Monday, September 6, 2010

In the news...

First up - the earthquake story continues and quakes are being seen in more and more "diverse places":

"6 small earthquakes shake parts of Oklahoma"

For the second time in less than a week, six small earthquakes have been recorded in a single day in central Oklahoma.
The Oklahoma Geological Survey said the six earthquakes on Saturday ranged from preliminary magnitudes of 1.5 to 3.3.

On Wednesday in the same area about 30 miles from Oklahoma City, geologists also recorded six earthquakes that ranged from a preliminary 1.8 magnitude to 3.1. Another quake with a preliminary magnitude of 2.7 was recorded Friday about 10 miles east of the Saturday temblors.

Also, we see more news on the New Zealand Quake:

"Earth's surface 'lurches 11 ft to the right' as New Zealand earthquake rips new fault line"

The earthquake that devastated a city in New Zealand tore open a new 11ft faultine in the Earth’s surface.

The 7.1-magnitude quake which hit Christchurch, the country’s second-largest city, destroyed about 500 buildings and caused an estimated £930million of damage.

But hundreds of lives were saved by tough building rules, it was claimed. Only two injuries were reported.

The quake was caused by the continuing collision between the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates, said Professor Mark Quigley, of Canterbury University.

‘One side of the Earth has lurched to the right ... up to 11ft and in some places been thrust up,’ he said. ‘We went and saw two houses that were completely snapped in half by the earthquake.’

The quake cut power across the region, roads were blocked by debris and gas and water supplies were disrupted.

Additionally, we observe the following recent quakes around the globe:

4.9 Costa Rica
4.9 Bolivia
4.9 Chile
5.0 Mariana Islands
5.4 Indonesia
4.7 Philippines
5.1 New Guinea
5.2 New Zealand
5.5 Tonga Islands

This represents the third consecutive day of relatively large earthquakes scattered around the earth. As Jesus informed us, in these last days - we would see quakes in diverse places, and that certainly rings true of this age.

In other news:

We see the world-wide hatred of Israel continuing, now manifested by this cover/article in Time Magazine. This is just....Incredible:

"Time Magazine's Latest Blood Libel About Israel"

The September 13, 2010 issue of TIME Magazine arrived yesterday. The cover story is titled “Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace” and is illustrated by a large Jewish star composed of daisies. Yes, daisies—as in “counting daisies, don’t have a care in the world.”
This is precisely the point of Karl Vick’s article. He writes:
Israelis are no longer preoccupied with the matter [of peace with the Palestinians]. They’re otherwise engaged: They’re making money; they’re enjoying the rays of the late summer … they have moved on.

Groan....Now they are resorting to trying to tell us that the Israeli people are guilty of (GASP!!!) wanting to make money and enjoy summer. I didn't realize the expectations that the MSM had for Israel...I suppose they are only happy when Israeli's suffer.

There's more:

According to Vick, Israelis don’t care about peace, peace negotiations, or about the Palestinians because they are simply having too good a time: sunbathing, swimming, café-hopping, profiting from start-up companies, and, according to polls cited by Vick, utterly disconnected from “politics;” indeed Vick suggests that Israelis resemble Californians more than they resemble Egyptians. These are all points which scream: Israel does not fit in; if Israelis were only more impoverished, more indolent, and paradoxically, even more “laid back,” they might be recognizable as indigenous to the region, a true part of the Middle East.

This is unbelievable. If I didn't know better, I would have assumed this was a joke. But it isn't.

Vick and his editors at TIME seem to think that showing six photos of Israelis at leisure: blowing smoke on a beach chair, lounging on a beach chair, resting in an army uniform on the beach without a chair, playing with one’s baby in a stroller, sitting at a café—are proof that Israelis are engaging in activities which are not admirable, are, in fact, “proof” that they are not suffering but rather, proof that Israelis simply don’t care about peace with the Palestinians.

Further into this commentary, the truths begin to emerge:

Vick writes that real estate is booming, as is business in general, Israeli “brainiacs” have helped their nation avoid the economic disasters that have plunged Europe and America into a recession. He literally writes this. “Israel avoided the debt traps that dragged the U.S. and Europe into recession. It is known as a start-up nation—second only to the U.S. companies listed on the Nasdaq exchange.”

Buried—but really buried-- in Vick’s four page cover piece are snippets of true facts: That the Israelis are weary of peace negotiations which never succeed because the Palestinians do not want peace; that Arabs and Palestinians want to destroy the Jewish state and as many Jews as possible.

But Vick fails to convey that negotiations cannot work as long as the ultra-Nazified Arab Islamic propaganda against Jews and Israel continues to turn out children who hate Jews and who become human homicide bombs, snipers, kidnappers, kassam rocket throwers, etc.

The Israelis are actually showing the entire world how to embrace life, even as they live, trembling, in the shadow of death. They are teaching the world how to “love life more than they fear death.” A new and wonderful book A New Shoah. The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism by Italian journalist Giulio Meotti, which is not yet out, makes precisely this point.

I look forward to completing Meotti’s book. I hope that people more fully understand that TIME Magazine as well as countless other media in the Western world, can no longer be trusted to tell the truth.

Amen. More lies and deception from the MSM/Zombie media. Only it doesn't seem to be working anymore. People are tuning out the MSM as they turn to alternative news sources. Thankfully, via the internet, people are searching for one main thing that they can't get from the MSM. Its called THE TRUTH.

It seems clear to me, in this new age of truth-seeking, and the growth of the conservative movement which has arisen as a counter to an increasingly failed "progressive", Godless movement - one thing must happen for the Tribulation to successfully begin. That "thing" is the removal of this "counter-movement", (which is seriously threatening the progressive, socialistic, Godless movement), and I can only think of one "thing" that can thwart this conservative movement.

That "thing" is the Rapture of the Church.

It seems crystal clear.

The conservative movement and it's rapid growth; the anti-big government, anti-socialistic, pro-God movement which is growing rapidly and spreading HAS to be stopped before the antichrist can step in and forge his world-government. Currently, this mass movement and growth that we see daily, which is forming in order to fight against such socialistic "big government" actions would serve as a huge impediment to a world-government and any possibility of a central figure to gain such power.

It seems clear. The antichrist can only gain such power with the removal of The Church. Once that is done - the "paving of the road" will be complete.

Then the "world" can embrace a single world government, and continue on it's path of "progressive government" - only now, on steroids.

Good luck to them. They'll need it.


hartdawg said...

i donno if i ever said it on this site before, but when i was in 3rd grade there was a kid who didnt fit in and noone liked. everyone picked on him, tried to fight him and ostracized him. if he EVER defended himself the bullys would tell the teacher and he`d get in trouble. thats exactly how the international community (specially the u.n) treats isreal. they act like 3rd graders. especially the goldsmith or gold stone report. (which is a u.n kangeroo court)

Expected Imminenly said...

I am looking forward more than ever for the sky quake meant for Christ's Church.


Now would be good.
Sue :)