Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Headlines:

As if the story (below) on U.S. troops amassing at the Syrian border isn't enough:

Iranian Army Says It Will 'Practice' Shutting Down The Strait Of Hormuz

Increasingly irritated by the world's critique of its blossoming nuclear program, Iran announced Monday it is gearing up its military to practice closing the Strait of Hormuz.

UN: Syria Death Toll Over 5,000

Interesting timing that the UN would publish this report now, with U.S. troops at the border.

Christians, Jews Banned From Temple Mount

Jerusalem Police spokesman Shmulik Ben Ruby confirmed to WND that Jews and Christians are restricted from entering the Temple Mount due to safety concerns over the main access gate for non-Muslims, known as the Mughrabi Bridge.

"Mugrabi Bridge Closure Is Religious War"

Israeli officials closed the Mugrabi Bridge on Sunday for safety reasons, three days before the municipality deadline to close the ramp leading from the Western Wall plaza to the Temple Mount. The ramp was closed due to a decision by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, which oversees the Western Wall plaza.

Most people agree that the bridge is indeed dangerous to use, and that closing it is not a political move.

I'm not sure why this action provokes outrage among the Muslims in the community, but it certainly has:

Hamas warned Monday that the Israeli closure of the Mugrabi Bridge is tantamount to a “declaration of war” on Muslim holy sites.

The Palestinian Authority also condemned the closure of the Mugrabi Bridge and said that Israel does not have any jurisdiction over Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem.

“This is a serious step that shows the Zionist scheme of aggression against al-Aksa mosque,” said Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhum in an interview with AFP. “This is a violent act that amounts to a declaration of religious war on the Muslim holy places in Jerusalem.”

And below, see more news relating to the U.S. FEMA camps and 'indefinite' detention of U.S. citizens:

FEMA Camps: Seeking Contractors and Personnel to Staff and Confine

Is it inconceivable, for even a corrupt, neo-Marxist led instrument of controlling globalist elites who have historically supported Communist and Fascist regimes, to intern U.S. Citizens en masse in concentration camps? Keep in mind, the liaisons of one Barack Obama with not only authoritarian and totalitarian regimes abroad, but the apparently close friendship of the likes of American communist terrorist, William Charles (Bill) Ayers. Larry Grathwohl, undercover agent of the FBI who infiltrated Ayers’ Weather Underground of the early 1970′s has testified his people were considering the execution of up to twenty-five million Americans in their revolutionary conjectures, then settled with the idea that a large percentage of them could be placed in concentration camps, for re-education, communist-style, or else….

Obama Insists On Indefinite Detention Of Americans


Robin said...

K, so let me get this straight . . .the Israeli government isn't allowing access to Temple Mount for Christians and Jews, but Muslims can still access the holy sites. Yet Muslims see this as an attack on Islam??? Maybe I need some coffee because that doesn't even make sense. But it's pretty obvious something's going down soon. Praying

Robin said...

Isn't it convenient we've shutdown drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and increased our dependence on the free flow of oil through the Straight of Hormuz . . .and Iran is "practicing" shutting it down.

Is America EVER going to wake up?

Robin said...

hhmmm . . .according to Arab media, there's another version of the Temple Mount story:


Either way, I can only hope it will lead the Jews to take the area over and rebuild the Temple.

From the story:

An official at the Israeli run Jerusalem City Council called for closing the al-Aqsa Mosque for all Muslim worshipers in an attempt to pressure Muslims into accepting the demolishing of the bridge of the historic al-Magharba Gate that leads to the mosque.

Israeli Soldier Near Al Aqsa Mosque - Palestine Info

Member of the Jerusalem City Council’s Planning and Construction Committee, Sasson Gabai, stated that “all entrances leading to the al-Aqsa Mosque must be closed to Muslim worshipers until the Islamic Waqf Department agrees to the demolishing of the bridge”.

Israel claims that the bridge is unsafe, and that its wants to demolish it in order to rebuild it in a safe way, but part of the plan is to widen it so it can fit police vehicles that would be sent to the scene in case of protests in the area, Palestinian sources reported.

Gabai stated that he intends to collect signatures from all members of the Jerusalem City Council approving the closure of the mosque to all Muslim worshipers before he sends the signed document to the Interior Minister for final approval.

He demanded that the Minister “use his authority to prevent discrimination against the Jews”..

Meanwhile, The Higher Islamic Committee slammed the calls to close the al-Aqsa Mosque, and to prevent the Muslims worshipers from reaching it, and considered them as a direct violation to the Freedom of Worship.

The Committee described the calls as an attempt to pressure the Waqf Ministry into agreeing to the destruction of the historic bridge.

It also stated that the area in question is an Islamic Waqf property, and that only the Islamic Ministry of Waqf and Religious Endowment has the right to supervise the area, and make any needed restoration.

