Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Daily Headlines:

It's hard to believe that today we have even more rhetoric threatening Iran with military action. Is this part of a plan?

U.S. General: We Can Successfully Attack Iran

Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey said Tuesday that the United States can successfully attack Iran, if necessary. His biggest worry is that Iran will "miscalculate our resolve.

Dempsey, speaking to CNN during a worldwide tour, spoke one day after Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta warned that the American government will not allow Iran to produce a nuclear weapon.

He said that if Iran continues to enrich high-grade uranium, it could produce a nuclear weapon within a year, an estimate formerly given by Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Besides repeating the often-used phrase“ all options are on the table,” General Dempsey went one step further and declared, "I am satisfied that the options that we are developing are evolving to a point that they would be executable if necessary.”

It was the most blatant warning made regarding Iran’s growing nuclear threat.

Assad losing control as 10,000 soldiers desert Syrian military

More than 10,000 soldiers have deserted the Syrian army, sources say, with as many as half the conscripts not reporting in the last three call-ups.

According to Western intelligence agencies, even though the top brass is still loyal to President Bashar Assad, lower-level officers are deserting in large numbers, and in some cases, whole units have deserted en masse

One of the main worries in the West is the fate of the army's rocket and missiles caches, as well as its chemical weapons. According to several media reports, Hezbollah has transferred several long-range missiles from Syria to Lebanon.

Syria conducts war games to deter attack

Syrian state television broadcasts what it claims is footage of the nation's air force and navy holding live-fire exercises aimed at deterring any attack on the country.

Most foreign journalists are barred from the country so independent verification of the footage is not possible but the Syrian news agency SANA said that naval forces executed a tactical project and successfully hit their targets.

China vows support to Jong-un in rapid order

China moved with rapid speed to offer condolences to North Korea over the loss of its leader and show support for new leader Kim Jong-un, fueling worries that the emerging giant will try to expand its influence over its communist ally.

Yesterday, Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the North Korean Embassy in Beijing to offer condolences on the death of Kim Jong-il, a day after Chinese government agencies, including the ruling Communist Party’s Central Committee, quickly approved his son Jong-un as the new leader

China’s quick proclamation of support for the Kim Jong-un regime contains a calculated message to Washington, Seoul and Tokyo that they should not provoke the North in a time of emergency.

China, which fought for North Korea during the 1950-53 Korean War, has long been the North’s closest ally, but it has expanded its influence in recent years as the impoverished North sought increasing aid and investment. Kim Jong-il visited China four times in 15 months through August.

The Global Times, a Chinese Communist Party news outlet, urged yesterday an increase in China’s influence over North Korea.

Terror fear as scientists deliberately create 'Armageddon' bird flu virus in lab

A super-strain of bird flu that could infect and wipe out millions has been developed in a laboratory.

Dutch scientists who created the ‘Armageddon virus’ say it is ‘probably one of the most dangerous viruses you can make’.

Their research focused on what it took to convert bird flu – which can kill more than half of those infected but does not spread easily – into a highly contagious virus.

But others argue the virus should never have been created – and warn the potential if it escaped from the lab is ‘staggering’. There are also fears the recipe will be seized on by terrorists looking for a biological weapon.

The U.S. government is so concerned that its advisers are trying to block the details of the virus’s manufacture from being published.

National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity chairman Paul Kiem, an anthrax expert, said: ‘I can’t think of another pathogenic organism that is as scary as this one. I don’t think anthrax is scary at all compared to this.’

U.S. urges science journals not to publish details of man-made pandemic-level bird-flu virus

The journals Science and Nature said Tuesday they were mulling whether to publish details of a man-made mutant killer flu virus that has sparked concerns of mass deaths if it were released.

A U.S. government’s science advisory committee urged that key details be withheld so that people seeking to do harm to the public would not be able to replicate the virus which could cause millions of deaths.

The National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB) reviewed two scientific papers relating to the findings and recommended that the journals considering them “make changes in the manuscripts,” a statement said.

