Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Daily Headlines:

U.S. Warships 'Easy' Target For Iran

With no new progress in recent talks in Moscow between Iran and the West along with tougher sanctions being implemented by the European Union against Iranian oil exports, Iran has warned that U.S. naval warships could be “easily reached and attacked” if Israel or the United States attacks Iran’s nuclear sites

The US has quietly added forces to its presence in the Persian Gulf to ward off Iran's threat of blocking the Strait of Hormuz,according to The New York Times.

The buildup comes at a time when the US and allies have begun enforcing a broader embargo against Iran, to pressure it to give up its nuclear program, said The Times.

A senior Defense Department officials told The Times, "The message to Iran is, 'Don’t even think about it,' Don’t even think about closing the strait. We’ll clear the mines. Don’t even think about sending your fast boats out to harass our vessels or commercial shipping. We’ll put them on the bottom of the gulf."

The scale of the reinforcements is the most significant since the beginning of the West's stand off with Iran over its nuclear programme and reflects the growing seriousness of the confrontation since recent diplomatic efforts to end the impasse faltered.

With tensions escalating, fears that Israel could launch military action on its own have mounted. It would regard an Iranian nuclear bomb as a threat to its existence given Tehran's repeated apocalyptic rhetoric against the Jewish state.

The predicted arms race in the Middle East has arrived:

Saudi Arabia has set its feet on the path to a nuclear weapon capability and is negotiating in Beijng the purchase of Chinese nuclear-capable Dong-Fen 21 ((NATO-codenamed CSS-5) ballistic missile.

China, which has agreed to the transaction in principle, would also build a base of operations near Riyadh for the new Saudi purchases.
As we reported last year, Saudi Arabia has struck a deal with Pakistan for the availability on demand of a nuclear warhead from Islamabad’s arsenal for fitting onto a ballistic missile.
Riyadh owns a direct interest in the two most active Middle East issues: Iran and Syria.
Iran’s nuclear weapons program has been advancing for two decades regardless of countless attempts at restraint by every diplomatic tool under the sun and a rising scale of sanctions – to no avail.

On May 3, 2012, Russian Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov warned that Russia would deploy its strategic nuclear rockets in Kaliningrad Oblast, potentially to destroy the U.S. antiballistic missile defense system, planned for Europe. Makarov went even further, warning of a possible preemptive nuclear attack. “A decision to use destructive force preemptively will be taken if the situation worsens,” Makarov said.

The planned U.S. missile defense system to protect Europe from a nuclear missile attack has caused much friction between Russia and United States. Russia considers the antiballistic missile system an encroachment on its traditional “sphere of influence” and a threat to its national security

Today, Russia possesses a total of 12,987 nuclear warheads. This is more than the amount owned by the United States and the rest of the world combined. Despite its nuclear supremacy, Russia has an even far more formidable weapon in its military arsenal.


Since 1963, the Soviet Union has conducted an array of tests with non-nuclear EMP weapons for potential use against the U.S. in a first strike attack. EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, is a burst of electromagnetic radiation capable of destroying all electrical power, radio waves, and digital signals over a wide area. The burst of electromagnetic radiation moves instantaneously, making ordinary surge protectors useless and would neutralize all electrical equipment, such as computers, laptops, television sets, landline telephones, cellular phones, air conditioners, refrigerators, electric stoves, microwaves, automobiles, airplanes, trains, ATM machines, hospital equipment, computer-run waterways and sewage systems.

Nevertheless, an EMP attack could shut down the entire U.S. power grid, Wall Street, the banking system, airports, and hospitals. People living on pacemakers and other hospital equipment would die. The lack of refrigeration and running trucks would spoil U.S. food reserves and supermarket goods, resulting in mass starvation. According to Dr. Lowell Wood, Ph.D., an astrophysicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and who worked on the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) in the Reagan administration, an EMP attack could “literally destroy the American nation and might cause the deaths of 90% of its people and set us back a century or more in time as far as our ability to function as a nation.”

