Thursday, September 29, 2016

Beijing Warns Tokyo, Riyadh Warns Washington, Nuclear War With N Korea Coming?

As Tokyo begins to play a more active role in the South China Sea, Beijing has warned against any provocations.

Tensions have escalated between China and Japan over a territorial dispute in the East China Sea, where both nations claim ownership over a string of islands called the Senkakus. But Japan is also in talks with the Pentagon to join military patrols in the South China Sea, a move Beijing warned against on Thursday.

"We must solemnly tell Japan this is a miscalculation. If Japan wants to have joint patrol or drills in waters under Chinese jurisdiction this really is playing with fire," Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said, according to Deutsche Welle.

"China’s military will not sit idly by."

The US and its Pacific allies have objected to Beijing’s construction of a series of artificial islands in the South China Sea, concerned that they may be used to establish an air defense zone. China maintains it has every right to build within its own territory and that the islands will be used primarily for humanitarian purposes.

The US Navy has conducted a number of provocative “freedom of navigation” patrols within the 12-mile territorial limit of these islands.
Earlier this month, Japan’s recently appointed Defense Minister Tomomi Inada indicated strong support for the Pentagon’s operations in the region.
"Japan, for its part, will increase its engagement in the South China Sea, for example, Maritime Self-Defense Force joint training cruises with the US Navy and bilateral and multilateral exercises with regional navies," she said.

The Saudi government had remained silent until Thursday afternoon, following votes by the Senate and House of Representatives to overwhelmingly shoot down a presidential veto on the “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act,” or JASTA, on Wednesday.

While JASTA applies to any act of terrorism on US soil, the primary focus has been on Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

"The erosion of sovereign immunity will have a negative impact on all nations, including the United States," Riyadh said in a statement. The kingdom further stated that it hopes Congress will work "to avoid the serious unintended consequences that may ensue."

The statement did not include specific threats, retaliation, or what the consequences would be.
JASTA will allow for victims and the families of the 2001 attacks to sue the Saudi government. Riyadh has denied funding the terrorists who attacked the World Center and killed nearly 3,000 people, but 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi Arabian nationals.
Leading up to the JASTA vote, the Saudi government waged a massive lobbying effort, arguing that the bill would undermine sovereign immunity. Following the passing, they remained silent until the following day.

On Thursday, after the veto was overridden, the Saudi riyal fell against the dollar.
“This bill reflects an anti-Saudi campaign. It is time to see less of America in our midst,” Abdulkhaleq Abdulla, a political scientist in the United Arab Emirates told Reuters.

On Sunday, North Korea warned the United States that it could wipe out Manhattan with a single hydrogen bomb, and earlier this month North Korea threatened to make a “preemptive and offensive nuclear strike” on the United States in response to aggressive military exercises currently being jointly conducted by South Korea and the U.S. military. So does nuclear war with North Korea actually pose a significant security risk to this country? Well, according to the Washington Post the entire west coast of the United States is within reach of North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missiles. The only question is whether or not North Korea’s ultra-paranoid leader Kim Jong Un would ever actually press the button.

Most Americans don’t realize this, but nuclear war with North Korea is now closer than it has ever been before. In the past, North Korea’s technical capabilities were greatly limited, but now all of that has apparently changed. Just consider what has taken place within just the past few months. The following comes from a timeline that was put together by the Arms Control Association…

So let us not underestimate the threat that North Korea poses. They hate us enough to want to completely destroy us, they now have the technological capability of hitting major west coast cities with nukes, and they have an ultra-paranoid young leader with his hand on the trigger. Meanwhile, we have an increasingly aggressive leader of our own sitting in the White House that seems to like to yank Kim Jong Un’s chain.
If push came to shove, North Korea would attempt to hit American targets with nukes.
Let us just hope and pray that it does not happen any time soon.