The Ministry also held the Israeli government responsible for the partial collapse that happened in the al-Magharba Hill, south west of Jerusalem, due to the ongoing Israeli excavations in the area.

ally said...

hi Robin-let me explain :) When u understand islam, you will understand this! See Israel has no right to exist at all ever. The muslims believe this. That is why they will never recognize Israel no matter who begs acts threatens cajoles etc. them. So, in their little deluded minds, they own Jerusalem! Of course Jews and Christians have access to one tiny section of the temple mount only. The rest is muslim mosque-Dome of the Rock etc. So, the muslims are angry because Israel is telling them what to do with something that belongs to them. When the people in the west wake up to their retarded convoluted thinking then we might get somewhere finally. I dont know if you are a man or woman, but if you are female...i bet you will get this analogy. you date a guy, break up, 6 months later he is already involved with someone else. He sees you out at dinner with someone else and becomes insanely jealous even though he has no right to. Wailing Wall doesnt belong to the muslims but they think it does.hope that helps!

Robin said...

Ally, thanks for explanation, but I was being facetious. Having traveled extensively in that region and been involved with Muslim communities for nearly 30 years, I have a pretty good handle on it :)

The Muslims are claiming THEY'VE been blockaded from the area.

Robin said...


Another US Drone, down. Can only wonder if there's a lot more to the story than we're hearing. LIke whether or not these drones that are suddenly dropping out of the sky are doing so because their signals are being jammed by a rogue nation?

ally said...

Oops, sorry Robin, sometimes I miss the tongue in cheek thing. lol. Doc No Fog is really good at it too ;) I'm sorry my frustration is so obvious. george carlin once said "Behind every cynic is a disappointed idealist" and that pretty much sums me up. lol! sad but true. im enduring, but i need more good fruits.

Nathan said...

Robin i was thinking the same thing about the drones (Do you remember an article a couple months back about the drones being hacked ?) Also , does anyone else find it ironic that Muslims built the Dome of the Rock right on top of the temple mount ?(I know it was 1400 years ago ) but i swear Islam was created in every way to be the opposite of the bible .

Dave Down Under said...

Saw a story yesterday, Obama wants to build a huge Antactic detention center!

I've got a feeling Obama's round ups may go global in years to come. With him declaring the world a war zone and now he is offering help and sanctuary to all LGBT's around the world. He's even getting homeland security in on it...apparently!


Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother Nathan, :)
Regarding the dome of the rock, I cant even bring myself to type what they have written on the outside of the blasphemous bubble on the Temple Mount. But to sum it up, they clearly have written the denial of Jesus as the Son of God. I cringe even quoting that. Its amazing all the rage and anger they display with this mosque, when its not even one of the most important ones.
Also just a note, but when they build a mosque in an area, they always make sure that the mosque spires are higher than any local Churches. Thats why the "spires" on mosques were banned in Switzerland-too high. I would have thought that the non-stop torturous "call to prayer" five times a day would send most areas nerve’s a shaken...

Here is a link that might be very interesting to you Nathan. It explains all sorts of "stuff" about the golden bubble...


God Bless!

Robin said...

Yep, wired magazine carried the story:


Apparently, it's a virus . . .proving once more, the military should have gone Mac :)

Nathan said...

Thanks Mrs C , I've actually been to the Dome in Jerusalem and wasn't allowed to enter . Two armed guards turned us back . It was "prayer time" . I thought to myself "can you image a church in America turning people back at gunpoint ? ...I know the majority of Muslim people are good people but i really dislike their religion . I'll have a look at the website you suggested . Thanks God Bless .

Scott said...


Look at what Asher Kaufman has written about the Temple Mount (and other researchers) - I believe the evidence is overwhelming that the Temple was on the other side (south I believe) of the Mount - its way too long and complicated to post here, but the rock outcropping where the dome is now, is too big to have fit into the Holy of Holies room - and the entrance of that room had to line up with the main gate into the entire Temple structure. Anyway - there are a host of reasons - I think the Muslims got it wrong.

Also, I believe its quite possible that the Temple will be rebuilt along side of the DOTR - and that is based on some of the scriptures in Ezekiel.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Mrs C
That blasphemous inscription is written in Arabic, high up around the interior of the Dome, and I am grieved to admit that I have viewed it personally on my first visit to Israel. Ten years later, on my second visit to the Temple Mount, I refused to go in, once was more than enough.

It was part of the tour we had paid in advance for, and although I didn't feel comfortable about going in, I obliged by removing my shoes and covered my arms to hide their nakedness from my elbow to my hands! ;)

I am going to shock you now - well it shocked me - there was a really lovely, peaceful feeling being inside that iniquitous den of evil. It REALLY disturbed me and I felt massively guilty for my feelings. I tried to deny how I felt saying 'isn't it awfu', but it wasn't true and I had to stop denying it and face facts. I was very confused by it.

In the centre is the bare rock which is the top of the mount with railings all around it and spotlighted. I was fascinated and stared hard at it trying to imagine Abraham and Isaac about to sacrifice to God. Fabulously expensive, individual carpets were lying all over the floor - no seats, standing room only.

It was a bewildering time that really shook me and the others, including my father who went with me. Eventually, after a lot of prayer, I believe The Lord had shown me how beautiful and all embracing is the deception of the evil one. It felt so good – and that's the snag - FEELINGS that deny the Truth of God's Word. Oh, yes, and the calls throughout the day for the Muslims to pray in that old city of Jerusalem had exactly the same effect … with the same conclusions.

