Thursday, December 15, 2011

U.S. Exit From Iraq: A "Green Light" For Israel To Attack Iran?

Occasionally, when viewing prophetically related news, you stumble on what seems to be a small and insignificant story - yet deeper analysis reveals something very significant and this story definitely falls into that category.

The Washington Times carries this largely unnoticed story, but take a look at this and consider the implications.

U.S. to leave Iraqi airspace clear for strategic Israeli route to Iran

Consider this aspect of the U.S. leaving Iraq:

The U.S. military’s fast-approaching Dec. 31 exit from Iraq, which has no way to defend its airspace, puts Israel in a better place strategically to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Iraq has yet to assemble a force of jet fighters, and since the shortest route for Israeli strike fighters to Iran is through Iraqi airspace, observers conclude that the U.S. exit makes the Jewish state’s mission planning a lot easier.

Hmmm...That certainly is interesting isn't it?

Army Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, the top U.S. military spokesman in Iraq, said the Iraqi military will maintain radars to monitor the country’s airspace, but it has not taken possession of American F-16s to guard that space.

Retired Air ForceGen. Thomas McInerney, who advocates a U.S. strategic bombing raid to destroy Iran’s nuclear sites, agreed that Iraq’s open airspace would make it easier for an Israeli mission.

Not to mention this aspect as well:

“Yes, it will be,” he said. “However, it will be much easier for Iranian forces to get to Israel through Iraq via land and air.”

Gen. McInerney said he thinks there is a good chance that Iran, stretched economically by Western sanctions and fearing threats from Israel, will launch a war against the Jewish state through Iraq.

This development could represent a key strategic move that opens the doors to one of two scenarios: An Israeli 'attack' on Iran's nuclear facilities and/or an Iranian (coalition) attack upon Israel. Now both scenarios are in play.

We may be seeing the last steps in preparations for the Gog-MaGog attack, and even a scenario which may precipitate this attack (an 'attack' on Iran subsequently leading to the Isaiah 17 scenario, as Iran's proxies would begin these final conflicts prior to and leading into Gog-MaGog).

Additionally, one can now see a political "out" for the Obama administration. In this scenario, when the U.S. leaves Iraq and is no longer responsible for its airspace - then Israel can 'attack' Iran's nuke facilities without requiring U.S. approval.

These dots seem pretty easy to connect. One has to wonder if this is the development that Israel and the U.S. have been waiting for. At a minimum, things just became much easier for Israel to take care of their national security by destroying Iran's nuclear capability.


Caver said...

We have been considering this for some time at the Caver house, but from a different angle. We considered how an Israeli attack would put our Iraq troops "at risk" from an Iranian reprisal.

Now...lookie, "accident" seems to have destroyed a huge portion of Iran's arsenal of S-3 missiles capable of reaching these bases and Israel, and ...and our forces are no longer there.

At the exact same time, many of these forces apparently deployed to Jordan, some to Europe, and many came back home. Except for the Jordan relocation, don't guess there's too much to read into the European and US reassignment since they have to go somewhere and these are the logical locations. Still, they are the locals most likely to be facing mass revolt and upheaval in the near future from one of the other two shoes suspended and ready to fall.

thriftomama formallyally said...

Caver-my another possible scenario. Obummer pulls us out so iran can attack israel! since he is muslim after all. its all a big illuminat iii /fallen angel nefarious plan set in place since well at least 1776. blahahahaha. evil laugh there! But dont worry cuz our super hero will soon arrive to save the day! But first an alien invasion perhaps. wait, i need to write a best seller. oh no....there may not be time! blahahahaha....MARANATHA!

Anonymous said...

Things seem to have been quiet yesterday and today.

Anonymous said...
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ally said...

well that is like 2 weeks away so we shall see! Im not sure we wont be in the throes of war by then

Anonymous said...

stephen the spirits was wrong spirits tell lies, trust the bible

Anonymous said...

Gosh are back. I thought you were saying you wont be back here EVER again.Please don't be blinded with the stock market thing. Please rely on the Holy Spirit's teaching. I'm praying for you.

Anonymous said...
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Kathleen said...

All is not lost; there are still some good things going on in this world. See link for heartwarming story.