Saturday, September 4, 2010


The earthquake in New Zealand created massive damage. Here are some updates:

"NZ quake damage to cost billions"

NEW Zealand's most destructive earthquake in nearly 80 years has floored buildings, tearing up roads and sending terrified residents fleeing into the streets.

Christchurch mayor Bob Parker said he was “horrified by the amount of damage” which daylight showed was considerably worse than first thought.

“There would not be a house, there would not be a family in our city that has not in some way have damage done to their person, to their property,” Parker said on national radio.

Residents were warned to stay away from damaged buildings for fear of further collapses as severe aftershocks continued to rock the city.

"Shaken residents say quake damage huge"

Shaken residents of Christchurch fear the damage from today's devastating earthquake today may have a far bigger impact than most realise.

Cracks appeared in some streets and many people were left homeless as police closed off the centre of the city or they were forced out of their badly damaged homes.

The city was without power, water and gas for hours and telephone links came under severe threat as batteries ran low on cellphone sites. Land lines and 111 emergency call lines remained intact.

Like yesterday, the world is seeing a number of large quakes in addition to New Zealand:

6.1 Tonga Islands
5.4 South Sandwich Islands
5.3 Peru
5.3 Japan region
5.1 New Zealand
5.0 Argentina
5.0 Indonesia
4.9 Peru-Brazil border
4.8 Mariana Islands
4.8 Kuril Islands

Earthquake Map

At the risk of stating the obvious, that's a lot of shaking on the earth right now. Looks like we are headed for yet another birth pain. In that context, we also see the following updates:

Remember Genesis 12:3? Here we see the U.S. continuing to arm Israel's enemies:

"US to continue supplying military assistance to Lebanon"

The US will continue to supply the Lebanese Armed Forces with equipment and weapons estimated to be worth approximately $100 million, a Lebanese newspaper reported on Saturday.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley has previously defended US military assistance to the Lebanese Armed Forces as something that’s “in [the US's] national interest and contributes to stability in the region.”

Well, thats just swell. We'll see how that works out for the U.S.

The recent murders against innocent Israeli citizens (discussed in the post below) were gruesome enough, but apparently not quite enough to satisfy the blood lust of Hamas:

"Hamas spokesman: We will attack more settlers"

Report: Spokesman calls settlers a "legitimate target" and an army with thousands of weapons at their disposal; says the direct talks are a "media circus."

A Hamas spokesman told Arab language newspaper Al-Hayat that the group intends to continue its attacks on settlers because they are "legitimate targets" on Saturday.

On Thursday, Reuters reported that thirteen Gaza militant groups have joined forces to launch a wave of attacks against Israel.

When asked if the renewed attacks would include suicide bombings, the Hamas spokesman reportedly answered: "All options are open."

But don't forget, the MSM wants you to believe that these are "peace-loving freedom fighters".

One more good commentary from The American Thinker - one which describes the truth of the land of Israel and some factual notes in the history of the region:

"Jihad, Islamization, and he Arab-Israeli 'Peace Process"

The current Washington negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians will be fruitless, for a very basic reason. The Arab and non-Arab Muslim umma, or global community, vehemently denies pre-Islamic Jewish, and ignores pre-Islamic Christian connections to all the territories that comprised historical Syro-Palestine -- including Judea, Samaria, modern Israel within the 1949 armistice borders, and Gaza.

Muslims cannot conclude peace with those Jews who have usurped the territory of Palestine and attacked its people and their property in any manner which allows the Jews to continue as a state in that sacred Muslim territory.

Moreover, the "Peace Process" blithely ignores the permanent goal of the Islamic jihad--manifested by both Hamas and Fatah: to bring humanity, en bloc, under the jurisdiction of Islamic Law--a totalitarian system of religious governance, particularly oppressive to all non-Muslims, and women. How this legacy of jihad conquest affected historical Palestine, in particular--past as prologue to the present--is critical to understanding the endless conflict in the region today.

The article is worth reading if you want some historical and factual information regarding the history of the region and what has really transpired over the years.

But unfortunately, the facts are irrelevant when it comes to Israel, and the shared goal (shared among the MSM, the liberal contingency of America and the rest of the world, the UN, the Arab League - just to name a few) of the complete destruction of Israel.

Thankfully, God has a different plan. One that will be realized soon enough.

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