Friday, November 16, 2012

Hamas Escalates Tensions: Fires Missiles At Jerusalem

Palestinian Rockets Strike Jerusalem, Tel Aviv: More Reserves Called Up


Jerusalem hasn’t been hit with rocket fire since 1970, when two Katyushas were fired from the Palestinian village of Batir.
The M-75s (or Fajr-5 missiles, depending on the report) that landed in an open space south of Jerusalem on Friday, in Kfar Etzion, were labeled by Hamas as “surprises.”
This is Hezbollah terminology. In Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah’s hands, the psychological potency of his threats have often been enormous.
That said, Friday’s fire is also a show of defiance and an escalation.
Terror organizations, when facing the IDF, have a comparatively infinitesimal weapons supply. Their strategic goal, therefore, in terms of their ability to deter the IDF, is to use those weapons wisely, ratcheting up the pressure with each increase in range.
This is why Nasrallah promised to hit targets “ba’ad, ba’ad Haifa”(beyond, beyond Haifa) toward the end of the Second Lebanon War. This enabled him to respond to each massive Israeli increase in pressure by snaking his fire ever-further south, toward Tel Aviv.
Hamas seeks a similar achievement — to be able to continue firing rockets throughout the conflict — and in that way to deny Israel a tangible success, and to remain armed with at least one more escalation at all times.
Its fire on Jerusalem Friday, as Jews around the country prepared to light Shabbat candles, was an unsuccessful expression of that desire.


Anonymous said...

Can you refresh my memory please on the prophecy of God delivering Israel miraculously from Russian airstrike? And do you feel that is soon coming with this war escalation? I am excited for the rapture....but think it would be cool to see this prophecy fulfilled....and know we are that much closer! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

From Maywood:

I am so overwhelmed with anticipation.
Many different thoughts and emotions run through my head (preparing for my Anatomy and Physiology tests, looking for a job, thinking about my family and friends, saying farewell to the earth and life of this age every morning).
Checking how life goes on in different parts of the world - people are oblivious. Thouse who I know as Christians and "gentiles". The only people who share my joy of our soon gathering on the clouds to meet with the Lord are people on Rapture forums :).
But most important - I will finally meet Jesus and have a new body, apt for the heavenly relm.

Anonymous said...

Due to my not being able to keep things straight in memory, I can not explain what may be happening to my adult children and families. Can someone (?Mrs Caver or Caver) email me a script of what we expect if this is it? I hate not able to talk understandable like I used to when I want to. I will so appreciate this. Mommaw

Caver said...

Ain't it fun, sitting around knowing something about the ending and watching the shoe such slow motion.

Geepers, at the anticipation.

Yes, I know Lord. You said not to worry about tomorrow...but we can wonder can't we?

Its so surreal.....the wheel is still turning, but the hamster is dead.

Every hour you can see the fuze has burned further up the the barrel of black even get used to the burning fuze...but just know its going to be unmitigated HE double hockey sticks on earth for some people when it gets there....and then its gonna spread and get worse.

AND THESE IDIOTS CAN"T, or won't, SEE IT!!!! Its all there, in black and white...He told us from the beginning.

For ignorance, there is a fix.
For this type stupidity and arrogance, there is only blissful existence.....till reality knocks on their front door.

Caver said...

Mommaw !!!!!

Its so good to see you again, and know you are OK. We have wondered so many times.

Shoot Mrs C an email and she will respond.
Her email address is

Let us know on here if you have trouble getting through.

Anonymous said...


I am sure Mrs. Caver can answer many of your questions, but if you need something to give to your family that can give them a brief overview and put things in context on world events over the last 20 years, I would recommend Joel Rosenberg's book EPICENTER 2.0 ~
It may help put things into context for you. He gives a very good overview since Israel became a modern nation, and how events have developed after the various wars of Israel up through 2006 or so. He also gives answers to the "riddles" found in the blessings that Jacob gives to his 12 sons. We are seeing their fulfillment in play today.

As I am sure you know ~ the true church in America is entering very perilous times (as most of the world has already been experiencing). I believe there will be much refining and purifying through persecution as God separates the wheat and chaff. I would strongly encourage you to dig in to the Word of God for your direction, discernment, and comfort, and share it first and foremost, since it will be the only thing left standing when all of scripture is fulfilled!

In our family, we are praying for a steadfast, unmovable, abounding faith that declares the Gospel boldly in matter what.

Garnet State

Seek But Don't Hide said...

I feel the same way Caver. We are seeing the shoe drop and there are a whole lot of arrogant happy people that care nothing about what this all means. Well, they're happy for now but the reality check comes to everyone sooner or later.

nathan said...

