Sunday, September 11, 2016

Washington's Failure In Syria, 6.0 Quake In Peru, Next False Flag?, Soros Wants To Expand Online Voting

Washington’s Failure in Syria Is Not About Strategy

So much has been said about the Syrian conflict in numerous analyses, yet one of the least discussed topics concerns the strategy and the relationship of cooperation and conflict between the United States, Turkey, the Kurds and Daesh.

The situation continues to evolve in favor of Damascus in recent weeks. Aleppo is now surrounded and sealed off, signalling game over for the terrorist gangs in northern Syria. Washington, running out of options, promptly dumped its momentary Kurdish ally in favor of full military cooperation with Ankara. Erdogan, for his part, had meanwhile consolidated power thanks to the purge following the failed military coup, and juggled his options so that he could easily play the direct-military-intervention card in Syria with the advantage of multiple excuses.

The United States, supporting the Kurds, has forced Turkey to become the much-needed force in the battlefield, essential in occupying territories currently held by Daesh, and preventing Damascus from further conquering and unifying Syrian territory.

This is Washington’s Plan B in the making, an old idea of ​​the dismemberment of Syria theorized by many Western think-tanks like the Brookings Institute and RAND Corporation. The chances of the plan being realizing remains unknown. Plan A failed miserably: Assad is still in power, and it is only a matter of time before the SAA and its allies finish liberating the rest of the country.
It remains to be seen how Daesh will react to the threat of losing their so-called capital, Raqqa, in favour of the same forces (Turkey and United States) that created and helped them rise from nothing. If ISIS/ISIL should decide to fight and not abandon the city, it would be a first for the international coalition and the Turkish army, finding themselves embroiled in the Syrian quagmire like never before. How would the people of Turkey and America react to their soldiers and special forces being killed, imprisoned or tortured? Would Erdogan and Obama still be able to justify the operation to the broader public?

The silence and proportional protests coming from Moscow in light of the Turkish incursion in Syria confirms these suspicions: territories reconquered from Ankara are not strategic; the Turkish force is numerically limited (hence the objectives), and the ‘race’ to Raqqa would probably cause more damage than gain for Erdogan and Obama. Moreover, the Arab Syrian Army has other strategic priorities to address and does not want to make the necessary countermeasures to arrive first at Raqqa.
Obama and Erdogan's bluff is all summed up in the last lines. Erdogan and Obama, in the efforts to free Raqqa and penetrate further into Syrian territory, hope to oblige Syrian forces to alleviate pressure on terrorist groups elsewhere in the country, especially in Aleppo, diverting troops towards the city of Raqqa. What we have been seeing in recent days are empty statements of small conquests by Turkish troops in Syrian territory, aimed at pushing Damascus to fall into the trap prepared by Washington and Ankara.
The clock is ticking, and it is all in the favour of Moscow, Damascus and Tehran, who observe the situation with relative calm. Their planned strategy is providing most of the desired results, and now America and its allies have only the ability to react to events on the ground, not to determine or create them. Compared to a few years ago, this is a resounding change. If Erdogan and Obama still will want to start doing the dirty work in Raqqa against the same terrorist group they instigated against Damascus, then they are free to do so.
All options available for Washington and its partners-in-terror will have negative effects on the fateful goal to undermine Syria. Raqqa is a Syrian city, inhabited by Syrians, and even if Ankara liberated it, it is never going to be incorporated into an imaginary Turkish territory.
Strategic contortions, moral contradictions, media deception, and the recent military defeats of terrorist groups have transformed Syria into a recipe for disaster for Washington, Ankara, Doha and Riyadh, from which there is no way out or path to victory.

[I'm not making a diagnosis, but as explained in the video posted yesterday by another physician - this is highly consistent with Parkinson's Disease]

...moments ago Fox News senior correspondent Rick Leventhal, citing an anonymous law enforcement official as a source, reported that Hillary Clinton who was present at the Sept 11 ceremony in downtown Manhattan, suffered a "medical episode" when she stumbled and nearly fell after her knees buckled, and was then ushered into a van, in the process losing a shoe, as she was rushed away from ground zero in an early departure.

BREAKING: law enf source: Hillary Clinton just left 9/11 ceremony w/medical episode, appeared to faint on way into van, helped by security

Source tells me Hillary Clinton "clearly having some type of medical episode" & had to be helped into van by her protective detail at WTC

press pool is being kept in dark about HRC's whereabouts & campaign isn't responding to reqs for confirmation

Thanks to ABC we do know that Clinton left the Sept 11 ceremony about 45 minutes ago when the "medial incident"is said to have happened, however the press poll was not told to where, while aides are not responding to questions about her whereabouts.

