Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is Jordan Next? Prophecy Unfolding Rapidly

There have been a lot of rumblings about the growing protest movements in Jordan, but recently, as this Muslim Brotherhood led anti-government movement has grown, any news on the topic have been largely overshadowed by the conflicts in Syria and Gaza.

However, we may be seeing the last piece of the prophetic puzzle rapidly coming to completion in Jordan. Historically, King Abdullah has been considered as a moderate voice in the region, and hasn't seemed interested in initiating any conflict with Israel.

The stability that he has given to Jordan may be about to change however, as the same types of protests and riots that we have seen in Libya, Egypt and Syria are now coming to Jordan and they are being led by the Muslim Brotherhood. This development is worth watching closely:

Jordan’s anti-government riots aimed ultimately at removing King Abdullah from power are so severe that the government has turned 10,000 of its soldiers into riot police.
Religious Freedom Coalition President and Founder William Murray said the ruthlessness of the rioting prompted the move.

Murray reported that aid workers with his organization in Jordan have come astonishingly close to the action.

“The riots in Jordan are about one mile from our warehouse,” he said. “The Muslim Brotherhood has cut all roads between Jordan’s cities.”
Gabriel, who is a native of Lebanon, said the violence is no surprise, and “the Muslim Brotherhood is rising in Jordan.”

She warned that the king’s position is in danger.
“King Abdullah is hanging by a thread,” she said. “He has 20 percent approval in the country. The Muslim Brotherhood sees this as their opportunity to rise up after what they saw happen in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and now Syria.”

Clay said the cover for many of the “Arab Spring” movements was the call for democracy. The Muslim Brotherhood’s use of the “democracy” line, he said, could tip the balance in their favor.

“Of most concern is that the MB is among the primary groups calling for political reform,” he explained. “If that continues to be the case, then many Jordanians may decide to back the MB, whether or not they agree with the Muslim Brotherhood’s religious ideology. Free elections, ending corruption, higher wages, and other claims all sound great, no matter who’s leading the campaign – whether it’s the MB or liberals.“Many Jordanians just want change and some are willing to join whatever movement promises political reform.”

Gabriel said the uprising in Jordan is the product of America’s previous actions in Egypt and Libya.
“We are seeing a reawakening of radical Islam all over the Middle East empowered by the weakening American perception throughout the Muslim world,” she explained, adding that another factor intensifying the protests is the perception that King Abdullah is a Western pawn.

“King Abdullah is perceived by the radicals as too secular and a puppet of Western powers. They loathe him also because of the peace treaty with Israel,” Gabriel said. “Most Jordanians are Palestinians who favor Hamas-style leadership instead of Abbas’ negotiating with Israel and trying to be a friend of America.”

“They are learning that what produces results are powerful organizations like Hamas dedicated to jihad and bringing pride and strength back to the Palestinians through Islamic warfare instead of a mamby-pamby let’s sit together and have coffee while we talk about the problem in Abbas and King Abdullah style,” Gabriel said.

WND also reported that the momentum from the Arab Spring has prompted the radicals to shift their attention to Jordan.

Following successful campaigns in Egypt, Libya and other Middle East and North African nations, the Muslim Brotherhood now is trying to destabilize and possibly overthrow Jordan’s government, according to reports.

Jordan is the latest target in the gun sights of the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical jihadist elements. WND reported in December that the Arab Spring was a front for the expansion of jihadist regimes.

Lopez said the chain of events was a coordinated effort: “The so-called ‘Arab Spring,’ long planned and well-executed by jihadist forces, with deliberate and knowing assistance from the current national security leadership of the [U.S.], is nothing more than the implementation by Islamic powers of Phase 5 of the plan for global domination.”

This is a fascinating development on many levels. First, this situation has been slowly gathering steam for several months. Secondly, we see Jordan in view from the prayer of Psalm 83; a prophetic related prayer or petition for God to intervene for Israel's protection against their immediate enemies - the exact alliances we are seeing today (Gaza/Hamas, Syria, Lebanon/Hezbollah, Egypt, and Jordan), the so-called "inner circle" of Israel's enemies. Third, as we watch the recent events taking place in Syria, Gaza, Lebanon, Golan, etc., the timing of this development is phenomenal. 

As a result of the 'Arab Spring', radical Islam has taken over (or in the process of taking over) the leadership and governmental structures of these nations mentioned - and the destruction of Israel is their primary goal and main obsession. Even if Jordan isn't completely taken over by such radical groups, as seen in Egypt and Libya, one wonders what Jordanian King Abdullah would do to pacify such groups. Participating in anti-Israeli aggression could be one way to calm the radical groups. 