Did anyone notice today that the pentagon put out a report that it would take an estimated 75,000 troops to stabilize the "Syrian chemical weapons" and today Israel just happened to called up 75,000 reserve troops ? Coincidence ?

Mrs.C said...

Garnet State,
Forgive me, but Jesus is not coming for a beat-up Bride. :) Do you believe we, the Church are going to go through the Trib?
Just so you know, we have known dear Sister Mommaw for quite some time. Forgive me, but you have no idea regarding her situation. She is a strong Sister in Christ, and has great knowledge of His Word. She needs no instruction to “dig in to” His Word, as she knows His Word quite well. She has been in His Word longer than most of us have been alive. Right now, she just needs a little help :)

God Bless!

Mrs.C said...

Hi dear Sister Mommaw!
As Caver said, WONDERFUL Blessing to see you dear Sister! It would be our privilege to help you in any way we can :) We no longer can find your email address, so please feel free to just email us with your questions at the email address Caver listed above, ok?
Again, so good to see you dear Sister!

God Bless You Greatly!

Mommaw said...

Mrs Caver,
Thank you for your kind words. I felt a little sting when I read what Garnet wrote to me, but I am way past responding to these stings. If I could hav I would have responded with your words. Your christian love and help mean more to me than I can say. Mommaw

Anonymous said...

Garnet State

I too am praying for that. We don't know how much we must endure before Christ takes us up to be with Him.

Much Christian love to all and praying for all.


David said...

Hey Carver!!!

(the wheel is still turning, but the hamster is dead.)I like that one

Lay off the jug brother!!!!LOL

Mrs.C said...

Dear Sister Mommaw,
Yes, "stings" just fade away, minor distractions. :)
Our King, Our Hero, Our Savior is so much more important! Thank you for your most kind words, they touched my heart greatly, and I have tears in my eyes reading them.
You are one amazing Sister!

God Bless & Keep You! Big Hug from both of us :)

Anonymous said...

ceasefire should be before sabbath ends or else a possibility of ground invasion on the first day of the week.

Anonymous said...

Mrs C. and Mommaw

I am very, very sorry. I had absolutely no intention of offending/insulting anyone. I mean that sincerely. I, too, believe that the Lord's return is soon, but we may experience very difficult times.

I ask you and Mommaw to please forgive me for offending you both or anyone else who found my post offensive. I had no intent to do that at all.

Scott, thank you for your blog. I will continue to observe it quietly.

Blessings to you all,

Garnet State

David said...

Israel calling up more troops. They are fixing to rock and roll. I bet armadinejad is paying close attention. He knows somewhere at the end of this is his turn.

Caver said...

Hi David,

Thanks for the chuckle and glad you liked the line. It seems true.

And the only jug this guys got is the jug of dry roasted peanuts....and the jug of water to chase them down with.:)

Shucks, this are gonna be interesting. We know what's coming down, well the broad outline and enough specifics to confirm and know what we see....but the sequencing and manner He chooses is always a surprise and usually a shock.

If ever there were a time in modern history the term "be prepared" is applicable, this is it. In everything. Sooner or later somebody's gonna shove that dead hamster's body off the spinning wheel and the shimmies and wobbles are gonna start. Folk are gonna get hurt if they aren't looking and quick to react. That wheel is coming off the track.

David said...

No, lets don't do cease fire, lets go! Take out Hamas, Syria, and Iran.

Mommaw said...

Garnet State,
All is well. I know you don't know me and believe you were tying to help. The Cavers and me have a long history. I thank GOD for their help every time I ask. Mrs Caver is one of those friends you dont see in person but cherish in your heart. I have faith i'll meet you all at the tree of life soon. Mommaw

Anonymous said...

egypt seems to be really getting involved now. could this be the war that starts it all? i am really curious about it cause i am new to this prophecy watching but am learning and willing to continue learning. it seems they are not liking the fact of israel not backing and have stated there will be payback basically. and especially with all the other things seemingly falling into place it really seems that way. thank you in advance for those who reply. I am reposting to see if i can get some answers from someone since was not answered in previous post. Thank you again. I sincerly would like to know. I have been reading this site for a couple of weeks and trying to understand more of the Lords coming. Am i the only ready and excited if this is it? :)

Scott said...

Rikki - its kind of like explaining calculus in a brief paragraph. :)

There are several issues in play here.

1 - and perhaps most important, we are approaching the end of the generation, which probably started in the WWI era, and the Tribulation will end that generation -

2. All generational signs have been increasing like birth pains for the last 100 +/- years, exactly as Jesus stated

3. We know that a scenario in which involves Israel being invaded by their "inner circle" enemies - that is, those enemy countries who directly surround Israel (Syria, Gaza (Hamas), W Bank, S. Lebanon, (Hezbollah), Jordan and Egypt basically. This is seen in the prayer of Psalm 83 and completed in Isaiah 17. These countries threaten to and invade Israel and in that process, Damascus is destroyed completely.

