Friday, December 9, 2011

In the news:

First up, we see escalating violence and rocket fire around Gaza:

Gaza rocket fire continues: 3 more Kassams fired at Israel

Palestinians say civilian killed, 13 wounded in IDF response to 10 rockets fired into southern Israel from Gaza; IDF says it regrets harm to civilians, blames Hamas's use of human shields.

Three Kassam rockets fired from the Gaza Strip exploded in southern Israel Friday morning, the latest in a spate of rocket attacks in the past 24 hours. Two of the rockets exploded in the Ashkelon Regional Council shortly after 12 p.m. and another in the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council around 9 a.m. No damage or injuries were reported.

Overnight, the Israel Air Force struck targets connected with terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip in response to rockets Thursday, the IDF Spokesman's Office said in a statement. IAF aircraft recorded direct hits on a center of terrorist activity in southern Gaza, as well as an additional terror target in northern Gaza.

Gaza Arabs: 1 Killed, 20 Hurt in Overnight Air Raids

A terrorist rocket struck Israel Friday morning, in the general area of Sderot. No one was hurt and no damage was caused.

A military spokesman said: "The IDF will not stand any attempt to hurt the citizens of the state of Israel and IDF soldiers and will continue to take resolute and forceful action against any element that employs terror against the state of Israel. Terror organization Hamas is the address and it bears the responsibility."

Gaza terrorists fired five rockets at Israel's southern population centers Thursday. Of these, two exploded in open spaces in and near Ashkelon, and one struck near Be'er Sheva.

Two terrorists were killed in IDF targeted strikes Thursday morning.

More Rockets Fired Into Southern Israel

The rocket fire from Gaza into southern Israel continues, and terrorists fired several Qassam rockets shortly before midnight (Israel time) on Thursday.

IDF Radio reported that residents of southern Israel have been asked to remain near protected spaces due to the repeated attacks.

Washington Post: Obama Waffling On Iran

The Washington Post castigated President Barack Obama in an editorial Friday for sending Iran "the wrong signals" in the showdown over its nuclear weapons program.

"Iran has been showing signs of increasing nervousness about the possibility that its nuclear program will come under attack by Israel or the United States," the editorial opined. "From the West’s point of view, this alarm is good: The more Iran worries about a military attack, the more likely it is to scale back its nuclear activity."

"What doesn’t make sense is a public spelling out of reasons against military action — like that delivered by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta last Friday before a U.S.-Israeli conference in Washington.

Mr. Panetta said that a strike would 'at best' slow down Iran’s program for 'maybe one, possibly two years'; that 'some of those targets are very difficult to get at'; that a now-isolated regime would be able to 'reestablish itself' in the region; that the United States would be the target of Iranian retaliation; and that the global economy would be damaged."

The Washington Post (surprisingly) counters with the obvious:

The Post took issue with two of these assumptions. It hinted that Arab states would be pleased with a strike on Iran and unlikely to rally around it, and asked: "if bombing destroyed thousands of Iranian centrifuges, which are manufactured from materials Tehran cannot easily acquire, would it really be so simple to rebuild?"

In any case, it said, "there is no reason for the defense secretary to spell out such views in public," when "alarmed Iranian leaders could well conclude that they have no reason for concern after all."

And this:

It also accused Obama of sending a "waffling signal to Tehran" by resisting pressure from allies such as France and from Congress to sanction the Iranian central bank. The administration’s stance in this matter is like Panetta’s message, the op-ed said. "In effect, it is signaling that it is determined to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon — unless it means taking military or diplomatic risks, or paying an economic price."

Media Promote Global Tax As Financial Crisis Deepens

A New York Times story about a “modest” global tax mentions some of those supporting the idea but forgets an important one—the United Nations. I attended a November 30 U.N.-sponsored conference in Washington, D.C., where officials of the U.N. Development Program (UNDP) appeared on a panel endorsing the idea.

The UNDP is supported by about $100 million in U.S. taxpayer money annually. The U.N. as a whole received $7.7 billion from American taxpayers last year.

A former UNDP official in the audience by the name of Fred Tipson said it was crazy for the U.N. to be promoting the raising of taxes to an American audience and that the world body should instead adopt the lingo of Occupy Wall Street and emphasize the problem of “social inequality.”

These and other exchanges with U.N. officials were captured in a video of the event. Alluding to an international IRS, U.N. official William Orme also said the imposition of the tax would require some kind of new global structure.

The Times mentioned that the global currency tax is an idea adopted by Occupy Wall Street—a subject we covered in a column on October 11. But the paper went on to quote an “administration official” as saying, “The president is sympathetic to the goals that a financial transactions tax is trying to achieve and he is pushing for a financial crisis responsibility fee and closing other Wall Street loopholes as the best and most feasible way to achieve those goals.”

