Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Evening Update: Middle East

Ahmadinejad Threatens - or Bluffs - To Halt Oil Exports

Whether bluff or bluster, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for a total halt to cure oil exports, a move that could be economic suicide but also could cause a worldwide depression. Iran relies on oil for approximately 80 percent of its foreign income, which Ahmadinejad needs to continue his race for nuclear capability.

Iranian media, controlled by the government, reported Tuesday that he accused world powers of manipulating the oil industry and that halting exports of crude oil would put pressure on oil producers. ”The real price of oil should have been very much higher in the market than what it is presently,” he said.

For all of his threats, Ahmadinejad’s comments may reflect both a growing concern that the sanctions are working and the need to win over doubters at home, where the economy is suffering from sanctions despite his mocking the United States and its allies.

Maybe we should take this one with a grain of salt, as it hasn't been verified anywhere else, but its worth a glance:

Russian intelligence has information that U.S. troops are in Turkey near the country’s border with Syria, a senior Syrian official told WND today.

The official said the Russians observed American forces taking part in Turkish military measures to secure the Syria-Turkey borders.

The official said the information about a U.S. military presence in Turkey has led to a debate within the Syrian leadership about whether to move the Syrian military to its highest alert level.

Currently, the Syrian army is on its second highest alert.

The U.S. repeatedly has denied directly arming the rebels, stating it is only providing non-lethal aid.

Any aid to the rebels is highly controversial.

There are now widespread reports of al-Qaida fighters among the ranks of the opposition, with some jihadist branches reportedly officially joining the U.S.-supported Free Syrian Army.

The opposition is currently intensifying the fight against Assad’s forces in the key city of Aleppo amid claims, denied by the rebels, that the Syrian military has retaken the city.

The official, speaking to WND on condition of anonymity, said Assad ordered his military to rid the Damascus region, including Aleppo, of rebels by the end of Ramadan on Aug. 18. He said Assad believes he can clear the opposition from the region of Homs by Sept. 10 and end the insurgency by October.

The official admitted the coming weeks will be “bloody.” He affirmed Russia stands squarely in the Syrian camp.

Another "take with a grain of salt" article - as mentioned so many times before - with the "news" these days we have to take it all in, look for the same story from different sources, seek guidance from the Holy Spirit and be discerning with the news. That reminder is always worthwhile.

Was America's Economic Collapse Planned?

In his endorsement of Kevin Freeman’s eye-opening book, “Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the U.S. Stock Market and Why It Can Happen Again,” former Congressman Fred Grandy mentions the “steady progress of jihad against America and its allies.”

That’s a very interesting phrase, and I think provides a key plank in understanding Freeman’s thesis that finance is as much tied to terror as bombs. “Secret Weapon” is breaking new ground in research, and I was impressed with it.

From 2007, he writes: “I sensed that world markets were becoming unstable, an inkling that was confirmed by the collapse of Bear Stearns in early 2008; one of America’s oldest investment banks fell victim to a short-selling blitzkrieg in just a few days. It was very rare for something of that size to disappear overnight. When I dug deeper, the story became even more unnerving – most of the selling appeared to be an illegal manipulation. Worse, no one seemed to care.”

He also makes a fascinating point in Chapter 4: “America’s enemies can be grouped into three categories: terrorist groups, state terror sponsors and individuals who want to see America’s capitalist economy replaced with a more redistributive one.”

Elsewhere, Freeman also points out that we still face an uphill battle in finding a solution to these problems, these attacks. Here I appreciate his realistic bent. He points out that a huge problem for our economic recovery is that when it comes to true oil price manipulation, “the OPEC nations are still kings of the hill.”

How baffling that our nation’s leaders have placed our fate in our enemies’ hands.

Freeman points out that a well-orchestrated, global effort is in place to hijack more than planes. Spain’s intelligence services believe foreign speculation is designed to bring down the nation’s economy, and Greece’s intelligence services has investigated both U.S. and U.K.-based firms “for allegedly launching financial attacks on their money markets.”


Nathan said...

Scott , I'm glad that you pointed out to take WND'S news with a "grain of salt" that gives you a lot of credibility . World Net Daily has a way of making up the news to fit Bible prophecy , and The Debka files always has the story before its a story with anonymous sources (of course) ...I could be an anonymous source and tell you the four horseman of the apacolypse decided to come on Vespas to keep up with the times ...Anyway ,Kudos for keeping it real .

Peace Nate
This is why i come to your website first, Good show Buddy :)

Jec said...

Hey Scott, it's a natural reaction for smack-me-with-a-dinner-jacket to start scrambling when he is cornered like this. It's only going to get worse because of what the UK already has implemented.

With the US forces close to the border of Turkey?(not sure where) I believe this at least the second rumor that I know of. Wished I had a link though.

Thank you for all the work you do and these interesting news stories you come up with.

Jec said...

I just ran across this one with our POTUS ordering new santions. Why does it appear he is implementing tuff santions at a time when it is really beginning to hurt? So convienient isn't it with the elections coming up? It's all according to his timming, which seems to be controlled by his puppet master. To me, it's a day too late, as Israel needs to do something real soon.

What's up with the 20 countries that were given a waiver? He is such a softy!


Scott said...


I feel like I should have some kind of permanent "disclaimer' regarding news stories because really thats the underlying premise behind all news stories these days. I mean, most news sources have an agenda of some sort - and news sources which are 'generally accepted' often have the biggest agenda of all (NYTimes, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc etc etc)....SO in that sense, I don't categorically trust any site (excluding certain prophecy related sites, such as Hal L's site).

So I've gotten to where I take most news with a certain grain of salt - and ALL news in the sense of "this is what is being reported 'out there'" in the world.

I'd also rather err on the side of more news rather than less, just because I like to be exposed to what is being discussed 'out there'. Sometimes he truth begins to emerge from such places before it hits the "mainstream" news.

If you were around during the last summer skirmish between Israel - Lebanon/Hezbollah, the prophecy sites (based on what some people would consider 'fringe' sites) and were talking about it several days before the MSM picked it up...I'll never forget that - and thinking about how a new day was dawning in terms of news around the world.

Jec - I agree w first comments up there. I didn;'t know about the waiver thing - I want to take a look at that

Anonymous said...

The true test of a prophet from what
I AM AWARE of is that he/she is
100 percent...tested by time...

otherwise, the POTENTIAL for being
labelled as a FALSE PROPHET greatly
increases. Paul said as much in Scripture re this.

Which brings me to the subject
of Mr. Nate Krupp. At least in so
far as 2012 goes, I am sad to
announce the Mr. Krupp is MORE THEN
LIKELY going to hit the "dud" end
of the firecracker YET again.


GEEEE... you'd think we would be
crashing by now, BUT no way.

I don't KNOW why I even BOTHER to
talk about this person,
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and this will be 33......

Please forgive me FOR even bringing
up the subject, it is a WASTE of
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Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>