Monday, November 26, 2012

Gaza: The Beginning Of The End?

It is beginning to look more and more like the recent conflict in Gaza was just the beginning of the last series of expected prophetic conflicts - conflicts which will propel the world into the Tribulation. 

This first article is one of the most accurate and germane seen thus far and covers this situation in the Middle East. One cannot read this without seeing a variety of developments which have strong prophetic implications (complete article seen below):

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader, Morsi, last week played the propagandized diplomat abroad for the masses. He claimed he was the one who created the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas with Hillary Clinton whimpering at his feet. All the while gaining political power and gravitas, which he did not waste upon returning to Egypt. Morsi basically declared himself Pharaoh last week:

But the ink had barely dried on the international paeans before Egypt’s first democratically elected Islamist president made a domestic move replete with ideology.
In a presidential decree announced on state television Thursday afternoon, Morsi stipulated that any challenges to his decrees, laws and decisions were banned.

“The president can issue any decision or measure to protect the revolution,” said the decree, which further stipulated that, “The constitutional declarations, decisions and laws issued by the president are final and not subject to appeal.”
The decree also stated that no court could dissolve the country’s Constituent Assembly, which is drawing up a new Egyptian constitution.

The rewriting of the new constitution has been a controversial issue, with most non-Islamist members quitting the Constituent Assembly – including representatives of the Coptic Christian Church and the April 6 Youth Movement, which played an influential role in the 2011 ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak.
Reacting to the announcement, prominent Egyptian opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei accused Morsi of usurping authority and becoming a “new pharaoh”.

Morsi declares himself “Pharaoh” – because, hey, the Arab Spring was all about democracy… or something. Democracy has pharaohs, right? And make no mistake, Barack Obama and his minions are in lock step with the Islamic Pharaoh.
Morsi says he is only claiming his new found powers until their new constitution is ratifiedRight. Obama, on the other hand, here in the US will be able to now ‘stack’ the Supreme Court which will give him full power over the judicial branch. He already controls the executive and legislative branches. Say it with me –DICTATOR.

While Morsi pretends to call for peace, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is calling for Israel’s extermination. Morsi is using diplomatic speak while planning the death of the Little Satan and the rise of the caliphate. The Brotherhood this morning started calling for protests in support of Morsi’s power grab, while judges in the country are calling for strikes against Morsi’s massive power decree. Thousands are protesting in the streets on both sides of the ideological chasm. The Brotherhood wants the death of anyone standing against Morsi.

While Obama, Clinton and a host of others continue to snuggle under the sheets with the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi has become a true despot and is silencing Egyptians in the name of national security. Something to which Obama also subscribes.

While all these power struggles play out in dramatic color in the news, off camera Iran is busily rearming Hamas. The Sunday Times cites an Israeli official who claims Tehran is shipping Fajr-5 rockets through Sudan to the Gaza Strip. There is no real ceasefire. There is a lull for regrouping and then escalated violence and everyone knows it.

There is speculation that Iran could be moving longer-range ballistic missiles into Sudan, which could be aimed at Israel from the African country. All of this is in preparation to attack Israel before or after they attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. Islamic terrorists also destroyed part of an Egyptian security building at Rafiah Saturday night, sticking their thumb in the eye of Morsi as a challenge to Egypt’s control in the Sinai. The Jihadists don’t like the ceasefire – they want to get their Jewish genocide going and fast. And when I say Jihadists, I’m including Morsi and the Brotherhood. Russia doesn’t buy the truce either and they have sent ships to Gaza just in case. They are the true puppet masters in all this. Egging on Iran and Hamas, while surreptitiously waiting in the shadows to clean up the spoils of war and claim world power.

Iran was very quick to congratulate Hamas on their victory over Israel – sort of like telling themselves, ‘well done.’ Iran is also whining to the UN (which is controlled by Islamic despots) that the US Navy is guilty of illegal and provocative violations of their airspace etc. All for show.

Morsi’s ascension to dictatorial status caused their stock market to plunge 10%. With a false front stock market here in the US, what do you think will happen as Obama makes his power grabs? The market is built on a sink hole and will vanish in a flash. It will make a depression look like a walk in the park.

The US is now entwined with Egypt. You simply can’t be ‘with’ Egypt and ‘for’ Israel. These are incompatible stances. While America played and slept, the Progressives and the Muslim Brotherhood seized control of our government. Most Americans just don’t seem to realize this yet, but that’s where we are. And just as Morsi is telling his people that his power decree is for their own good, Obama is telling America his executive orders and decrees are for our own good. It’s to keep us safe, don’t ya know.

