Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The United States Of Europe?

Finally we get a detailed summary of the latest, and possibly the most important EU meeting in a long time.

United States of Europe One Step Closer to Reality?

The leaders of the 27-member European Union met in Brussels on December 8 and 9 under pressure to deliver a decisive solution to Europe’s two-year-old sovereign debt crisis.

But the high-profile summit — which was billed by many as the last chance to save the euro single currency — did little to resolve the immediate crisis at hand, namely the massive debt loads of most European countries and the spiraling costs of borrowing more money to pay off those debts.

So what did they accomplish?

Instead, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy (aka “Merkozy”) leveraged the crisis summit to secure a “historic” commitment from all of the 17 countries that use the euro single currency (aka “eurozone countries”) to transfer broad new economic and financial decision-making powers to unelected and unaccountable technocrats in Brussels, the administrative capital of the EU.

The new “fiscal compact” is a major step on the road to creating a single economic government in Europe.

Just digest that for a few minutes in the context of biblical prophecy.

By giving Brussels more power to codify and enforce debt limits and impose central oversight of national budgets, the agreement takes the EU one step closer to consolidated and centralized fiscal authority in Europe.

And fiscal authority always leads to more central authority in a general sense - we see the beginnings below:

Among other features, the agreement also gives the European Court of Justice the right to strike down national laws that conflict with diktats issued by bureaucrats in Brussels, although EU legal experts are still unsure about how this can or will be enforced.

And finally, we get to the conclusion:

But as long as the euro’s future hangs in the balance, expect European leaders to continue to exploit the crisis to consolidate more power in Brussels. They will argue: “There can be no currency union without fiscal union, and no fiscal union without political union.”


There is no way of knowing with any certainty how the biblical "10 kings" will form, or who/what will actually represent the 10 kings.

However, one has to wonder if the EU serves as a model for how 10 world regions (aka "unions") could ultimately form, and how it would quickly make sense to begin the consolidation of these unions via a central financial structure. In fact, the world economic crisis could trigger the 10 such unions (most of these unions have been formed or are in the process of forming).

Regardless, what we are now seeing is yet another crisis precipitating yet more central power and control.

That scenario seems to be an evolving world-wide trend doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

AND THIS IS EXACTLY what i have been trying to tell you guys all
this time !!!!

EWI has known about this debt buildup for quite some time.
that is WHY it is importanr to
follow the WAVE Model, since it
show us Social Mood is in control
of when THIS DEBT implodes !!!!

And yet I am critized for all that.

There is a REASON WHY I use the
EWI model, for the timing of this
debt implosion that is COMING >>>

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Unknown said...

Economies are driven more by feelings than facts. Once the EU population panics, they will look to ANYONE for a solution.

MF Global sold ETFs based upon the PRICE of gold. Alchemists have tried to turn lead into gold for centuries, but MF learned how to create gold out of zeros and ones on a server.

When they crashed, people found out that their gold had turned to rust, or worthless keystrokes.

The media is still pacifying the masses, so the masses feel good enough not to rebel. At some point the moods will change and at that point the system will stop.

The balance sheets of banks, retirement funds, insurance companies, mutual funds are full of real estate, bonds, ETFs and assorted derivatives which are worth pennies on the dollar or euro as it may be.

So Stephen, you are right. You are just looking at the trainwreck from your perspective and everyone else on this site is witnessing the same cars coming off the tracks.

Let's all pray for each other and lift each other up. Time is short and we need to serve God while we still can. Do we want to spend eternity in Heaven kicking ourselves for not making the most of this finite life and opportunity God has given us?

Read the biography of Dietrich Bonehoeffer

He lived in trying times, but kept his faith and did not lose sight of why God put us on this Earth.

God bless you Stephen and all of my other virtual friends on this site, especially you Scott for making this site possible.

Scott said...

Thanks DrWho and I agree about lifting each other up...

Stephen - its good to see you but please limit discussion to prophecy or to lending hope and encourage to our brothers and sisters....I'll leave this one up, but no more subsequent to this one

BWest said...

Obviously, I could be off base on this, but it seems to me that the EU and/or Euro must crash at some point. I say this because the consolidation steps Sarkozy and Merkel are trying to implement are not really doing anything in the short term to remedy the debt situation, other than temporarily pacify the markets.

Further, while I think a US of Euro is inevitable, and in perfect accord with prophecy, I'm not quite sure the various EU countries are ready to entirely give up their sovereignty yet. It will likely take more crisis and more acute pain applied on the people to get them to fully accept a US of Euro (as Dr. Who pointed out above).

Sadly, it seems money is most people's god in these days and hitting the masses in the pocketbook seems like the most effective way to get people to willingly accept practically anything.

Just my thoughts. I hope everyone is well. God bless.

