Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Day In The Middle East, Another Day Of Escalation

Protests Erupt In West Bank Ahead Of Palestinian Declaration Of Independence

Hundreds of protesters took part in the disruptions, during which Palestinians threw rocks at Israeli cars and tried to block roads, leading to clashes with Israeli security forces, who dispersed the protesters using tear gas. Several demonstrators were detained.
Demonstrators briefly blocked Route 446. Several sections of Route 60, a main north-south artery that runs from Nazareth to Beersheba via the West Bank, were closed to traffic during the day.

In 1988, the leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Yasser Arafat, declared Palestinian independence at the end of the 19th Palestinian National Council meeting and immediately assumed the title of president.
The declaration, which has since been recognized by over 100 countries, does not describe the border of the State of Palestine but does identify its capital as Jerusalem.

Is this part of a larger plan (note the bolded statements below)?

At least two hundred rebel soldiers had taken over Beerajam and Bariqa, two isolated villages nestled in the buffer zone established between the two countries following the Yom Kippur war in 1973.
"The rebels are employing a clear tactic of drawing the regime forces to fight in these demilitarised areas because of the limitations on theSyrian armed forces," a military intelligence source from Israel'snorthern command said yesterday. "Rebels have seized control of the area north of Quneitra and the area to its south. If they are brave they will try to make a swift move to cut off Quenetra city and cut off the road to Damascus. We cannot rule that out as a next step."
The armistice agreed in 1974 prohibits the Syrian government from engaging in military activity within a buffer zone that runs along the length of the Israeli border, with a width just under six miles.

Israel has not formally taken sides in the Syrian conflict and in some quarters there are fears that a more hostile Islamist government may succeed the Assad regime.

The military officials said the rebels in control of Quneitra are members of a radical Salafist faction calling itself "Eagles of the Golan".
The group, made up largely of foreign fighters, including al-Qaeda militants from Iraq, boasts that that once it has ousted the Assad regime, it will focus its attention on Israel.

"We are used to a Cold War situation between Israel and Syria but what we are seeing along the border now is a situation similar to that of Lebanon or Sinai, where a weak sovereign state is failing to exert its control over an area that different rebel groups can use to attack Israel," a source said.

Sharp price hikes in Jordan have fanned the flames of anger and sparked riots that the Muslim Brotherhood warns could be the beginning of another Arab Spring revolution across the river from Israel’s eastern border.

"This decision is a gamble that provokes the people and challenges them. It's the most dangerous decision in 10 years," Zaki Bani Rsheid, deputy leader of Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood, told AFP."The people are already poor and crushed. If Jordan has elected governments that fight corruption, then we can raise prices."
Jordanians have been staging street protests to demand reform since last year, and more demonstrations are expected following the fuel price hike, which comes ahead of a January 23 general election, seen as key to introducing much-needed change.
The kingdom, which imports 95 percent of its energy needs, is struggling to find alternatives to unstable Egyptian gas supplies, which normally cover 80 percent of the kingdom's power production.

Of course to hold this point of view, one would have to completely ignore the hundreds of missiles being fired into Israel's civilian areas. The sad thing is - this rhetoric will play favorably around the world as the anti-Israel sentiment grows:

The statement by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party defined Israel as a “Zionist occupier” and a “racist state” while describing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman as being members of the “fringes of the extreme right.”

“As part of the bustle currently being felt ahead of the elections in Israel, there is a military escalation against Gaza and the occupied Golan Heights," said the statement. The Freedom and Justice Party called on Arab and Muslim governments around the world to "stop the Zionist war which is being waged over political considerations, and is far from being because of humanitarian reasons or calculations of peace, security and stability."

According to the report, Israel has told Egypt in the last few days that if the rocket and missile fire from the Hamas-controlled area does not stop and Egyptian mediation for a ceasefire does not succeed, Israel will be forced to react sharply, to the extent of a widespread operation in Gaza to eliminate the missile-launching cells.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said on Wednesday that Israel's handling of the Iranian threat will be the same as actions taken against Iraq and Syria.
Liberman was referencing the 1981 Israeli strike on Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor and the 2007 attack on Syria's nuclear core at Deir al-Zor. Israel has never officially acknowledged bombing the Syrian core although it has been widely reported to have been behind the attack.

Liberman also slammed the international community, saying it cannot be trusted to help Israel if violence breaks out. "Anyone who trusts the international community should look at its failure to stop 22 months of Syrian violence, with 40,000 dead," he said.