Jim Hoft, aka "Gateway Pundit" tweeted moments ago that he does in fact have a video of Hillary's medical emergency and it will be posted soon.

Now this video from Mrs. Clinton’s last public appearance yesterday is circulating among alternative media and various readers that shows a very fatigued Hillary Clinton who has to abruptly cut off her statements after standing on stage for about six minutes and then shuffle slowly away, coughing, and appearing to gasp for breath right before getting herself out of sight of the cameras:
Some viewers remarked the former Secretary of State’s face “looked different” and/or “looked weird.”
Regardless, Mrs. Clinton was clearly tired, hoarse, and appeared to have some difficulty walking. This performance was followed by the above report indicating her intention to effectively “hide out” from public view for the next five days, a most unusual schedule for someone running for President of the United States with less than two months to until Election Day.


Caver said...

Isn't it so appropriate....the wise will be made fools. Those that created the Syrian mess are now having to do battle with the forces they created under deniability. They have been so outmaneuvered politically, diplomatically, and millitarly so as to appear amateurish. Not to mention being totally humiliated. This hurts to say since its us.

And then Hillary...what a fiasco and circus. Really, I don't see how she can last until the election. She's deteriorating before our eyes. Why would any human willingly put themselves through this during their last days. Well, maybe the word "willingly" is the key word.

OH my....well, its time to sit back and do some serious reflection today. Lots of acts of deranged folks and pure stark heroes / guts 15 years ago.

ally said...

Caver, I haven't commented on this yet but Tim Kaine is Jesuit educated Catholic is married to the daughter of a 33rd degree mason, who was once was the governor of Va.
His father in law and my dad are from the same small town and my father knew him well. They were in the navy together in ww2. My dad liked everyone but was NOT a fan of this man. My dad knew something he did not share with us as kids but I could read my dad well. It had something to do with the masons because my dad was only super secretive about that and nothing else.
My take from what I know (remember I'm from Richmond and that's were the Kaines live too) is this guy is the poster boy for the one world govt. Watch him with Hillary. He isn't even slightly concerned about her. He knows he us about to be handed the presidentcy of the US without moving a muscle. He is a yes man for these guys.
Tim is actually a pretty nice guy and so is his wife. He has no backbone tho, he believes what the pope does currently so... Lol, God help us!

Mrs.C said...

Killary without question, has brain lesions (and thats not projecting own situation):) Takes one to know one :) A few weeks ago with DH Caver, I shared my own observations about this evil womans health condition.
- She used the term "short circuited" which was a slip in the interview she gave. She repeated the same term that without question, her Neurologist has used. My personal favorite from mine, is "cross-wired". These Doctors use this terms to simplify for the lay person to understand.
- Double Vision - Clear indication of brain injury from her clot. The clot would have expanded the blood vessel in her brain, and damaged nerves there. When she was giving testimony, she has the classic prism tape on her glasses. However, this can be prescribed in her lenses for her glasses, without anyone noticing. Her brain damage according to sleazy Bill, took "6 months" which was the same for me. However, this was permanent for her also as it was for me. God truly is awesome, and we are designed by Him, to reroute so as to speak, our nerves if they are damaged. Sometimes yes, and sometimes no for nerve regeneration around the affected damaged nerves. That is why there is good days, and bad days, and stress it a sure enemy! Very challenging life :)

- She has Vertigo from the brain lesions. The pic taken in SC with her being helped up the stairs, she/they claimed was "slipping", when in fact, she was reaching for assistance with her balance. Been there, done that myself, and it was exactly the same with her. Also, notice when she does rallies, she leans on rails, or has assistance walking out cloaking it with hand holding.

- Her walking gait- classic balance issues. She tries to keep her feet close to the ground slowly moving, so she doesn't trip and fall, kinda looking sometime like the "Thorazine shuffle"!. Her gait in itself is off.

-Deer in head lights look - She has done this many, many times, and it is because of being overwhelmed. Her brain cannot process quickly enough in certain situations, it is on overload so as to speak. This I believe, is why she is avoiding Press Conferences. When peppered with numerous questions, her brain goes in stunned mode, too much to process at once. It is like stressing frayed wires with electricity. You never know when you will be ok, and when you wont. Circuit overload, and ya go blank.

- Fatigue - CLASSIC! You never know when the brutal fatigue will hit cha. Fine one minute, then boom, your eyes are closing standing up! She would need naps a lot for sure. Again, all common with brain issues.But the WORST is stress on this condition! Brings on fatigue like nothing else.


Mrs.C said...


