Monday, July 2, 2012

IAF Strikes Hezbollah In Southern Lebanon

This has the potential for being very big news out of the Middle East:

The Israel Air Force bombed an intelligence-gathering devicein southern Lebanon on Monday, according to Lebanesemedia reports.

One of the reports claimed that the attack was carried out by an air-to-surface missile which struck a “device” between the southern towns of Zrariyeh and Tayr Filsay.

Al Manar TV said that the attack targeted a device that had been installed on a Hezbollah telecommunications cable. Naharnet said that Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati asked UNIFIL to investigate the bombing.

In response to the reports, the IDF issued a statement saying: “We do not comment on foreign news reports.”

According to Hizbullah's al-Manar TV, Israeli warplanes fired at a target in southern Lebanon on Monday.

“The enemy detonated an explosive device remotely against a telecommunication line in Zrariyeh” village, the Hizbullah television station reported.

The IAF aircraft reportedly struck a site used by the Hizbullah near the town of Zira in southern Lebanon.

Hizbullah, a Shiite Muslim militant organization backed by Syria and Iran and designated a terrorist group by the US. last fought Israel in a month-long conflict in 2006.

The terror group immediately closed the area to ensure reporters, security forces, and peacekeepers could not survey the damage.

Lebanese emergency personnel were reportedly barred from the site, preventing them from treating those potentially wounded in the strike.

Hizbullah officials also refused to comment on the incident.

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) said it was looking into the report.

Our military on the ground are checking these reports about the alleged explosion,” UNIFIL spokesman Andrea Tenenti told reporters.

IDF officials said the army declines to comment on foreign news reports as a matter of policy.

This most recent action on the part of the IAF may or my not lead to anything, but in the powder-keg anything is possible. This evolving situation os worth watching very closely for any developments.


Caver said...

Sounds like is was pretty classified...whatever it was.

Now, what was that Russian contingent of peace keeping forces....communication experts wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Market still looks bullish...

nothing new.....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(end to be delayed yet again)

Anonymous said...

It all depends if Nasrallah wants to gets his panties in a twist over it. We haven't heard anything about it yet. IDF eyes are glued on the northern border anyway.

Ally said...

4a.m. East coast time. The earthchanges are cranking up. People who rarely share their faith are sharing. Doors are opening, hearts are opening. People are beginning to get nervous.
Israeli friend-keep sharing. You are our feet on the ground in Yeshua's home town ; )
Guys, get ready! I do believe it is getting ready to go down very soon. The Lord is our protector and provider. Selah!
Have mercy on your people!

WVBORN56 said...

Ally do you ever sleep? :)

Everybody around me here in WV has lost power. Somehow my town was spared. Yesterday I think 400k still with out power. An emp attack would not be pleasant!

Tiger Woods and company coming to the Greenbrier for a big PGA tournament this weekend here in WV. The golf course is scrambling to remove hundreds of downed trees and regain power in time for the crush of people coming. It is not everyday our little state gets the attention of the world. This reminds me of the days of as usual...


Ann Marie said...

It makes me think that if something BIG' happens just prior to the Olympics, folks will want to continue with the GAMES


WVBORN56 said...

Ann Marie, I never thought of the Olympics but the rapture would throw a big monkey wrench in those plans. The whole world will be anticipating, waiting and watching the games. They are one of the few things man has done well.(Maybe not I just thought of Hitler, the Russians and the Chinese propensity to cheat) lol

I have been glued to the TV for the American team qualifying events the past week. I know a number of the USA track and field atheletes are believers as they gave testimony to the Lord for their achievments. Our team would be decimated as well as much of our population when the rapture hits. America will be a hurtin for certain!