Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another Tipping Point? Krauthammer: Israel Will Attack Iran If They Think Obama Will Win The Election

This is only one man's opinion, but the point is very interesting and worth considering.

Israel will attack Iran if they think President Barack Obama will win again in November, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer predicted Friday.

“If they think Obama will win the election, I think it‘s likely they will attack before because afterwards there’s no telling how Obama would punish Israel, and Israel would be vulnerable to any sanctions or other measures from the United States,” Krauthammer said Friday on Fox News.

Pointing out Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s words earlier this year that Israel would attack Iran in April, May or June, Krauthammer said the “clock is running.”

“I think they’re simply waiting to make sure that these sham negotiations are declared over rather than put on life support as a way to say all options have been tried, now we have to defend ourselves,” he said.

Iran on Saturday said it has a plan to block the Strait of Hormuz if it feels its interests are “seriously threatened,” and last week issued a new threat to “wipe” Israel “off the face of the earth” if the Jewish state attacks.

Interesting speculation but it makes sense. If Obama gets another four years, many things will happen to America, but I believe the hatred of Israel will become manifest in the U.S. policy - without having to worry about gaining the Jewish vote. Mr Netanyahu surely knows this, and Krauthammer sees it as well.

The clock is most definitely ticking as the epic wars of the Middle East approach and as the Tribulation approaches. Time is growing short.


Robin said...

As much as I don't wish to be right . . .i simply can't for the life of me believe Obama WON'T be sworn in for another term. The last days are likened to birth pains. Birth pains don't diminish, or grow less frequent . . .they continue getting stronger and stronger. How could Obama bring this Nation to the sorry place it's in today . . .only to have it all turned back?

I think we should all fight with all our strength, to defeat the enemy, for protecting our rights, particularly Freedom of Religion, behooves us all. But we must also, at some point, accept, Obama will quite likely see another term.

I completely agree with Krauthammer. . .the worst thing for Israel would be another Obama term and they're not going to wait for him to impose severe sanctions that would limit their ability to strike without striking first.

There's been rumors circulating, most recently by a Saudi Prince, that the date that the US will attack has been set . . .in October. Likely, close enough to the election to cause a rally around Obama leading into the election, but not so close that oil prices factor in.

But it's worth remembering, Iran has missile launch pads in Sputh America within striking distance of the US. An Iranian strike on US soil can't be ruled out . . and a EMP attack would certainly be enough cause for Obama to suspend the election.

Did anyone happen to see the Donald Rumsfeld interview on Greta Van Susteren? Several times through out the interview, he brought up the possibility of an attack on our power grid. It's obviously a very real concern to Rumsfeld.

Caver said...

HI Miss Robin,

You make some excellent points but one I think is virtually is a "done deal", even if Obama is unseated.

The damage has been done financially. I don't think there is anything we can do to reverse it...we're going down. Obama can make it happen faster, a real effot to head it off can delay it, but there is no way we can ever pay off the debt now on the books....not without severe hyperinflation.

But, Romney would support Israel. We know from scripture that they will be alone. So....we're either incapacitated or unwilling to support them...or both. Considering everything else in play, I just can't see the elections occurring before the bottle rockets start flying.

On top of that, I don't think the economic situation will hold off that long. The financial shell game is about over, its becoming widespread knowledge the markets are rigged, and any number of other things.

I'm gonna be hugely surprised if October passes and the world, as we know it, still exist.

Course....have been humbled and surprised before. Somehow, the Lord must get a good chuckle out of our planning, forecasting, and other attempts to know more than He told us.:)

Scott said...

I agree with both of the above. I have a hard time not seeing Obama in office next year but I can't say why. Its intangible. Something nagging. He is so perfect as we enter into the tribulation era. But as Caver says, the dye is cast anyway and there is no reversing our financial situation realistically. It could probably be done over a long period of time, theoretically, but certainly not with the players in DC.

Also - as I have mentioned to Caver - I believe these days the idea of who is "conservative"/Republican or "liberal"/Democrat no longer has the same importance it once did.

What matters now, IMO - is whether someone is a "globalist" or a "non-Globalist".....That is a more important factor. The problem is - almost all liberal/democratic politicians are also globalists (either by intent or naturally) and a hefty % of republicans are also globalists.

That scenario is insurmountable...And another reason we know the Tribulation is coming. Its almost like an avalanche coming. Its unstoppable.