I did not intend to write today but 3 events warrant a heads up. 
1. Deutsche Bank may be having their “Lehman moment” as 10 hedge funds have withdrawn funds and are cutting exposure with DB.
This is how a “bank run” starts folks! Quite convenient that this Monday I believe is a banking holiday in Germany. If this is truly a Lehman moment, we will have a far larger event in a very compressed timeframe than we had in 2008.
The ramifications of this are beyond human comprehension to understand how widespread the fallout can be. Think “Rollover” by multiples with the added negative the U.S. is no longer the sole military superpower in the world. I wrote about this last week, the important thing to understand is the assets that get sold in dollars…will not remain in dollars very long!
This is horrific on so many levels, particularly to the survival of the human race. Please understand the “timing” of this particular item. All three of these events are happening at one time, if you believe it’s a “bad coincidence” you are wrong in my opinion. The takedown of the Western standard of living is happening in real time, right now. Ignore this at your own risk!
Standing watch,

You may remember a while back there was a spate of news articles about high-level bankers and bank employees committing suicide. Conspiracy theories were coming left and right and then as suddenly as the reports started they stopped – just like that. Here is a list of more than 50 of these bankers, in date order, with a brief overview on each of them.

You probably also remember that last year, a dozen holistic doctors either died or went missing over a course of only 90 days. How oddly coincidental.
But the deaths of these bankers and doctors are just the tip of the iceberg.

Did you hear about all of the dead scientists? Probably not.

What if I told you that dozens and dozens and dozens of scientists have been killed died in mysterious circumstances and few reports have filtered out via the mainstream media?
What if I told you that they were involved in researching or working with bio-level 4 pathogens, nuclear research and the like? And that many had government links…by grants issued, research on behalf of or directly by working in government facilities.
The current spate of deaths began not long after 9/11, on November 12, 2001, to be precise. On Nov. 12, Benito Que, 52, was found comatose in the street near the laboratory where he worked at the University of Miami Medical School. He died on Dec. 6.
On November 16, 2001, professor don Wiley apparently killed himself – yet there was, and never has been any evidence of that.
On November 15th, Harvard Professor Don Wiley left a gathering of friends and colleagues some time after 10:30 PM. The next morning, Memphis police found his rental car stopped on a bridge, with a full tank of gas and keys still in the ignition. There was no financial or family trouble. Indeed Wiley was supposed to meet his family at the Memphis airport to continue on to an Icelandic vacation. Neither was there any history of depression or mental illness.

In the report printed in the New York Times on November 27th, the FBI’s Memphis office distanced itself from the case saying that the available facts did not add up to a suspicion of foul play. I guess at the FBI it’s a perfectly everyday occurrence for a Harvard Professor to stop his rental car on a bridge in the middle of the night before he is supposed to leave for Iceland and just walk away into the Tennessee dark.
Move along citizen, nothing to see.
The professor’s colleagues expressed doubts about the official “suicide” explanation for his disappearance. (source)
His body was found on Dec. 20.
Next came Vladimir Pasechnik who died on November 23, 2001. No cause of death was ever given. A Russian he defected to Britain in 1989 aged 64.
He described a network of secret laboratories, disguised as a commercial organisation called Biopreparat, which employed several thousand scientists and technicians to develop potential biological weapons that could spread diseases like anthrax, ebola, Marburg virus, plague, Q fever, and smallpox. (source)
On December 10, 2001, Robert Schwartz, 57, was found murdered in his rural home in Loudoun County, Va. His daughter was ultimately convicted of his murder.
On December 11, 2001, Set Van Nguyen, 44, was found dead in the airlock entrance to a walk-in refrigerator in the laboratory where he worked in Victoria State, Australia. According to reports, he was a “conscientious, diligent and careful employee.”
On February 8,  2002, Vladimir Korshunov, 56, was found dead on a Moscow street. outside his home. He died from blunt force trauma to his head and there is no record of his killer being caught – or even being sought!
On February 11, 2002, Ian Langford, 40, was found dead in his home in Norwich, England. He was half naked and wedged under a chair. His specialty was environmental risk. Police and post-mortem results declared the wounds found on his body were self-inflicted or sustained accidentally.

