Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More News...

Prophecy related news are coming in these days in waves. Here is a sample of today's news:

First, what many of us predicted is now confirmed:

"Hamas claims responsibility for shooting attack"

Hamas claimed full responsibility for the lethal shooting attack in south Mount Hebron Tuesday in which four Israelis were killed

Spokesman of Islamist group's military wing says lethal Mount Hebron attack was first in series of attacks; adds terrorists who carried out shooting returned safely to their bases.

He further noted, "This attack is a chain in a series of attacks, some have been executed, and others will follow."

Note the comment above: "This attack was first in a series of attacks...a chain in a series of attacks...others will follow". Just as predicted.

Now we turn to the root of evil in the region: Iran:

"US Intel: Tehran pushes Hizballah hard to attack Israel"

Western intelligence and Persian Gulf sources report that on August 30, Hizballah put its forces on a state of war alert and issued a partial call-up of reservists. According to DEBKAfile's military sources, Hizballah appears to be preparing a major attack on Israel straight after the ceremonial start of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in Washington Thursday Sept. 2.

A second target date is the Jewish New Year festival starting on Sept. 8. The pressure from Tehran for the Lebanese Shiite terrorists to strike Israel has intensified in the wake of the example the Palestinian Hamas gave Tuesday night Aug. 31 in the drive-by murder of four Israeli civilians on a road near Hebron.

A large-scale attack appears to be in the works judging by the heavy influx of armed Hizballah units to southern Lebanon in the last few days. Our military sources report that they include special units trained especially for deep-strike incursions into northern Israel in response to Israeli counter-attacks.

It looks like Iran has even greater ambitions than previously considered:

"Iran May Take Over Persian Gulf"

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, an expert on Arab politics and Islamic Fundamentalism at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies warns that Iran may be planning a full takeover of Persian Gulf states. He is also concerned that Hizbullah terrorists in Lebanon may try to build a nuclear reactor similar to Iran's Bushehr reactor, and obtain atomic weapons that could be used against Israel.

Arab states in the Gulf believe that Iran's saber-rattling and aggressive statements towards Israel are actually a decoy, aimed at shifting the focus from its real purpose, a full takeover of the oil and gas-rich Persian Gulf. Kedar says that the Arab states remember Iran's takeover of three Persian Gulf islands, and also its claims that Bahrain belongs historically to Iran. recent years, tens of thousands of Iranian citizens have immigrated to other Arab states in the Gulf. Kedar says that Arab leaders fear that many of these ex-Iranians are actually sleeper cells, who, when activated, could supply Iran with the necessary intelligence information to successfully stage an attack on Arab Gulf states.

Kedar adds that the purpose behind Iran's revealing of its new unmanned plane last week, was to warn Arab Gulf states not to dare help Israel or the U.S. in an attack on Iran, or to let Israeli or U.S. jets fly over their air space. Such an unmanned plane, says Kedar, could potentially enable Iran to hit any major target in the Gulf states, and Iran's message to those states is clear: "do not cooperate with an attack on us."

Pajamas Media offers an interesting perspective on the upcoming peace talks:

"Peace Talks That Lead Nowhere"

Apart from possible intra-Palestinian strife on the West Bank that would undoubtedly spill over into anti-Israeli terror attacks, adding still more to Israel’s security burden, Iran and allies Syria, Hizbullah, and Hamas actually fiercely oppose purported Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts and will use terror to derail them.

Already Tuesday night four Israeli civilians were killed in a shooting ambush on the West Bank for which Hamas claimed responsibility. The conventional piety that “sacrifices” are worth it on the way to peace, always morally repugnant, rings all the more hollow when peace is so chimerical.

Many commentators have exposed the fallacies behind the Obama administration’s relentless pursuit of these talks. Cal Thomas notes that all such efforts to resolve what is now called the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict” through talks and agreements — going back to 1936 and earlier — have not only failed but resulted in intensified Palestinian and Arab violence. Efraim Karsh underlines the fact that Abbas and his Fatah movement remain as adamantly opposed to Israel’s existence as Yasser Arafat was and as Hamas is today.

Nothing like a little dose of reality and truth in this age of lies and deception (see earlier post below "Lies and Deception II").

These peace talks should prove to be most interesting; not in terms of the actual meetings which will be held, but what happens in the Middle East. The epicenter - where the action is now, and will be from now until the Second Coming.

Rest assured, the only "peace" that will come, will be brought forth by antichrist (and it will be a "false peace"). It is almost impossible to envision any true peace deal coming at this time - everyone involved seems to know this, yet they go through the motions anyway.

It is hard to imagine any tangible peace deal agreed upon, until after the battle of Gog-MaGog has taken place. After that epic battle, the surrounding terrorist groups will have been virtually eliminated, and the conditions for a peace deal in the region will finally be ripe.

And that presents a golden opportunity for the biblical figure known as the antichrist to emerge.


hartdawg said...

yup! violence just as was predicted. i`d like to see how the international community can somehow blame isreal. i imagine they`ll think of something.

Scott said...

Yep - right on schedule. Now we will see what they have in store next.