Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today's Headlines

This first article is interesting because it summarizes just where we are right now as the world teeters on the brink:

Americans Must Stop World War 3 Now or Face Extinction

Relations have been strained between the United States and key governments in recent months.

The United States and Pakistan have had quite the falling out since the ‘Wag The Dog’-style psy-op faked assassination of Osama Bin Laden within Pakistani borders.

Since the Rothschild-funded NATO took over Libya in a bloody coup, CIA-funded Al-Qaeda rebels have launched campaigns to destabilize Libya’s neighbor Syria.

Iran has recently shot down a US stealth drone, which was at first disavowed by US military then confirmed. Iran has also been performing drills practicing closing the Strait of Hormuz, and has threatened to close it if attacked.

“closing the Strait for a period of just 30 days would send crude racing up to $300-$500 dollars a barrel, a level that would trigger global economic instability and cost the U.S. nearly $75 billion in GDP.” Iran is now also being implicated with 9/11 somehow.

Last month Russia issued warnings against the United States disrupting key strategic allies of Russia. They have put their radar stations on alert and are preparing to counter the European Missile Defense System which looks possible.

The United States and China have been involved in a defacto currency war for a few years now, with China still dishing out the jabs and the US Dollar still taking the hits.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey has recently expressed fears about global unrest due to the pending breakup of the EU and eurozones. But this cannot be blamed on Europe alone. Rodney Shakespeare, Professor of Binary Economics in London, recently said the following in an interview:

“Yes , at the moment the Americans have tended to be blaming the Europeans, but of course, the Americans are just as much part of this collapsing fraudulent system as the Europeans, but he is quite right… I think that Europe is going to collapse, and when, for example, the bonds etc are defaulted, that is going to hit the derivatives, commitments of the American banks and is going to be big, big trouble.

And that (above) is just the beginning.

Also in the news:

A nuclear Iran and potential war with Syria

Hezbollah and Hamas are just some of the challenges Israel could face in the coming year of 2012. With Iran continuing what appears to be an unstoppable race towards obtaining nuclear weapons, 2012 appears to be turning into the year which might be the last chance to stop the Ayatollahs from obtaining the bomb.

Hezbollah, Israel believes, has obtained 50,000 rockets and missiles of various sizes and ranges that encompass the entire State of Israel and could be fired in a future war. This is in comparison to the 15,000 rockets it had just five years ago during the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

With predictions that Syrian President Bashar Assad's days are numbered, concern is growing in Israel over the possibility that in the twilight days of his regime, Assad will attack Israel, possibly with his long-range Scud missiles.

And then there is the uncertainty surrounding the future of the Middle East – the American pullout from Iraq, the future withdrawal from Afghanistan, the revolution in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya - all of which can impact Israel’s security.

North Korea's Persecution Of Christians Expected To Continue

A day after authorities announced the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, several Christian organizations are calling for prayers for the nation's persecuted Christians, one of many so-called dissident groups that have suffered under the North Korean regime.

While Christianity has experienced immense growth throughout South Korea and other Asian countries, human rights groups estimate that there are 50,000 to 70,000 Christian prisoners in North Korea, which has routinely made the U.S. State Department's list of "countries of particular concern" when it comes to religious freedom.

"This is why it is vital that Christians around the world pray for North Korea during this transitional time. Pray especially for the brave Christians inside North Korea. They are fearful that they might face even more suffering," he said.

For eight years, North Korea has held the top spot on Open Doors' list of nations with the worst treatment of Christians. Total estimates of those imprisoned for religious and other reasons put North Korean political prisoners at 150,000 to 200,000, according to the U.S. State Department.

Kim Jong il may be dead but his illustrious great spirit lives on in USA

This is a long article but the central message is found here:

North Korea is a dictator love fest orgy of mindless obedience, carried out by a nation of total zombies who have lost any semblance of individuality or non-conformist ideas. That nation is the ultimate expression of fitting in and "going along." It's the status quo, expressed to the political extreme, and it's perhaps the world's best example of what happens when the People let their government lie to them, generation after generation, until the whole nation becomes some sort of pathetic mass of deluded worker slaves who are wholly incapable of standing up against tyranny. (At the same time, a FEW of the North Koreans actually realize they're living in The Matrix and they try to resist the system. Kudos to all those who have tried to resist government tyranny in North Korea. Real revolution may soon be within your reach...)

Here in America, some of the more extreme leftist "we want government to run everything" people would absolutely love to see Kim Jong Il's socialist policies rolled out across the USA. These Americans, you see, are acting more and more like North Korean every day: Mindlessly allowing themselves to be hypnotized by the state, spying on their own neighbors and family members ("if you see something, say something!"), and even worshipping some disingenuous political leader while he's stealing all their wealth.

Many Americans also seem to love Kim's economic policies, which were based on equality for everyone! This was achieved by making sure that every citizen was equally destitute and lacking in basics such as food, running water and even primitive health care. It's all about equality, right?


Kathleen said...

Faked assassination of OBL? That's curious and the first I heard of it being faked.

