Thursday, September 23, 2010

News From Bizarro World

I just don't know how else to title today's news. I can accept the usual end-times upside-down, "good-is-bad, bad-is-good", crazy news which is understood during these days, but today's news goes beyond the norm.

Maybe he was joking around, and somehow I missed the joke:

"Bill Clinton: Russian immigrants 'obstacle to peace'"

Huh? Did I read that right?
Before proceeding - recall that God's prophets informed us that the Jews would return to their homeland from the four corners of the earth - it is not only expected, but God Himself dictated this. Just a reminder before looking at this absurd article:

Russian immigrants to Israel are one of the main obstacles to reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians, former US President Bill Clinton said Tuesday to reporters in New York, according to Foreign Policy magazine.

Clinton expressed his fear that the large numbers of Russian immigrants and settlers serving in the IDF will make it hard for the army to confront the settlers if this should be required. An increasing number of IDF soldiers are children of Russians and settlers, who are those most strongly opposed to dividing the land, the former president said. He noted this was a serious problem, and that Israel had changed – some 16% of Israelis now speak Russian.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday evening said the remarks attributed to the former US president were 'distressing.'

Let me see if I understand this. It isn't the terrorist groups (well, and the "mainstream" groups for that matter) who refuse to accept Israel as a nation, or the terrorist groups who have been launching missiles into civilian areas within Israel, or the surrounding nations who are arming to the teeth with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons all while calling for the destruction of Israel. Nope - none of that is the problem. its those pesky Jews who have returned to their homeland from Russia. OK, I got it now. Lets proceed:

Clinton said the Russian immigrants constitute the group least interested in a peace agreement with the Palestinians. They have only just arrived, see the State as their own and are committed to its future, he explained, and they cannot imagine any historical claim which justifies division of the land.

Well, actually Bill, neither can God, but I digress.

The Jerusalem Post has also picked up this story:

"Bill Clinton claims Russian immigrants obstacle to peace"

More news from Bizarro World. I copied this next story, not for the content but for the photo contained in the article. Anytime I see the EU parliament building in Brussels, it reminds me of what we are REALLY dealing with - a spiritual war which is reaching its pinnacle as we approach the Tribulation. Remember - the EU built this building INTENTIONALLY - to look like the Tower of Babel (well, at least the popular artist's renditions of the Tower):

"Tower Building in Brussels"

Only in bizarro world would the largest consolidation of countries overtly put together a structure such as this. In my humble opinion, this is basically the same as giving "the finger" to God. And it doesn't even get discussion outside of prophecy circles. Only in Bizarro World.

Continuing this thought process - we see the main world-wide "peace activist" (sarcasm) once again giving a speech to the UN:

"Speeches from Obama, Ahmadinejad to top UN session"

It should be interesting however. There is no telling what Ahmadinejad will say this afternoon.

Sometimes it really is like being dropped into a parallel universe. Or perhaps some very strange dream - one in which you wake up and immediately tell your spouse "hey, honey, you won't BELIEVE the dream I just had! Ahmadinejad is addressing the UN and Bill Clinton blames the Middle East problems on Jewish immigrants in Israel!! How crazy was THAT dream?"

But this is our new reality and we see such stories almost every day.

Bizarro World - that's where we are. I suppose such news and events seems perfectly normal for those folks who lack the presence of the Holy Spirit. Maybe that's how things are divided now. In these last days, people who do not have the Holy Spirit are seemingly unable to see any truth or reality in this world; meanwhile we look at these same events and happenings in complete and utter disbelief.

As stated so many times, this phenomenon will continue to worsen as we approach the Tribulation.

After all, it is Bizarro World.


Anonymous said...

hey Scott...

you have such a gift in reading the news and translating into prophesy time and end of days. I have had you on my fav bar for a long time and look forward to each day seeing IF you have posted what's going on in the world for us.

This world is so upside down! wrong is right and right is wrong. It just boggles my mind how these people in the world see things so utterly different then we do. and you stated it well today! The Holy Spirit gives us the ability to continue to see clearly. and know the truth. I have wondered IF the world is already being "decieved" as the bible says. Or if satan is soo strong around people that they can't see the light of day.

Thank you for your continued dedication in maintaining this blog! You are a MUST READ for me each day. Keep up the GREAT work! Just wanted you to know you have had a long time fan that has never said anything. Kathy

hartdawg said...

not to speak for scott but as the world already being decieved the answer is yes and no. yes, because it says how the god of this age has blinded peoples minds. no because the strong delusion in 2 thess the 2nd chapter says they will believe THE lie. a specific lie. it says they did not love the truth (jesus is the truth) so they will believe the (a certain) lie. i think the lie is satans messiah. a counterfiet christ.

hartdawg said...

so, satan is in fact strong enough and with God handing people over they cant see the light of day. make sense?

Scott said...

Thanks so much for the words of encouragement, it sure means a lot, it really does. And you put it perfectly - "The holy spirit gives us the ability to continue to see clearly and know the truth" - indeed !
And by the same token, those w/o the presence of the Holy Spirit and continually deceived. The contrast is stark.

This is the only explanation, as nothing else makes any sense.

DrNofog said...

Scott said 2 Kathy...

"This is the only explanation, as nothing else makes any sense."

If this is becoming so true, so strong now, how much more compelling will be "The Strong Delusion" in the Tribulation?!?... God have mercy, and deliver many of them!

hartdawg said...

what`s up dr nofog? you gonna be visiting here and again? its been awhile.

DrNofog said...

Yeah, I made my reappearance here:

and a prayer request here: