Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In The News:

Three Dead After More Syrian Shells Hit Lebanon

Three people were killed when Syrian mortars hit villages in northern Lebanon on Tuesday, as violence in Syria continued to spill across the border.

Residents said they had been under fire for five hours overnight, and that there had been sporadic shelling in the area for days.

One Lebanese man was killed by the shelling, and two Syrians living in Lebanon died when they were hit by a car speeding away from an area under fire, residents told Reuters.

It was the second fatal attack in three days. Three people were killed by mortar fire from Syria at the weekend and President Michel Suleiman ordered an investigation.

It was the second fatal attack in three days. Three people were killed by mortar fire from Syria at the weekend and President Michel Suleiman ordered an investigation.

Two related stories appeared over the weekend. Al-Wafd reported (yet another; see earlier here) pronouncement by Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Supreme Guide Mohammed Badi calling for the jihad conquest (i.e., genocidal destruction) of Israel. Shortly after that report appeared, the Obama administration announced the MB’s newly elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi had been invited to the White House in September.

A legal team that has gone to court in the past to protect Christians at Arab events in Dearborn, Mich., is returning to the fray, this time taking on the local sheriff’s department over a decision by officers to threaten Christians with disorderly conduct while angry Muslims were heaving chunks of concrete, stones, bottles and debris at them.

It happened at the 2012 Arab International festival on Father’s Day weekend, and a video of the attacks has gone viral on the Internet.

There, an angry mob of Arabs chanting "Allahu Akbar" is seen throwing concrete and eggs at the Christians who were holding signs about their faith.

A massive drought in the U.S. corn belt, the worst some say in nearly a quarter-century, has triggered a buying frenzy in global grain markets and bolstered Canadian fertilizer producers.

Prices for key agricultural commodities such as corn, soybean and wheat have soared in the past few weeks as investors realize yields in the corn belt are going to be far lower than they expected in the spring.

The increased pricing is a direct response to a drought in the U.S. Midwest, with the hot and dry conditions limiting yields, thereby lowering supplies and boosting prices. The U.S. is the world’s biggest corn exporter and the one that is most watched by traders, so weather patterns in that country can have an outsized effect on world prices.

“This recent price escalation is unlike anything we have seen in recent years,” National Bank Financial analyst Robert Winslow wrote in a note.


Anonymous said...

sigh..oh my. Why did Obama do that. I don't understand him, his motives his adgenda.

What I do understand is that it isn't good!

What has happend to America. I don't reconize it anylonger. Just in the last few years it has went down hill and is about to go over the edge I believe.

With all the power that is backing Obama I have a bad bad feeling that he is going to get another term. 4 more years. What will happend in those 4 years. I don't think we will be here then. I pray we will not. It breaks my heart when I read the news here. My heart breaks for America, what we once were and what we are becoming. My heart breaks at the evil I see against Christians, against Almight God. I can only imagine that God is tired of this as we are..much more so. His wrath is going to come soon. Thank you God for saving us from your wrath through faith in the blood of Christ for our sins. For His death, burial and ressurection.

Come soon Lord Jesus Christ, take us home. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Ally are you out there? We all miss you. Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you, and love you!

Your sister in Christ.

Alice said...

Since there was much discussion on this topic yesterday, I thought some of you might enjoy this article.


Ally said...

I'm still here guys. A couple times a day usually. Love you all so very much. Trying to work on my prayer life right now.
Yeshua loves us! :) He's in charge.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! These exchanges between Syria and Lebanon will NOT end well. Something is going to blow sky high. Did I just say that? Will Nasrallah take out Damascus?

Anonymous said...

And yes, America has GONE down hill.

WVBORN56 said...

It would be helpful if the anonymous folks would pick a user name so we can distinguish one from the other anonymous posters. It also helps us get to know one another. It is one big blur to the regulars who post in the comment section. You are still anonymous with a user name but it helps the rest of us greatly. Thanks in advance for helping to difuse the confusion. Blessings

Hubae said...

Wow!! Thank you Scott for these updates. America is going down hill. Lord come quickly!!

Anonymous said...


I would also like these ANONS to
pick a name for themselves. It would
be nice, since we all do that anyway.

stocks were down, but not much. It
is hard to say what will happen next.
I am quite DISTURBED by Mr. Annan's
frequent peace games, I think he is
there to PACIFY BULLS, I am quite
sure of it.

BULLS >>>>>

very much so.

and the end result will be a GLOBAL
STOCK CRASH. Bulls appear to be in
a pay off the UN game with Annan's
help, although hard to prove.

I would like to see the look on their faces WHEN STOCKS COLLAPSE.

Nothing can stop social mood, nothing, let me tell 'ya !!!!!!!

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Scott >>>>>>

More news from the beast >>>>


Stephen !!!!

Anonymous said...


Bulls are in for a good old steak
fry, except that the cook will NOT
be them, it will be the bears...

ANY VIOLATION OF 12, 450 and we
go crashing down. the previous level
was 12, 400....but NOT anymore.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

DAN said...

SCOTT...Im asking you to address what is going on in a previous post...the one with 70 something comments. As a long time guest to your blog Im EXTREMELY offended and surprised you are letting certain "regulars" say the things they are saying to your guests. I was APPALLED at the way Mrs. C, GG, Robin and Carver are speaking to these people who said NOT ONE THING WRONG...they simply made the apparent mistake of using "anonymous" to post their comments. As the blog owner, you need to address this, its gotten out of hand Scott. Its sad and disturbing the way they are treating people. Im shocked you are letting this happen.

Ally said...

Hi Dan! Sorta weird, I just noticed all the posts and went and read all of them. Wow!
We have had a lot of problems at this blog with a person who has been really evil. They know a lot of word but are cruel. They certainly aren't "Christian" in any form . And they drive the rest of us nuts, which of course is satans exact intent!
Thats why I just backed off. Straight up, we are dealing with a "religious spirit" ! Almost impossible to get rid of. Why? Because the people who have one, dont want to get rid of it. It makes them feel powerful, superior. They destroy people, churches, saints relationships with the Father and make non believers despise Christianity! And that religous spirit just gains more and more energy and power with each crushing blow they deliver!
So lets just say, Mrs. C might have a little righteous indignation going!
so all I have to say to that "religious spirit" is welcome to the abyss, cuz thats where you are going, the big lake of fire! And pray for the self righteous idiot who is hosting the beast. Because, he or she is in for the ride of their life when Jesus wakes them up and tosses that demin out on his butt! This is one movie Ive watched far too many times.
Love you guys. Everybody needs to quit getting so offended too! Thats also pretty "un" Christian.
Anyway, once again. I love you, Jesus loves you! Its allgood!

Scott said...

I just deleted the thread - I haven't had time to "moderate" comments and I've been deep into the news over the past several days with so much breaking. Actually, I don't really ever have time to moderate the comments section (as I've explained before, I don't really have designs on having a "message board"). The only other option is to close the comments section and I don't want to do that. I didn't even read that thread, I just dont have time right now - so it was easier to just delete.

Scott said...

And please, whatever it was - lets don't bring it here. There is too much going on and the hour is too near to be distracted from watching the incredible signs right in front of us.

DAN said...

Amen Scott, you are so right brother

WVBORN56 said...

Amen Scott! Rest assured we are here for e articles and your comments most of all. Keep up he good work!

Like all comment sections I skim the bad and focus on the positive. They "bad stuff" is only a reflection on the person who wrote it.

Waterer said...

I love Scott's blog and he pulls so many things together that it is at times almost dizzying. It is a huge help when the regular news is of rehashed stories and celeb news. it's unnerving that we do not have sources that everyone knows about.
I am letting this thread go except to say that I felt really badly for Mary B and her daughter. They are really sad. This is not right. I hope they will return.

mary said...

just want to add my 2 cents also, and say that I also feel bad for Mary B,her comments were always "correct"as far as I could tell.Like I said before, I am new to blogging, and do not understand why people cannot debate.If we disagree with them, isn't that how we can lovingly and gently turn them to the truth as we know it?
O.K. got to go to work.How blessed am I !!

Mrs.C said...


Scott said...And please, whatever it was - lets don't bring it here. There is too much going on and the hour is too near to be distracted from watching the incredible signs right in front of us.

Mrs.C said...

Scott said...
And please, whatever it was - lets don't bring it here. There is too much going on and the hour is too near to be distracted from watching the incredible signs right in front of us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Scott
When I began to write my first comment, you hadn't posted, and I didn't intentionally ignore your request. I can have been only moments behind you; so I don’t consider it was necessary for Mrs C to jump in like that. This is part of the antagonistic behaviour that needs to change

Mrs C; it would be helpful if you publically apologised to Mary B and her daughter as well as to all those others you have wrongly accused. You are letting your imagination run away with you – that said – back to the NEWS.

Mary 3 (not my given name)

Anonymous said...


Mary 3, thank you for your kindness and to all the others who were kind.
I came back today to make sure this was over and done with. I was so glad to see that it was gone.

It is not necessary for anyone to apologize to me nor my daughter. We both have forgiven everyone involved and I prayed to God to forgive me for anything I may have said, and to forgive them as well.

This morning my daughter said something to me that put a whole new prospective on this..She said, this gave us a tiny , tiny look and feel of what our Lord Jesus Christ endured. It humbled me and that is all that I am thinking about today. My Lord Jesus Christ and what He did for each and everyone of us.

I have no bad feeling towards anyone. It just got out of hand.

I love each and everyone of my brothers and sisters in Christ. We are all imperfect.

Sorry if my spelling and grammer is incorrect. I don't have spell check and the older one gets to more one forgets how to spell it seems!


Anonymous said...

Dear MaryB
That is a beautiful, forgiving attitude we can all learn from.

No need to apologise for your well written posts, obviously you have no need of a spell and grammar check - loik wot i duz :)

God bless you and your very wise and loving daughter.

Mary 3 (not my given name)

Anonymous said...

Is the Web Driving Us Mad?

I cant talk about ‘Tweets, texts, emails, posts’ as real life is too demanding for me, but I do know a little about the effects of computer games on youngsters I know.

Their virtual life seems more real to them than the real one, and I have seen regular kids turn into weirds (is that a word?)even committing look alike crimes, even murder.

It seems reasonable to suppose that too much web time, in any context, can do mind damage. I have read that there are now special clinics to deal with this modern dilemma of irrational behavior – tic, tic.

DAN said...

Im so glad to see you Mary B., Im very glad to hear your daughter and yourself are doing okay. What a humble, loving spirit you have. THIS is what Christianity is...Love, peace, forgiveness, patience, gentleness. Just wonderful. God bless you and your daughter.