Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Netanyahu Discusses Iran

This may be the best information yet regarding the status of the possible conflict between Iran and Israel - straight from PM Netanyahu. Obviously he wouldn't disclose an imminent attack, but otherwise you can read between the lines in order to see his position regarding Iran:

Prime Minister Netanyahu in interviews to major television channels: Iran is making atomic bombs to destroy us. I won't let that happen.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu used an interview on Tuesday with Israel’s major television channels,Channel 2 and Channel 10, to reiterate that he will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

In the Channel 2 interview, Netanyahu responded to reports that he has already decided to attack Iran, despite the opposition of senior defense officials.

“I appreciate the chief of staff, the head of the Mossad and the head of the Shin Bet enough to hear their predictions where they should be heard: behind closed doors. Not in the media,” he said, adding,

“Discussion in the media is not responsible and undermines the State. The question is fundamental and important: In Israeli democracy – and in any democracy – the political echelon makes the decision and the operational echelon carries it out. This is the way it has always been and the way it always will be, too. I have not yet made a decision [on Iran.]”

However, Netanyahu made a veiled reference to his desire to act to prevent a nuclear Iran, saying, “To illustrate: in 1981, [then Prime Minister] Begin made a decision to attack the reactor in Iraq. Senior defense officials strongly opposed the decision, but it was clear that it would be the political leadership who would decide. The same principle which was in effect back then is in effect now too. I have not yet made a decision whether to attack, but I see the Ayatollah regime declaring its intention to destroy us.

They are making atomic bombs to destroy us, and I will not let it happen.

Referring to the international community's opposition to an attack on Iran, he said, “I would love it if the world and the United States carry out this task. I’ve gathered quite a bit of support in the international community to pressure Iran. This pressure affects the Iranian economy, but hasn’t moved their nuclear program even one meter backwards. If they (the international community) do it - all the better.

We do not entrust in others things concerning our destiny and our existence, not even in the best of our friends. Obama and Romney said that Israel has a right to defend itself against any threat - and we must be the ones to make the decisions about our fate and our future.”


Anonymous said...

Dear Israeli >>>

sorry for the delayed answer.

What is SPECIAL ABOUT the dow above
13,339 is that IT WILL BE at new highs IF that were to happen.

13,339 is the HIGHEST it has been so far since the rally off of the MAR
2009 lows, and that would concern me
greatly, since BULLS would then be
in FULL control for an extended

People wanting the "end" to come soon had better hope and pray THAT
13,339 does NOT get taken out, or
TRIP to the farm pond.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Israeli said...

Thanks Stephen. If bulls are in control, is that a bad thing? I am trying to understand this a bit. It looks complicated. You have many years of experience with stock exchange indicators. I have no clue.

What Bibi said above comforts me greatly, that WE will decide for our own security, and not entrust our destiny and existance in the hands of anyone, not even a friend. I am so glad to hear him say that.

WVBORN56 said...

Israeli you have been blessed with a great leader in such a time as this. We are praying for your leaders and for the peace of Jerusalem. So glad to have you as a brother in Christ.

Helen said...

WVBORN56 said...
Israeli you have been blessed with a great leader in such a time as this. We are praying for your leaders and for the peace of Jerusalem. So glad to have you as a brother in Christ.