Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Behind The Scenes - What's Really Happening: Brzezinski's Ruse: American Empire Is Dead, China And Russia Take Over

As you know, I rarely label something as a "must read" article, but I'll break that today and say that below is a must read for a variety of reasons. First of all, it reveals what I believe is going on behind the scenes. Secondly - it reveals how we have a massive, behind the scenes (well, its actually becoming more and more open by the day, which is also interesting) push for a global government, exactly what we would expect as we approach the Tribulation. Thirdly, in my humble opinion (and I'll try to be delicate here) - Mr Brzezinski is right there with Mr Soros in terms of charting a course for the world on this side of the Tribulation - a course that is fundamentally evil. Lastly - one cannot read this article and not come away with the idea that the Tribulation is very very close at hand. 


Zbigniew Brzezinski has written an article in The American Interest titled “Towards a Global Realignment” that has received a tremendous amount of attention on the internet, along with much gloating.
Brzezinski is an architect of the world’s current military and economic disasters and as such he has plenty of enemies. With this article, they see him recanting his previous arrogance and vision of a worldwide US hegemony.
In fact, in the alternative media, many champion his apparent admission as a huge win for the world and a huge defeat for imperialism.
But it’s not. It is the exact opposite, as I’ll explain below.
Certainly, anyone who cares about humanity and freedom would love to see the American Empire die.  It has been responsible for uncountable atrocities. And like many, I was surprised at first to learn that one of the world’s most evil men was “giving up.”
But I’ve learned to never take devils like this at their word.
Really? Now, Brzezinski just says he is giving up?  After a lifetime of building the American empire to the current monstrosity that it is?
He’s not giving up.

All he is doing – all they are doing (the ones who work with him) – is moving on to the next level of tyrannical, murderous empire. The next level will be a global empire.  A one world government empire.
Brzezinski’s statement is just part of a larger strategy of thesis/antithesis/synthesis. In this case, Brzezinski used to provide the thesis as a co-leader of the elite, globalist Trilateral commission with David Rockefeller, but now he is providing the antithesis.
Here, from his article:

“As its era of global dominance ends, the United States needs to take the lead in realigning the global power architecture.
Five basic verities regarding the emerging redistribution of global political power and the violent political awakening in the Middle East are signaling the coming of a new global realignment.
The first of these verities is that the United States is still the world’s politically, economically, and militarily most powerful entity but, given complex geopolitical shifts in regional balances, it is no longer the globally imperial power.”

This excerpt and others like it in the article have provided celebrations throughout the web. Some of the rejoicing involves an element of sophistication. These analyses begin to understand that a so-called climb-down is not a “defeat.”
But others shout about it from the rooftops: “Look the Americans are going to stop killing everybody!  It’s over!”
Russia and China feature strongly in this gloating – in both sophisticated and unsophisticated analyses. Brzezinski’s motive for  his “climb-down” is supposedly the threats that these two countries represent to US interests.
Again, it is difficult to understand how any serious writer with access to the internet can take this interpretation of Russian and Chinese “threats” seriously.

