Sunday, July 8, 2012

EU Update: Financial Collapse, Anti-Semitism, Neo-Fascism Rising

This article of a few days old, but it is fascinating to watch in terms of how the EU is morphing into the exact type of structure and mentality we would anticipate during the Tribulation. We also cannot forget that a financial collapse will be one of the initial hardships experienced to those living on earth during the Tribulation.

Revelation 6 reveals the situation:

"A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three quarts of barley for a day's wages..." (v6)

One quart of wheat would be enough for only one person and three quarts of barley would barely be enough for a small family. Those are pretty severe consequences in the aftermath of financial collapse - something that doesn't seem very far off.

This article shows just how close the revived Roman Empire of our day - the biblical last days of the Church Age - has come to the structure and mentality we would see during the Tribulation (although we still await the emergence of the 10 kings phase).

Below are just a few quotes below from this lengthy article - which is really a fascinating read:

A spectre is haunting Europe: the spectre of unemployment. At the latest count, there were almost 25 million people in the member states of the European Union without a job, an increase of two million on the same point in the previous year.

At the same time, openly neo-Nazi parties are on the rise.

In Greece, the Golden Dawn movement shot from nowhere to win 21 seats in the legislature at the May election and 18 in the rerun election a few weeks later, attracting nearly 7 per cent of the popular vote. The party’s flag is black, white and red, like that of the original Nazi Party in Germany, with a swastika-like emblem at the centre (Golden Dawn denies any resemblance and claims that the symbol is a “Greek meander”)

In Hungary, Jobbik, founded in 2003, uses a flag resembling that of the Arrow Cross movement, which was put in power by the German occupiers of Hungary in 1944 and butchered so many thousands of Jews that even the police, who were busy rounding up Jews for deportation to Auschwitz, complained about the dead bodies lying in the streets of Budapest. In the 2010 elections, campaigning under the slogan “Hungary belongs to the Hungarians”, Jobbik shot from nowhere to become the third-largest party nationally, securing 16.67 per cent of the vote.

All this seems disturbingly reminiscent of the previous depression that hit Europe in the 1930s and brought Hitler to power.

Mass unemployment was also a feature of German society in the early 1930s, the graph of Nazi electoral support rising in tandem with the graph of unemployment rates. Nazism, too, blamed the mainstream political parties for the disastrous state of the economy, and its dynam­ism also proved particularly attractive to the young – first-time voters were a large proportion of its supporters at the polls.

Territorial expansionism, economic protectionism, assaults on the rights of minorities, anti-Semitism, paramilitary violence and inflammatory rhetoric were all features of the Nazi Party, as they were of many other fascist parties that sprang up across Europe in the interwar years. They seem to have re-emerged with disturbing suddenness in the early 21st century as economic crisis has hit the continent.

And the conclusion reveals the possible impact of the economic collapse in Europe:

That, roughly, is what happened in Germany in 1930-33. What is happening now is something related but different, a new threat for a new era. It’s not that unemployment leads directly to the rise of fascism. The social crisis that led to the present policies of austerity reaches far wider. Businesses go bankrupt, banks crash, civil servants are sacked, pay is cut, benefits are slashed, public services are shattered. It is not just the young, or the unemployed, who are affected. The whole of society is affected by it. No wonder political extremism is on the rise. Robbing people of hope for their future leads them to search for scapegoats, whether within their own countries or outside. And the hatred that this breeds can all too easily threaten to undermine the foundations of a tolerant and democratic political culture.

The Tribulation is approaching and the entire world is setting the stage. There are a few key events to happen along the way (the battles of Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38-39 and the gathering up) but the nearness of the Tribulation reveals just how close we are to these other prophetic events.


ChristineInCleveland said...

All these things make me wonder, how much will we who wait on the Lord endure before He raptures the Church... I am still feeling the compulsion to gather non-perishables for a coming day when the power goes out & STAYS out.... Have purchased pepper spray blaster & stun gun, and a box of window alarms.... still wondering if should do more, in case the Lord tarries... And at the same time, my head can't quite get around what would happen to an average city if all communication ceased, if you couldn't call the police, if everyone was cut off from the bank, the stores, refrigeration, etc. It bogglrs the mind!
Another interesting thing... I'm sure you've read how there is this Mayan prediction (also supposedly Egyptian & Native Indian?) placing 2012 as a time of global catastrophe... Tho it is more pointing toward a solar EMPTY than man made. So, I'm trying not to "worry" cuz I trust in Jesus, & we who are His are not to be anxious for anything. However, in the event we are to still be down here when all Hell breaks loose, what are you doing to prepare? Of course, if an enemy or solar EMP really is put into motion, the Lord could neutralize it at any time. That's why I'm not letting all these rapidly advancing 'birthpangs' freak me out- cuz I know to Whom I belong. :-)
But getting back to my point earlier, are you preparing for the possibility we are going to go thru some kaotic times if the Lord allows us to remain a while, after a national emergency has begun?
Just pondering.....

ChristineInCleveland said...

Haha- solar EMPTY?? That's my auto spell check function trying to correct me....meant solar EMP, & it boggles the mind to imagine existence going on after one...

Anonymous said...

Is it NOT true that someone named
Ann Marie came on here near the
end of March stating that her father
had a dream about a MAP and Obama
in the early 70's ??