In the past, Obama has backed international studies on the feasibility of implementing a global tax.

Speaking of OWS, once again we see the real 'puppet master' lurking behind the scenes:

Occupy's 'nerve center' staffed by Soros Activists

The so-called leaderless Occupy movement has just been caught red-handed operating what appears to be a nerve center staffed by professional agitators deeply tied to groups funded by billionaire activist George Soros.

The groups, most prominent among them being the Tides Center, have been involved with Occupy since the anti-Wall Street movement's inception.

The radical connections have been largely missed by the general public. CNN, the only news media outlet to receive exclusive access to Occupy's alleged headquarters, did not fully identify the activists found running it.

Shan's radical resume goes far beyond Occupy. He is the former program director for the Tides Center-funded Ruckus Society and an activist with the Tides-funded Adbusters.

Shan was listed as the contact person for protests outside the 2000 Democratic National Convention. Those protests were sponsored by both Adbusters and Ruckus.


BWest said...

It looks like the EU is well on its way to unification. The Lord's word truly is a wonderful and perfect thing. He is the only genuine source of truth one can find in the world today.

Europe moves ahead with fiscal union, UK isolated

God bless.

BWest said...

BTW, I hadn't noticed this quote in the article previously. Angela Merkel said,"We will use the crisis as a chance for a new beginning."

Like Scott has emphasized so many times, Big Crisis = Big Change

Scott said...

BWest - exactly....Also, of interest, is how the AC will 'uproot' three of the 10 kings....Something else worth watching for, although it may be way too early for that.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by uproot them? Invade their country? Or something else?

Caver said...

Anonymous, read Dan 7:24, among other scripture

7:24 And the ten horns out of this kingdom [are] ten kings [that] shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.

7:25 And he shall speak [great] words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Dave Down Under said...

Scott have you recently upgraded your forum? because my iphone shows it is but my desk top shows the old blue site.


Scott said...

Dave - no - it must be your iphone! Does it look better?

James N Nashville said...

Good Saturday morning to you all. I wanted to start a thread here on how you think it feels, from stories you've heard, on those who crossover and comeback to this life. If you haven't heard of someones testimonial then please just post your thoughts.

Since I started this I have a story related to me by my uncle. He was suffering from bone cancer that spread to his lungs and heart. He was terminal. A couple of days before he passed away he lost consciousness and stopped breathing for a few minutes. My aunt was able to perform CPR and she brought him back. He told her and me later the next day that he was immediately in the presence of two tall angels that were dressed in solid white garments. They were about 10 feet tall and resinated strength and majesty. He said he felt very insignificant in their presence. He said they were absolutley beautiful and they reassured him that everything was okay. He didn't want to leave their presence. He just kept saying that their countenance had him awe struck. Before this happened he didn't want to leave his family and after he couldn't wait to go. He said I'm ready. I want to go right now! He passed away two days later.

I fully believe that God, in all His majesty and compassion came to him bringing him to the door of heaven easing the all encompassing worry and sadness he felt in leaving his family. We truly worship an awesome God.

Just a further note here...Billy Graham in his book on Angels, says that we are escorted by two angels into the presence of God and brought to the feet of our loving saviour Jesus Christ. It seems from my uncle's story above he is definitely correct on the transition from this life to Heaven.

I hope this story eases some of the wait time that we believers/ watchers have to endure until we go home to be with the Lord forever. It helps me to think like this.

As always,
your brother in Christ,
James N Nashville

WVBORN56 said...

Hi James...interesting story about your Uncle...I have heard many similar events and have read about the pastor who died and spent 90 minutes in heaven. I also read the book, 23 minutes in Hell. Both seem biblical to me. Both used considerable amounts of scripture and nothing I remember reading conflicted with God's word.

The only scripture that I can think of that could be problamatic is where we read, "it is appointed unto man once to to die and then after comes the judgment." Did they die twice? or is the first time not complete death but the beginning of the translation from life to death? I don't know but their stories are compelling and worth our consideration as long as they do not contradict the word of God in any way.

James N Nashville said...


Thanks for your reply. I too have read 90 minutes in Heaven. It left me wanting more. Did not read 20 minutes in hell but saw a you tube video testimonial about a pilot who crossed over after a plane wreck and he said he was heading to hell and he pleaded with God in prayer and a view of Heaven was given to him and he was spared. He woke up in the hospital with 3rd and 4th degree burns over 80% of his body. Now he is a public speaker and gives his testimonial all over the world. I believe a we like the sripture says have but one time appointed to die. However if you come back is that really a time where you died.

Can't wait to go and be with the Lord. Take care.

James N Nashville

Dave Down Under said...

It is Scott. It's a pure white back ground with blue and grey writing and the accessibility options are totally different....I'd say I've found the heaven based version of your site...ripleys believe it or not!!!!!