“Due to the importance of the findings to the public health and research communities, the NSABB recommended that the general conclusions highlighting the novel outcome be published, but that the manuscripts not include the methodological and other details that could enable replication of the experiments by those who would seek to do harm.”

In what appears as a shocking development, the authors may still decide to publish this information:

Nature’s editor-in-chief, Philip Campbell, said he was considering one of the two papers for publication and was in “active consultation” with the authors.

“Many scientists within the influenza community have a bona fide need to know the details of this research in order to protect the public, especially if they currently are working with related strains of the virus,” he wrote.

“Science editors will be evaluating how best to proceed,” he added, asking for more clarification on how the government would make the information available to “all those responsible scientists who request it.”

Wow. Would they really publish this information? Stay tuned, from this article it appears that they may actually go ahead with this publication.

Top Legal Expert: "President Obama...Says That He Can Kill [Any American Citizen Without Any Charge And] On His Own Discretion. He Can Jail You Indefinitely On His Own Discretion

I’ve previously noted that Obama says that he can assassinate American citizens living on U.S. soil.

This admittedly sounds over-the-top. But one of the nation’s top constitutional and military law experts – Jonathan Turley – agrees.

You can see the article for Mr Turley's credentials, which are quite impressive.

Turley said yesterday on C-Span (starting at 15:50):

President Obama has just stated a policy that he can have any American citizen killed without any charge, without any review, except his own. If he’s satisfied that you are a terrorist, he says that he can kill you anywhere in the world including in the United States.

Two of his aides just … reaffirmed they believe that American citizens can be killed on the order of the President anywhere including the United States.

You’ve now got a president who says that he can kill you on his own discretion. He can jail you indefinitely on his own discretion

I don’t think the the Framers ever anticipated that [the American people would be so apathetic]. They assumed that people would hold their liberties close, and that they wouldn’t relax …

This article contains a variety of links, so it is well worth the detailed read and going to some of the referenced documents.

As I’ve previously noted, this is especially concerning when almost any American could be labeled a “terrorist” if the government doesn’t happen to like them:

It is dangerous in a climate where you can be labeled as or suspected of being a terrorist simply for questioning war, protesting anything, asking questions about pollution or about Wall Street shenanigans, supporting Ron Paul, being a libertarian, holding gold, or stocking up on more than 7 days of food. [And the FBI says that activists who investigate factory farms can be prosecuted as terrorists.]

And it is counter-productive in an age when the government – instead of doing the things which could actually make us safer – are doing things which increasethe risk of terrorism.

And it is problematic in a period in which U.S. government officials “were trying to create an atmosphere of fear in which the American people would give them more power”, and even former Secretary of Homeland Security – Tom Ridge – admitst hat he was pressured to raise terror alerts to help Bush win reelection.

And it is counter-productive in an age when the government – instead of doing the things which could actually make us safer – are doing things which increasethe risk of terrorism.

And it is insane in a time of perpetual war. See this, this, this and this.

The key phrase above has to be this comment:

"I don't think the framers ever anticipated that the American people would be so apathetic. They assumed that people would hold their liberties close, and they wouldn't relax..."

Indeed, but that's the world we are living in now, as we rapidly approach the Tribulation.


WVBORN56 said...

The statements from Turley (law professor) on the Washington Blog were chilling about the new right of the government to kill American citizens at any time. This fits nicely into the AC rule during the tribulation. It sounds like we are at the door step. This development in our Country is draw dropping and yet hardly a peep from the MSM or the people.

I have seen this Turley guy many times on Fox and CNN. He is main stream and certainly not "tin foil" material. Yet the nation gives a collective yawn. I have mentioned this 2-3 times to friends and I get a bewildered look from them. It doesn't make any connection in their mind on just how sinister this recently passed bill can be regarding our freedom. Maybe because 93 senators voted to pass it makes them think it can't be that bad. Who knows?

Anyway it fits well with the tribulation and I am so glad we will be in heaven with Jesus when the really bad stuff starts up. We are certainly getting close to going home. The stage is set or nearly set and the Lord tarries waiting patiently for the fullness of the gentiles to come in but I would caution those who are waiting to repent and trust in Jesus...time is running out!