In a May 2012 article in The Journal of Counter Terrorism & Homeland Security International, Col. Dickerson wrote, “Russia and China have conducted extensive research into their [EMP] development and possible deployment against the U.S.” In May 1999, Congressman Roscoe G. Barlett (R-Md.) relayed the following:

We met with three of our Russian counterparts on the Duma International Affairs Committee, including its chairman, Vladimir Lukin, and senior Communist Party member Aleksandr Shabonov. The Russians chastised the United States for military aggression in the Balkans and warned Russia was not helpless to oppose Operation Allied Force. Lukin said, “If we really wanted to hurt you with no fear of retaliation, we would launch an SLBM [submarine launched ballistic missile] and detonate a single nuclear warhead at high altitude over the United States and shut down your power grid and communications for six months or so.” Shabonov added, “And if one weapon wouldn’t do it, we have some spares.”

“I don’t agree that the Cold War is back. It never ended,” said Andrei Lugovoi, a representative in the Duma, Russian parliament, in 2000. In 2007, Vladimir Putin reiterated the continuation of the Cold War by threatening the West with a “new spiral in the arms race.” In the eyes of Russia, the Cold War never ended; they are still fighting. In 1960, warning about the Soviet menace, Senator Barry Goldwater, in The Conscience of a Conservative, wrote, “Our enemies have understood the nature of the conflict, and we have not. They are determined to win the conflict, and we are not.” Goldwater’s words resonate today as Russia continues to fight the Cold War through the use of EMP weapons and its reliance on satellite states.

This article is worth reading in full. The bottom line can be found below:

President Obama was instrumental in assisting the Muslim Brotherhood emerge from the shadows and come to power. For example, over the strenuous objections of his hosts, Mr. Obama demanded that the Brotherhood’s representatives be included in his June 2009 “outreach to the Muslim world” address at al-Azhar University.

Less than two years later, Mr. Obama declared that Hosni Mubarak had to yield power within days of the Muslim Brotherhood’s operatives and other demonstrators taking to the streets demanding his overthrow. In the months that followed, his administration began “engaging” with the Brotherhood and its formal political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party.

Then, a few months ago, in the face of bipartisan objections from Capitol Hill, the Obama administration transferred $1.5 billion in a lump-sum, no-strings-attached grant to the Egyptian government. This occurred at a time when Muslim Brotherhood and allied “Salafist” legislators were in charge of its parliament and drawing up a new constitution.

Most recently, Mr. Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have welcomed the ascendancy of the Brotherhood’s Morsi. They are evidently considering giving tangible expression to that sentiment by accommodating his demand for the release the Blind Sheikh as they allowed Hani Noor Eldin, a top member of Abdul Raman’s terrorist Gema’a al-Islamiyaa organization, to enter the U.S. and discuss the idea with their subordinates.

Should Team Obama now take this step, it would have an absolutely devastating effect – and not just in Egypt, where it would validate America’s utter submission to the Brotherhood agenda. It will also be seen as further evidence that the global Islamist enterprise, of which the Brotherhood is the institutional and ideological vanguard, is succeeding in making the West – as the Quran puts it – “feel subdued.”

In short, the practical effect of “losing” Egypt in this way will be, pursuant to the doctrine of shariah, to invite a redoubled effort, including through the use of violence, to achieve the Brotherhood goals of imposing that totalitarian, repressive and supremacist code worldwide. President Barack Obama must be held accountable for the consequences.

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Caver said...

Just wow! Just Wow.

Suspect this our last Independence Day here, in more ways than one.

Scott, this is the only place that brings it all together....daily. Thank You!

Lord Jesus, we don't know this place anymore. When You have the whole flock, we're ready to "fly to the clouds to You!"

Anonymous said...

Caver said: ""...When You have the whole flock, we're ready to "fly to the clouds to You!"" By adding the letter heh (h) to Abram it gives us the root words Abr which means flight and hem or ham which means they. Meaning fly they will!Alternately, with the addition of the h, we get the verb brh which means to cut a covenant meaning ab-father,and brh- of the covenant (with God). Thanks Caver! I feel like a bird standing on the edge of the nest so ready to fly.

WVBORN56 said...

Agreed Caver. I go to several sites regularly and while they are good and helpful nothing comes close to what Scott does for the serious prophecy watcher. This is my first stop on the computer every day.

The emp attack would be devastating. We are so dependent on electrical appliances for everything in our lives that it would render us completely helpless.

For the sake of the persecuted church and all those longing to be with Jesus I too hope this is our last Independence Day!!


mary said...

hello everyone,
2 songs keep popping in my head....
"I'll fly away" and
"This world is not my home"
I too am soooooo ready. Everything around us and this country we live in just seems strange these days.Does anyone else feel like they are walking around in "a fog" lately?