The whole dust up between Israel and Hamas and then a ceasefire has the feel of a setup. Something cooked up between Morsi, Obama and others. As Sultan Knish so aptly puts it:

Good luck finding out if Morsi and Obama traded tyranny in Egypt for a ceasefire in Gaza. We’ll get the answer to that right after we get the situation room report from Benghazigate.

So, while our president is now the ‘BFF’ of the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi, the implementation of the worldwide caliphate continues right on schedule. Next on the docket, the eradication of Israel. Look at the events of the last few months including Benghazigate. All of it ends in the same result – Islam and global power and control. In an Islamic turn of the worm, the whole Gaza conundrum buys Obama time to let Benghazi die out as a topic.
As the fall of America continues its obvious track under Obama and the Marxists, the Islamic Pharaoh rises. Will a complacent America allow her ‘democratically elected’ tyrant to disarm us and force our submission to the caliphate? Ask yourself, what side will America stand on in the coming world war? We have turned our back on Israel and God. Now we stand in the dark with a nuclear bomb for a night light.

Notice the general trends in the region, largely as a result of the "Arab Spring" which has turned out to be very prophetic in terms of how it sets up the region to attempt to destroy Israel:

While Israel’s Pillar of Cloud was still in full spate over the Gaza Strip and southern Israel, the United States, Russia, Iran, Israel and Turkey were each respectively putting their next moves in place in a broader radius
Iran had been systematically building up the Gaza Strip as its “southern front” to fight enemies who attacked its nuclear facilities. The obliteration of a large portion of the military infrastructure Hamas and Jihad Islam had accumulated left this plan in shambles. Moscow and Tehran fully expect Washington to next turn the attention of the intelligence team which engineered the dashing of Iran’s hopes in Gaza to Syria and Hizballah, exploiting Tehran’s momentary weakness.
Moscow reacted by posting the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s naval task force opposition the Gaza, i.e. Israeli coast Friday, Nov. 11, purportedly to rescue distressed Russian citizens “should the Israeli-Palestinian fighting worsen in Gaza.”
DEBKAfile’s military sources say its real mission concerns forthcoming events in Syria rather than a worsening of hostilities in Gaza. Indeed it has been stationed facing the USS Iwo Jimawhich is in position opposite the Israeli and Syrian coasts.A fresh war escalation is on the cards in Syria in response to the deployment of US-manned Patriots and AWACs on Turkey’s border with Syria. Syria may decide to vent its ire against Israel.
Egypt’s pro-democracy, liberal and anti-Muslim Brotherhood forces are arrayed for a major battle against President Mohamed Morsi for his assumption of extraordinary powers. This contest has the potential for undoing the fragile ceasefire reached between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip

The Russian statement is in effect a cover story for the naval task force’s real mission, which is to stand by for coming developments in relation to the Syrian conflict.
Moscow used the pretext first offered by Washington last week for the stationing of three US warships led by the USS Iwo Jima amphibious ready group opposite Israeli shores last week, i.e. as a precautionary measure for the evacuation of US citizens in a war emergency.
The Iwo Jima was meanwhile to be found Friday in waters opposite Syria.

What the Palestinians learned from the Beersheba experiment was that their strength against the Israeli defense system lies in numbers: the bigger the multiple missile barrage, the greater its chances of penetrating Iron Dome cover and reaching urban targets. They accordingly put together large batteries of 6 to 8 rockets each side by side and fired them all at the same time from underground silos.The launchers were then folded back underground for concealment.
 The experiment was designed to assess the Iron Dome teams’ post-operation reloading speed – information which is a close IDF secret.

Speaking four days after the ceasefire which ended a week of conflict between Israel and the Islamist Hamas rulers of Gaza, Nasrallah said Hezbollah's response to any attack would dwarf the rocket fire launched from Palestinian territories.
"Israel, which was shaken by a handful of Fajr-5 rockets during eight days - how would it cope with thousands of rockets which would fall on Tel Aviv and other (cities) ... if it attacked Lebanon?" Nasrallah said.

On the ground Sunday, rebels captured a "large part" of the military airport of Marj al-Sultan, nine miles east of Damascus, and destroyed two helicopters overnight, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
In northern Syria, rebels pressed on with an offensive against troops stationed at the strategic Tishrin dam, which straddles the Euphrates River and connects the provinces of Aleppo and Raqa.
Rebels already control one of the main routes to Raqa, and the dam would give them a second passage, connecting a wide expanse of territory between the two provinces, both of which border Turkey.
Insurgents also surrounded the military airport of Deir Ezzor city in the east, where four rebels and a civilian were killed in clashes, sniper fire and shelling.

