Thursday, December 8, 2011

Headlines for a Day:

U.S. Deploys Yet Another Warship To The Middle East

The United States has deployed yet another warship to the Middle East, meaning that three major aircraft carriers allied with numerous guided-missile destroyer ships are now either already located or are on their way to the troubled region.

According to’s weekly naval update, a third Nimitz-class supercarrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, has now been deployed to join the U.S. fifth fleet in the Middle East.

A KOMO news report confirms the deployment, noting that 5,000 sailors are on board “headed back to the Middle East where its fighter jets will back up U.S. troops in Afghanistan.” The mission is scheduled to last four months.

The deployment follows last week’s news that the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, in addition to guided missile destroyers USS Bunker Hill and USS Halsey, are also on their way to the Middle East to join the 5th fleet area of operations. The ships are currently almost half way across the Pacific Ocean on their route through Asian territory.

The warships will join the USS John C. Stennis, which is already stationed just outside Pakistani and Iranian territorial waters. The USS Bataan (LHD-5) Wasp-class amphibious assault ship is also stationed in the region just south of Yemen.

All Hail The United States Of Germany? The Rest Of Europe Is Facing Either German Domination Or Financial Collapse

It has now become very clear who dominates Europe. As European officials prepare to gather for one of the most important summits in EU history, it has become apparent that either the German plan for a new EU treaty is going to be adopted or there is not going to be a deal at all.

Germany says that if all 27 EU nations are not willing to go along with a new treaty then it is prepared to strike an agreement with just the 17 nations that make up the eurozone.

Critics are saying that the German proposals (which are also being backed by the French) would mean a massive loss of sovereignty for most of the nations that make up the eurozone, and they would essentially turn the eurozone into "the United States of Germany".

Doomsday War Games: Pentagon's 3 Nightmare Scenarios

Pentagon planners have plenty to deal with these days – Iran in search of nuclear-weapons technology, suicide bombings in Afghanistan, and the final pullout of US troops in Iraq potentially leaving behind a security vacuum in the Middle East. But in war games in Washington this week, US Army officials and their advisers debated three nightmare scenarios in particular. Here are the doomsday visions that Pentagon planners have been poring over:

After listing the three (Pakistan, China, N. Korea), we see this:

This would strain US forces, but the Pentagon noted in its 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review that the “instability or collapse of a WMD-armed state is among our most troubling concerns. Such an occurrence could lead to a rapid proliferation of WMD material, weapons, and technology, and could quickly become a global crisis posing a direct physical threat,” the scenario warns, “to the United States and all other nations.”

Obama's Dream For Iran Becoming A Nuclear Nightmare

President Obama, who shaped his policy on Iran believing that a kinder approach would bring about changed behavior in Iran's tyrannical leaders, now must know bitterly that the mullahs and their henchmen have no intention of changing.

With presidential elections only a year away, Obama is on the horns of a dilemma. Continuing his sanctions policy, at least as it is right now, won't work. That leaves him with either a military confrontation with the Islamic state or accepting Iran as a nuclear power.

Obama brought this dilemma on himself by failing to understand the complexity of Middle East politics and the ideology of the radicals who rule Iran, thereby giving the Islamic regime sufficient time and leeway to pursue their missile and nuclear programs.

The jihadists in Tehran, who want to destroy us, will arm their missiles with nuclear warheads at worst in only months. How we act now will determine the world we live in. It is time for our leaders to understand this threat and take a stand, not for politics but for humanity.

U.S.'s military Restraint On Missing Spy Drone Bolsters Israel's Iran Hawks

The Obama administration's decision after internal debate not to send US commando or air units into Iran to retrieve or destroy the secret RQ-170 stealth drone which fell into Iranian hands has strengthened the hands of the Israeli faction which argues the case for striking Iran's nuclear installations without waiting for the Americans to make their move.

Senior Israeli diplomatic and security officials who followed the discussion in Washington concluded that, by failing to act, the administration has left Iran not only with the secrets of the Sentinel's stealth coating, its sensors and cameras, but also with the data stored in its computer cells on targets marked out by the US and/or Israeli for attack.

DEBKAfile’s military sources say that this knowledge compels the US and Israel to revise their plans of attack for aborting the Iranian nuclear program.

A senior Israeli security official had this to say: “Everything that’s happened around the RQ-170 shows that when it comes to Iran and its nuclear program, the Obama administration and Israel have different objectives. On this issue, each country needs to go its own way.”