Fox news website headlines this morning states Biden said "The Taliban per se is not our enemy"
I think he's going doing the river of de-nial.

Also on Fox is the story with the question 'Have Scientists hatched a Bio-Terror Nightmare?' What purpose would the scientists have for creating a new and deadly bird flu by modifying a strain to make it more contagious? Oh! To rid much of the population! This so obviously plays into the end times, there are so many things happening, it's going to have to come to a head soon.


Nathan said...

Yeah Kathleen , I thought scientist were intelligent ? What purpose does creating a superbug serve? Why would you sit around and think "Hey lets develop a strain of virus that is invincible " nothing bad could ever come of that ? -shaking my head as i type- .....I equate this to Einstein ? He was probably one of the most brilliant men to ever walk the planet Earth and at the same time wasn't wise enough to know that mankind would eventually destroy itself with his idea ? Anyway its all going to fulfill the book so i guess we shouldnt worry ....Peace

Nathan said...

Oh ps. Does anyone know the date that Obama has to Veto S1867 ?

WVBORN56 said...

Yes kathleen/Nathan... I was at the doctor/hospital all day with my 89 year old dad who is now in the 3rd month of fighting a leg infection. To think that some "scientist" is out there dreaming up and creating more misery for the human race is well, just not very nice.

I would as an aside appreciate prayers for my father as we return to the clinic tomorrow for more tests and a possible admission to the hopital. It is not a great time of year to have to be admitted but we need to get this problem fixed. Thanks so much in advance.

Dutch Treat said...

WV, I lost my dad 5 years ago at 84. So I know what you're going through. I will certainly pray for both of you. I know it't not a great time of year for this to happen; but it's better to have it taken care of; and since Jesus wasn't actually born on December 25, you can always celebrate his birth some other time.

Kathleen said...

WV, I will keep your Dad in my prayers and pray he receive his healing soon.


Kathleen said...

I thought I read last week on Fox news that he wasn't going to veto it.

mary said...

WV, I am adding you and your dad to my prayer list. mary

Caver said...

WV, its done.

Nathan, as Kathleen said above, he will be signing it into law...bestiality and unlimited arrest and detention and all.

Turns out, the original bill did NOT have the right to unlimited arrest and detention but Obama himself requested it be added.

Our friend Barnie Frank had been looking for 1 1/2 years for just the right bill to slip his sodomy and bestiality little jewel into. Guess that was his little going away and retiring present.

Robin said...

And speaking of our pal Barney . . .anyone else see the baby blue see through Tshirt he wore on the House floor yesterday? Glad he's finally getting out. If Congress ever forces Congressional members personal finances into blind trusts where they belong, a lot more of the will be bailing.

The whole reason Obama had planned to veto the defense bill was because it didn't give him ENOUGH power . . .so Congress caved and it passed with overwhelming support.

Adding your father to my prayer list, WV.

Alice said...

Scott, you might want to check this out:


WV, I'm adding healing prayers for your dad, too.

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks for the prayers for my father everyone. It is greatly appreciated.

On another note did you see the MSN headline of SNL skit mocking Tim Tebow and Jesus. Don't read the script if you don't want to have your blood boil. The days are evil indeed!

Alice said...

Yes, WV, I saw a clip of that disgusting skit. Bill O'Reilly played it on his show last night and chuckled at it afterwards. Which then made me angry with Bill. Bill just doesn't get it yet - on many levels. :(


ally said...

I will pray wv. i try not to give medical advice so this is just from a friend. 2 things that work great for an infection if there is an open wound. Doctors wont tell you about them usually because they dont know. The first is hyperbaric oxygen chamber. The NFL uses them for quicker healing and hospitals that specialize in wound healing do to. Check into it if there may be one near you. The 2nd is collidal silver, its a very effective antibiotic that no bacteria can mutate against currently. Of course the big pharma doesnt want you to know about it. Prayer of course is best!

Scott said...

Alice - thanks - I will as soon as I get a very interesting update done :)

Alice said...

Oh YES! Ally is right about colloidal silver! Topically, it's been proven to be more effective against MRSA, the nasty superbug, than other antibiotics which are increasingly ineffective against it. (I was just reading about it recently and decided to invest in my own colliodal silver machine.) Do you know if your dad is fighting MRSA, WV?

WVBORN56 said...

Alice they have not mentioned MRSA. Back to the doctor today. Thanks for the info Ally and Alice. I hear what you are saying about modern medicine. It seems to be all about taking a "pill"... And yes prayer is indeed best Ally. Blessins again to all who are praying!

ally said...

wv ask the md what type of infection he has. they should be able to tell you. im sure they have done a culture. mrsa and staph are pretty much the same except mrsa is super duper powerful staph! he may need to jump to an "infection specialist" or change doctors ir hospitals to get what he needs. not suggesting that, just a possibility. the good thing about the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is it doesnt hurt at all, no reaction/side effects and it works. collodial silver probably could have saved all those people with the mutated stomach virus in germany this year but docs no longer have access to it there thanks to the alimentus part of agenda 21..gee thanks u.n.