Expected Imminently said...

Core,its raining apples on the Pommes

After a series of storm warnings, drivers in the evening rush hour were prepared for almost anything.
Except, that is, for it to start raining apples.
Scores of them battered car roofs and windscreens before landing in the road at a busy junction in Coundon, Coventry.

Read more:

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott

This is old news, so you may have seen this report? Although the Euro hasn’t crashed yet, many prophecy watchers claim it was set up in order to fall so they could introduce the already designed One World Currency. Behind it is your old ‘friend’ Soros according to Russian TV LAST YEAR in March 2010.

(The sound is poor at the start, but not for long.)

thriftomama said...

Yay, this is sooo much better :) Since i already live in abject poverty lol, i would be making applesauce like crazy right now ei! Stephen, all along i have understood where you are coming from and i think doc who gets it to. I did look at the elliot wave theory and decided its a fancy way of predicting what my math retarded mind already has known forever. Money is just a piece of paper with a picture on it! When the rest of the world wakes up and sees the emperor is naked, it will be like that movey from the 60's, its a mad, msd world! And of course the ac will be on it like the smell from a steaming pile of you know what. today i saw a little paper sign that said wake up world, we are about to be a prison camp. my daughter was with me and turned and said dont even start. so yep others are catching on! I really should be crying and praying, i know! But today the utter absurdity of mankind is just well flabbergasting and ive been laughing a lot. im sad, very sad for the people who wont listen but me, im hoping to be outta here shortly. Yee ha!

Dave Down Under said...

Aside from your country imploding, is everything ok alley?

Scott said...

SUE - I hadn't seen that - I'm on the run at the moment, but I definitely want to see this when I get back - looks interesting - thanks

thrifyomama ally said...

you know Duu, its so amazing here. no one is even slightly aware here that its about to implode! our media is so blacked out and full of celebrity gossip that people here are clueless. That plus the huge amount of emotion deadening meds the american populace is on. so no one is even noticing. but when they do...its not gonna be pretty! but me personally-hmm, my whole life has been tempered by miracles and misery so is hard to say! lol! i have a place to live and money in my pocket so that is very nice, and i finally have a real bed after not having one for maybe 6 years so sleep is really nice too. and i have food and God even blessed me with the ability to provide a poor kid with Christmas clothes and presents! But both my daughters are mentally ill (they are adults in their 20's) and neither one believe in Jesus. One is doing ok but she hasnt been able to see her son for over a year due to legal wrangling of her rich ex who can afford the best attorneys while she cant afford an attorney at all. My other daughter has been so paranoid and manic that i havent been able to see my 2 granchildren through her but once in the past year so it will be a lonely sad Christmas :( However if i feel mopey i will just imagine an eight year old boy that i dont even know, having a grand Christmas indeed, courtesey of Jesus n me! There is a ridiculous Christmas movie here in the u.s. about a kid that really wants a bb gun. Watch it, it is quite funny. But through a awful turn of events they have to end up chinese food at a restaurant on Christmas day because there is nothing else open. So we are going to eat Chinese food and see how long it will take for my wolf to eat her santa hat! In my life attitude is everything! If I didnt laugh I would be crying all the time. Besides even with all the drama, I am so much more fortunate than so many others on this planet. I have food am safe and warm and can still openly worship despite ridicule! Man, my life is GOOD! at least for today :) And i even have enough money to stock up on a couple bags of dog food. It would not be fun to be stuck somewhere with a wolf and no food for more than a couple of days. One of us would end up for dinner after a week or two. lol! mmm bbq wolf with a side of wild greens and some cattail roots. Now thats what i call gourmet survival menu!

Anonymous said...

why does my stuff always go to the mystery box?

Caver said...

Hi Anon, I believe the natural process would carry more post by an "Anonymous" to Spam than from a named poster.

Anybody...hear about DrNo's wiffy lately? Is she ok?

Scott said...

Sorry Anon - I just now found your comment and I did retrieve it from the spam box. I have no idea why some of the comments go to spam...I know certain links will kick it into spam, but in other cases, I have no idea.

Dave DU said...

Hello alley I've only just read your reply. I know I said wouldn't reply again but I think it would be neglectful to you my sister in Christ not to reply.

I feel for you alley. My mum was single as well and raised me and my two brothers on her own. What an enormous task you have with your two daughters boy o boy you poor girl. I hope their illnesses are curable. It sounds like your doing it tough alley and I want you to know ill be praying for.

I had a feeling you were stressed by your wording in this blogg and the next story over as well. Try and remember to trust in the lord with all your heart and not lean on what your seeing and hearing through your eyes and ears, but in all your ways seek Gods will and He will show you what to do. Prov3:5-6.

Your brother dave