Friday, December 2, 2011

Headlines For A Day:

These headlines are in addition to the post below which includes an array of articles detailing the "Decline of (Free) America".

Below we see more and more evidence that the EU "crisis" is simply leading to more and more central control and power - exactly as we would expect:

Sarkozy Says Euro Risks Breakup Without Economic Convergence

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the 17-nation euro area would risk “exploding” if members fail to converge economically.

The countries sharing the currency must prepare their budgets in common, narrow competitiveness gaps and face tougher automatic penalties for rule breaking, Sarkozy said today in Toulon, France, outlining proposals to overhaul Europe’s governing treaties.

“There can’t be a single currency without economies heading toward more convergence,” Sarkozy told 5,000 supporters in 50-minute speech in the Mediterranean port.

“More solidarity means more discipline,” Sarkozy said. “It’s the first principle of a reshaping of Europe.”

France And Germany Must Take Charge Of Europe

Europe must be 'refounded' with France and Germany at its heart, Nicolas Sarkozy said last night.

In a major speech on the future of Europe, he said the two countries would campaign together for a new EU treaty, which would deepen integration and abolish a string of national vetoes.

In other words, remove national sovereignty from the picture:

The scale of the French and German ambition for a new Europe is likely to alarm David Cameron, who travels to Paris today for talks with the French President ahead of next week's summit of EU leaders.

And he said he would hold crisis talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday to thrash out a package to save the euro from collapse. 'France and Germany, after so many tragedies, have decided to unite their destiny and look to the future together,' he said.

Where is all of this headed? The statements below are chilling:

Mr Sarkozy said it was crucial that more control was given to Brussels over national budgets as countries like France were pushed towards recession.

And he suggested that EU member states would have to be prepared to abandon many cherished vetoes in order to make Europe more effective.

Merkel Calls For Swift Fiscal Union To Save Europe

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany called today for an EU treaty change to create a fiscal union to save the euro, setting the scene for what she called a marathon among the 27 member states that will take about two years to complete.

Ms Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president will present a joint plan in Paris on Monday which would create a “stability union” for the 17 eurozone countries, with mechanisms for enforcing budget discipline and automatic punishment for countries that broke them.

The two eurozone powers expect the other 15 members to fall into line behind their project at an EU summit in Brussels next Friday that is billed as the last chance to prevent the collapse of the single currency.

For two related articles see below:

Conspiracy Theory Confirmed: Bankers Do Want To Rule The World

One of the longest running conspiracy theories in the global mindset is that the banking cartels would like nothing more than to control the economic and social domains of nations through a centralized authority, which would then be run by a select few.

On November 24th, this theory may have finally come out of the darkness and into the light as an executive member of the European Central Bank (ECB) called for nations in the Euro Zone to be willing to give up economic sovereignty to the EMU over fiscal, structural, and economic polices.

For a course of action to be considered a conspiracy, it requires plans to be agreed upon, and taken up by more than one person or coalition. Several key indicators and actions that have occurred recently fulfill this requirement of a focussed drive towards a centralized banking authority that supercedes the sovereignty of nations.

The evidence for these ideas are now clear:

First, the removal of leadership in both Greece and Italy has led to members of the banking establishment to be placed in power, and in those positions. In Greece, newly appointed Prime Minister Lucas Papademos is a former head of the Central Bank of Greece, and in Italy, Mario Monti, who was the head of the international division of Goldman Sachs and key member of the tri-lateral commission and Bilderberg group, has replaced former Prime Minister Silvio Burlusconi.

Secondly, a recent document has came out of the Vatican and Catholic Church calling for a global public authority, and central banking establishment for the greater good of the world in this continuing economic crisis.

While nations such as the United States, and governing bodies such as the European Union, downplay the consequences of massive indebtedness, the old axiom of a borrower being slave to the lender has, and always will be true.

With Americans now in bondage for over $15 trillion in debt liabilities to banks and other sovereign nations, and the EU moving headlong into a liqudity crisis and economic meltdown under the weight of $30 trillion in overall debts, the time may be right for the banking cartels to get their wish, and move out of the shadows to sieze control of the overall economic system, even at the loss of power to sovereign states.

And see this related article:

The Rockefeller World, Council On Foreign Relations, And The Trilateral Commission

In other news around the world:

Fukushima Will Not Go Away

It is hard to address the continuing nuclear nightmare happening in Japan. It is far easier to relegate the disaster to the back chambers of our minds so we do not have to get disgusted with what we and our leaders have done to our civilization and planet. The news continues to be bad and is threatening to get worse.

The molten core of several reactors is sinking through the Earth’s crust and appears to be in early stages of a “total China Syndrome meltdown.” Architect of Fukushima Daiichi’s Reactor No. 3, Uehara Haruo, the former president of Saga University, admitted Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s explanation of nuclear events does not make sense and that the China syndrome is inevitable.

He stated that considering eight months have passed since March 11th without any improvement, it is inevitable that melted fuel went out of the container vessel and sank underground, which is called the China syndrome.

Haruo added, if fuel has reached an underground water vein, it will cause contamination of underground water, as well as soil contamination and sea contamination. Moreover, if the underground water vein continues to be heated for long time, a massive hydrovolcanic explosion can be caused. He also warned that radioactive debris is spreading in the Pacific Ocean. Paul Gunter of Beyond Nuclear agrees with Uehara Haruo also warning of the increasing threat of a nuclear explosion.

Japanese local newspapers have attributed sickness in children to Fukushima’s nuclear meltdowns, the radioactive levels now elevated throughout eastern Japan. Children over 32 miles from ground zero are suffering fatigue, diarrhea, and nosebleeds, the three most common of eight radiation sickness signs, the three in the earliest stage.