Meanwhile, take a look at news from the modern-day "Roman Empire", and note the prophetic implications as we were told in Daniel 2 and 7. This article describes exactly what we would expect - continual growth, expansion and totalitarianism of the EU until it morphs into the 10 kings stage of development:

Looking at Europe from this side of the English Channel, Peter Reeve doesn't see a "cuddly" continent of biscotti, Burgundy and BMWs. He sees the evil specter of Soviet Russia.
Only this time, it's Brussels, not Moscow, at the center of an expanding, metastasizing super-government bent on turning independent nations like France and Germany into vassal states. Instead of the Soviet Union, it's the European Union that scares him.
Reeve, a local councilor with the UK Independence Party, wants Britain to pull out of the EU while it still can, before it's trapped in such a thick web of European regulation and control that escape becomes impossible and the country winds up as an offshore outpost of a totalitarian EU regime.
"I genuinely believe this is a Marxist revolution happening," said Reeve. "This country is part of it, but balking on it" — an impulse he heartily encourages.
"We're not anti-the EU because it's foreign. We're anti-the EU because it's undemocratic," Reeve said. "What's emerged is a political union that no one's ever signed up to."

Also see:

Is this the 'real' story?

In a surprise announcement Monday, Nov. 26, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said he was quitting political life after 47 years and would not stand in the January 22, 2013 general election. He would however stay on in defense until the incumbent government ends its term in three months.The precursor to Israel’s eight-day Gaza operation which ended in a ceasefire on Nov. 21 was the Oct. 24 raid on the Yarmouk industrial complex near Khartoum and the destruction of its Iranian long-range missile manufacturing plant and a shipment of rockets destined for the Gaza Strip
The two operations were a foretaste for Tehran that if the US and Israel joined forces for a military strike, they would not only cripple its nuclear program but also the military and intelligence networks Iran has planted under cover across the Middle East – from Lebanon up to East Africa.
As seen from Washington and Jerusalem, Iran’s rulers are now confronted with a hard choice between serious negotiations that end in its giving up the option for building a nuclear bomb or facing all-out military confrontation across the region with the Americans and its Western allies, including Israel.
In answer to a reporter's question about the Iranian issue, the defense minister said: “This is the most important and central issue on the agenda and it will occupy me until I retire in three months.”He is taking a chance: If the combined strategy for bringing Iran to heel fails to reach its target or falls down, he will have to make good on his pledge to retire from politics. But if it goes forward according to plan, he will be in a position for a triumphant comeback.


JD Siegel said...

Funny, Nasrallah says Israel was shaken by a few Fajr 5's, when in FACT, Gaza was shaken when Israel TOOK OUT MOST of its Fajr 5's and its launchers!

David said...

Exactly J.D., that's why they wanted a cease fire, because all their rockets got toasted. But seriously, Nasrallah sounded mad when he released that statement from his underground bunker hiding from the assassin's drone.

WVBORN56 said...

Wow, this was a full news day with prophetic significance! All the key players in Isaiah 17/Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39 and more now in the news daily! You just wonder how much longer before the boiling point is reached?

I also wonder what the impact of Barak's resignation will have? Any significance to him stepping down seemingly right before all heck breaks lose?

One article did hint that Bibi will be re-elected with ease even though many are unhappy with the cease fire.

Scott said...

David, i dont know if you meant that to be funny but your last comment was pretty hilarious

David said...

Yep, I'm usually either one of 2 ways. Funny, or dead serious...... my wife says there's something wrong with me.....I'm sure she meant that in a good way though.

Anonymous said...


I would like you comment on this article. To me it does a good job of putting the future events in context with an appreciation for how long some of these foundations are going to take. I agree that we are well on our way to the endgame but I think we have a few years to go before the trib.

Scott said...

Anon- That was well written and I agree for the most part with everything said. Not so sure I agree with some of the extrapolations regarding "origin" of the AC, but thats pretty minor point - overall pretty spot on

David said...

scott, could you link with me on Linkedin

Scott said...

I'm on linked in but I rarely go there; I can't even remember why I originally got on it. You can easily find me there - I usually get a notification when someone wants to link and I always click yes but never pursue it beyond that