Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Metaphor For All To See

Lies, distortion, a failing system, a pagan society, a communistic society without God, a crumbling empire - you name it.  Despite the shrill screams by the leftists/progressives/communists, who should now be completely without any credibility - we can see with our own eyes - what is happening. There is quite obviously a physical problem here and explains why the vast majority of physicians agree. In this instance, it is clear that Mrs Clinton cannot stand under her own power and then when forced to walk with assistance approximately 6 feet, she still falls. This is not dehydration and its not overheating. This will eventually come out, as the medical problem is obviously chronic and progressive. Given that, it is hard not to see this as a metaphor for the problems with our country and for that matter, the entire world and the direction it's headed. It's not only a decaying empire (the U.S.), but the world is as well. It will require a real savior (not the false 'savior', the antichrist) - but the savior we know as Jesus. Until His return, the world will continue to deteriorate. 

Metaphor | Definition of Metaphor

Video: Hillary Clinton Leaves 9/11 Memorial Ceremony Early, Dragged into Van

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