NAU Progress:

Canada-U.S. Border Deal: The New Realities

The Canada-U.S. border agreement envisions a brave new world in bilateral relations. Assuming it’s implemented as planned, the deal has the potential to touch nearly every aspect of Canadians’ lives, from travel to food to the way our personal information is shared with government authorities. A look at the wide range of new realities:

By next summer, Canada and the United States will begin a “next generation” pilot project involving two police teams of both RCMP and U.S. officers who can operate together on either side of the border. It’s a follow-up to a similar marine system called the Shiprider program.

The Border Deal: What Does It Mean To You?

(there are many more examples than the ones given below - read them all - they are quite stunning)

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama released a sweeping perimeter security and trade deal Wednesday that will redefine our relationship with the United States and revamp how Canadian travellers and businesses cross the border into the U.S.

Beginning in September 2012 — and to be completed by June 2014 — Canada and the U.S. will record and exchange information of travellers at land borders, enabling each government to know when one of its citizens has left the country. By 2014, Canada will also collect exit information from airlines.

As part of its plan for foreign nationals, both countries will install systems for sharing biographical information by 2013 and biometric information by 2014.

By summer 2012, both countries will adopt a new program that allows law enforcement officials from Canada and the U.S. to operate on both sides of the border, and will implement a new interoperable cross-border radio system so police officers and other first responders can react more swiftly.

Canada-U.S. Border Deal Aims To Strengthen North America Perimeter While Unblocking Trade

Canada and the United States unveiled plans Wednesday for an unprecedented joint approach to border protection aimed at developing common practices to screen travellers and cargo, with both governments promising the measures will better guard against terrorism and speed up cross-border traffic.

The much-touted border-security deal, unveiled Wednesday at the White House by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama, comes 10 months after both leaders launched negotiations to strike an accord.

"These agreements create a new, modern order for a new century," Harper said at a joint news conference with Obama. "Together, they represent the most significant steps forward in Canada-U.S. co-operation since the North American Free Trade Agreement."

The two countries have identified 29 initiatives where Canada and the U.S. will "align" their regulatory approaches in four areas: agriculture and food; transportation; health and personal care products and chemical management; and the environment.


Alice said...

It's all stunning. Simply stunning. This part really gets me:

"By summer 2012, both countries will adopt a new program that allows law enforcement officials from Canada and the U.S. to operate on both sides of the border..."

Bye bye sovereignty.

Thankfully, we knew from God's Word that this was coming and it does not surprise us. However, it's still hard to watch this country go down seemingly in the blink of an eye...

WVBORN56 said...

Yes Alice, it does seem like a blink of an eye but this plan has been around along time and only recently did they come out of the closet so to speak. There is no doubt the speed has picked up...just like Jesus said as he compared the end times to labor pains that would increase in frequency and intensity.

Even so a lot of our brothers and sisters in Christ are still focused on saving America and hoping that booting out Obama we can turn things around. Are you kidding me? Even Newt and Romney are globalists and RINO's at best that would only offer the right a bone or two to keep us on the reservation. The media killed off the couple of candidates who were threats to their agenda.

The fix is in and the key elements for the tribulation to start are lining up quickly. I doubt we are even around to vote much less see the induction of the President in January of 2013.

It is time to look up and to lay up for ourselves treasurers in heaven. Of course that is always appropriate but now so more than ever.

ally said...

oh WVBorn-I so hope you are right about our exit! I know you are right about the choices we are being given in the upcoming election. If I didnt continually remind myself that God is in charge, I would be quite fretful currently. It does seem likely that all hell will be breaking lose shortly. If I was reading this story in a book, I couldnt put it down. All these plot twists and turns. Well he is the author and finisher of our faith! Imagine how hard it was for Daniel and John to see all this, and try to write it all down so we would be prepared. Wow!

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott “…turn the eurozone into "the United States of Germany".

Ezek 38:6 “ Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee”

This is a puzzle to me. It has been claimed that ‘Gomer’ is modern Germany. When East Germany was a part of the Communist Block; I could see how Germany, as Gomer, could be part of Gog’s hoards. The Berlin wall fell, re-uniting Germany, so it is now part of the E.U.

If, however, the Eurozone really does become ‘the U.S. of Germany’; would that put Germany as part of the alliance with Gog?