Min said...

Matthew 16:25 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. I truly want to preserve my way life and expectations in the USA, but I know God's plan is greater than mine. So hard to know when to fight for freedoms and when to let it go. Praying for boldness to share the message until the end.

Scott said...

Thanks guys.....Its a pleasure....Every bit of news that is pertinent to prophecy - brings us one step closer to the ultimate goal - Jesus - and being in His presence.

Min - very very well stated. Thanks for that :) I agree

Anonymous said...

Wow! An EMP attack on us in Israel, that would fulfill the prophecy about the AC attacking "a nation of un-walled cities", and going in to take plunder! With our defence system down, we would indeed be without walls!
And I too have been telling the Lord these last few days,"I want to come home, Lord! This place is NOT mine! Its not my home! We are growing quite heartless as a nation, and I feel a sense of dread that Elohei Israel will have to act soon to wake us out of our callous slumber. Tavo Mashiach Yeshua! Bo!

Ally said...

Thank you so much Scott! In a world where you cant count on much, I can count on you.
I know I sound like a fruitcake sometimes to you guys, and thanks for bearin with me. I'm not though. I have spent a lot of time in the camp of the enemy and I have seen things and know things that are unfathomable to the average joe. I try not to talk about it much. But I am going too now. This is our last Independence day, wether here or at the wedding.
I always hesitate to say many things. I don't want people to fear. But if I don't tell you, then the blood is on my hands as the watchman. Dilema for sure.
I've been shown things, terrible things, unbelievable things. Things are happening right now under our very noses. We are almost at the end of the"normal".
These things have now been confirmed to me by another brother in Christ Jesus. If you aren't really walking with the Lord, NOW is the time to get straight. No playing around, no intentional sinning. The day is coming where it is going to be pitch black and if you arent sensitive to the Holy Spirit.......its gonna be bad.
He is with us and will NEVER LEAVE US or forsake us. But be prepared. Perilous time are almost upon us.
I love you and pray that our walk mayb be pleasing to him always. And that he strengthens our hearts and spirits in preparation for what us coming upon us quickly.
Amen and Maranatha!

Gary said...

Dear Ally:
I hope you're right!

hartdawg said...

Scott and everyone else, how long would electricity be restored were an emp to hit? the reason for asking is cuz with an emp it would be impossible for ac to enforce the mark, the whole earth to look on as the two witness are killed and resurrected....i don't see an emp except under the 5th bowl judgement when the throne of the beast is plunged to darkness

Anonymous said...

Ally that word doesn’t match God’s Word for the Church. Thats from superstision, and pagan mysticism, not from Scripture.

1Thess5:4 But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief.
5.You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness.

Jesus catching us up isn’t soon or near, its always been imminent. Test the spirits to see if they are of God. It is the lost that are in darkness, not the children of the heavenly Father through Christ Jesus His Son.

Whatsoever things are True, Noble Just, Pure, Lovely, Good Report. If there is any Virtue or Praiseworthy THINK ON THESE THINGS. Phil.4:8 and obey His written Word not fleshly dreams and false visions.

Caver said...

Correct me if I'm worng here, but I think two forms of darkness are under discussion here.

Spiritual darkness is one thing.

Physical darkness is another, and we certainly are not immune. If any one of several possibilities...maybe even probabilities.... occur we could well be in physical darkness.

Spiritual darkness.....I've never seen it so dark, but that's not us. Agreed.....but looking at all the souls running around so lost....its heartbreaking.

Ally said...

