Sunday, July 29, 2012

Israel Today: U.S. Sees Israeli Strike On Iran In October

This article bolsters what we were reading last week:

A senior and widely respected analyst with Israel's Channel 2 News said in Friday's pre-Shabbat newscast that top American officials have become convinced that Israel will launch a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities in October, just one month before the US presidential election.

Ehud Yaari had just returned from a trip to Washington, where he told viewers that he had met with "the people one needs to talk with about this matter," and that "my impression is that the Americans are convinced that there is very high chance that Israel will decide to attack in Iran before the elections in the US."

According to Yaari, American officials see an Israeli strike on Iran as almost a foregone conclusion, and are focusing on their response to the possible outcomes of such an action.

Israel's Ha'aretz daily newspaper reported on Sunday that the Obama Administration had recently briefed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on its own back-up plan to bomb Iran should ongoing international diplomatic efforts fail.

An unnamed American official cited by the newspaper suggested that the Obama White House was increasingly seeing the futility of the diplomatic tug-of-war between Iran and the international community, and was working feverishly to put together a viable attack plan.

That source said that Netanyahu had received a detailed overview of the developing American attack plan and the weapons that would be brought to bear on Iran's nuclear facilities should it be enacted.

Last week, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak stated that as much as both Israel and the US may want to avoid striking Iran, attacking its nuclear program now would be far less costly and deadly than dealing with a nuclear-armed Iran in the future.

"It is perfectly clear to me that dealing with this challenge when it matures, if it matures, will be inestimably more complex, inestimably more dangerous and inestimably more costly in human life and resources," Barak said during a ceremony for the graduating class of Israel's National Defense College.


WVBORN56 said...

I'm never entirely sure what to make of these articles predicting specific dates. I guess it is part of keeping your enemy off guard and guessing. Maybe it is a message to your own population to be ready. At any rate it puts Israel in the crosshairs and I still keep thinking Isaiah 17 is next up. Assad has to be getting pretty nervous if not already desperate.

Scott said...

Wv - how are ya feeling? You back home now?

I agree though, its really hard to understand these dates, although Oct sure seems to have been popping up a lot lately.

Hope you are doing well!!!

WVBORN56 said...

Scott, doing very well. Yes we returned home Thursday. Actually the only thing still hurting and it is minimal is the right lung they collapsed to work on the mitral valve. The robotic surgery is simply amazing. No broken breast bone to recover from, Yeah! I'm still a bit weak and fatigued itis only 10 days out. God is so good and faithful. I am still ever ready and hopeful for a soon return of our Lord. The wedding and honeyoon will be more than we could ever imagine! Come Lord Jesus!

Scott said...

Amen to that! Glad to hear of your awesome recovery!

WVBORN56 said...

I also wanted to comment on the comment section of the article in the Israel Today article. Wow, just check out the hate for believrs God's word and Israel. We will be leaving soon but Israel will be left here to face the complete ire of the world combined. Fortunately for them God is on their side but we know they still suffer greatly. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem!

Scott said...

WV - same thoughts here as far as the comments section. The hatred for Israel is supernatural.