Am I making sense? I am too tired to string it together any better than this!
God bless your work for us.

Robin said...

Exactly who is Gomer, is in dispute. When East Germany was behind the Iron Curtain, but many believe Gomer means the Balkan nations. . .Kosovo, Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Romania, Macedonia, etc. since Gomer's descendants settled in the Balkan region. Most importantly, the majority in that region are Muslim. And since many believe Ezekiel 38-39 involves Muslims against the Jews . . .rather than Arab countries against Israel . . .they have a good point.

I'm in complete agreement with you, WV . . .the signs are all around us now . . .there's no denying that even non-Christians are beginning to feel something in the air. Sad thing is, they're at a loss as just what that is . . .

Dutch Treat said...

I live just a half-hour from the Canadian border; and I recall the days when all they asked you when you crossed the border was if you were a US citizen. Most times they didn't even ask for proof. That all changed after 9-11; and now it's gradually come to this. The speed in which it is happening sure is frightening if as Paul Harvey used to say, you don't know the rest of the story. I fully agree with Ally and WV that we may be gone before the next election. Since the world is going exactly as the Bible predicted, and we know that God is in control, it really doesn't matter what the outcome will be; and if the Antichrist has set up his reign by then, there probably won"t even be an election.

Robin said...

Honestly . . .if we believe the rapture is imminent and the Tribulation soon to commence, electing a President who would completely work against all the groundwork that's been laid in recent years, flies in the face of common sense. I have an incredibly difficult time envisioning the election of a Christian Conservative who would change everything back to what it was in some bygone era. I'm sad to say, this isn't the country it once was.

I really do believe, somehow, someway, Obama will remain in the White House beyond 2012. If he's re-elected, it will be by voter fraud. But if there's even an election, I'll be utterly shocked.

A number of Democrats have already suggested suspending the election, ostensibly so lawmakers can focus all their energy on fixing the economy. If you'll recall the map in the story that Scott linked to yesterday regarding the FEMA CAMPS . . .it was a map of the US mainland divided into 5 regions. Governor Beverly Perdue, NC, is reported to be the head of region 2 in a "national emergency". She was one of the first to trot out the trial balloon regarding election suspension:

Conveniently, when it went over like a lead balloon, her spokesman announced she was just joking LOL

The idea's being hotly discussed on liberal/Democrat forums:

And, not surprisingly . . .liberals seems to support the notion. In a severe crises, I think a lot more people would support it a well. The only question is, what does he have planned?

Unknown said...

Robin- I agree, a a recovering political junkie who looked forward to a fix every 4 years I doubt if there will be elections either. I mentioned this at lunch today. I told them too, even if there are electins, Romney will be the Republican nominee and a Mormon compound somewhere in Texas or Utah will be raided days before the election to "save the children". This was done four years ago and boosted McCain in the polls in time to win so he could lose...

There I go with conspiracies again.

Pray and share God with others while there is still time.

Mrs.C said...

Interesting times we are in...:)

"UFO or Photo Flub? ‘Crazy’ Object Appears Next to Mercury in a Blast of Solar Wind"

"Rumors Explode Over Higgs Boson Discovery"

"Ancient Stone Markings in Jerusalem Stump Experts"

"Saturday's Lunar Eclipse Will Include 'Impossible' Sight"

Mrs.C said...

Interesting times we are in...:)

"UFO or Photo Flub? ‘Crazy’ Object Appears Next to Mercury in a Blast of Solar Wind"

"Rumors Explode Over Higgs Boson Discovery"

"Ancient Stone Markings in Jerusalem Stump Experts"

"Saturday's Lunar Eclipse Will Include 'Impossible' Sight"

Caver said...

Geepers, told that gal to lay off the caffeine before bed. Shucks, gonna be a roll, toss, turn kind of night. :slapshead

Scott said...

Heh :) Caver :)......Waiting for DrNo's comments on that one - he always 'reminds' me when I double-post :)

VW - I completely agree with what you are saying

Robin - we're on the same page regarding the upcoming elections.

DrNofog said...

Sorry right now. I don't have time 'cause of the current situation, wife still in the hospital and they keep telling us every day maybe in a day or 2 when her numbers come back to an 'acceptable range', whatever that means...

...But are you takin' lessons from the Bad Oman??

I'm normally more forgiving for others 'cause yer the guy in the big command chair.

I noticed the time was identical for both... ..You prolly just did that to her to take some heat offa you!!