GG said...

I have a sincere question to ask about possibilities :). What happens if we are at war or in a state of emergency during the election time? If we were sitting right in the middle of attack or catastrophic situations, is there a protocol that over rides the election process and O would be kept in position due to circumstances? I appreciate the thoughts on this. This has always been in the back of my mind.

God Bless!!


WVBORN56 said...

As I have said before the only way Obama wins this election is the rapture occurs first or he steals it. I'm voting for the rapture. :)

Scott said...

GG - Absolutely there is. I can't recall the exact "number" but there is an executive order that would give the white house complete control. I'm sure somebody will show up and quote the order(s). Not that they need such an order (these days, (if you know what I mean).

We're all slow boiled like the frog - but when you take a step back and look at what has transpired, prophetically, over the last couple of years, its astonishing.

Don't forget the plans for an EU "Super-President" either. as that situation continues to lurk in the background.

Scott said...

WV - that's been my mantra for a while now. Seriously it has. But I can't prove it in anyway, just a feeling. You can break up that second part into two parts too - will we have a war and/or false flag event, or will some kind of economic crisis and ensuing violence somehow lead to a 'suspension' of the elections.

Of course all of the above is complete speculation on my part - just for the record :)

GG said...

Thanks so much:). Though I am not sure how things are designed to happen from the worldly aspect, I kinda felt like with all those "meetings" it could give others attending those meetings a feel for what others might be thinking in the long run.

So if O and Bibi met and O knows Bibi's feelings about things, I just don't see him giving up this position easily. It seems it would fit perfect to be 'needed' by others instead of others choosing him for the right reasons. I guess we will know soon enough :). Evil can make people do things for selfish gains that once didn't seem fathomable.

God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

In my Scripture reading today, I was in Matthew 25. I felt very led to post this Scripture for you today, Scott. Thank you for your faithfulness in these difficult days. You bless more of God's servants than you realize...

Matthew 25:45-47 “A faithful, sensible servant is one to whom the master can give the responsibility of managing his other household servants and feeding them. If the master returns and finds that the servant has done a good job, there will be a reward. I tell you the truth, the master will put that servant in charge of all he owns."

Blessings to you!

Robin said...

I agree, the economy, should it significantly worsen, would be enough for Obama to suspend the election . . .and there's no way he could fairly win in such conditions, unless the voters are even more brainwashed than we think.

However . . .America's support of Israel, or lack thereof, is a major sign of imminent Tribulation, INMH. Israel will be alone as she battles her enemies and I just don't see that happening in a Romney Administration.

I agree we need to be looking for who's Globalist And who's non-Globalist. If they're Democrat, their Party Platform supports a Globalist agenda and it's a no-Brainer . . .but Republicans warrant a much closer look because it's not always obvious. I voted against my Republican Representative in the Primary this year because he's a Globalist . . .he won, so now, my choice is between Globalist A and Globalist B. I'm holding my nose and voting for the Republican in hopes we at least keep our majority for some of the big votes ahead.

Scott said...

Leslie - thanks so much - I really appreciate the kind words and the scripture...As I've said before, I'd be looking for these news daily anyway so I might as well post them :) - anything that brings me a little closer to being in the presence of Jesus is a joyful experience and seeing these news definitely makes me feel like that moment is closer and closer.

Robin - I agree - good points.

GG - Indeed....I think BiBi has Obama completely figured out - and probably (via intelligence) knows a LOT about Obama - probably including his past/background that has been hidden so well....

Robin said...

That's reassuring to know, Scott . . .i guessed Netanyahu had Obama's number, but hadn't entertained the thought that operatives in the US and around the world have likely delivered a dossier that stood his hair on end.

Anonymous said...

Netanyahu works for God, or at least depends upon him. Yes, Romney is friends with Netanyahu but Romney attented the Bilderberger Conference in June. And he destroyed almost every business he has ever run.
So our choices are a muslim who says he is a christian or a morman who says hes a christian. So satanist one-who wants to finish the job of dismantaling this nation. Or satanist number two who likes the guy who runs Israel.
We are already in a national emergency (white and have been for about a month so its only a phone call to start the ball rolling.
Oh the treacherous who deal treacherously! I give up! No man could fix any of this. Though I would love to see Allen West give it a try!
Jesus, son of the Most High, have Mercy on us!!!
The train is about to leave the station! Maranatha!