Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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More on the computer virus which is attacking Iran's nuclear facilities:

"Computer virus in Iran actually targeted larger nuclear facility"

Experts on Iran and computer security specialists yesterday voiced a growing conviction that the worm that has infected Iranian nuclear computers was meant to sabotage the uranium enrichment facility at Natanz - where the centrifuge operational capacity has dropped over the past year by 30 percent.

The recent revelations about the Stuxnet worm might provide new insights into the problems encountered by the enrichment facility. German computer expert Frank Rieger wrote in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Sunday that Wikileaks, a website specializing in information leaked from government agencies, reported in June on a mysterious accident at Natanz that paralyzed part of the facility.

Rieger now thinks the Wikileaks report was connected to the Stuxnet worm. He noted that whoever developed the virus refined its programming to allow it to damage small, sensitive components like regulators, valves and pressure gauges, all of which are found in centrifuges.

"France keen to muscle in on Middle East peace process"

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called a Middle East summit in Paris and criticised Barack Obama's and Catherine Ashton's handling of the peace process so far.

Speaking at a press conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the Elysee palace on Monday (26 September), the French leader invited Mr Abbas, Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to come to the French capital in late October.

He said the Paris summit will prepare for a larger meeting of the EU-sponsored multilateral club, the Union for the Mediterranean, in November and noted that US domination of the process has yielded no results so far.

The next two articles reveal life under Hamas/Sharia law:

"Hamas Campaign to Arrest 'Spies for Israel' in Gaza"

In other words, life under this terrorist regime:

A campaign by Hamas attempting to catch PA Arabs spying for Israel has spread panic among Gaza residents, AP reported last week.

According to the report, since early September Hamas has detained many residents of the Gaza Strip, including two prominent physicians, a respected engineer, and even members of the terrorist group itself. Concern has been expressed over the secrecy surrounding the arrests, as Hamas refuses to say exactly who has been arrested.

On Thursday, Hamas officials said they arrested several suspected spies for Israel. Though officials did not reveal the exact number of people who were arrested, they did say that the detainees include women.

The announcement on Thursday came as a Hamas court sentenced a Gaza man to death by firing squad after he was convicted of spying for Israel. At least two other alleged spies were executed earlier this year.

Hamas, who took control of Gaza from rival Fatah in 2007, has continuously cracked down on its political Fatah rivals, while at the same time imposing its stringent interpretation of the Islamic Sh'aria law in Gaza

"Liberals, Palestinians and the sanctity of life"

Traditionally, abolition of the death penalty was always a primary objective of liberal establishments throughout the world. But clearly, there are notable exceptions. For example, when Hamas activists throw Palestinian Authority leaders off the rooftops and the PA reciprocate, that is hardly newsworthy.

Likewise when our Palestinian "peace partner" reaffirms its long-standing policy of killing any citizen who commits the cardinal crime of selling land to a Jew, there is no global backlash, no BBC reports and no New York Times or Guardian editorials condemning such behavior.

This commentary elaborates on the above theme, and the hypocrisy involved. One more piece of this commentary is worth repeating:

Some bleeding heart liberals may privately be disappointed that our moderate peace partner Mahmoud Abbas reaffirmed such a barbaric policy, which on previous occasions already resulted in the torture and murder of Palestinians alleged to have sold land to Jews

The question we are entitled to ask is this: How can President Obama and the US liberal establishment conceivably expect Israel to come to terms and reach a settlement with the "moderate" sector of Palestinian society, whose leaders not only celebrate the anniversaries of the monsters who butchered Jewish civilians, but are to this day prepared to boast to the world at large that they will execute anyone selling land to a Jew.

Indeed. But we cannot for get this important fact: We're living in Bizarro World at this particular moment in time, and nothing should be surprising.

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