Take note of Putin.  Is he really the hero who is going to stop the US Empire?  Putin’s father was supposedly Stalin’s chauffer and Putin came to power under the watchful eye of US and Western bankers. Putin was an assistant to then-president Boris Yeltsin and served in various federal capacities in Moscow from 1996 to 1999.
He came to Moscow as a Deputy Chief of the Presidential Property Management Department. By August 1999 he had become one of three First Deputy Prime Ministers.
This is an extraordinary rise to power, one so quick that it is tempting to say his rise was preordained. In other words, the three-year federal career he enjoyed was a kind of formality designed to justify what had already been decided on, that he would be the next leader of Russia.  Quite similar to Obama’s sudden rise to power from a “community organizer”, whatever that is, to President of the US.
It’s important to emphasize that Putin’s rise must have been engineered by Russia’s Western/US supervisors. Nothing that took place in Russia at that time could have occurred another way. Putin must have had CIA and City blessing.
When it comes to the Chinese, the same sorts of assumptions can be made. There is a good chance, for instance, that China’s communist founder Mao was actually a member of Skull and Bones.
Mao may have achieved this status by attending a Chinese branch of the Yale Divinity School. Though the US supposedly supported the “nationalists” when Mao was struggling to take power, a good argument can be made that, as before, Wall Street had already determined that communism would win.
This is certainly what happened in Russia during the communist “revolution.” Jacob Schiff. Head of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., personally financed Trotsky’s trip from New York to Russia.
Later on, as G. Edward Griffin shows in his great book, the Creature from Jekyll Island, Wall Street tycoons infiltrated Russia dressed as Red Cross workers and provided necessary funds to the Revolution in order to ensure its victory.
The same thing happened before World War II, when Hitler’s rise to power was financed by American, British and Swiss industrialists and bankers including the Bush crime family.
So close were the ties between Western corporations and Germany that it was not until the middle of the war that the Bush family was finally stripped of its German investments and forced to pay a significant fine.
We have hundreds of years of evidence showing the world’s banking elites always are involved on both sides of major political, military and economic matters.
Why on earth would anyone presenting a serious analysis of what’s going on today conclude that Brzezinski is actually worried about either China or Russia.
He probably knows the leaders personally. Or better yet, he knows the heads of China’s wealthiest families, the ones that really run the country behind China’s fa├žade of communism.
China and Russia are part of the so-called BRICS, an entity named by a banker at Goldman Sachs. The SDR currency basket in which China is placing its yuan currency at the beginning of October is run by the Washington-controlled International Monetary Fund.
We are supposed to believe that China intends to undermine the US economically. But if so, then the Western-based IMF is playing a major part in this undermining.
As well, we are supposed to believe that Russia and China – huge countries that Western elites have always secretly supported and cultivated – intend to dispose of the dollar as soon as they can.
It’s true to an extent.  The plan to destroy the US and the dollar to bring in a one world government is true… but it isn’t because of anything China and Russia, in particular, are doing.
With his boss David Rockefeller, Brzezinksi formulated the geopolitical structure we live in today. They never had any intention of creating an environment where the US lorded over every nook and cranny of the larger world.
The idea was to bring Russia and China along gradually until they were ready to shoulder a power sharing arrangement. Sound a lot like Orwell’s 1984? Well that’s no coincidence is it? Orwell ran in the same circles as the globalists.  This plan has been in the works for a good long while.

What we’re looking at today is the shift from a mostly AngloAmerican tyranny to a one world, global government tyranny.
Brzezinksi may sound like he’s giving up on “American empire” but in fact, he’s merely acknowledging the larger plan.

He makes it sound like an apology and plenty of his chroniclers are falling for it. He’s an old man, and he must just love the attention! This is his “last laugh.” How he must be chuckling at the coverage.
I should note as well that his apology is right on time – at the end of this Jubilee Year. He waited almost as long as he could to trigger his so-called confession.
Look closely and you can see he’s not apologizing at all but declaring victory. He and David Rockefeller have accomplished exactly what they set out to do. They’ve created a phony tripartite world. What many don’t understand, though, is that London’s City is still in charge of it.

Everything meshes with a larger, globalist strategy including the timing. As noted, they’re bringing the Chinese yuan into the IMF’s SDR basket the day before the end of the Jubilee.  The US empire is dying as intended – and right on time. A global one is on the rise.