Kathleen said...

I received an email from American Airlines thanking me for my business this past year....the header of their email says "Look Up". Hmmmm

ally said...

And the side of their planes say "one world alliance". I notice it everytime I board and say hmmm.

Arild said...

But how does this limitation of freedom-acts in USA coincide with the speculation about USA not playing a big part in the tribulation?

I obviously have no answers, but if many bible scholars are right, USA is not a significant nation in this worlds last years.

All the best

Arild, Norway

Scott said...

Thats a very good question. I am beginning to see the demise of America as a large variety of different things all moving in concert to take down America as the world's super-power.

In my opinion, it is inconsistent to have a world leader, as we will have in the antichrist, and America (particularly with a conservative White House) that is strong and free.

For instance, an America with Reagan as president and a very strong, funded, committed military - there is no way that an antichrist figure could emerge as a "World Leader" .... Reagan would have gone to war and would have probably won.

Now - with a significantly weak America (evert facet - financial, military, White House, etc) the road for the AC can be paved much more easily.

To me (and I've said this before) - I could easily see America (die to a financial collapse) entering into a North American Union in order to jump-start a new (interim) currency that would be argued could solve the financial collapse. Then, ultimately, the NAU head would become one of the 10 kings.

Thats admittedly a LOT of speculation :)

Expected Imminently said...

Dear Scott, GG, Ally, Mrs C, Caver, Dave DU,

I am glad to report that I have finally calmed down, and fully accept that I was trying too hard to ‘force-feed’ what was neither wanted; or asked for.

It is called the ‘sin of presumption’.

I should have stopped blogging when the stalker followed me here, as he made a good job of un-nerving me - still. As a result, I outstayed my allotted time here by not wanting to give him the satisfaction of thinking he had frightened me away.

I only want to add that I regret being overly confident (which my hubby calls being ‘cocky), thereby becoming an up-tight, inconsiderate, grace-less and disrespectful, English pratt!


GG said...

Dear Sue~

I am pleased to see you are doing OK. In spite of all that has transpired I had to lean on an old saying I have on a picture here in our home. "When you can no longer stand, Kneel"

I have been praying like crazy especially for you, Stephen, as well as us all today. Though I am very leery and will still not be posting here, I do forgive you and do appreciate you stepping forth like this. Truly it is admirable, kind, caring and compassionate. I know that was hard for you. We all must look forward to our peaceful cross over that is coming very soon and to remember to Christ in Christmas.

Praise be to God for taking a bad situation and turning it all around for his Glory. Go in peace.

God Bless!!


Dave DU said...

Hi Sue, what GG just said. I do accept your appology and forgive you. I too have been hopping for this day and am looking forward in the near future to getting involved in this forum once again. You've made it SOOOOOO much easier to post again.

By your admission of being human (tic) you've set a great example of true humility and I'm looking forward to working with you once again.

God bless Dave.

Robin said...

One of the greatest blessings I've received doing this year's Community Bible Study "Isaiah" is learning about one of the greatest sins, PRIDE. So many judgements were doled out by God solely because of pride . . .in fact, it was even the reason Satan and one third of all the angels were kicked out of Heaven.

A few weeks ago, while sitting behind someone in the drive through ATM line at the bank . . .i noted the guy ahead of me could probably complete his business faster if he'd hang up his phone. Impatiently, I waited and finally, it was my turn. I pulled forward, attempted to put my card in the machine, but his card was blocking the slot. Yes, the goofball left his card behind . . .and that's exactly what I thought too, "what a goof ball".

So I took the card, intending to go back through the bank drive through and leave it with the teller. As i was finishing up at the ATM, the driver pulled back in, frantic at having left his card. Seeing him, I pulled forward to give it to him and then went about my shopping.

But when I went to check out, i realized . . .i had driven off with out my OWN ATM card. And that's when I realized . . .God was teaching me a lesson . . .about "pride".

