Thursday, September 29, 2016

'If The Fight Is Inevitable, Be The First To Hit'

These should be chilling words for all of us, as the U.S. continues to provoke war with Russia:

[That quote comes from this brief video]

The war in Syria is in fact a war between US and RF in microcosm. Russia Armed Forces have demonstrated masterful tactical skill and her diplomats have shown they are the top diplomats in the world. While eu is reduced to fawning and groveling at the feet of DC and DC has done nothing but throw temper tantrums like a small child that is denied a piece of candy, VVP and Lavrov have skilfully boxed in DC in a fox trap. Do not think for a moment The World is not watching this with bated breath, all are hanging on to every statement and nuance, they parse every word, every facial expression, every subtle hand motion endlessly. The war in little Syria is world recognized as a fight for all the marbles. If DC looses this one, and they are losing, it’s game over. Those of us close to my age will not live to see the end of US but we will all live to see the end of US as the supposed major world power.
In reality the US as a major world power began to die at the end of Viet Nam. When Brand X is shooting at you as you leave, you lost. Korea was a draw, Nam was a total loss and catastrophe from which it took years for the US military to recover. Recover they did, to a point, but that recovery has morphed in to a hideous hydra that is totally out of control today. The very idea of senior officers making public statements about what they will and won’t do in regards to the civilians in power in DC speaks reams. Those clear and public statements are actually a courts martial offense but so far no one has slapped any noses for this egregious and open violation of UCMJ.
On the other hand two and three years ago there was a draconian purge of company and lower field grade officers and senior NCO’s. Many of the best and brightest, most combat veterans, were either put out or encouraged to retire. In essence the deep cadre loyal to America and her values were dumped and what is left are too afraid of PC to say a word. The numbers of senior NCO’s who would normally stay in for 30 at least are leaving the moment they get their 20. Officers, passed over three times for promotion and you’re out. That is how they’ve done a lot of it with officers, those who refused to take early pension. It has gutted the tip of the spear, ergo the spear is not sharp and lethal now, it’s blunted. They still have all the shiny toys with more baubles coming from time to time but as I mentioned in my SitRep after my trip behind enemy lines last year the bravado is gone, the ‘we can lick anyone anywhere anytime’ attitude had been replaced with ‘tell me about Russian soldiers’, ‘tell me about the Russian army’, ‘tell me about Russian pilots and planes’, ‘how good are they’, ‘will they fight us’. In few words although some spoke to me for an entire evening, the answers were ‘intensely loyal to Russia’, ‘formidable’, ‘as good or better than you are, pilots and airframes’, ‘you don’t want to find out how good they are’, and ‘yes, they will fight you if you threaten  Мать Россия’.
Reality is Russia is moving heaven and earth to prevent a world war. However. Many, especially in Foggy Bottom, would be well advised to watch this little video from a couple years ago. Watch it, think about it, and do not imagine for a moment this gentleman was not speaking absolute truth.


foretastes said...

Possible scenario?...
We be poking the Bear hoping they will retaliate (Putin said if the fight is inevitable be the first to hit). Can you imagine how they might? Nukes at the US?) Then the US can institute Marshall Law. Then cancel the elections. Then the current POTUS can remain in office. Otherwise why on earth would would the US be edging them on as they are. Thoughts?

Living in incredibly tense times we be. The Lord's peace be upon us!

D. Pearson said...

He who strikes first hits hardest!!!!!!

ally said...

He who prays can move mountains into the sea right? Pray for their plans if evil to fail.