Saturday, September 10, 2016

Racing Towards Nuclear War, The 'Real' Story In Syria, Netanyahu: World Silent As Palestinians Seek 'Ethnic Cleansing' Of Jews,

The Powers-That-Be Are Driving The World Towards Nuclear War

The current regime in Washington (and their controllers) are absolutely ‘poking the bear’ (Russia), as they and their mainstream partners in the ‘government-media-complex’ continue to manufacture a threat and vilify a nation which has not threatened the United States or NATO in any way whatsoever.

I believe that the recent and accumulating aggressive actions of the U.S. and NATO towards Russia is one of THE most dangerous current-events in the world today. Why? Because the events are heading towards World War, and the nations we’re talking about (United States, Russia, and even China) have enough nuclear weapons to terminate most all of us…

Ever since Russia ‘put their foot down’ about the planned American overthrow / invasion of the Assad regime in Syria, coupled with the coziness between Russia and China (and other partners) trading on the world stage together while not using the U.S. dollar as a medium of exchange, the powers-that-be have decided to make an enemy of them…

There has been an organized NATO naval presence in the Black Sea (off the coast of Russia). There’s no other reason for this other than to be provocative. No different from Russia establishing a naval presence off of our East coast or West coast…
NATO organizing another naval presence in the Baltic Sea.
‘We’ keep announcing more troops, more tanks into the Baltic countries – into Poland…
We persist in efforts to build anti-ballistic missile bases along Russia’s borders.

We continue to hear Russia described as an existential threat to the United States.

This is all ‘reckless’ provocation, and the Russians have to take it seriously

Russia (Putin) must reason that there’s no real basis for any of this provocation, so ‘they must be getting set to attack us…’ What else would they think? If Russia began doing all this to the United States for no apparent reason, we too would think that they must be getting ready to attack us…
The current Washington regime (and the-powers-that-be) are trying to do the same thing (provocation) with China. South China sea, Chinese boundaries, etc.. Conspiring to build more bases around China to control shipping and resource flows in and out of China…

Since all three of these countries have nuclear capabilities of a high order, we therefore see Washington driving the world toward a nuclear war – which simply will mean the termination of much life on earth.
Many of the so called ‘elites’ have been reportedly moving to the southern hemisphere. Should a nuclear war occur in the northern hemisphere, much or most of the upper-atmospheric nuclear ‘fallout’ will remain in the northern hemisphere due to the influential properties of the equator as it relates to geophysical properties of the earth and its atmosphere.
Do they know what’s coming?
Are we heading towards World War?
Will World War lead to nuclear war?
Would this not be a convenient time to implode the gargantuan bubble economy?

The Syrian cease-fire agreement that US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced Friday night, September 9, in Geneva hands Syrian affairs over to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and the country’s military.

The accord marked a sharp reversal for Washington. In his meeting with Putin in China last week, US President Barack Obama did not agree to those steps for the simple reason that such an agreement would be in line with the policy and stance of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, not those of the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Trump suggested several months ago that the US should let Putin finish the war in Syria, asserting that the Russian leader would be able to do it better.

Under the current situation it is no wonder that Kerry and Lavrov agreed not to release the details of the agreement. Publication of the details would reveal that the rebels in the Aleppo area, and perhaps in all of Syria, have been abandoned.

The Syrian rebels now find themselves trapped by both the Russian-Turkish agreement and the Russian-US agreement, with a noose seemingly closing around them.

But the game-changing events to watch out for took place in Hangzhou without fanfare – namely, the Obama-Putin talks and the far more fruitful encounter between Putin and Erdogan.

Putin virtually shut the door on further cooperation with the United States in Syria. He highhandedly informed Obama that he now holds all the high cards for controlling the Syrian conflict, whereas Washington was just about out of the game.

Putin picked up the last cards, our sources disclose, in a secret deal with Erdogan for Russian-Turkish collaboration in charting the next steps in the Middle East.

The G20 therefore, instead of promoting new US-Russian understanding, gave the impetus to a new Russian-Turkish partnership.

Erdogan raked in instant winnings: Before he left China, he had pocketed Putin’s nod to grab a nice, 4, slice of northern Syria, as a “security zone” under the control of the Turkish army and air force, with Russian non-interference guaranteed. 

Ankara would reciprocate by withdrawing its support from the pro-US and pro-Saudi rebel groups fighting the Assad army and its allies in the area north of Aleppo.  
Turkey’s concession gave Putin a selling-point to buy the Syrian ruler assent to Erdogan’s project. Ankara’s selling-point to the West was that the planned security zone would provide a safe haven for Syrian refugees and draw off some of the outflow perturbing Europe.

It now turns out that, just as the Americans sold the Syrian Kurds down the river to Turkey (when Vice President Joe Biden last month ordered them to withdraw from their lands to the eastern bank of the Euphrates River or lose US support), so too are the Turks now dropping the Syrian rebels they supported in the mud by re-branding them as “terrorists.”

The head of this NATO nation has moreover gone behind America’s back for a deal with the Russian ruler on how to proceed with the next steps of the Syrian conflict.

