Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Strategic Perversity

That's the title of a new article as found in Pajamas Media, and it is well worth reading. I'm just glad that there is someone out there in the media who is noticing:

"Mideast Strategic Perversity"

Russia has decided to sell Syria P-800 Yakhont supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles despite heavy Israeli and American protests.

Last month Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu personally asked Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to call off the sale. The U.S. is also described as putting up “stiff opposition” to it. Yet over the weekend, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov announced the sale in Washington during talks with U.S. Defense Minister Robert Gates.

Both the U.S. and Israel fear that the Yakhont, a difficult-to-intercept missile that cruises just above sea level at twice the speed of sound, could threaten their naval vessels in the Mediterranean.

That not even Israel’s superpower ally could dissuade Russia from taking this aggressive, dangerous step is unfortunately part of a pattern. Reuel Marc Gerecht and Mark Dubowitz have noted in the Wall Street Journal that, even at a time when the major European states and Japan are cutting business ties with Iran, Russia (along with China) is stepping in to fill the void.

Well, yes, of course. We know that Russia is the land of MaGog and it's leader will ultimately lead an invasion against Israel, as described in Ezekiel 38-39. We are seeing the preparations for war. If I was around 40 years younger, I'd simply say "DUH!".

But wait - it even gets better in "bizarro world", this world that we find ourselves in at the end of the age:

Meanwhile outspoken Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has said the U.S. is applying “massive” pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to extend Israel’s settlement moratorium beyond its rapidly approaching expiration date on September 26.

In other words, at a time when Israel’s security environment is worsening, in no small part because of the Obama administration’s strategic weakness, Israel is being pushed hard by that same administration into making its security environment even worse.

What environment is this? The article continues:

As Iran keeps advancing toward nuclear weapons despite sanctions, Syria keeps arming with Russian backing, and their proxies Hezbollah and Hamas keep building their power in southern Lebanon and Gaza, respectively. Jerusalem should be focusing on these threats instead of facing what is in effect a U.S.-orchestrated power play to make it give up — in the name of “peace” — West Bank territory that is even more strategic. But the Obama administration’s penchant for being soft toward foes and tough on friends continues, and Israel is bearing the brunt of it.

All of this coming from the "peaceful religion":

In another development, Israel’s ostensible peace partner, the Palestinian Authority, has reaffirmed the death penalty for the misdeed of selling land to Israelis

Why would a U.S. administration regard turning this political entity — along with Gaza, even more barbaric under Hamas — into a sovereign state a cardinal interest? Why would it pursue this goal obsessively to the point of relentlessly undermining a democratic ally, while showing weakness and passivity toward real threats and adversaries? These are indeed difficult questions.

Difficult questions indeed.

But we all ("all" = U.S. administration, the MSM, etc.) play the pretend game. Pretending that the truth and the reality of the situation don't actually exist. Even the Palestinians admit that the "peace talks" are a sham:

"Peace Talks are a Sham"

While Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas puts on a show of playing nice with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the sake of the Obama Administration, the Palestinian ambassador to Lebanon this month assured the Arab world that the current negotiations are just part of a larger plan to delegitimize Israel.

The Palestinian daily newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reported that on September 9, Ambassador Abdullah Abdullah insisted that “the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations…are not a goal, but rather another stage in the Palestinian struggle… to isolate Israel, to tighten the noose on it, to threaten its legitimacy, and to present it as a rebellious, racist state.”

So much for genuine talks leading to lasting peaceful coexistence.
Like Abbas, Abdullah is sticking to Yasser Arafat’s conclusion decades ago that Israel cannot be defeated in one knock-out blow, but must be slowly whittled away at.

This scenario ("sham") has been played for years and years. Speaking to the American and European groups, the Palestinians say one thing, then, in Arabic to a "home crowd", reassurances are given in the native language and always unreported by the MSM:

Of course, Abdullah’s remarks were not reported by the mainstream media, because they were spoken and reported on in Arabic. It seems Arabic is the language that simply doesn’t matter. You can say anything, reveal any nefarious plot, and everyone will simply brush it off because you said so in Arabic.

But, can anyone imagine an Israeli ambassador, speaking in either English or Hebrew, saying that Israel was only in the current negotiations to reveal the Palestinian Authority as liars with the ultimate goal of delegitimizing the “Palestinian cause” into oblivion?

So painfully predictable and hidden by the MSM (good luck finding this story in the New York Times).

In other news:

"Lebanese Gunfire at IDF on Northern Border"

"PA Court: Death Penalty for Selling Land to Jews"

"Quartet to urge Israel to keep settlement freeze"


hartdawg said...

hey scott
i wanted to mention this cuz i figured a may be good for a laugh. here it is, i saw on the headlines of the seattle times that the recession officially ended in june of 2009, six months after obama took office (the paper didnt mention the obama part but it was implied) its over its just simply we`re still feeling the results. in my mind i think whats implied is bush destroyed the economy but obama is such a genious he fixed it in 6 months. i wonder if its the medias desperate attempt to keep the regime in power after midterms.

Scott said...

Come on Hart - what are you - a skeptic?
Don't you know that this fabulous economy is just BOOMING?
If not, you need to stick to the NY Times etc, obviously your news sources aren't "sufficient" LOL!