and Furious, Benghazi , or do they all know something that we don't know .

I understand that with any new administration comes a shuffling of new faces but these are HUGE positions from Intelligence to Media to Finance to ....etc etc

This just isnt normal .

Also did anyone notice yesterday there was to be another "Nuclear meeting" in December and in less than 24 hours it was taken off the table ?

Things are happening VERY fast .


Alice said...

Surely eventually Rush or Glenn Beck will bring out the skewed swing state numbers if they are correct. I can't see this being completely shoved under the rug...can I?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Scott, and greetings to you and everybody else here in this fellowship!

Im from Norway, and have followed the election as close as i can from abroad. I've also looked trough these sites who claim there was an election fraud, and even tough im not a fan of Barack Obama in any way, i cannot get my head around how it is practically possible that these frauds have taken place.

Many of the allegations have no proof in any direction, and are purely speculation, as i see it. If it is correct that Obama won so clearly, there must have been a MASSIVE mobilization that in our society is impossible to hide.

Am i too skeptical?

All the best!

Paal, Norway

Dave DU said...

Hi all, not knowing anything about the structure and workings of American politics, does Congress have the power/duty to sack a wayward President? Here in Australia the Governor General can and has sacked the prime minister. Another question, is Congress subservient to the president or the constitution? The reason why I ask is, If the President isn't accountable to anyone then the next four years could be interesting.


JD Siegel said...

Nathan, I believe Hillary Clinton is stepping down in order to begin grooming to run for election in 2016.