I am quite sure the landscape was
a nuclear attack on the USA.

if 2 or more Tomahawk cruise missiles
are launched from Israeli subs
toward Damascus and the Aswan Dam
below Cairo. SOMEONE will be
held accountable for that......!!!!

I know the JEWS will get the blame,
but I do NOT think they are the only ones, since Tomahawks are a
USA made weapon.

I have studied the Tomahawk, it
is VERY CAPABLE of carrying a
nuclear payload....usually launched
from a sub......

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Tomahawks travel at a VERY FAST rate
of speed and as such are capable
of BIG DAMAGE !!!! They travel very
near the surface so as to be UNDETECTABLE by most tracking systems...

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>

Susan said...

I've heard that an EMP exploded over just the right part of America could knock out up to 90 percent of the U.S. population - at least eventually. I really believe the rapture of the church is what takes the U.S. down and out though. The verses in the gospel(s) about " as in the days of Noah", and "in as the days of Sodom and Gomorrah" referring (I believe) to the Lord's return for the church - seem to indicate "business as usual" within decaying societies. Aren't we in the midst of a decaying society and world? Yet, with all the decay around us, most people seem to have no clue what is coming to the earth.

It certainly is prudent to prepare for natural disasters and food shortages, but again, I think the rapture of the church will trigger the real disasters in this country. I find it very interesting and curious how the Lord seems to be holding back events in the Middle East from playing out completely, and holding back economic collapse on a global scale. I know this will not last forever - and yes, no one knows how bad things will get before the rapture of the church. If we are still here after the fall feast of Rosh Hashanah (which I personally think is a candidate for the rapture as the feast is celebrated over two days, ends with a long trumpet blast, first fall feast to happen after a gap of time - perhaps symbolic of the church age- after Pentecost, etc) I will certainly up my disaster preparations.


Robin said...

I find myself torn on the subject of preparations. I do think it's possible something like an EMP Attack could occur, maybe even simultaneously to the Rapture, there's still a part of me that's nagging me to prepare for hard times just in case. But then, on the other hand, I ponder whether or not this is just our innate sin nature . . .after all, the Bible says this:

Matthew 6:31-33
So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat? ’ or ‘What shall we drink? ’ or ‘What shall we wear? ’ 32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Each of us must choose, of course . . .and while I'll continue my summer canning, it's my prayer, the food will end up in the hands of someone holding out from accepting the mark.

John said...

Amen!!! Great post Robin!!!

Ann Marie said...

Hi Stephen,
Yes, it was me that has posted about my father's dream. I do not know if this dream was before the rapture or after, it was just a very vivid dream that he had.

I'm with you, not wanting to worry but also with some need for preparation.

Thanks always for your fervent faithfulness -- I read this blog before any news sites. God Bless

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brothers & Sisters, :)
Sister Robin, that is one of my favorite Scriptures, and believe me there have been many times in my life that God Miraculous supplied ALL of our needs. He still does, He hasn’t changed! Praise God Forever! I personally have lived in some very dire situations, and He was True and Faithful to provide. Thank You Father!
As for being prepared, I remember a while ago, a Sister that was essentially the queen of preparation. She had posted an enormous amount of information, to help others be prepared. Of course, one Brother in dissent of her information accused her of being a possible “hoarder”. She explained to him something that has stayed with me. She said that if you don’t prepare, and something happens, whether natural disaster, or whatever, then you place yourself in a position of being a hoarder. She gave an example that if for example you are prepared, you are not going to be part of the throngs going to stores to fight for the last loaf of bread on the shelve during an emergency situation. What you will be, is a Blessing to your own family, and others that are in need. That last loaf of bread on the shelve she said, instead of you being there to take it, another person perhaps with children to feed, will be able to have it. Hoarding she said, is just that. Unprepared you show up desperate to grab everything in sight at the store. Being prepared ahead of time, means what you would have taken being unprepared, will now go to someone who needs it more. Purchasing in a non crisis, is preparation. Purchasing out of desperation, being forced to try to “get all you can” in an emergency is hoarding.

We need to be Spiritually prepared, and physically prepared. God would expect no less from us. There are those that God has so very Blessed that they can afford to prepare with an abundance. They will be a Blessing to other Brothers and Sisters if need be. There are also those that cant afford to prepare in a huge way. For those who cant afford it right now, sometimes its just a matter of picking up an extra item on sale at the store when you shop. Those Brothers and Sisters in absolute dire need know that He will indeed provide for you.
God had Joseph be “prepared” for a seven year famine. God had Noah build an ark . Jesus said He was going to “prepare a place for us”, He didn’t say He was going to go just wait for us.  Here is another post from a while ago that remained with me. A Brother said that God does not imply that if we stand on the train tracks with an on coming train, He will save us. The Brother continued saying that God gives us eyes to see the danger long before, and a brain so we can decide what to do ahead of time. We ALWAYS need to Trust in Him, ALWAYS. And He will show us what to do in these Last Days without question! But as the Brother concluded, if you want to stand in the middle of the tracks as the train approaches trusting God to stop the train, when all you have to do is use the two good legs He Blessed you with and take one step to the side, then you are going to be in for a very big awakening.
This is not about a spirit of fear, but about the spirit of gratefulness that God has Blessed you to be able to be prepared, and God will use you to Bless others…

God Bless!

1 Timothy 5:8
8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

A said...

News channels are reporting a deal with Assad. I really wonder what is in this deal.