- Todays event observations-

- The sunglasses. First thing I noticed when she arrived, and it was very obvious to me how dark they were. In addition, if you check out pics of her standing there in the line with the others, NO ONE else has sunglasses on. This I believe is because of again, brain damage of some kind. This condition leaves you hypersensitive to your surroundings, light, movement, sound for example. Heck on a bad day, with double vision, all that has to happen is the wind pick up a bit, blows a branch with leaves on it, your eye catches it, and there ya go! start to fall over like a fresh cut tree yourself! lol Then on other days your perfectly fine.

- Her excuse of being "overheated" in the sense as if it were 100 degrees, is just a flat out lie. It was warm, but NOT hot. NO one around her was fanning themselves, or sweating, and neither was she. BUT the thing that again confirms to me her condition, is the excuse she used! When you have damage to your Central Nervous System, aka your brain, your body CANNOT regulate your body temperature properly for hot or cold environments.Its like having a broken thermostat within yourself! Yike! :) In what is normal warm weather, your body doesn't process properly, and again is hypersensitive to the weather. Now, IF she truly was experiencing "overheating", even from her broken internal body thermostat, she would have been vigorously fanning herself (automatic in the situation), AND sweating, which she demonstrated neither.

To wrap this up,this woman is fully incapable of holding ANY Office, period.

Mrs.C said...

Oh..forgive me, but the VERY dark sunglasses in conjunction with the light sensitivity, could also be hiding the dilation of her pupils. Heaven knows how many drugs they have her on...smh

Scott said...

Thanks for sharing all of that. For laughs go to the msm outlets and see how they are covering this story "overheated" is the theme. Better yet, go to the msm articles and look at the delusional left's comments. The denial is actually funny. Menopause.
Dehydration. Conspiracy. "Ignore your lying eyes and listen to us". Unbelievable. I truly believe she coild murder someone in broad daylight. On film. And they would make excuses. Im not being sarcastic i actually believe this

Mrs.C said...

Oh ya Brother, the MSM has done the King Has No Clothes for their pure evil WH squatter, and they are doing the same for Killary...smh disgusting to say the least...

Mrs.C said...

Well this is interesting…hmmm….

“Mysterious piece of metal flings out of Hillary’s pant leg”

Mrs.C said...

Oh, forgive me, and one more thing what is the FIRST thing you do when someone is clearly in distress from “overheating’??? HYDRATE THEM! NO ONE is even handing her any water! Another proof of her lying with the “overheated” excuse…smh

Bt374 said...

now I actually feel sorry for her!
I totally disagree with just about everything the woman says, but for real...if she is sick and hurting, tell us and get some help.

I suffer from nerve damage from a reconstruction of t-3 to t-6 after a hemangioblastoma was removed from my spinal column at age 24. There are some rough days even 15 years later. Those who know me are aware of why I trip over things and have poor balance...
If she is sick or hurt, she needs to be honest and get real help.
Pray for her.


Unknown said...

How long can they carry on this charade??? There is obviously something very wrong with her (aside from the obvious). This can't be covered up anymore....going to get really interesting.

Scott said...

Well now, is story #3 - pneumonia (after "overheating" and then "dehydration")....The funny thing is - they paraded her around a few hours later making it look like all is well....If she had pneumonia to the degree that it made her pass out, at her age, they would not let her out of bed with Pneumonia...How strange

Scott said...

Now they are saying that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on friday...If this is true, to allow a 69 year old with an extensive medical history, to travel out to a 9/11 event such as this is bordering on malpractice (assuming she did this with the Dr's permission) - this seems unlikely to me.

Unknown said... the video, when she starts to fall, you can see the bottom of her shoes (they basically dragged her into the car).

Mrs.C said...

They are so lying as to the cause of the pneumonia! She totally has a neurological disease/brain damage...

"The leading cause of death in Parkinson's is aspiration pneumonia due to swallowing disorders.

Difficulty swallowing, called dysphagia, can happen at any stage of
Parkinson disease. Signs and symptoms can range from mild to severe and
may include: difficulty swallowing certain foods or liquids, COUGHING OR THROAT CLEARING during or after eating/drinking, and feeling as if food
is getting stuck. As the disease progresses, swallowing can become
severely compromised and food/liquid can get into the lungs, causing
aspiration pneumonia. Aspiration pneumonia is the leading cause of death
in PD."

WVBORN56 said...

Can't feel sorry for at all bt374, she is responsible for countless deaths from a host of policies, positions and decisions. That doesn't even consider the countless deaths and "suicides" of folks who have crossed her.

The lying and cover by the MSM is beyond dispicable. It is as bad as any banana republic ever. It is hard to even fathom this is occurring in America! 😂

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she is forced to run for presidency?

D. Pearson said...

This may set the stage for her to " heal" herself. Ya never know.

Unknown said...

I've lived with a brain stem glioma for around 20 years now and I couldn't imagine living without God's grace.