4. Most of us believe the above will happen before the Tribulation - and will lead into the battle/war of "Gog-MaGog as described in Ezekiel 38-39, the so-called "outer circle" most likely consisting of Russia, Iran, Turkey and an alliance of Northern African countries/

5. In the battle above God will reveal Himself to the world through His resolution of this battle, which saves Israel. Those who invade will be destroyed on the 'mountains of Israel" - in a dramatic way.

6. Many of us believe (and this is not scriptural based at all ((unlike the rationale for the "gathering up" of the Church Saints as taking place prior to the Tribulation, which IS scripture based)) - that the "gathering up" will take place before the battle of Gog-MaGog

7. Many of us have believed that once things got started again in the ME - there would be no turning back - and that events would begin to topple like dominoes

and thats it in a nutshell

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Scott for that. I have always had my faith but have come and gone from being close to God. Until about a month aho when something in a movie literally brought me on my knees in my living room crying and praying and askibg for forgiveness for everything. And then like that my eyes opened to everything going on around me which started with the earthquakes and then started to notice other things then brought me to the ME. And now i am currently reading the bible from front to end and just got through, which i find ironic, God giving Israel to HIS people and sayig He will protect them always.
I am a single mother of a teenager and am desperately working on her soul for God and slowly she is coming around. I prayvfor her soul to God all the time and i also keep her posted on the events going on. And its funny but not that now when we have a talk about future events she states "if we are still alive"
God works in so many ways!

David said...

Syria is not included among the coalition of Muslim nations who will gather against Israel in the Battle of Ezekiel 38. So if this is the beginning of the psalm 83 war Syria will be wiped out completely. Wonder if this will be an atomic blast? What else could lay waste to a complete county?

Anonymous said...
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David said...

I'm gonna keep whistling the midnight cry!

William said...

This is probably redundant, but oh what the heck.

"Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,(4)And saying, where is the promise of his coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation." 2 Peter 3:3-4 KJV

Hi Stephen, if you really are going to continue on rejecting the infinite measure of love that Jesus Christ has for you(I really wish you wouldn't do that)and reject God's plan of Salvation for you, then I guess all I can say to you is:

Keep em' comin.

That's right, keep on reminding us of that great scripture above(especially during these prophetic events that are now taking place).

I hate to tell you this but if you don't get saved by asking the Lord to come into your life and forgive you of your sins(read John 3:16)quickly, pretty soon your comments on this site will only be read by a few unenthused people that won't have time to find your comments entertaining.

What I would love to tell you is there is a very loving God waiting for you to call upon his Son.

I hope you'll make the right decision.

Scott said...

William, thats not redundant, but always an important reminder. Even during the Tribulation people will shake their fist at God and curse Him.

Caver said...

Am with you in many respects David, but suspect we have at least one more lull.....and could well be wrong.

Unintended consequences and all.....

But I believe Israel sees an opportunity to make this bigger as a complete surprise to the neighborhood. In short, make it a fight with a time frame of their choosing, not the enemies. If they have a neighbor or two flatfooted, and unprepared, they stand a chance of completely cutting the head off this snake before the others can strike in unison. That would eliminate one complete front they will have to fight simultaneously when the Lebanon / Syria fiasco gets geared up.

Just a thought....we shall see. Am sure the Lord has a great time line and sequence of events planned that isn't quite what anyone has anticipated....much less planned for and has printed in their Program.

William said...

Just in case, I wanted to clarify that what I meant by "redundant" was that I'm sure I'm one of many to quote that scripture, or like it, to those that like to post comments such as "Hey the DOW is doing great, not this year folks!",etc...etc...

Nope, I didn't make the meaning very clear on that one. I always enjoy revisiting scriptures.
OK, maybe not some in the Old Testament(Numbers). Just kidding,kinda :)

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother David,
Yes, Syria is not "included among the coalition" attached to Gog in the Ezekiel 38 war/invasion, but many other nations surrounding Israel are not either.
Forgive me Brother, but I respectfully disagree that Psalm 83 is a "war". Psalm 83 is a imprecatory Prayer, and Isaiah 17 is Gods answer to that Prayer.
Isaiah 17 does not say that "Syria will be wiped out completely" and will not "lay waste to a complete county?"
God is very specific, stating "Damascus" for certain complete destruction. Damascus will be gone overnight. Verse two, tells us that Jordan too will be taken down. In Verse 3 the West Bank is also taken down, and in addition, Israel will have Syrian captives.

