Monday, September 27, 2010

More Terror Looms as Talks Break Down

As expected, the talks break down and more violence is anticipated. Debka provides an update from the Middle East:

"Direct Talks Collapse - One Up for Hamas, Hizballah"

US and Israel skirted around admitting that direct Israel-Palestinian dialogue had foundered after 26 days Sunday, Sept. 26, as Israel's 10-month moratorium on settlement construction on the West Bank expired.

These talks, such as they were, generated three important Middle East developments - none of them conducting to the comprehensive peace the Obama administration has been striving for: Hamas is preparing to go to the next, expanded phase of its terror campaign which has already claimed four Israel lives; Egypt and Syria are patching up their quarrel and the two terrorist organizations, Hamas and Hizballah, are crowing.

Fatah officials and the Egyptian Arab League secretary put all the blame for the talks collapsing on the Netanyahu government's refusal to extend the West Bank building freeze.
Defense minister Ehud Barak spoke of a 50-50 chance of a deal on the settlements and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called on the settlers to exercise restraint.

The breakdown of the talks was widely predicted by every seasoned Middle East hand

Washington may go back for another try to restart the talks in a few weeks or months, but the process has already had a negative impact in the region, hardening the moderates and strengthening the rejectionists:

So what is the bottom line?

The summary is below and it is very predictable:

1. Israel is bracing for a fresh round of terror in the light of Hamas threats;

2. The feuding Fatah and Hamas are talking again, a process that will force Mahmoud Abbas into continuing to harden his posture;

3. Egypt and Israel have drawn apart on the Palestinian issue;

4. Cairo and Damascus have begun talks to bury the hatchet.

All four developments are a triumph for the Middle East radical camp and strengthen the hands of Hizballah and Hamas.

Indeed. As mentioned yesterday - peace most likely won't come until after the Gog-MaGog battle of Ezekiel 38-39. Until then there is absolutely no motivation for the Islamic terrorists to agree to any peace deal. They have now armed up to the max, and they are ready for battle - see Hudna - which is the main reason for any false peace agreement by the terrorists. This period of relative peace has ended and now that Hezbollah/Lebanon, Syria and Hamas have been armed and ready for battle - the only scenario left is war.

War will erupt soon, and when it does, the cascade of prophetic events will quickly follow. I believe the ONLY thing that has prevented full-scale war in the region is the hand of God. Future events will only happen according to His divine timeline - at His perfect timing.

The main question for a follower of Jesus is - how much will we actually witness before the gathering up of the Church?

It's anybody's guess. Meanwhile we watch, and I, for one, actually try and learn some patience - something I wasn't exactly gifted with. In daily Bible reading I recently stumbled across this passage which is very germane to a prophecy watcher in these last days:

"Be patient, then, brothers, until the Lord's coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop and how patient he is for the autumn and spring rains. You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord's coming is near.

Brothers, as an example of patience in the face of suffering, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord. As you know, we consider blessed those who have persevered. You have heard of Job's perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy. "

(James 5:7-11)

Patience and perseverance. Got it. Something worth remembering as we enter another week.


hartdawg said...

i hear you on the patience part. another passege to consider in conjunction with the james passage is 2 peter3:8-9. at least the freeze ended. as for how much we`ll witness i think the rapture will occur within days prior to Gog/magog.

hartdawg said...

i think we`ll witness psalm 83 and isa 17 and MAYBE the VERY beginning og Gog/magog.

Scott said...

I agree about Psa - but I reallly don't think we'll be here for Gog-MaGog - don;t forget, its going to happen fast...God will thwart the invasion on the mountains of Israel - which I assume is the stretch from Golan down through the West Bank - before they even get into the heart of israel -

hartdawg said...

you misunderstood, by very beginning i mean: theylaunch the (surprise) attack, the rapture occurs probably simultaniousely before they even reach isreal. both events happen suddenly without warning. here is why i think that

hartdawg said...

the ac doesnt begin his conquest til the 1st seal (white horse) of the tribulation, yet, it seems he`d begin it right after Gog/magog and right after the restrainer is removed so it seems the restrainer, the beginning of gog/magog would be simultaneus. the rapture having occurred by the time russia and co. reach isreal. make sense?

hartdawg said...

that`s why i think we witness isa 17/psalm 83 and the rapture occurs at the VERY BEGINNING stage of Gog/magog before the world even knows whats happening. then again, the rapture could occur even as you`re reading this (wouldnt that be great), psalm 83 occurs next week and all bets are off.

Scott said...

Yea, I can see that --- in fact some folks believe that the Rapture will actually lead into Gog-MaGog, as that coalition may see an opportunity in the post-rapture, weakened US. Sounds plausible.