Hartdawg-Hi! That would depend greatly on where you are located and how prepared your local electric supplier is for it. A solar flare could take us out too. Several weeks to months. But you wont have to worry about gasoline because nobodys car will start. Lol. Unless you have a pre 1970's vehicle lying around somewhere. everything electrical or electronic will be fried. You can build a faraday cage for small electronics, look on line for instructions. You can build a big one for your car even :)
Im not too worried about that stuff. (whaaaaat?) Dont think its gonna happen. If they EMP us, they will be coming in right afterwards. Frankly, didn't want to say it before, but they are coming in anyway. Not sure when but rhey are coming. Lol. So if you want to learn a new language, Chinese or Russian would be the way to go. Thats part of why our ships are where they are, yes like shooting fish in a barrel. :(
The only way its not going to go down, is if the whole church in the U.S. Drops to her knees and prays fervently and truly repents. Like thats gonna happen :\ people here have no idea how much innocent blood is on the hands of this nation (and Im nit talking about abortion either) and how much other nations despise us. We the church haven't done ANYTHING to stop this free fall. All of a sudden, it is going to be disaster of unbelievable proportions! Oh people will cry out all right and a plenty, but it will be too late. How my heart has broken over this knowledge : (
God is not playing around. This is it! By the end of July/beginning if August, the evil is going to begin to manifest. We need to get every church, every believer possible to pray like they never have before! If we arent on the ball with this, our goose is cooked.
I know I sound harsh, and this is a fun celebratory day. And I'm bumming everybody out. But it wasn't very fun for all those men and women who gave their lives for this nation and freedom. And if we dont start praying and standing on the word, we are going to have a close up and personal experience of our own that is not going to be pretty.
Scott, I'm sorry if this was too intense to post. And if you remove it, I won't be offended in any way. I love you brother! We still have a little time but the window is closing rapidly.
I haven't read any of the books that are out now, I don't have many Christian friends so I haven't had to many people to talk with about this. But I listened to Steve Quayle's interview from this past Sunday with the Hagmann's from the Hagmann Report and I almist swallowed my tongue!!!!! He said pretty much exactly what the Holy Spirit has been showing me. Oh Jesus, help us! Show us Mercy!
How much more warning is he going to give, how much more time? Do you realize this last horrible storm formed over the city of Chicago and barreled straight through to D.C., the day after the Supreme Court Jydgement? Oh Lord, we cry out to you!!! He is getting ready to seperate the wheat from the tares. The corn is dying in the fields of the midwest from lack of rain, birds are falling from the sky, fish are dying by the millions, volcanos are waking up, earthquakes in diverse places, war and rumors of wars, and the end is not yet.
Yes, the rapture is coming! And I'm pretty much a pretribber now, but that bump up to the door of the tribulation has the potential to get ugly. I think how ugly depends on how much we pray and use our aurhority in Christ Jesus.
I love you so very very much!

Mike said...

Not sure the specifics that Ally is referring to, but there ARE many things going on behind the government, in world governing bodies, in things that are going to happening very very soon. I know people who know about these things hesitate to say specifically what, but that is a darkness that IS coming very soon.

As Christians, we will never be spiritually dark, and I agree Caver, I have never seen such spiritual darkness as there is today.

I pray the Lord comes before what is coming to this world very soon. I honestly never thought we would be here to see what we are seeing now, I assumed it would be during the tribulation. The plans and changes that are coming will effect us, Christian or not, unless the Lord removes us first.

The comforting part is that we DO know that the many tribulations told to us by John in Revelation we WILL escape! We just might go through some difficult situations prior to that.

I truly believe we are in the last moments of the church age....and month, any day, any second.......

Looking up constantly!!


P.S. I sent this link out today, as I believe it is very appropriate for the day, with a little commentary with it....I'll leave the commentary out, but this is a great contrast of why we are where we are as country our "leadership" with this leader....


GG said...

Hi Ally-

I can tell your pretty serious and I hear what you are saying. I have a sincere question though, truly sincere, Ok?

As someone mentioned above have you tested the spirits? Here is why I ask, it seems the messages should be reflecting something about salvation for the lost. Not that we can't get messages about other things, believe me. :)

I wonder what the message is. I am a little confused, can you help me with that. We don't want to be fearful right to the end. Fear is of the devil. We do want to be prepared but just as Jesus died he died with a purpose driven by his Father. If I am understanding this right we would only be preparing to be in mass chaos so what prayer would this messenger like to see to possibly turn things around? Aren't the wheels in motion and we shall witness and pray for the loss as well as our safety to the very end? We want to be of great faith, which I don't doubt that in you at all. I guess I am confused about the message given to you and it's purpose.

Hang in there I am sure things are going to get bad but we have God on our side and he has not foresaken us up until now, so I have to believe he will not leave us at the end.

God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

WOW, alot of comments, I basically
was skimming over them all.

AND YET, stocks refuse to go DOWN.
Yeah, the dow is down in futures
trading tonite, BUT very little.
As stated previously, the "end"
that many expect here is still
not READY to happen.

IF I saw even ONE time where the dow
cracked 12, 400 on the downside i
would agree we are at the door,


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

JUST got done doing an EWI check
on the grain markets. and to
make it worse, the NWS (Weather)
for the USA in grain growing ares.