New Icelandic Volcano Eruption Could Have Global Impact

Hundreds of metres under one of Iceland's largest glaciers there are signs of an imminent volcanic eruption that could be one of the most powerful the country has seen in almost a century.

Mighty Katla, with its 10km (6.2 mile) crater, has the potential to cause catastrophic flooding as it melts the frozen surface of its caldera and sends billions of gallons of water surging through Iceland's east coast and into the Atlantic Ocean.

"There has been a great deal of seismic activity," says Ford Cochran, the National Geographic's expert on Iceland.

Katla is part of a volcanic system that includes the Laki craters. In 1783 the chain erupted continuously for eight months generating so much ash, hydrogen fluoride and sulphur dioxide that it killed one in five Icelanders and half of the country's livestock.

"And it actually changed the Earth's climate," says Mr Cochran.

"Folks talk about a nuclear winter - this eruption generated enough sulphuric acid droplets that it made the atmosphere reflective, cooled the planet for an entire year or more and caused widespread famine in many places around the globe.

Icelandic Volcano Could Cause Severe Flooding Scientist Warns

Hundreds of metres under one of Iceland's largest glaciers there are signs of an imminent volcanic eruption that could be one of the most powerful the country has seen in almost a century.

Mighty Katla, with its 10km-wide crater, has the potential to cause catastrophic flooding as it melts the frozen surface of its caldera and sends billions of gallons of water surging through the east coast and into the Atlantic ocean.

"There has been a great deal of seismic activity," says Ford Cochran, the National Geographic's expert on Iceland. "There have been more than 500 tremors in and around the caldera of Katla just in the last month, which suggests the motion of magma. And that certainly suggests an eruption may be imminent."

And lastly, we see an approaching tipping point in the Middle East (Syria) - as the foundations continue to be laid for "outside intervention":

UN Rights Chief Calls For "Urgent" Measures On Syria

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay called on Friday for the international community to take action to protect the civilian population in Syria from "ruthless repression" as the country slides into civil war.

"The Syrian authorities' continual ruthless repression, if not stopped now, can drive the country into a full-fledged civil war. In light of the manifest failure of the Syrian authorities to protect their citizens, the international community needs to take urgent and effective measures to protect the Syrian people," Pillay said.

Pillay, a former UN war crimes judge, said that "the need for international accountability has even greater urgency today."

It sounds like a call for the "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine to begin soon.


Anonymous said...

Everyone please click on Scott's link to Fukushima will not go away and read.

Joe Agnello said...

Scott, here's another very interesting article about the European development: "How to Forge a Common European Identity",1518,800775,00.html .

Part Three is the most interesting, but the whole thing is worth reading.


Robin said...

hhhmmm, interesting. Guess we now know what was discussed at that super secret Bilderberg Cabal in Switzerland this past June . . .

Scott said...

Thanks Joe
I'm headed there now

Robin said...

I don't even know what to do with this. A recent poll in Israel says the majority of Jews, 54% have a favorable view of Obama. Maybe even more disturbing is the unfavorable numbers. In 2010, 51% of Israeli Jews had an unfavorable view and in 2011, it's fallen to 39%

What's changed? In the last year, Israel has watched as one by one, it's neighbors fall or come close to it, while the Muslim Brotherhood pushes full steam ahead. And of course, there was that announcement in May by Obama that he wanted Israel to return to the 1967 borders.

I just can't help but wonder . . .what's the MATTER with these people?

Scott said...

Double-check that link; I got something in German.

Joe Agnello said...

Click on the link towards the top on the left marked "English Site" - mine comes up automatically in English, so once you click on the link the first time, I think it will always come up in English.

Joe Agnello said...

Here is the home page, it's for Der Spiegel's online international version:

You should see the "English Site" link from there too - upper left

WVBORN56 said...

Robin consider the source of the poll. Polls can be manipulated and you have to figure the results are blatant manipulation or out right lies. I would trade Presidents with Israel in a heart beat. Ours can barely mask his outright hatred for Bibi and Israel. This is how media shape public opinion.

Alice said...

Robin, I thought the same when I read that this morning. Perhaps they are victims of the MSM and actually believe it when Obummer says he's done more for Israel than any other president... :/

Joe Agnello said...

Another economic thought to add to all this:

Alice said...

Scott, just ran across this article by Caroline Glick. Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's another week on Wall Street. Bulls appear to have a victory BUT ARE WALKING on eggs
as I speak.

Doji signals and EWI Model continue
to suggest a MASSIVE sell off
starting as EARLY as MON AM !!!!

Bulls have become VERY GREEDY at this
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NOW they will get it.

Gold MINING stocks are SELLING OFF
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One could make the case that 3 minor of (3) is about to START !!

If so, critical prophecies MAY
be fufilled in the VERY NEAR

Next week is dangerous.

The waves are already telling
me that.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Unknown said...

Robin- The same thing is wrong today with the Jewish people as it was 2000 years ago. They chose Ceasar over Christ. They are chosen, but lost and blinded to the truth.

Unknown said...

Regarding the replacing of EU leaders opposed to the New World Order; is it connected to the removal of ME dictators who oppose change? My guess is yes.

The same powers removing our freedoms in America, building a Caliphate and forming EU 2.0 all are influenced by the Devil.

Caver said...

Dr Who, insightful and had not connected these particular dots before. But you're right.....lots of "replacements" and "directions" being decided or unveiled at the same time.....and forming two distinct "sides" plus the odd man out, Israel.

Interesting times.....

Scott said...

Alice - thanks - I just read that - very good article indeed.

Dr Who - I agree with that last comment.