Sunday, September 4, 2016

Israel Shells Syria, ISIS Militants Lose Territory Along Syrian-Turkish Border, Syrian Army To Renew Siege Of Aleppo

Israel shells Syria in retaliation for mortar hitting Golan

Israel targeted Syrian Army artillery in the Golan Heights Sunday night, hours after a mortar shell landed on the Israeli side of the DMZ.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage from the Israeli retaliation. Syrian opposition sources reported intense shelling of the village of Hamidiyah, in the demilitarized zone, around the time of the response.

“The IDF holds the Syrian government accountable for this blatant breach of Israeli sovereignty, and will continue to act in order to safeguard Israel,” the army said in a statement.
Israel’s retaliatory strike came a few hours after a stray mortar shell fired from Syria hit a road in the central Golan Heights.
No injuries were reported in that incident, but the mortar damaged a roadway.
Syrian opposition media reports around the time of the earlier incident said forces in Tel al-Sha’ar, a village near the demilitarized zone separating Syria and the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, fired artillery at troops in Hamidiyah, a village in the DMZ. A report posted on Twitter by the Step News Agency wasn’t clear about which force was responsible for the fire. Clashes were also reported in the nearby village of Jubata al-Hashab.

  • Reports claims ISIS has lost all its territory along the Syrian-Turkish border
  • Turkish forces and Syrian rebels thought to have expelled the militants
  • Rebels and Islamist factions backed by tanks and warplanes took villages

ISIS militants have lost all territory along the Turkey-Syria border - and in a double blow to the terror group, authorities have also seized an arsenal of weapons in Iraq.
Turkish troops and allied Syrian rebels have driven the Islamic State group from the last strip of territory it controlled along the Syrian-Turkish border, a Turkish news agency reported.
The advance effectively seals the extremist group's self-styled caliphate off from the outside word, shutting down key supply lines used to bring in foreign fighters, weapons and ammunition. 
The Anadolu news agency today reported that Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army rebels had cleared the area between the northern Syrian towns of Azaz and Jarablus.
It said the advance 'has removed terror organisation Daesh's physical contact with the Turkish border in northern Syria'.

'IS has lost its contact with the outside world after losing the remaining border villages,' said the UK-based news agency, monitor.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights added: 'rebels and Islamist factions backed by Turkish tanks and warplanes' had taken several villages on the border 'after IS withdrew from them, ending IS's presence... on the border.'

The Assad regime made major advances against rebels just south of Aleppo with government forces planning to encircle opposition fighters in order to reimpose the controversial siege on what was once the crown jewel city of Syria.

The Syrian Arab Army plowed through territory south of Aleppo City on Sunday as the Assad regime once again looks to encircle rebel controlled territory in a bid to reestablish the siege.

"The Syrian army, supported by allied forces, has total control of the armaments academy and expanded the territory it controls in the military academies zone," said the SANA state news agency.

Additionally, military sources told AFP that the government has already recaptured the air force academy and that rebel fighters "are now besieged in the artillery academy."

Video footage shows airstrikes devastating an artillery college in southern Aleppo confirming the Assad government’s advances in the rebel controlled area making the reimplementation of the siege more likely.

The siege is unpopular among Western analysts who argue that it causes disproportionate suffering among Aleppo’s civilian population who are unable to access necessary food and medical care in the Assad regime’s effort to starve the opposition forces of supplies. Russia looked to remedy this situation through the implementation of humanitarian corridors for civilians to evacuate, but the idea was never fully tested as the siege was fractured only days later. Others worry that the civilians are effectively held hostage by the rebels and are caught in between the two forces.


ally said...

Scott, if you have a few minutes and want to smile go to YouTube and find this guy "The doctor of common sense" and watch his episode and footage of Donald Trump at the Detroit church. I almost cried when I watched the pastor put a prayer shawl on Donald and also when I listening to Trump read from the Bible.
Frankly, I almost always cry nowadays when I see anyone publicly lift up the name of Jesus!!!! And I also immediately bring it to the Lord's attention (like he doesn't know already lol) and say "hey, see, there are people here who love you and stand up for you, don't forget this, don't forget us, we love you"
Wow, this was amazing. You can tell Trump is quite aware of God and seemed humble. He may be a baby Christian but I sure got the impression that he knows without Jesus, he is nothing.
Love you Scott! Can't wait to give you a giant hug when we finally make it home.

Scott said...

Yea, I read a story last night about how the MSM is not showing that part of Trumps speech - where he received the prayer etc...Unreal...Thanks - I do want to see that. I think the Holy Spirit makes us emotional in terms of things involving Jesus :) I know I am and more so lately for whatever reason, so don't feel alone in that LOL - I get tears over almost anything these days..>Especially in Church when we do baptisms. Thats always a tear-jerker!

Mrs.C said...

Here is the video of his entire speech I shared with Caver DH the other night :)
It includes the giving of the Prayer Shawl, and Bible. :) It was pretty awesome, and we both shed a tear...Donald Trump even tire to take the time out of his busy schedule to celebrate Shabbat with his daughter and her family :)

Its about 15min long

"Donald Trump Detroit Speech At Great Faith Ministries Church African American Voters Black Detroit"

Alice said...

Ally - I hadn't heard. Can't wait to go look up that video!

Also, I got tears just reading these two comments.

Lord Jesus how we long to be with you!

ally said...

Mrs. C's link is probably better!!!! I'm just super stoked to see AfricanAmericans supporting Trump. He is way more likely to create jobs than Hillary that's for sure. Very exciting to me and I bet Everybody here to watch this. I got goose bumps....Very powerful church.
We are getting stronger everyday. We might be dividing into the "real" church vs the "sleepy" church but the "real" church is starting to really get it together! That's how I felt at the prophecy conference, and that's how I felt listening to Trump and the Bishop. It was real. And it was real good! ;)
Love you guys!!!!! See you soon. At the Prophecy Blog Update subdivision upstairs :)