As a gesture of warning, a Russian SU-25 fighter jet Tuesday, Sept 6, intercepted a US Navy P8 plane flying on an international route over the Black Sea. When the Russian jet came as close as 12 feet, the US pilots sent out emergency signals - in vain, because the Russian plane’s transponder was switched off. The American plane ended up changing course.

All the region’s actors will no doubt be watching closely to see how Turkey’s “Russian track” plays out and how long the inveterate opportunists can hang together.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday accused the Palestinians of advocating ethnic cleansing of the Jewish population in the West Bank, and decried what he said was the world’s silence on the issue.

Speaking in English in a video message posted on his Facebook page, Netanyahu asked whether people in other parts of the world would accept such demands in their own countries.

It’s “outrageous that the world doesn’t find it outrageous,” Netanyahu said, urging viewers to ask themselves whether they would accept “a territory without Jews, without Hispanics, without blacks” in their nation.

“Since when is bigotry a foundation for peace?” he asked.

“At this moment, Jewish schoolchildren in Judea [and] Samaria are playing in sandboxes with their friends,” he said, referring to the West Bank by its biblical Hebrew name. “Does their presence make peace impossible? I don’t think so.”

Netanyahu’s video garnered 45,000 views and more than 4,300 “likes” within the first three hours of publication. It is the latest in a series of viral attempts in which the prime minister talks directly to the camera, speaking, usually in English, about a current affairs issue. The prime minister is known for his fluent, almost unaccented English, which he perfected during his years of study in the US.

Iran may have received an additional $33.6 billion in secret cash and gold payments facilitated by the Obama administration between 2014 and 2016, according to testimony provided before Congress by an expert on last summer’s nuclear agreement with Iran.

Between January 2014 and July 2015, when the Obama administration was hammering out the final details of the nuclear accord, Iran was paid $700 million every month from funds that had previously been frozen by U.S. sanctions.

A total of $11.9 billion was ultimately paid to Iran, but the details surrounding these payments remain shrouded in mystery, according to Mark Dubowitz, executive director at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

New questions about these payments are emerging following confirmation from top Obama administration officials on Thursday that it was forced to pay Iran $1.7 billion in cash prior to the release of several U.S. hostages earlier this year. The administration insisted that cash had to be used for this payment.

Lawmakers and others are now pressing the administration to disclose how a slew of other payments to Iran were made in the years leading up to the final nuclear accord.
“In July, the Associated Press cited U.S. officials who estimated that Iran ‘brought home less than $20 billion.’ Were these funds repatriated to Tehran in cash or in gold and precious metals? Through the formal financial system? Or through some combination?” Dubowitz asked in his testimony before the House Financial Services Committee.

The cash payment of $1.7 billion earlier this year was the easiest way to ensure Iran got immediate access to the money, according to these officials.
“Iran had to have it in cash,” Paul Ahern, assistant general counsel for enforcement and intelligence at the Treasury Department, told lawmakers. “Iran was very aware of the difficulties it would face in accessing and using the funds if they were in any other form than cash, even after the lifting of sanctions.”
Given the situation, it is likely that the multiple past payments to Iran were conducted in a similar fashion, according to Dubowitz.
“If the White House could only send cash to Iran from the start of the JPOA period through the Tribunal payment that could amount to a grant total of 33.6 billion,” he said. “Did any of this money go through the formal financial system? If so, the administration is not being truthful about the 1.7 billion. If many billions arrived in Iran on pallets [of cash] this would be a pretty astounding revelation.”
Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon official and expert on rogue regimes, said that cash payments of this nature are “highly irregular.”


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JD in Tennessee

My father suffered from Parkinson's for 20 plus years so I can tell you this video on Hilary that she has Parkinson's is right on the mark. The thing I noticed the most in all the videos is when she is over stimulated her disease can't process multiple stimuli. My father said that when he would experience that moment the blank stare was due to him not being able to process multiple things at one time. We the family would always move in to reassure him that everything was okay and that we were right there with him. Usually after about a couple of minutes he would recover. In the advance stage, that the video asserts, there is a problem with swallowing. Aspirating food and saliva is a daily occurrence where all fluids had to be thickened in order to swallow. The thing that's most concerns me is what role fatigue plays in a Parkinson's patient. I can tell you that absent rest my fathers symptoms were all very exaggerated. Especially his balance because loss of muscle control in an advanced Parkinson's state is severe. Add fatigue to that and an already compromised gate/ability to walk was nearly impossible. I can't possibly imagine a situation where a Parkinson's patient would ever be able to perform a high paced position let alone the Presidency. If I'm Trump in the first debate, I would ask her point blank if she thought a person with Parkinson's would be able to serve as President. The next question I would ask her is if she has been diagnosed with Parkinson's. If she lies or avoids the question then we all have our answer. Stay tuned because the heat is about to be turned up on Hilary. I feel we are in for a very dramatic 60 days.

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Thanks for that perspective - I also think the whole clinical scenario is also complicated by the previous strokes and the aftermath of those. But it makes sense and that video pointed out some things (especially the lengths she is going to to mask it) - I hadn't considered before - and yes, these next 2 months are going to prove to be very interesting IMO

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Thanks for sharing that Sharon. Wow, lots of things to look for in the coming days.