Deception is beautiful which is why it can so easily lead astray. How many times has one heard the comment 'it FELT right'? But in truth it was wrong. A former Muslim wrote a book and its title was ‘The Beautiful Side of Evil’. I fully understand that sentiment.

Concerning the spires of the Mosques. We have two in Gloucester; but they were forbidden from being built higher than the four spires of the Cathedral – and they are not allowed to ‘call’ outside the Mosque. They tried to make a fuss because ‘Great Peter’, the Cathedrals biggest bell is always rung with the other smaller bells on Sundays, special days and for practise. So far they may not like it, but they have to ‘lump it’. For how much longer one wonders.


Expected Imminently said...

Agreed Scott! :)

Unknown said...

We are going to fight another unconstitutional / illegal war.

The Senate voted 93-7 to allow troops to detain Americans

The same 93-7 vote decriminalized beastiality among the troops

We are accidentally allowing our drones to fall into the hands of Iran...

I spoke to someone today who did not care about the detention camps since they will only be used against Arab Americans...

We all need to pray and serve God, I think we are almost to the 2-minute warning.

Robin said...

Americans better wake up. There'll be anything BUT Arab Americans in those camps. According to the Obama Administration, the biggest threat facing this country is "home grown terrorists"


And if you've seen video footage of how Japanese Americans, many of whom had been here for several generations, were rounded up in the Western US and hauled off to internment camps by the FDR Administration, I wouldn't put anything past them. Those poor people were held up to 2.5 years and given $25 and a train ticket home (if they still had homes) after it was over. This next time, I'm thinking, will be far worse.

Scott said...

DrWho - I agree on the "2 minute warning" thing.....I've been having that exact same thought

Unknown said...

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me -- and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller (1892-1984)

If the government was truly worried about Al Queda, they would not have given them Libya.

Caver said...

Interesting You Tube.

Not well organized but interesting non the less

Former Psy Ops Special Forces gives 10 min. Military starting to realize what's going down, especially the Special forces. Every NCO in Special Forces required to have a individual plan of what to do if his government goes rogue (officers not included). Every one of them will be heading to country side to start training the gun owning residents.

US gvt scared to death....we're not falling in line like we're supposed to do....we're catching on faster than they're staying ahead.


Unknown said...

Caver- maybe a few more helicopters will have engine problems like the one carrying Seal Team 6 after the "Bin Laden" mission/show.

It is primarily Special Forces being placed at the receiving end of Assad's chemical weapons.

The government is not above thinning the herd of those not on board.

Caver said...

Good point Dr Who....interesting situation, those still over there and on active duty do have a concern.

But...SF stick up for each other and they know things are "wrong", and there are 60 years worth of them in civilian life.

A number of them think the govt is getting real dangerous right now....the country is waking up rather than falling in line. They are scared. We ain't doing what we're supposed to be doing

alllleeeeee said...

well if my last few words in freedom are to u guys, know i love you and pray for you! Doc Who-Caver-Doc No Fog-Scott Thank you for allowing me to share all my "crazy" far out wild and wooly theories beliefs and speculations with ya'll. And mostly for you guys not laughing at me or ridiculing me, at least not to my face. lol ! And, as we have seen, our whacky conspiracy theories manifest themselves beyond our wildest imaginations, and the twisty turny roller coaster that we have been riding, we can be content in the knowledge of our faithful heavenly father. Our father who controls this amusement park called earth, who is faithful to his word and to us! So peace that passes understanding will occumpany us. I am so glad I learned the 23rd Psalm as a kid. I think I might be using it a lot til he snags us up!

Anonymous said...

scott-can you check the box where things end up that mysteriously disapear? Thanks

Scott said...

Done - was that yours ?

nathan said...

Scott , I've read about Ezekial and that actual spot of the Dome of the Rock , but think the Jewish people believe elsewise (Or it would have been rebuilt by now)...Does anyone know the timeline for Obama to veto S1867 ? That will be a very telling day . I don't usually get upset about anything but that Bill has my feathers ruffled . That's like wiping your (bleep) with the Constitution . He says he will Veto it but he also said we'll be out of Iraq 6 months after his election , Guantanamo would be closed , The patriot act wouldn't be reinstated , the Bush tax cuts would be reversed , etc etc etc , now we've alienated Pakistan , bombed Libya , helped Egypt become moderate to hardline Islamic , bombed Yemen , Somalia , and have a date with destiny in Iran and Syria and signed freetrade agreements with nine new Asian nations (NAFTA ON STEROIDS) ...ETC ETC ....Oy! , Anyway maybe we'll all meet someday in detention camps for speaking out against this stuff . Great website by the way.

Nathan said...

Whoops meant "the actual spot of the Temple mount...."

Unknown said...

Nathan- Pace yourself... The NSA needs time to catagorize your post :-)

Unknown said...

alllleeeee- Thank you! I will take all of the prayers I can get while they are still legal.