The conclusions of this ominous article are seen below. As with any news related articles these days just remember: 

Ultimately, everything we see boils down to Israel and biblical prophecy. Sometimes that 'chain' is long and convoluted, but ultimately everything goes to the epicenter. When reading the news, keeping that in mind gives one great clarity and insight. This article is no different, when trying to explain just what is really going on. Oh, and another important point to remember: Everything we are seeing right now - around the world but especially in the Middle East - is all part of God's plan and God remains in complete control:

Pulling the thread of Benghazi will reveal that, yes, the CIA under the direction of Barack Hussein Obama, was engaged in an arms running operation from Libya to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. It was and continues to be the Obama plan to overthrow Syrian President Assad and install a regime backed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Why? For humanitarian reasons? The families of forty thousand dead in Syria would likely disagree, as most were killed at the hands of U.S. backed, trained and armed “rebels.”

The western headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, the location of the casting couch for this Shakespearian tragedy, has a prominent address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The visitor logs show an interesting flow of representatives into the house once owned by the people, as do the various appointments made by Obama over the years. No one should be surprised at this casting call, as Obama’s past reveals an association that far preceded the plans we see being implemented. That is, as much of his past as we have been permitted to know, or have fought to see.

We are in a proxy war with Iran and by extension, with Russia, with Saudi Arabia picking up much of the tab for the venue and props. Syria is just the theater, and Libya was the opening act. The attack at Benghazi was an unscheduled act in the play, but one that provided us with the program.

When the frenzy of headlines about sex and lies gradually abates, will we refocus on the events obscured by our thirst for salaciousness, or will it be too late? Perhaps we can do so now by understanding that the headlines are being written by the operatives themselves.

Let’s not be derailed. Let’s look at the program, and understand the plot of the play before the final curtain call.


Mrs.C said...

Oh my goodness endless "anon", you misinterpreted Scripture AND what was said again...sigh

Mrs.C said...

Oh, and btw, I never said that Matthew 7 was connected to Revelation 3. Perhaps in your eagerness to promote yourself, come after every word I type, and your cut and paste "knowledge", you forgot to re-read what was ACTUALLY said. But then again, you are very well practiced at twisting Scripture, and others words too for that matter.
Interesting that you did not just simply respond to the original post several articles down below, but instead making sure you drag it on by posting in the newest post so everyone can see your perceived "knowledge" that is actually in error.
Once again, so very obvious who
you are. Brothers Scotts blog is for studying Gods Word in Prophecy. Its not all about you...

Waterer said...

Mrs. C.,
I am teaching THIS week on Matt 25 ( last week Matt 24). I am using Fruchten baums book with great interest. In fact I wondered if you had used it in the past when you posted somethings (long time ago) about which parts of Matt 24 are for the church and which for Israel.
I am naive to the discussion that ana is addressing but what whas wriiten in this thread seems very true to me. How do you see these verses they cited?

GG said...

Hi Mrs. C-
Yes, we know that character needed to come out of the ol' computer, in comes the Scholar routine :)

Some self reflection on their part may be in order. Their characters are slipping a few posts back, it is almost so clear. Anon- you might want to break a bit, your characters traits are running over each other.

I shall run for today, all this bantering of DP is making me swoon.

God Bless!!


Mrs.C said...

Sister KR,
Please read the thread below for context - Escalation Continues In The Epicenter (21) posts. Please, we know who this character is, and they are only here to sow strife...sadly as usual when the mods turned off...

David said...

The U.S. is eliminating its top military leaders. Will this destabilize our troops? What would be the purpose of this?

Mrs.C said...

Hi Dear Sister GG, :)
In full agreement with you Sister:)

God Bless You!

JD Siegel said...

Hey everybody, check your news sources for updates. "Operation Pillar Of Cloud" has begun right now against Gaza. I just got an email that IAF is firing from the air upon Hamas operatives.

GG said...

Sure Anon,Sure...And you know how far back I am referring too? And that assumption comes from what knowledge you may already have???

We get the DP postings references made by you, no one said we thought you were DP. It is all the other double talk you are doing as usual tossing out scripture and then debating over the many twists and turns you make with it--all without proper application of course. The very thing you are accusing others of is the very thing you are doing, that is my main point.

May you go do something proactive and pleasing to the Lord today.

God Bless!!


WVBORN56 said...

