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Israel Reduced to the Size of a Jail Cell

This is one of the best articles I have read in a while:

"Israel Reduced to the Size of a Jail Cell"

These first paragraphs are just incredible and leaves me speechless. :

“I said, ‘Natan, what is the deal [about not supporting the peace deal. He said, ‘I can’t vote for this, I’m Russian… I come from one of the biggest countries in the world to one of the smallest. You want me to cut it in half. No, thank you.’”

I responded, “Don’t give me this, you came here from a jail cell. It’s a lot bigger than your jail cell.” —President Bill Clinton

It is truly astounding that Bill Clinton, who in the 1970’s was visiting Moscow and conducting Anti-American rallies on behalf of the Kremlin, had the gall to tell, Sharansky, who had risked his life as a political dissident during the 1970’s fighting the Kremlin, that he should be satisfied that his new country is bigger than the old jail cell where the Soviet authorities had stuck him.

Just be happy that we’re allowing you to keep half of the 8,500 square miles, instead of a few meters in a prison cell. That was the message from the red-faced leader of the free world. And under it, the subtext that if you don’t like it, a prison cell might still be waiting for you. Perhaps somewhere under the Hague by the diktat of the ICC.

The article reminds us of what Clinton said a few days ago:

According to Clinton, Russian Jews are the biggest obstacles to peace, followed by Mizrahi Jews who escaped Muslim rule

The article elaborates on this point:

According to Clinton, Russian Jews are the biggest obstacles to peace, followed by Mizrahi Jews who escaped Muslim rule.

Naturally these are the groups in Israel who are the least naive about what happens when you surrender to tyrants. While many of the Israeli lefties, the grand-children and great-grandchildren of native Israelis whom Clinton interacts with, the cultural elite who live in Tel Aviv and rarely set foot outside it unless they’re paying a visit to Paris or Brussels, have forgotten the reality that lurks in the hills of the Shomron.

Now for some important truths that go largely ignored by the MSM:

And what of the country that Clinton and his successors have tried to reduce until it is hardly more than a jail cell.

Israel is already tiny. At 8500 square miles, it is smaller than all but 3 US states, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island. Compared to its Muslim neighbors, it’s even smaller than that. It’s barely 2 percent of Egypt, which it nevertheless defeated in several wars. It’s 1/4th the size of Jordan and 1/8th the size of Syria. Compared to Turkey or Iran, it hardly even appears on the map.

Under the Palestine Mandate, Israel’s territory would have been six times as large as it is now. Since 1967, Israel has ceded territory 3 times its own size. This would be astonishing even if Israel were a larger country. Instead it’s one of the world’s smaller countries, with one of the world’s highest population densities. And still the Muslim world and its Western backers continue demanding that Israel continue giving up land even though over 7 million Israelis live on a piece of land smaller than New Hampshire

More on the shrinking land borders of already tiny Israel:

And it gets even worse from there. Because Israel’s width at its narrowest point is less than 10 miles (15 kilometers). Considering that Israel is surrounded by Muslim countries whose populations still consider Israel the enemy, despite whatever territory was already conceded in order to sign peace agreements with them, it means that hostile armies from both sides could cut Israel in half in only a matter of miles.

Just to make matters worse still, that narrow point intersects Israel’s capital, the seat of its government and its largest city—Jerusalem. And finally to put it all into perspective, that is exactly the territory that every “peacemaker” from Clinton to Blair to Obama want to slice into. And not just “slice into”, but turn into a geographically contiguous state for Hamas and Fatah terrorists that would cut Israel in two at its must vulnerable point.

That covers the land issue, but what about the "false consequences" of NOT giving up MORE land?

The “Peace Pushers” have always argued that cutting a deal is the only way to stop terrorism. But Israel has been cutting deals for 18 years now, and not only is there no peace, but the violence has hit a whole new threat leve

Israeli towns and villages are now being shelled on a regular basis, the way that Egypt and Jordan used to, but now the shelling is being carried out by terrorist groups whom Israel allowed into the country, and whom Clinton and his successors financed and trained.

And that is the best case scenario that Clinton has to offer us. And even that is based on a series of lies and illusions. That is the “dream” for which the “Peace Pushers” would like Israel to carve itself up and ethnically cleanse its own population. Not the reality of peace, but the dream of it. A dream based on lies and manipulation by terrorists and their enablers.

Wait, there is even more information coming from our Bizarro World:

The truth is that the “moderate” terrorists we are supposed to negotiate with, were and still are terrorists. They’re just terrorists that the State Department and the EU likes and finances. They have absolutely no democratic legitimacy because they refuse to hold elections.

They refuse to even acknowledge Israel as a “Jewish State”, rather than an entity they can invade and take over. The majority of Palestinian Arabs don’t even support the state that Abbas is negotiating to create. The majority of Israeli Jews don’t support any concessions on Jerusalem to create such a state. Jews, Muslims and even Americans in poll after poll, expect the talks to fail. No one outside of Washington D.C. and Brussels even sees any point to having them. The only way this process could have any less legitimacy, was if the negotiating panels were replaced by kangaroos.

OK, but other than that (above), things are great (sarcasm). My favorite part is found in these concluding remarks:

But the “Peace Pushers” keep on singing the siren song of “Somewhere over the rainbow, when we’ve invested enough billions into institutions, militias and training, then it’ll all work out for the best.” How and why, are questions that are best not asked, because there are no answers to them. To any of them.

The talks don’t serve the cause of peace. They never did. Both sides are being marched to the table, because Obama desperately needs a photo op, and Europe thinks it can appease Muslim anger by bullying Israel into handing over parts of Jerusalem.

The Arab Socialists whom Clinton and the EU backed have lost badly, they’re nothing more than puppets now, and they know it. That is why Abbas is doing everything he can to throw the talks. The era of Arafat and his ilk is over. It’s the Islamists’ turn now and no amount of hot air out of Washington D.C. or Brussels will change that.

And in Jerusalem, a new siege of the city continues. The focus on the city continues to touch off new acts of Muslim violence and terror. As what began as a political siege may well end in actual war.

Indeed. We know how this all ends - the question is how do we get there. War is inevitable - it is just a matter of time and circumstances. We also have a figure known as the antichrist waiting in the wings for his moment to appear.

As mentioned before, these peace talks are a complete sham. I believe it will take the events of Ezekiel 38-39 and the destruction of the surrounding Islamic groups before the "covenant" is "confirmed". Prior to that, there is absolutely no incentive/motivation for the terrorist groups as led by Iran to forge any peace. Their goal is the destruction of Israel.

Until God directly deals with these groups (again, as described in Ezekiel 38-39) there will be no peace. And when there is "peace" - it will be a deal confirmed by the antichrist (Daniel 9:27). And that begins the Tribulation.

For the non-believing world, this is as good as things will get in the Middle East, and in the world for that matter. Its all downhill from this point on - as the world begins it descent into the Tribulation.

Thankfully, we have a merciful God who has a different plan for the followers of Christ.


hartdawg said...

question: if you dont mind me asking, do you trust netanyahu to do the right thing by isreal? such as ending the settlement freeze and such. i mentioned on 2 posts back how he is notorious for standing firm almost til the end then at the last second makes huge concessions. what do you think? i`ve asked a few people their thoughts. what are yours?

Scott said...

I just don't know about Netanyahu....Still waiting to see his next moves. I still hold out the hope that he has something up his sleeve. I'm also hoping that there is a long term plan that we still can't see yet - that has yet to play out. Seeing what he does with the freeze will be very telling. So far, I have to say, I am concerned.

Scott said...
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Scott said...

That was my duplicate post that was removed ^