If grains should SPIKE with the dollar getting bulled, it will
become next to IMPOSSIBLE for many
people in poor countries to eat.

Very dangerous.

and here in the USA, many would
DISREGARD I phones and I pads...

is not EATING more critical ??

what I am saying is that AAPL is
due for a monster crash.
and if that goes, SO DOES THE DOW.

If corn is bid at 10 a bushel and
we have 20 buck soybeans, trust me,
people will NOT have money for
i pads and I phones any more.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ally said...

Well at least Mike gets it. I wrote a huge response only for it to be eaten by the phone.
Look, read the olivet discourse, its for us. 2 Timothy 3:1 This know also, that in rhe last days perilous times shall come.
Perilous-dangerous. Will come-not might come!
Look, America is in the shape its in because our lukewarm playing games church didnt do their job! Jesus said he is going to spew them out of his mouth. Why do we think as Americans Christians we simehow are going to escape real persecution? That Jesus is gonna snap his fingers and up we go from the front seat of our SUV's? What a sinful, idolatrous nation we have! Do you realize how much blood we have on our hands, innocent blood and that isn't even including abortion?
I can't begin to tell you the things going on. You wouldn't believe me anyway.Hard hearted, hard headed, haughty, foolish ignorant people in this nation. Its coming. Believe me or not, doesn't matter. Unless we prostate ourselves before God and repent for this nation, it's over.
You think God is not going to hold us responsible for what we have allowed this nation to do? Rain falls on the just and unjust alike.
Yes, this isn't happy thoughts. and I wouldprefer not to think about this stuff. Really I would rather do a whole lot other stuff, but there is no time. Life as we know it is getting ready to change in ways you cant even begin to umagine.

Ally said...

GG-I am begging people to kneel down and cry out Abba Father, have mercy, forgive us, heal this nation andpray for for the lost. I know you and many others already do, but many don't.
Jesus won't leave us personally but as for our nation, it's looking bad. Really bad :(
It is approaching at breakneck speed! What seems on the surface to be poor planning is really a deliberate sacrifice to satan. There is a purposefull deconstruction that is occuring. Look at the pony poo that is being taught in most of the churches today. Doctrines of demons. How many Christians can even recognize a demon possessed man nowadays, they fill our pulpits and high offices across our nation! Much less cast one out! And how did they get there, really? I guess we were ti busy thinking happy thoughts!
How many are really fighting and battling against powers and principalities of darkness? No, they are wrestling with flesh and bkood unstead!
Guys, there is a war going in the heavenlies right now and ready or not, its going to be right in our faces shortly. The cop in miami that had to kill rhe flesh eating attacker, oh he saw it, wether he was a christian or not. Toxicology report, no drugs that would elicit that type of behavior. And the situation is occurring all over the world now. Its not a drug. Its demonic. The evil side is sacrificing left and right to gaun more power while we sit and twiddle our thumbs.
Please try to get more of us on board and pray, warn people whats coming. Be ready for whats coming.
Yeshua is with us! But we must do our part!

GG said...

Hi Ally-

Please understand I mean no harm, I promise. I am sure you can see that. I do see and get What you are saying. I wasn't sure if it was something greater than what you stated to come.

I am with you, we all need to pray and realize we are and have been blessed by the almighty hand of God working with the help of the HS on our behalf. I suspect many worse things should or could have happened to us but we are blessed with protection. You are exactly right in saying we must be praying and keep praying to drive away those forces of darkness that try to consume us daily. I do believe we are going to need the word more than ever in the months ahead. We should have our bibles handy because prayer, faith, and praise is what we will need to get through a lot of this as we secure a hedge of protection around our families and lives.

The greatest act and gift of love is to witness and help as many people as we can right up until the minute we go home. I have felt for quite sometime the Lord is asking us to step away from those things that do not serve him. We must use discernment in what we take in and what we read,see and hear as it will be muddled with lies too. :)

I think your message was for both the lost and the saved but I wasn't sure at the time. Thanks for clarifying that. I just had to ask to make sure I wasn't missing something worse that was to happen prior to going home. I guess one can say for me, I am at such peace and excitement to go. I am not afraid, again I know that is just me, we all are different. I can see me praising and thanking Jesus in the face of danger because I know in the near moment of his choosing, I shall be with him forever :)

I am not good with revelations so that is why I had to ask in case I was missing something critical. You stay safe, keep praying and witnessing as you do and spread that wonderful message. I am praying so many will come to see this wonderful gift of salvation that we have been given, especially when things get harder in the days ahead. I will be praying for you, I promise, it will all be over very soon.