Nice diversion, but we're on to you!

Robin said...

DrNoFog . . .i must have missed your initial post about your wife's illness. Adding her and your family to my praylist. I'm sure God will know just who DrNoFog is. God bless you . . .

DrWho, sometime, you'll have to share just how you came to be a "recovering" political junkie because that bug bit me when I was 12 and hasn't let go since :). Great point about the Mormon Compound. There's no telling what they'll do. But in all honesty, it could just as easily be the Bue Hairs at the top in the RNC. They're just as corrupt.

Scott said...

DRNO - I thought she was back home for some reason. Sorry to hear; please keep us updated!

DrNofog said...

Plausible Deniability... -Part? Zwei? Drei? Vier? ...[how many times now??]

"...decision...not to send US commando or air units to Iran to retrieve or destroy the secret RQ-170 stealth drone which "fell into Iranian hands..."

" failing to act...has left Iran not only with the secrets of the Sentinel's stealth coating, its sensors and cameras, but also with the data stored in its computer on targets marked out by the US and/or Israeli for attack..."

But why does this seem so familiar & reminiscent of all the times we find an 'orchestrated' way to "give" our so-called "enemies" our best stuff like:

1. shipping all of the plans, parts, & fully 1/2 of our uranium supply to the Soviet Union during WW2, before we even popped our 1st one off, as documented in his testimony to Congress, and publication:
"From Major Jordan's Diaries"!!

2. And then here in January 23, 1968, a "hand-over" to N.Korea of 1 of our most sophisticated 'spy ships', the USS Pueblo (AGER-2) 'surrenders' and instead of destroying & scuttling, with an unusual ton of 'previous intel docs', when they normally carry only what they have recently acquired!! [jest 2examples of many that popped into my mem...]

Every soldier, WW2 thru Viet Nam era, was trained to put a Magnesium grenade on any equipment that could possibly be salvaged by the "enemy"!!

This all reminds me of the scene in "Hunt for Red October" when James Earl Jones reaches over and turns off the key of the Fire-Control officer, shows him his ID badge, and tell him; "You heard the impact, the explosion, and I was never here...

How is this even possible... if it isn't rot from the top down?!?

This is a world of fully orchestrated events planned by Satan, revealed to the Illuminati & sub-groups via Albert Pike Satanic vision, and then "choreographed" by his minion-rulers appearing to the masses as "enemies" to each other!! Many careful researchers [even the unsaved, conservative types], have pains-takingly documented so much of this for us!
And now, in this very End-time, the picture is so very clear to those who love the truth, as even "the Players" no longer "conspire", but speak openly of their "agenda" as a fait accompli!!

But we read the last chapter so we know how it ends...

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Robin

Thank you for the info re Gomer. That makes sense about the Islam connection; except perhaps Greece, as from my experience,they are strongly Greek Orthodox christians.(at the moment)

God bless

Scott said...

Good points DrNo - I agree.

Also, I was listening to the radio, and a military guy called in and said there is no way this story is accurate re the drone...Apparently, these drones are pre-programed to come home with any mechanical problems...This guy was suggesting that China has somehow jammed the communications - or taken them over - and were working covertly in Iran.....He had a basis for that, and it was very interesting to hear. But he said absolutely, the story we are being told is impossible

DrNofog said...

Scott, I agree wif wut you heard. And I don't buy the "official story" fer 1 sec.!!!

These things are pre-programmed to follow a GPS path, and can only be altered or 'steered' by digitally-encrypted communications from the remote pilot. If that link is severed or jammed, it goes home.

Short of shooting it outta the sky, which don't give you the best specimen to dissect, the only other way to "give" it away is to give the digitally-encrypted communication codes to our so-called "enemas".., No, wait... "enemies"..yeah..., that's it!! [sorry -a typo]...

Or... have a high-ranking "someone", like the "James Earl Jones" portrayal, say: "You have just lost all communication controls of this craft! Now find a flat spot to glide this puppy down softly, a wheels-up, belly landing, and I was never here...

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott and DrNofog

Can you clarify for me please. Is the drone a fake one or is it real (yours) and is in Irans possession by the Chinese mucking about with the signal gubbins?

It usually takes me a while to cotton on to U.S. 'speak', but this one is eluding me.

I have to know or otherwise me mam's chickens might go out on a wild goose chase, and that gets em SOoo narked! :)