The head of Hamas was killed by the IDF earler today. I wonder if this will serve as the tipping point? Things continue to heat up, giving new meaning to fast and furious.

Heading back to WV today...our plane leaves in an hour.

Thanks Scott for the excellent and consistent updates. They are greatly appreciated!

GG said...

Hi WV~

I will be praying for your families safe return. I have been thinking about your sons situation.

That generation has it pretty tough to try to really navigate through the mess of the world and all it's ungodly influences and not get pulled in. Then to be living in a place that many compete amongst themselves for fame and fortune, I thought if in their shoes how some freedoms may sound good, though we know they are not right. :)

I guess what I wanted you to know is I trust so much more in the fine raising up in your children that you and your wife have done, and that it shall not depart from them in a sense. Though the tempations may come, I bet your son and his family would not hesitate to call and ask you for some wisdom and ensight in these dark days. Trust in all you both did, I am sure it is firmly planted in all your precious children.

God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

anon @ 9:41 am,
would you agree then that the great tribulation in matthew 24 is for the children of Israel and not for the Church?

since they will hear wars and earthquakes in divers places, the "they" who will hear here are the children of Israel and the divers places are places outside Israel?

David said...

Anon, do you (stay) live in Damascus?

JD Siegel said...

Wow, could get serious. The IDF has moved divisions to the south in preparations for a possible ground offensive. YES! Take back the part of the strip that was handed over to Gaza in good faith!

David said...

I think Israel is emphasizing the point that they aren't playing.

Scott said...

Anon - please take your meds:). Glad to see most are ignoring you today. wv etc it looks like things are really heating up today; ive been away from the news today but ill be on it soon many thanks for the heads up. yes killing hamas top guy could be a tipping point

Anonymous said...


Yes or No - not difficult, its both. They beat Paul sensless and defied him to ever proclaim God's Word again and told him to stop declaring the Word. So yes, I am bound to be a pain in the backside, and No I won't stop until The Lord tells me to stop.(Have you noticed He takes no notice of the binding and loosing false teaching)

He wants his people alerted to deception, it makes no diff to one's salvation, but a big diff to gaining or losing rewards. It is a vital message not being taken seriously, so I'm stuck with it come hell or high water. :D


GG said...


You as always are so afraid of that statement, that is simply amazing that you act like someone is going to take away your friends or something. Instead of coming here for over a year cramming twisted thoughts and scripture down other Brother and Sisters throats, take the time and study that. God helps those who help themselves.

You talk about come hell or high water this is what you are going to do, but you do realize, or maybe you don't because after all it's all about you and your's in your little nook of the world, the final authority is not yours right? In your quest to be a right fighter without a purpose you are using Gods word as your platform tom launch self. It is a mighty big fall from the top.

We get you are prepared to lose your just rewards at the bema seat. We get you honor the words of scholars over The HS and God. We get you will make life miserable, so you think for you to be the go to person and misguide many a man and woman. Sad to say, it is a warped perception that is not going to happen.

You have been so caught up in self desires so long, you have lost respect for the needs that will truly help others all around you. Many by your own admission. You have pushed into a place with such a false spirit to start and an unwanted spirit a year later. What is it you fear that you think you need to come here and bully many and distort the truth and the spirit of fellowship?

Do you fear being alone when the Internet service goes down and you want many to come to you for 'wisdom'? Do you love as you have stated more times over that testing people is the true way to see their heart and you are going to tell them anyway because you don't need anyone?

Is your 'entourage' going to follow you around doing your bidding because all you have his eating, lack of sleep, surfing the web, serving a meal amongst you while you type away, and conti ue to cause strife to make others listen? We have looked at what you are selling but we are not interested in buying into those things that you are selling. Take the time to get with the Lord on maintaining friendships in love and in the light. He doesn't need this type of misrepresentation and it will give you some much needed preparedness to what beautiful glory and peace awaits you on the other side. Clearly this side of heaven you just want others to share in your misery which we want no part of.

Take time to realize what is true and correct, not what you and yours have in mind for your self serving agenda's. God has this.

God Bless!


David said...

Anon. So if you say God wants his people alerted, then why do you insist in posting here? Why are you not out in your hood spreading the gospel to people that haven't heard or haven't excepted salvation? Why are you not warning people that Damascus will be destroyed and to take heed? Why not spend time with the needy as opposed to posting things that purposefully make some people angry? I mean dang brother, we all love you in Christ but dude, please close your pie hole if all you want is an argument......thanks,

David said...