Most of us struggle with this ugly sin . . .but God, in his infinite wisdom, will help us overcome it, if we're willing to bare our hearts and invite Him to help us make that change.

Anonymous said...

Dear GG. yeh, you guys better be careful, there are alot of SCAMMERS online trying to STEAL money from from Nigeria.

It's very SAD that people LOVE money that much that to STEAL
it has become a habit for them.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Nathan said...

Robin , your story sounds like one of those short quips from Readers Digest :) ...So as insane as 2011 was this year , whats everybodys gut feeling about "the dreaded...2012" :) Because after this year it would take an asteroid , alien invasion , and super volcano to top it . This ones definently going in the history books . I'm guessing we're still in for some Christian persecutions during the holidays . Last year five different countries got hit on Christmas Day . Gotta love that Religion of Peace ...Anyway , hope the world settles down but i'm guessing it won't ....Peace

Robin said...

Well, as you point out, Nathan, 2011 was one for the record books . . .and I'm betting 2012 will be the year it all comes to ahead.

I've often poopooed the whole 2012 Mayan Calendar thing . . .and while I sincerely do not believe they had some sort of hotline to Heaven, I DO think it's possible it's being used as an instrument to get the world's attention. There are some fascinating, well produced videos on YouTube by the The Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

But something else to think/worry about . . .it appears Martial Law really COULD be imminent. I came across this, this evening:

Alice said...

This is a great little comment thread today! Thanks, everyone! Hugs all around!


Robin, did you get YOUR card back??? Inquiring minds want to know!


Dave DU said...

What on earth is a drive through ATM?

Alice said...

Funny you should mention the 2012 thing, Robin. I just half watched (while reading this blog, of course!) an episode of Brad Metzger's (sp?) Decoded on the History channel, now followed now by Ancient Aliens.

I sat kinda dumbfounded while watching the first show. The three people who are the "stars" of the show seem sooooo gullible. But the lengths that the writers and producers are going to to instill FEAR about 2012 - specifically Dec. 21, 2012 - is ASTOUNDING!

And now...Ancient Aliens is on, focusing on...wait for it...wait for it...YES!...the Mayans! And guess what? The Mayans had contact with ancient cultures from other worlds. And guess what? We came from them.....yawn...

The History Channel is satan's channel, I've decided....

Alice said...

LOL! Dave, an ATM is an automatic teller machine. You drive up next to the machine, slide in your card, punch in your code, punch in how much money you want, and voila! Cash in hand! (taken out of either your checking or savings account)

Do you have them down under?

Pretty soon no one will need those silly cards, you know. They are inconvenient because they can be misplaced or stolen. Someone MUST come up with a better system... ;)

Brad said...


Do you see what your comment did to this thread today? It is filled with LIFE again. Your words brought LIFE....I really must thank you! I read this blog several times daily but rarely comment. Sorry, I just can't keep from saying how wonderful it is to see your contrition bring unity back to the body. THANK YOU!!

Dave DU said...

Hi Alice, yes we do but not the drive through kind. Now that is luxury and comfort at its most.

Dave DU said...

Sue, just so you don't feel singled out; ten years ago when I was more arrogant and cocky than I am now, I remember one day I mentioned to my employer how irreplaceable I was to the company. A couple of months later through a stuff up I got the sack.

It's not that your info isn't wanted; trust me you come across as possessing a lot of knowledge, but its how you deliver it. Since my humbling experience ten years ago I've had to find a more down to earth way of expressing myself to the public. Its not easy but I'm still coming to grips with this project. Left to myself I'm naturally arrogant and cocky. But you've heard the term "fake it till you make it". Well fake being yourself in Christ till Christ makes himself in you.

The above info is helping me and you can do with it what you want Sue.

Remember God is love and between you and me its not easy to show kindness and compassion when you have some ingrate who thinks they are God's gift to the world spitting off rubbish you know isn't true; you know what I mean. Anyway I respect your age and level of knowledge and am looking forward to more helpful insights into the things of Gods word.

Your brother Dave.

ally said...

