Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lies and Deception IV

Although the U.S. administration and the MSM would like to conveniently forget all about the Gulf oil spill (we can't expose yet more government ineptitude can we?), this situation is FAR from being over. There are a vast array of articles coming from the region all around the gulf. Stories of divers seeing the sea floor completely covered in oil, millions of dead fish, cover-ups by BP and the U.S. administration, oil just beneath the sand all along the shores, people getting sick etc etc etc.

America has moved on to other stories, football season is now in high gear, elections are coming and with our collective Attention Deficit Disorder, no one is looking at the Gulf anymore. Some folks are still carrying the story. I personally believe that as part of the cover-up, BP sprayed millions upon millions of gallons of dispersants into the Gulf - a process which kept the oil beneath the surface, and is now found on the seabed and looming somewhere beneath the surface.

For a deeper read, the following sites contain a lot of ongoing information:

This first link has two very interesting videos worth watching:

"Millions of Dead Fish...Authorities Pretend It Is Wholly Unrelated to BP Oil Spill"

While the government denies that they are connected with the oil spill, there have been massive fishkills in Louisiana (and see this). Oil can be seen at fishkill sites (and see this), and the EPA has discovered high levels of nickel near the biggest fishkill. There have also been kills of starfish and other sea animals, including whales and dolphins:

The next link has several stories every day from the Gulf as related to the oil spill:

"Florida Oil Spill"

This link is worth bookmarking if you have any interest in the ongoing problems in the Gulf. Some of the headlines:

- "Fisherman: 'Never seen nothing like this before in my life'"

- "Alert: 173 ppm oil found in sand at Southwest Florida beach - "Toxic levels" near Sarasota"

- "Entire food web at risk" say researchers just back from Gulf: OIL 'may be hidden in large marine mammals"

- "Gulf Biologist: 'Stunned' if oil product isn't washing up for at least 20 years"

- "Breaking Gulf researchers discover SIX INCHES of 'oily snow' on seafloor

- "Scientists find 'areas in the water column where there is NO OXYGEN'"

And on and on it goes.

More lies and distortions, as you won't find these news anywhere in the MSM.

Why not?

Good luck figuring that one out. In my opinion, it is intended to protect the inept U.S. administration.

It's just more lies and deceptions during these last days.


hartdawg said...

.....and dont forget the lies about the recession being over (6 months after obama took office) i wonder if the people are buying that one.

Scott said...

Oh yea, Hart. We could fill page after page on the various lies from "leaders" around the world - including the US> Its unreal. We really are in a world that is approaching the Tribulation. No doubt about it.

hartdawg said...

including the u.s, or ESPECIALLY the u.s?

Scott said...

Especially the US in my opinion. Sadly.