Either way, it looks like Jordan is in for some big changes, and that can't be good for Israel. 

Sometimes you look at biblical prophecy and then the current events from around the world and you just have to shake your head. Words can be inadequate to characterize the magnitude, the speed, the accuracy, and the sheer scope of prophetic developments that we see evolving around us right now. 

I believe we are on the brink of three merging scenarios:

1. The scenario described in Isaiah 17 (and referenced in the prayer of Psalm 83).

2. The battle/war of Ezekiel 38-39 (aka "Gog-MaGog")

3. The "gathering up" of the Church Saints as described in 1 Thessalonians 4, 1 Corinthians 15, etc.

Either way, we appear to be drawing very close to some epic events. 

The world isn't turning back now. We are rushing headlong into the final events, as foretold by God's prophets. 

As the apostle Peter informed us, we will do well to pay attention to these prophecies. In these ominous days they are like a light shining in a dark place and we can have comfort in the fact that God is in complete control. 


WVBORN56 said...

Scott I completely agree. It certainly appears that we are heading for the home stretch. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out and just how much we are even here to see. Front row seats at the end of the church age is simply amazing to see God's Word play out before our eyes and so sad that many even in the church are completely oblivious.

Ally said...

We have been watching it build for so long and waiting and warning and watching and warning. Its astonishing how quickly it is coming together now. Absolutely with extreme quickness. Soon very soon.....

Caver said...

OK, found one...

Live video feed from atop a high rise, I believe in Gaza City overlooking the city.

Just like back in 2008-9, no commentary but you can hear sounds going with the video and most of the time, its just a live shot of the city....till something happens.

Go to

Scroll down to the frame where you can click on the picture... takes a while, its fully daylight there now, it will come up.

Scott said...

Thanks a ton for that Caver

Caver said...

Right now, they have switched to cover BO....but when over, expect them to go back to Gaza.:)

Ya can hear the drones circling overhead when they do.

Mrs.C said...

Ok, the coward-in-chief is done with his back to,looks like down town Gaza...if there is a "down town". AMAZING ! Oh my, I forgot, if you listen carefully you can here the sound of the Israeli drones going over-head. They sound like little propeller Cessna airplanes...Boy, does that bring back memories! On the previous one, 2008-2009, day and night you hear the Israeli drone’s over-head. Then sometimes there would be an Israeli attack, an explosion. Flares at night to light the Israelis path, then auto-weapons firing in some heavy gun battles. It was something else to witness!
These evil terrorists must be so intimidated by the constant sound of these drones. The previous time, poor Sammy the rooster crowed day and night, he was below the tall building the camera was located, and in someones backyard. It was joyful to hear this little guy, with a BIG voice, every day, drowned out their morning demonic "call to prayer"...

Mrs.C said...

Just a warning, if you listen and hear a commentator, he is without question a propagandist for the terrorists and graphic. He refers to the paly dead as "martyrs". One of the terrorist tactics, is falsehoods regarding “deaths” etc. AND HE'S BRITISH no less! WAY BETTER TO MUTE THIS GUY. Then again there is the anti-Semitic BBC…

JD Siegel said...

The Brits are saying if Israel does a ground op, Israel will lose international support. Every Israei I shared this with today said the same thing: "We NEVER HAVE had international support! Az MA?!"

Mrs.C said...

Please forgive me Brothers and Sisters, but here is a link to Godlikeproductions. They have a multitude of links to live coverage, including Israel's Channel 2 (in Hebrew ) Better than the Brit trying to push his blatant propaganda stuff against Israel...

"All live feeds for Gaza/Israel ---Share your live feed links"

Ally said...

I'm hoping others wil interpret this like I do. Lol. The local televised Baptist church, the same one who kicked out their last pastor because he found the Holy Ghost, actually
A) prayed coporately prayed intensely for Bibi, Israeli, and the innocents in Gaza and to bring the evil ones to justice.
B) the Pastor taught (hold on to your seats people) on the book of Daniel and backed some word up with Isiah!!!!
I watched him close his eyes several times trying to hear clearly from God while preaching!
Guys-this does not happen where I live. We must be getting really close!
Glad to see people waking up! Peek a boo-
Maybe because its undeniably obvious now. Power of God. I'm getting so excited!

JD Siegel said...

Oh well, I guess every body missed my link to the channel 2 live feed news in Hebrew I posted yesterday!

David said...

Thanks carver, exactly what I was looking for.