Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lies and Deception II

There has always been speculation regarding how the post-Rapture world will explain the Rapture of the Church. The antichrist will also need to offer some kind of explanation which doesn't include the truth. The truth would reveal the power of God and it would reveal that the God of the Holy Bible is very much alive and well. The post-Rapture world simply cannot deal in truth when it comes to the Holy Bible. Therefore, some alternative explanation must be offered up for the astonishing event which just occurred - an event in which millions of Christians disappeared from earth. That won't be an easy task.

For years prophecy watchers have speculated on how the Rapture will be explained to the masses who are now left on the earth - particularly those who had an awareness of the possibility of the Rapture of the Church - and most likely the same folks who ridiculed the notion of the Rapture. The truth simply won't do. An array of possible explanations may arise - but one of the perennial favorite possibilities - one that is often discussed in "New Age" circles, has been the notion that UFOs would appear and take away all of the "bad" people (aka "Christians"), leaving in it's wake a perfect world with the enlightened people (don't laugh, I have read about this scenario many many times in such circles).

Well, guess what?

We now have a movie coming out in which that exact scenario is presented to a gullible public:


The link above is to the "official" site for the movie, ready for release in November. This movie will depict a scenario in which millions of people on earth are suddenly lifted up and "taken" up by these UFOs (see the movie trailer which is linked on this site). The parallels to the Rapture of the Church are obvious.

For years, many of us have speculated on the whole UFO phenomenon and what it's purpose could be. I have always felt that the UFOs actually came from a demonic force, an illusion put in place specifically intended to serve as an explanation of the future Rapture of the Church.

To bolster that view, it has always been of interest that the whole UFO phenomenon really began with the infamous "Roswell crash", which interestingly occurred just a few months prior to the array of prophetic events of 1948.

How convenient - now the world can be conditioned, in advance, to have a nice, tidy explanation for the Rapture. And they'll probably buy it - after all, lies and deception will be the order of the day.

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