Did you think Brzezinski would just give up after he marched the ball all the way down the field to the one yard line? No, his article was a metaphorical spiking of the ball. And just as intended, most are interpreting his spike as a fumble.  It’s amazing how people fall for it time and time again.
Ironically, Brzezinksi has spent his professional life practicing various kinds of subterfuge. In this his last and greatest achievement, he gets to position himself as a contrite individual who lost his way.
Because most don’t understand what is really going on, they’ll come to the wrong conclusions. They’ll either gloat or perhaps some of them may feel a tiny bit of compassion for the man – who seemingly wasted  his life and now admits it.
They’ll have to listen very hard for the ghostly chuckling, but believe me it’s there. I can hear it…
And let me be clear on another point: This bastard will be chuckling from the grave. The game he is playing is a serious one. All you have to do is check the Georgia Guidestones to understand that, here.
Don`t know what they are? Then take a look and read the first of the ten commandments inscribed on this miniature Stonehenge. Here it is:
Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
Still inclined to feel sorry for Brzezinski? He’s not just a global manipulator, he’s part of a bunch that has in mind wiping out seven billion people sooner or later.
Of course, the good news is that you’re reading this article and therefore you stop by here to take a look at our blog regularly or irregularly. I’d invite you to come by often for as students of Shemitah Trends and this now-finalizing Jubilee Year, we understand elite plans and timelines like almost no other publication.

We’re not fooled by people like Brzezinksi and their false statements of humility.  We understand the game here at TDV, from beginning to end. And where we’re not quite sure of the direction, we wait a while until we find the inevitable clue. They always talk too much and we’re very good at listening.


Unknown said...

I watch several prophecy updates each week to get different perspectives. John Haller (You tube) is one update I watch each week, and he covered this article...he came to similar conclusions. It seems like several months ago, the globalist agenda started becoming more overt & "in your face" so-to-speak. It will only become more so IMO. As I stated on one of your other posts, I think the chaos of the rapture will send people into the willing arms of the globalists as everyone struggles to explain what happened & grasp for some normalcy. What we see as overreaches, I afraid those left behind will see as a comfort.


Scott said...

Yes - I completely agree - they are now out in the open with the agenda now, and thats somewhat ominous, because it tells me that they don't feel the need to be covert, therefore, it either means that they feel their agenda is unstoppable now, or they don't fear a populist uprising, which has other ominous tones. I'making a conscious effort to focus on Luke 21:28, 31 right now and John 14 :) Honestly,without our promises I'd be in the fetal position at this point

ally said...

Scott, you crack me up, fetal position....even if, you'd still be looking up! ;)
Also, check this out, very interesting. This guy, using the Torah calender, shows how with the eclipses and blood red moons that the final blood red moon is actually the 9th in this series. All if these events occurred on Jewish feast days if ya use the Torah calender.
9 the number of judgement. Sukkot mmmmmm do I dare get excited?
He doesn't say anything about "it" lol, however he says this means something very important to the nation of Israel. Definitely pretty strong signs in the skies

ally said...

You tube, it's called "breaking news next blood moon proof tetrad is now hexad" by Discover Ministries

Dee mac said...

God bless all you guys on this website, Scott will websites like this and pastors sermons online etc but be removed after America hand over the power to the Internet in October? I download audio sermons because I fear these old school pastors will be hard to access online eventually because of political correctness. I am so appriciating of your updates because with my eye being on the game I can be one step ahead in keeping my family safe and know what to expect should persecution knock my door.

Scott said...

Ally - thanks for that, I'llcheck it out

Dee - I think we'll be shut down as with all the other, similar sites, or for that matter any Christian site and "anti-government" sites...Id say thats a guarantee and probably sooner rather than later

ally said...

Scott, I KNOW we are smarter than them. They are devious deceived buttheads and we have the saving knowledge of Christ. Let's figure out some way to stay in contact and keep the watchman thing going until he comes to get us.
Even under Roman persecution, we had signs and symbols and other ways to connect.
Think about this and if you can come up with something that works for you I will try and help you facilitate it.
Love you guys!

WVBORN56 said...

If they shut down the Internet....just remember if the world and pop culture support and embrace something 99% chance it's a lie! Looking forward to seeing everyone soon! ❤️