God Bless!!

Ally said...

Oh GG-your heart is so sweet! I'm so glad to know you and so many others here! I just see so many lost people, and so many playing with God, who really dont realize the direness of the sityation!
There are so few shepards that are true. So many sheep headed over the cliff without a clue, trusting in man and not God! Thinking everythung is ok.
How blind this sad world is.
yes, he is coming soon.

Anonymous said...

But not yet as some on this blog
are rapture...ect.

THERE IS STILL NO solid evidence
that bulls are IN ANY WAY starting
to panic. I could see that there
would BE CAUSE for concern IF EWI
counts showed it, but NOT yet.

Stocks may still RALLY BIG to the
upside and then the END would
REALLY be delayed.

I need to see MORE evidence that
the time has come. I am JUST not
seeing that.....I am NOT about to
go around like chicken little and
then get laughed at later.

i will WAIT for solid proof from
the EWI counts.

Others can do what they want, fine by me.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Stephen..Please know and understand that the stock market has nothing to do with the Rapture..nothing..notta. AFTER the rapture then they will fall big time..but not necessarly before.

What makes you think it is prior to the Rapture? Where in the Bible are we to watch for that? I don't understand where you are coming from..but..I love ya brother!

Anonymous said...

The Church is only in the dark when being deceived by false words which is why we have to test the spirit. Ally your view on this makes mockery of our instructions in Phil 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things [are] noble, whatever things [are] just, whatever things [are] pure, whatever things [are] lovely, whatever things [are] of good report, if [there is] any virtue and if [there is] anything praiseworthy--meditate on these things.

Your message is miserable and takes us away from what is real – the eternal light. 2Cor 4&5. Now is only temporary, it’s the eternal light in Jesus we need to think on the rest, is to always pray for the lost and to encourage one another especially as the day draws near. Looking at the flesh and darkness is soul destroying because bad, ugly, vile things are happening all the time all around this world. Only Christians have the choice to look to Jesus the light of the world who cannot even begin to imagine what His light is like. Look away unto Jesus is God’s Word, never as you have portrayed it.
The rapture was expected by Paul and we need to follow that example, never markets which is not in the Bible anywhere.

GG said...

Hi Anon~

Now that answer surely isn't Christ like. If any of our Brothers and Sisters are lost it is our job to pull together and show them how their thinking may or may not be off track according to the word.

It is not our job to slam them with insults. I don't know Ally's situation but first we need to understand her sphere of influence. If one is surrounded by these outside temptations and influences, including the internet, things can become reality when they are not. We need to work together to help one another, not attack.

I was unsure as to where she was going but had a kind conversation with her to find out. That is what we are to do otherwise we are no different than those who are of this world. I hope you reconsider your attacks and hiding behind that anon status to take a cruel shot at someone who does have a big heart but could not express herself the way she had hoped. If you re-read them you will see that.

Wishing nothing but peace.

God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

GG peace to you as well.

Cheap shot? Is His Word ever cheap? Insults? Declaring what is actually written is an insult? Attack? For revealing the truth in God's Word. Since when?

It is selfish, cruel and unBiblical not to correct a false word so all can learn and beware. To go with dreams, visions, feelings and reject what Christ has actually written is a slap in the face for His precious Word that the Holy Spirit upholds, and will always uphold to the very end. That’s the only way we can each know what is kosher and what isn't. I'll not argue, but it needs to be said that by agreeing with error, any error just for the sake of 'peace', makes us a part of it.

Why do you accuse and convict me for choosing to use the valid term Anonymous? It is no different from your own GG, or Ally, or whoever - you obviously desire to be unknown, so do I, and at least I am being totally honest about my anonymity by not giving a false name.
Actually, I can sense aggression in your tone regardless of the ‘blessings’; so I shan’t stay around to acknowledge your response to my question.

Jesus is coming any minute, I shall let Him sort this out at the Bema seat.

GG said...


We are not going around about this. The only aggression is your perception of this intent. Your post shows agitation and a lack of patience as a sister/brother in Christ, but I am not surprised as I am aware who this is.