Big Group Hug! They will know us by the way we love one another! Yay everybody! I think we caught Jesus smiling today! So much love to you all! You guys and gals are my heroes!I love ya'll so very much. :)

Dave DU said...

Driving thru the bush in a rusty Holden ute,
Kicking up the dust, esky in the boot,
Kelpy by my side singing Christmas songs,
It's summer time and I'm in my singlet shirts and thongs.

Oh jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way
Christmas in Australia on a scorching summers day, hey,
Jingle bells jingle bells jingle Christmas time is beaut,
Oh what fun it is to ride in a rusty Holden ute.

Merry christmas everyone, Dave.

Caver said...

Thank you and accepted. Perhaps this thread will be as much of an inspiration to visitors as the others were a bad witness.

Praise be to God.

mary said...

I have the biggest smile on my face, and so much joy in my heart right now. So very thankful that the family has come back together.
Brad is right... there is life here again.Jesus is the healer of all our troubles.Thanks be to God for bringing unity back to this site again. Big hug to all. :D
ps Dave.. loved your song, but what on earth is a Holden ute?

Robin said...

Yes, Alice . . .bank tellers were able to retrieve it from the machine.

And so here we are, just three days before Christmas . . .and witnessing a little Christmas miracle. God is so good!

Dave DU said...

Hi Mary, Holden car company is an Australian founded car making company in which your General Motors has a stake.

A ute or utility is what you call a pickup.

Where you have your big ford and Chevy pickups, we have car size pickups. Family size cars built as utes/pickups. Most of our cars over the past 60 years have been designed around American/Canadian cars. Your cars had V8s where as the majority of our cars had Australian designed inline 6 cylinders. Quite a few models of our sports cars had American V8s, which are highly regarded and respected over here. You guys build the best engines.

It will be sad to see America go because it has become an institution around the world. Unfortunately Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler and all those highly respected names will probably die as well.


Alice said...

LOVED your song, Dave! :D

Caver said...

Dave DU, welcome back Brother. You were missed. :ManHug

Alice said...

Scott and everyone, just found this - just posted yesterday. Great interview with Jimmy DeYoung: "What's Really Happening in Israel?":

ally said...

Duu-of course we all know you are wearing sandals, or flip flops, we call that particular type of sandal. But just so you know .lol...a "thong" here is a pair of very tiny underwear , basically a string that goes between your butt cheeks.So I really did get a kick out of your Christmas song! Im asuming you live in the outback area or nearby to it? When I went to England once, I couldnt understand a word they were saying. Finally I met an Irishman, and understood him. We have lots of Irish here who have a little bit of the brogue accent still so it wasnt that difficult. And you guys, I almost always understand even if the vocabulary is a little different. Love ya'll!

BWest said...

It's great to see everyone back.

Merry Christmas and God bless all.

mary said...

Does anyone know if Dr.No and his wife are o.k.? I miss his sense of humor, and pray that all is well.

Dave DU said...

Alley when I was in the Aussie Airforce, we were living not far from an American couple. We just had our fifth girl and one day I was holding her. The American wife was there and I noticed the huge grin on the wife's face at the sight of our little baby so I asked her if she would like a "nurse". Well at that second a scowl came to her face and after a few friendly words we went our way.
Some time later I asked her husband what went wrong and he said that she thought I was asking her to breast feed. We all just burst out in laughter. Nursing over here means to hold, cradle.
We live the big smoke alley. It's funny a lot of people picture Australia as all bush and kangaroos and hillbilly. It's not, we have our cities, outa suburbs and country towns as well. Just compared to you the seasons are back to front. I don't know how the English put up with the heat when they move here. Apparently our average temps are just about heat wave conditions over there.


Scott said...

Dave - thats hilarious about the "nurse" thing! I would have had no idea either what that meant, other than to breast feed!

Dave DU said...

Yea I mean well Scott but I'm just one of these people who gets into strife and tends to loose friends rather than make them!!!!! Tic

Scott said...

Well not around here, Dave - you are already a crowd favorite it seems !