The list goes on and on:
  • Alexi Brushlinski
  • Robert Leslie Burghoff
  • Dr. Tanya Holzmayer
  • Eugene Mallove
  • John Mullen
  • Dr. Jeong Im
  • Source for the following list:
  • Alberto Behar
  • Martin John Rogers
  • Glenn Thomas
  • Mark Ferri
  • Professor Carol Ambruster
  • Anne Szarewski
  • Shane Todd
  • Dr. Richard Holmes
  • Melissa Ketunuti
  • Professor Dr. Richard Crowe
  • James S. Miller
  • Zachary Greene Warfield
  • Jonathan Widom
  • Fanjun Meng and Chunyang Zhang
  • Andrei Tropinov, Sergei Rizhov, Gennadi Benyok, Nicolai Tronov and Valery Lyalin, in a Russian plane crash.
  • Rodger Lynn Dickey
  • Gregory Stone
  • Bradley C. Livezey
  • Dr. Massoud Ali Mohammadi
  • John (Jack) P. Wheeler II
  • Mark A. Smith
  • Chitra Chauhan
  • Franco Cerrina
  • Maria Ragland Davis
  • Gopi K. Podila
  • Adriel D. Johnson Sr.
  • Amy Bishop, 45
  • Keith Fagnou
  • Stephen Lagakos
  • Malcolm Casadaban
  • Wallace L. Pannier
  • August “Gus” Watanabe.
  • Caroline Coffe
  • Nasser Talebzadeh Ordoubadi
  • Bruce Edwards Ivins
  • Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez. Died  after being bound, gagged, stabbed and set alight
  • Yongsheng Li
  • Dr. Mario Alberto Vargas Olvera
  • Yoram Kaufmanich
This is an incomplete list.  There are many, many more. Quite a number of these scientists were young and in the prime of their lives. Most of the deaths were attributed to accidents and homicides, with a few suicides thrown in for good measure.
Are their deaths linked? Who knows.
Are governments silencing scientists? Who knows.
What I can say for sure is that a huge amount of scientific genius has been wiped out with the deaths of these people…and possibly many more we don’t know about.
What I would really like to know is why.


ally said...

Scott-they supposedly found 50,000 filled out ballots for Clinton in an Ohio warehouse. A janitor found them. Still looking for more info currently to vet thus and see if it's really true

Scott said...

Hey do you have a link for that? (Btw you know i cant post that previous comment or we would have world war on this blog lol)

Unknown said...

I would love to see Ally's comment don't be like the government Scott geez. Wink

Mrs.C said...

Hey Brother Scott :) Just to help you save some time, the story about the Janitor finding Clinton ballots is fake. Whew, took all of 30 seconds on this one. lol Snopes just posted their findings 5 mins ago! That was fast! lol While I dont always trust Snopes, this is pretty obviously faked, including photo shopping pics that were from 2015 in England! smh Just like AllNewsPipeline did with their fake UN story, that they took pics they found on the internet, from UN tanks in Africa years before, and tried to present them as UN tanks in the U.S. Very deceiving times we are living in for sure. I read an article the other day, where people steal other peoples FB profiles, and run around the internet pretending to be the other person! Very sad indeed, that some website names themselves "Christian Times" yet continually post fake stories. Whew, dont they know they will be accountable before the Lord? if they even are True Christians. Just as Jesus said these Last Days would be, deception, lying everywhere, and its so easy to do on the internet....discernment in these Last Days is so extremely important..
Scary stuff, so much deception going around...satan knows his time is short...

"Ballot Bluffing"
A disingenuous article falsely claimed that "tens of thousands" of fraudulent ballots had been discovered in a warehouse in Ohio.

"Although CTN presents itself as a legitimate publication (by imitating the name of the genuine Christian Times newspaper), the web site has invented and promoted numerous conspiracy theories, including false stories reporting that Donald Trump was removed from primary ballots, that Clinton said "Harambe" was a victim of racism, that an African-American Trump supporter was killed in Chicago, and that the 4th of July had been cancelled due to fears of terrorism."

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goodness, thanks - I was going to wait and see if that was published anywhere else and was waiting on that before seeing this

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Your Welcome Brother :)

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