We must help not attack. If being kind a loving is wrong then wrong I shall be in your eyes because love isn't cruel. Your post also reflects as normal the segways leading into the market and your ongoing disdain because Stephen posts. So, we will agree to disagree on this one as the Lord knows the true intents from the outset.

Have a blessed day!


Mrs.C said...

Amen Sister GG, Amen...yes indeed so obvious as to whom it is...

Mrs.C said...

Hi Sister Ally,:)
God is bigger than anything that is happening down here, and there is NOTHING He doesnt know. He knows the number of hairs on your head, when even a Sparrow falls from a tree, and most importantly, He knows whats in the hearts of all. Hold on to the Promises He has made to each and every one of us! He will NEVER leave us or forsake us, He is for us so NO ONE can be against us in this entire Universe! He causes ALL things to work for the good, to those that love Him. NO weapon can be formed against us. Yes Sister, things are getting a wee crazy out there, but He told us they would. And Jesus was always saying "fear not" "fear not".
Ya know, Peter was quite aware of all the storms around him, and when he began to focus on them ever so briefly, fear entered and he began to sink. Yet immediately when Peter looked to Jesus, he was safe! So it is with us. We know whats happening all around us, and in our weaknesses, we can be drawn to look at the "storms". Its so important for us, and draws us so much closer to our Lord, when we look to Him, seek Him with all our hearts and Souls. He Promises, that when we draw close to Him, He draws close to us! I am reminded of our ancient Brothers and Sisters. They knew the absolute torture of the Coliseum. They witnessed the brutality, the horror! Yet they Prayed on the way to their death, and even sang Psalms! Wow! Such Faith, such courage! Im sure they would say, it was not of them, but of Jesus Himself that allowed them to have the absence of fear. WOW!
Our modern day lives are not even close to what they went through.
We will all get to meet them some day! What an honor!

Hang there Sister, it will ALL be ok :)

Anonymous said...

oh brother

Mrs.C said...

Oh, just to easy your mind Sister Ally :) Your comments the other day about whats happening with the nuke plants in Japan. The MSM did cover the protests, it was in main sources, so it was covered. The protests were not out of fear that at that moment the Reactor #4 was melting down. The protests were because they were STARTING UP TWO RECATORS, number 3 and 4. They wouldnt be starting up Reactor #4 if it was in the process of melting down.
The reason for the reactivating of both nuke sites, is to meet the summer demands for power.
Hope that eases your mind on that subject...:)

Anonymous said...

You know, I think the Anon. around here..myself included..(not the same as above, but I will make up a name if you would like.) I think we feel excluded from this group. If we make a comment that is correcting someones attitude, or someone's interpertaion of scripture or what not, then we get chastised by the Regulars. They are regulars here, and people who read, but often do not make comments.
When they do make one, then they often get chastised or rebuked even when what they have said is said in love. We are all different..but it doesn't make us not brothers and sisters in Christ.The ONE thing that matters the most to Christ is LOVE.

Test the spirit as someone said above is always good advise..that is why Paul advised us all to do that.

Anyway, I love all of you guys. We will all see each other soon. But then I know that we will be so overwhelmed with incredible love that none of this nonsense said to one another will matter.

Alley, you have such a wonderful spirit. Your heart is a Godly heart of love and concern for the lost which I admire very much. God bless you sister. God bless each and every sister and brother in Christ.

We don't have to agree on things, that is ok. Doesn't make us unsaved. Christ loves us the same even if we don't agree on things.

Scott ..your blog is so good. I love it.
Much love to all of you!

Ally said...

GG and Mrs. C-thank you very much. Most people are so wrapped up in daily lives...I feel like I am at a very busy airport, people milling around rushing for snacks, or the bathroom, or trying to reach their terminal in time. And I'm just standing there, looking out this big plate glass window at a jumbo jet, people are lined up waiting to board. And I know there is a mechanical problem with that plane and its not goung to make it and I'm trying desperately to warn people, don't get on, take rhe next flight. People laugh at me, or look at their watches, maybeOne or two listen, maybe.
There were people who left Germany in time, they saw it, but most didn't. Couldn't believe it woyld happen.
I see it now. People are leaving, renouncing their citizenship. The news says its high taxes. Its not. Its because they have money, can leave easily, are high enough up to know rhe plans but not high enough up to be gaureenteed protection from whats coming.
But really Mrs. C, I don't think anywhere is safe. There is no place to run too this time. Oh, I think we could garner time,take a long vacation. But worldwide funanciak collapse isnt a great time to travel. But it might be preferable to being in a warzone
Just Jesus, thats the only safe place. Just like the Coliseum Christians. I think you understand. I think you see whats coming. I think you are just more reconciled to it than I am currently. I'm not afraid of death but I really dislike pain.
Also about Japan. They are starting up a different reactor not the ones at Fukushima. The ones at Fukushima will never run again. I'm just letting you know. Workers still cant be inside for more than 20 minutes at a time and they cant get anything stabilized. What a mess over there.
Yes Jesus is coming, but it cant come fast enough for me!