Nah Scott, don't give in, we all should not comment to him, just skip right over his posts. Things are heating up we news real time. And I promise not to tell anyone else to close their pie hole,

Waterer said...

Dear Anon, ( I’m hoping this is Sue from England),
I am a Sister in Christ just as these others are in His Family too. I am sorrowful over this outburst of temper and accusation that seems to come when arguments are minced and analyzed with texts instead of prayer.
I want to say that I have jumped in many times because I am hungry for informed discussion of Scriptural Prophetic teaching. I have been too na├»ve in not realizing that some of these posts these past months have all been from the same source. I have quieted and waited but always seem ready to discuss instead of praying first. I have been a friend to no one in this attempt to “understand”. I must say that a lot of the dialogue around the confusion is as combative as the mistakes you have made. I trust that everyone’s intent is to SAVE the integrity of the faith and/or Scott’s blog..
I like it best when Scott defends himself and he has done so with a lot of power.
What I would like to remember are the times that you were encouraging and supportive in discussions rather than defensive and picking at splinters not motes..
I do remember reading of your fears and aloneness in your family. These things can become worse when real dialogue and fellowship are missing. All of us are prey to the enemy in assisting our own fearful walks that are fleshy when we are not in real fellowship.
I am praying for you that you can be in fellowship with one or two friends who have the grace and knowledge to speak into your life in such a way that you experience the love and peace that is in Jesus.
You are His and therefore worthy of our honor and respect even though you are dishonoring Him by not listening to Scott. This dishonoring of Scott is sinful not brave like Paul in his preaching to the unsaved, which brought him great suffering. Your knowledge is coming across as Sounding gong or cymbal. Not the way you wish I’m sure.
I am happy to discuss Scripture and these fine writers you quote but not on Scott’s blog. This isn’t the place for it. My email is info
Please pray about Scott’s need for a place for discussing what he has posted ( without precious time for moderating) rather than a place for picking one another apart.
In His much needed mercy for all of us,

Benjamin said...


Is it possible, from a technical perspective, to automatically block posts originating from a particular terminal/computer (similar to automatic spam blockers from particular email accounts)?

If so, that might help with Anon without adding to your workload in monitoring comments (which, but for Anon, seems like such an unnecessary waste of your time).

God bless, and thanks for all the work you do.

GG said...

Come here you...It's truly going to be alright. I don't need the Meds that you speak of. seems all you care about is the rewards. How about this approach..take it all and lay it at the feet of Jesus. Period, lose it all for he who lost much for you.

I seem to bug you my dear friend because you are not as wise or crafty as you and yours thought. To be kind and Christian does not have to make us unwise and a victim. One thing you have forgotten while you were busy focusing on "It's All About Me", is the network of fine friends around us that can take care of these matters. You never know who knows whom. That is what bugs you most. What you thought was your platform, reversed without notice and you were caught off guard. Actually, Dear one by a year! :)

So while you thought you were being crafty, many things were happening to bring this to light, especially while you were busy talking this non-sense, you were revealing more everytime about you and yours. You don't have a regultor valve of self-control on your moments and that is the time to step away from the computer. As you see your character games of death and killing became your demise.

For this I am so grateful for the insights (like it or not) because through prayer, honest prayer, is what lead me to the bottom of all this. Don't ever underestimate the power of the HS. If you work with him, many things become crystal clear.

Scott nor anyone on this blog did anything to deserve the treatment and cruelty you have given us all and for so long. It has been wrong for so long and sitting by hoping you would get the notion and care enough to be kind, never, ever happened.

I wish you well but it is time to take those false teachings of yours elsewhere.


Scott said...


There are a few options I'm looking into. I can't say more than that at this point, but I really had hopes that it wouldn't come to this - but sadly, it has. Plus I've been really busy outside of the blog but now this situation is forcing my hand.

Anonymous said...

My personal belief is that Egypt will assist Hamas as the Gaza incursion continues, at some point, Hezzbolah will enter the scene, and chemical and or biological weapons will be used, this will result in the fullfillment of Isaiah 17, and the start of the Ezekial 38,39 war. An hour ago, Hassan Nassaralah of Hezzbolah released a video urging the Arab world to unite to free the Gaza Strip from the IDF onslot, other nations have issued similar statements in the past several hours, regional war is close at hand. I belive we are very very close, as in the past 24-48 hours major developments have occured in that part of the Middle East.