Friday, September 16, 2016

Lies And Distortions - As The Tribulation Approaches

And this is just the beginning of what is to come. It also reveals that the globalists must gain control of the internet in order to prevent the truth from being revealed, and its a guarantee such controls are coming soon:

As the polls turn against Hillary Clinton, the political class "elite" aka establishment globalists and their supporters in the mainstream media go into full-blown meltdown mode.

Anyone that has now seen the viral video, taken by an eyewitness, not a member of the media, of Hillary Clinton literally collapsing while leaving the 9/11 memorial just five days ago, would be hard-pressed to understand how America's mainstream media continues to mislead their readers/viewers in an attempt to convince their audience that what they saw with their own eyes, wasn't real.

This goes way beyond politics and who each individual chooses to support, if any, and straight to the heart of the underlying issue... globalists and the MSM are in complete meltdown mode as they have lost control of the "message," with so many Alternative News sites, Independent Journalists, and  eyewitnesses with a camera built into their phones or devices, showing the general public what the American media won't, and they are panicking and "spinning" out of control themselves.

If the stakes weren't so high, this would be almost laughable, but for days I have been watching the coordinated effort on the part of the MSM to deny what they and millions of Americans saw when Hillary Clinton was led to her vehicle, was seen swaying, her legs literally buckling as she was held up by her protective detail, then pitching forward with slow motion of the video showing her leg dragging, indicating she had passed out cold.

ANP readers have seen this video, but to appreciate the lengths the MSM are going to in order ask their audience to ignore their own eyes, the footage, looped and slowed down to prove the aforementioned assertions, is shown below once again, then beneath that we will detail the "stumbling" of the MSM as they spin their way into obscurity.

One man with a smartphone managed to do what the mainstream media refused to do, prove to the entire country that Hillary Clinton's health issues are not the imaginings of "deranged conspiracy theorists," but are a legitimate concern. That same man also exposed the carefully constructed narrative by the political class globalists with the help of the American press, in order to decieve the public.

Via Joe Concha at The Hill:

He proceeded to upload the video onto his Twitter feed, which can serve as everyone's own newsroom. As of Tuesday, more than 11 million people have viewed his Tweet, and at least hundreds of millions more worldwide have seen the video via broadcast outlets and other forms of social media such as YouTube and Facebook. 

Gazda joins the growing list of citizen journalists armed with a camera and his or her own broadcast station via Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or all of the above. And if he wasn't there at that moment, you can rest assured Clinton's communication team would have been spinning the "nothing-to-see-here" line and most of the media would be spinning along a much different, muted tune. 

Without video evidence, some conservative outlets may have raised questions about Clinton leaving such a solemn and sacred eventearly. But those questions and scrutiny would have stayed in that bubble, called crazy and conspiracy and therefore out of traditional media. As a result, 9/11 retrospectives and some political talk from the Sunday talk shows would have dominated the headlines instead.

One would think since the visual evidence was now out there, public knowledge, the political class and the MSM would finally come clean with the voters, but that is not what happened. First they coordinated their message with the Clinton campaign after they constructed their new narrative about "pneumonia" and how Clinton "powered through" her illness, and then they all coalesced around a new false narrative.

Examples include CNN who reported "Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, her doctor said Sunday, hours after the Democratic nominee stumbled and exited a 9/11 commemoration ceremony early." On September 12, 2016, CNN headlines "Doctor: What Clinton's stumble tells us."  Then on September 15, 2016, CNN stated that Clinton had a "near fainting spell." Then we see the following screen shot of CNN reporting from television claiming that the "video shows Clinton 'trip' while entering van."

CBS News reported on September 11, 2016 that Clinton "abruptly left, then they embedded the initial Twitter video with only the statement "Below is unconfirmed footage of Clinton exiting the 9/11 memorial ceremony."  No mention at all of what the videoshows, with just a mention that Clinton was "overheated." CBS follows up with "Clinton cancels campaign plans after health 'stumble' at 9/11 memorial," reporting that "Clinton appeared unsteady on her feet and had to be helped into her car..."

The Atlantic put out a piece this morning stating "Video footage of the Democratic nominee stumbling as she abruptly departed a September 11th memorial on Sunday, combined with news that she had contracted pneumonia, has fueled rumors on the right that Clinton may be concealing a far worse medical condition."

Recode headlines by saying when Hillary "stumbled" Twitter got the scoop, writing within the article that "a tweeted video of Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia-induced stumble on Sunday, following an unscheduled departure from a 9/11 memorial ceremony, had a huge impact on the media and underscored weaknesses in the Clinton campaign’s media strategy."

People Magazine tells readers that Hillary simply "fell ill," then goes on to push the Clinton campaign narrative, that despite what everyone can see in the video above, "As soon as she got into the vehicle, she was alert the whole time, and was telling staff that she was fine. She was actually making calls to aides from the car and she ended up going to her daughter Chelsea's apartment which was pretty close by in Manhattan. And for the aides that were there with her, they could tell you that she was chasing her granddaughter around the apartment."

The liberal site Mashable headlines with "Hillary Clinton's stumble drives speculation about her health." Their subheaders includes the statement "After leaving a 9/11 commemoration ceremony in New York early feeling "overheated," Hillary Clinton was seen being helped into her vehicle as she stumbled..."

Fox News headlines "Hillary Clinton faces new questions after stumble, pneumonia diagnosis." In the article at least Fox did admit that the "video showed Clinton wobble and fall," but the headline is sometimes all people read, so the "stumble" reference once again is deliberately deceptive.

USA Today played the video in question, but headlined with "Video Shows Clinton Stumbling After 9/11 Event." Then USA Today reports on those claiming there is a Clinton body double, but again their reference to the 9/11 incident does not even come close to describing what everyone can see in the video as they report "The only "evidence" of this theory is photographs taken Sept. 11, when Clinton ducked out of a 9/11 anniversary ceremony in New York."

Chicago Tribune "Why Democrats grumble as Hillary Clinton stumbles." New York Times "Watching, and Wincing, as Clinton Stumbles." CBS local "Hillary Clinton Diagnosed with Pneumonia, Nearly Collapses at 9/11." - "Hillary Clinton cancels trip after nearly collapsing due to pneumonia." Fox 40 - "Local Supporters Come to Hillary Clinton’s Defense After She Appears to Nearly Collapse."

Need I go on? There are page after page after page of search results, all "coincidentally" reporting Hillary just "stumbled," or she "nearly" collapsed or fainted..... no matter what the audience "sees" with their own eyes, according to American liberal news outlets they shouldn't believe it because the MSM, otherwise known as the globalist political elite puppets, are telling you that your eyes are lying to you.

It is truly a sad state of affairs when foreign media and the small amount of conservative MSM, along with conservative websites, are the ones having to "inform" Americans that Hillary Clinton collapsed and had to be carried into her vehicle, leaving her shoe on the curbas they rushed her away, not to a hospital because they didn't want details of her medical treatment reported, but to her daughter's home to be seen only by personal medical employees.

This isn't the first time media has 'scripted" their coverage and reports and it won't be the last time, but it is just as obvious in written reportage of Clinton's 9/11 collapse, as it has been in local news television reports from the past about far less serious topics.

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