WVBORN56 said...

We had an x-Hells Angel gang member come to our church several years ago and he told this is only one way a member was allowed to leave the gang and that was by death. Well of course when he came to the Lord and he left they put a death threat on his life. He actually had a gun to his head at least once and the assasian also came to the Lord. He left it all in God's hands. As he said even if he were to die, "instant death = instant glory" I loved his heart and his courage and above all I loved his perspective. His eyes were on Jesus. The same is true for us. We do not know what tomorrow holds but we know who holds the key.

As a personal aside Ally, I still am a firm believer that we depart prior to much of the really bad stuff starts. Revelation chapeter 6 indicates that it takes a days wages to buy a loaf of bread and we are long gone before chapter 6 arrives.

I am listening to the Hagmann report with Steve Quayle as their guest. It is pretty interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing the video link.

PS I fianlly have my surgery date scheduled on the 19th. I guess I come down a day early to meet the doc. Insurance approved. Thank you Jesus!

Ally said...

Hi anon! Please don't feel excluded. We love everyone here! Big group hug! I'm only a regular cuz I jumped in the big pond. As you can tell, I put myself outhere, warts n all. We are here to learn from each other :) and to watch for Yeshua's return! Nice to meet you!

Ally said...

Wooohoooo! WV, if Scott and the Cavers are coming to meet you before hand please let me know so I can try and slide down there too. I'm so excited for you. You are going to feel so much better afterwards! I had a friends (several now) who have had it done. But this one friend was so bad off they werent sure he would even survive the surgery. I was with him in recovery room and the first words out of his mouth were I feel so much better. You dont realize how much your heart pumping right again makes you feel til its done! Bright eyed and bushytailed.

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks for using your gift of encouragment Ally. You are a ray of sunshine! :)

Waterer said...

WV, I want to come see you too! Defiunately we will all be praying.
Today I needed to send a list of songs to our main worship leaders for our Summer series at Aqueduct. I had been musing on the letters here from last night. That balance of trust and perseverence into Christ's love and perseverence.. The mix of obeying God by focusing on the eternal, lovely things and yet seeing with real eyes the tempatations that are coming that we should be in prayer about.
Anyway, the list I typed, just made me rejoice as the lyrics and tunes started going through me. I thought I would put the list here, because, you cannot help but rejoice in the glorious Presence of our Father. The love songs through the ages, remind us of our unity in Him.If any in the area want to join us every or any Tuesday in July at the Aqueduct conf ]center in Chapel Hill NC at 7 starting next week, the WORSHIP is deep and true, beautiful. no amplifiers, just piano, violin and many voices raised to Him. It is my favorite time of year. You would be welcome. We are looking at joy and the walk faith ( Philippians) will be our backbone.
Scott and his family ususally come and I look forward to many faces that we only see that time of year. It is strengthening to be under that roof in praise.

Waterer said...

I realize that saying Scott and his famly may come could be making him a star which he would hate. He is a brother and it encourages me that this community even on the wwweb is still a part of the Body. I mean to say that you are all welcome and it feels like home.The song list is just too long..

Ally said...

Can u upload them all to a link? Then I can listen everynight when sleep evades me. I have this odd feeling we are going to meet very soon. Yay! I'm excited!

gearedup2go said...

WV, so thankful that you are going to have your surgery. Keeping you in prayer as you prepare in the coming days. You'll be able to keep up with little Sam after your tune up.

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks guys for your thoughtful consideration and prayers! God is good! I'm at peace and look forward to the tune-up. :)

Waterer said...


I can be reached at info@freshwaterministries
SEnd me your address and I'll mail you the hard copy with all the words..

Praying for you and hoping that we all finish our lives here strong in hope and bold expectation.

Waterer said...