Monday, December 12, 2011

"Weekend of Terror" Goes Unnoticed by MSM

Two interesting articles from Israel:

"Weekend of terror" Goes Unnoticed

The IDF Website reported a "significant increase" in terrorist activities in Judea and Samaria (Yehuda and Shomron, or Yesha). The terror acts included the use of explosive devices and repeated efforts to attack security forces.

However, Israeli press did not even cover most of these events, giving more attention to the death of an Arab rioter who had hurled rocks at IDF soldiers.

The terror wave may be a fluke, or a sign that the Islamist upsurge in the Middle East is causing an escalation in terror in Judea and Samaria.

I'm guessing the second option - that the Islamic surge in the Middle East is becoming a factor. The array of examples (below) are worth reading and these stories weren't receiving any attention this weekend:

On Friday, the military website says, an explosive was detonated along the security fence north of Modiin.
It was later discovered that the explosion resulted from a gas tank hidden inside a discarded tire.

In addition, the site reports that two fire bombs at the Nitzanei Oz industrial area on Friday evening. As a result, a fire broke out at a factory. Israeli and Palestinian Authority (PA) firefighters worked together to extinguish the blaze and the event is currently under investigation.

Three firebombs were thrown at Border Police soldiers near Jerusalem. Three additional fire bombs were thrown at Route 443, which runs from Modiin to Jerusalem.

Approximately 100 PA Arabs rioted near the community of Kedumim in Shomron Saturday, throwing rocks at security forces who responded with non-lethal riot dispersal means. The illegal and violent riot was successfully dispersed.

Overnight, IDF soldiers discovered an improvised explosive located near the Nitzanei Oz community. While security forces detonated the explosive, approximately 20 Arabs began rioting in the area.

Approximately 50 Arabs rioted north of Modiin and threw rocks at security forces who responded with non-lethal riot dispersal means.

"We Can't Avoid Another Gaza Confrontation"

After a volatile weekend of rocket fire and air strikes, a senior IDF commander warned on Monday that a military incursion against the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip is inevitable.

“I think that we can’t avoid another confrontation,” said Col. Yonatan Branski, deputy commander of the Gaza Division. “There are a lot of weapons inside the Gaza Strip. There are terror groups and they try to hit civilians.

"Just in the past days we have had 39 rockets and mortar shells fired into Israeli territory trying to hit Israeli civilians. Of course, that’s something we cannot [allow]. I guess there will be a confrontation. When and where exactly I can’t say.”

“Hamas is gaining in strength and also the Islamic Jihad,” said a senior IDF commander, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “They’ll never be strong enough to be a serious contender against the IDF, but right now they are 100% more ready than before Cast Lead,” he said.

“Hamas is leading Gaza in the direction which we see will lead it to dire straits,” said the IDF officer closely involved with Palestinian trade. He repeatedly warned that Hamas’ “very aggressive and autocratic” rule was edging out private businesses and taking over the economy.

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