Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Medical Review Of Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, Message From Anonymous, Globalists And The U.S. Elections

The video below approaches Clinton's signs and symptoms from a medical perspective by a practicing physician. It is hard to refute:

According to the new story from the Washington Examiner and Julian Assange, Wikileaks could dump up to 100,000 pages of new 'Hillary Clinton material' prior to the election in November. Hinting earlier that 'the hammer was about to drop' as early as next weekwhen 'teasers are scheduled to be released', we have to ask again if more new names have been added to Hitlery's 'body count hit list'of Americans they'll soon 'take out'? As we read in this brand new story from the Inquisitr, according to Assange, Hillary's campaign threatened Bernie Sanders to drop out of the presidential race. 

It has also emerged that Assange has gotten several new sources for his information since the original DNC leak led to the death of former DNC staffer Seth Rich after documents allegedly exposing Hitlery's teams plans to steal the election and 'damn the will of the Americans people' were leaked. As we hear in the final video below, the globalists who long ago 'hijacked America' have no intention of allowing Trump or any other America-1st president into office and WILL steal this election for Hitlery if she continues to implode.  

With the Democratic Party now in 'full freak-out mode' after the recent Commander-in-Chief Forum with NBC and Matt Lauer as seen in the 1st video below, more and more reports are coming out that a very, very sick Hillary may be in deep, deep trouble in the health department and shouldn't even be putting herself in jeopardy by continuing this charade of lying to the American people while getting completely shellacked in the process of doing so as read in the comments on the Commander-in-Chief forum video. 

While recent polls somehow show a relatively even race between her and Trump, Hitlery is getting completely destroyed by those who comment on videos by nearly a 40 to 1 margin. We found it quite difficult to find ANY commenters supporting her in the video on YouTube while those who clearly hate the evil war criminal absolutely unleash upon her as seen in some of the videos comments screenshot below that express the mood of an angry and rapidly awakening America.  

Meanwhile, this new story from the Daily Mail proves to us both how incredibly stupid her campaign handlers believe the American people to be and how far they're seemingly willing to go to obscure the truth by claiming that the earpiece seen in Hillary's ear was an 'optical illusion' created by the TV cameras or flashing lights. An earpiece or an optical illusion? You can judge for yourself in the 1st video below in which this all came to light.

As we have reported again and again on ANP, there is absolutely no doubt in our minds that the globalists behind Hitlery WILL attempt to 'steal the election' for her in November if they believe the evil war criminal cannot win it fairly. The only thing that will stop a globalists steal for Hitlery is an alert and knowledgeable American people and the Trump campaign seemingly knows this by attempting to get as many 'poll watchers' across the country as they can to make sure that the globalists aren't successful in pulling off an election stealwhile delivering a death blow to America and another brutal punch to the faces of the American people. 

A strain of E. coli resistant to two last-resort antibiotics has for the first time been reported in the United States.
The strain was found in the urine of a man treated at a New Jersey hospital two years ago. It was tested in 2016 as part of a larger analysis of bacteria from the hospital.
For hard-to-treat bacteria infections, the antibiotics colistin and carbapenem are considered the big guns — a last line of defense when nothing else is working. In recent months mcr-1, a gene which confers resistance to colistin, has been found in E. coli from over 30 countries, including bacteria isolated from pigs and people in China and a patient in New York City.

Similarly the gene blaNDM-5 renders the antibiotic carbapenem useless against its bacterial carrier. In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found carbapenem-resistant bacteria in about 4 percent of US hospitals.

Researchers and health officials have feared the joining of these two genes in a single bacterial strain, as it could set the stage for the rise of superbugs that can’t be treated with our current arsenal of drugs. The combination has been detected before in other countries, including Germany, Venezuela, and China, but until now, it has never been seen within the United States.

“The bad news is that since this occurred two years ago, there are clearly other strains out there we haven’t detected yet,” senior study author Barry Kreiswirth, a professor of medicine at Rutgers University, said in a press release.

Overuse of antibiotics in medicine and animal husbandry has been blamed for the rise of superbugs, which will likely pose the most threat to patients who are already sick or otherwise vulnerable. In their report published in the journal mBio, Kreiswirth and coauthors suggest their discovery should encourage “active surveillance” for bugs that carry both genes.


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"Exposed: FBI Director James Comey’s Clinton Foundation Connection"

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Can't say I'm surprised in the least. Entirely predictable

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Oh ya, it was obvious :( Evil corruption in EVERY Branch of Government! This ought to be very interesting...:)
From 9/7/16

HANNITY: You said to PBS that you have a significant amount of information, the information itself is significant, pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. You will be releasing it in several batches as you’re finishing it from a journalistic standpoint. How many batches do you think you’ll be releasing and how soon?

ASSANGE: The first batch is reasonably soon. We are quite confident about it now. We might put out some teasers as—I don’t want to promise anything because you have to see how the formatting goes. But we might put out some teasers as early as the next week or the week after.