Should this indeed be "it", the ground work, beginning events of the Isaiah 17, we need to Pray greatly for Israel and Gods People.

This is exciting for us as the Church, but we need to temper our excitement. Should the Lord tarry, and we witness this event, there is sure "desolation" coming to Israel in this war, as God makes very clear. Think about it...over a million people live in the Damascus area, and they will be gone overnight! Should the Lord tarry, how will the "world" view Christians attempting to witness the Truth of this event? Most likely, they will label us a "gleeful" for the deaths of so many. They are blind to the Truth of what will be happening. Expect condemnation for that Witness.

Personally, with the massive death and destruction coming with the named nations about, including Israel, I believe there will be even more, involving the surrounding evil enemy nations of Israel. Ezekiel 25-32 are clear Judgments to come for Egypt, Lebanon, Gaza, Jordan. I believe that God will perhaps execute these Judgments when He "rebukes" the nations "rushing in" to finish off Israel at the end of Isaiah 17.

Yes indeed, if this is "it", time is short, and great Prayers are needed for Israel and Gods People.

God Bless, and remember to…
“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” — Psalm 122:6a

Going back to my Little House on the Prairie/camping chores now…all those years of Girl Scouts REALLY is paying off!...sigh

GG said...

Hi Mrs. C~

Yes, excellent reminder to say the least. I am feeling an emotion of Gratitude to God right now.

In every little thing I do with my family, neighbors, friends, etc. every little interaction from those who serve us out in public, I am thanking him for these moments and the moments in the years gone by that he afforded us such blessings both individually and as a nation. Blessings that are surely withering each moment and we must still say thanks.

For me being sick, the gratitude of living somewhat of a normal life in spite of setbacks and having all I have. Moments of walking across the floor in years gone by I didn't think I could make it another day. The family and friends who helped along our journey in life. We could have easily been in the streets by our own choices or even circumstances if that is how it shall be. Either way, we were and are blessed. To know that at any moment this could be it, or we may be huddled together in darkness for a bit helping one another, again, we are not like other nations. Help one another :)

I don't know much about the how's and why's of the USofA, nor do I care to open that discussion, but we should be watching all around us, you never know what will happen next. Not fear based, as God doesn't give us the spirit of fear. We don't want to represent faith contaminated by showing fear, but we do have others who are not operating in the spirit of the Lord and their desires may easily clash with ours in these last days. I believe, Iran has threatened us greatly too.

Be safe! Start a string of gratitude in all you do, let the Lord and the world know your light is on! Be helpful not hurtful. :)

God Bless All!!


David said...

Many thanks, on my own I'm all confused. I thought Damascus was modern day Syria?

Caver said...

In reference to Damascus,

Israel knows Damascus controls their vast store of chemical and biological weapons stored in Syria and Lebanon.

Israel has stated:
1. They consider any WMD the same as any other WMD. In other words, sending a chemical warhead at them will be the same as a nuclear warhead.
2. No matter whaere that warhead comes from, Lebanon or anywhere in Syria, they will hold Damascus...specifically DAMASCUS responsible.

In short, Hezbo sends a chemical or biological rocket into Israel, Damascus gets a nuclear one in return.

Scott said...

Thats correct. psalm 83 is a prayer/plea for God to make good on Genesis 12:3 against the very enemies who are currently seeking to destroy Israel and Isaiah is the completion of this

David said...

Scott, so this basically could be the pretext to the Isaiah 17 war?
Also, I wish the media would do some coverage of this. I guess if there were gay and lesbian issues or Christian bashing going on it would be a media circus. I don't like not seeing what's happening.

Pray for the leaders of Israel. I'm sure they are under tremendous pressure over this situation. I also pray for Gods will to be done. I just hope is consists of an all out attack so we can go home.

Anonymous said...

Regarding ezekiel 38 war, In order for them to be gathered in the mountains of Israel (Jerusalem area)

They must have free access, could very well mean that the land is divided, and the coalition will used the area occupied probably by the palestinian via Jordan.

Mrs.C said...

Gog and his tagalongs, will come from the "north", as His Word says.
Golan Heights.
Ezekiel 38:15

15 And thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts, thou, and many people with thee, all of them riding upon horses, a great company, and a mighty army:

This is the entry by Israels enemey's for centuries, past and future. Zola Levitt did an EXCELLENT program on this a long time ago. He shows right at the beginning of the program, the entry of Gogs invading forces, on a map of Israel. In addition, he takes us on location in Israel, to the very bridges these forces will have to cross. Its facinating.

"The Coming Invasion"

Anonymous said...

Gog magog are from the North as Libya and ethiopia are from the south, but they are gathered in the MOUNTAINS OF ISRAEL.